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Taking Place In The Years Leading Up To The First Reform Bill Of , Middlemarch Explores Nearly Every Subject Of Concern To Modern Life Art, Religion, Science, Politics, Self, Society, Human Relationships Among Her Characters Are Some Of The Most Remarkable Portraits In English Literature Dorothea Brooke, The Heroine, Idealistic But Naive Rosamond Vincy, Beautiful And Egoistic Edward Casaubon, The Dry As Dust Scholar Tertius Lydgate, The Brilliant But Morally Flawed Physician The Passionate Artist Will Ladislaw And Fred Vincey And Mary Garth, Childhood Sweethearts Whose Charming Courtship Is One Of The Many Humorous Elements In The Novel S Rich Comic Vein 853 Middlemarch, A Study of Provincial Life, George EliotMiddlemarch, A Study of Provincial Life is a novel by the English author George Eliot, first published in eight installments volumes during 1871 72 The novel is set in the fictitious Midlands town of Middlemarch during 1829 32, and it comprises several distinct though intersecting stories and a large cast of characters Significant themes include the status of women, the nature of marriage, idealism, self interest, religion, hypocrisy, political reform, and education 1992 1369 1 626 2 601 9646564178 1379 1383 1387 19 1229. I m thoroughly embarrassed to admit that this book was first recommended to me by my stalker Subsequently, I avoided MIDDLEMARCH like the plague, because it became associated with this creepy guy who thought the fastest way to my heart was to stare at me, follow me home, and leave obscene messages on my voice mail Flash forward 2 years, when I m purusing yet another of my favorite tomes, THE BOOK OF LISTS I m intrigued to see that the one book that consistently turns up on the Ten Favorite Novels list of various authors is you guessed it MIDDLEMARCH With recommendations from James Michener, Ken Follett, and William Trevor, I figured this was a book worth reading.What a beautiful surprise Nobody depicts the depth and breath of society better than George Elliot She shows both how people are shaped by their times and vice versa Add to this an intriguing story of Dorothea Brooke, a well meaning woman who wants to make a positive mark on the world Despite her best intentions, Dorothea soon learns that the world will go on, with or without her help This book is a sobering lesson for dreamers like myself who are always pondering, How can I make a difference After reading MIDDLEMARCH, I suspect George Elliot would answer, Stop taking yourself so seriously and get on with your life Nobody wants your help, so mind your own business A refreshing attitude, particularly in this self important culture.So, long story short If someone starts stalking you, change your phone number File a complaint with human resources Get a restraining order But before you do, be sure to ask el nutjob for some book and movie recommendations Because chances are, after obsessively watching your every move, this freak probably knows you better than you know yourself. Best Goddamned Book Ever.Seriously, this shit s bananas B A N A N A S 750 pages in, and you re still being surprised It s 800 pages long and EVERY SINGLE PAGE ADVANCES THE PLOT You cannot believe it until you read it This is a writer s book By which I mean, and I say this with love, that if you write, but you do not love Middlemarch with everything that s in you, then stop writing Yesterday. Oh, the slow burn of genius.I always tread lightly when it comes to using the word genius but there is no way around it here.It took me a good 200 pages to fully get into the novel and its ornate 19th century turn of phrase but very quickly, I was so completely spellbound by its intelligence and wisdom that I couldn t put it down.George Eliot s astonishing authorial voice is something to behold It takes the mis adventures of a handful of characters and peels their layers one by one with so much subtlety that you often have to reread a sentence several times to fully grasp the keenness of its observations.The entire novel feels like a giant lens zooming in and out of human follies with such gusto and empathy that you cannot help but feel privileged to witness the inner workings of people s thoughts and re actions Not only does Middlemarch make you ponder many aspects of our motivations, desires, aspirations, limitations, ideals, dreams, behavior and inclinations but it keeps you on the edge of your seat like a ferocious psychological thriller.The end will leave you teetering on the brink, revisiting all of your personal, deep seated assumptions about people, what is a successful life, what is a good marriage, how you measure goodness and your impact on others lives.A work of vertiginous beauty.