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Five years ago when her love Marcus Wheatley failed to return from fighting Napoleon’s forces Lady Olivia Foster buried her heart Unable to betray Marcus’s memory Olivia has gone out of her way to run off prospective suitors At three and twenty she considers herself firmly on the shelf Her father however disagrees and accepts an offer for Olivia’s hand in marriage Yet it’s Christmas when anything can happen Olivia receives a well timed summons from her grandfather the Duke of Danby and eagerly embraces the reprieve from her betrothal Only when Olivia arrives at Danby Castle she realizes the Christmas season is a time of hope second chances and even miracles

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    This is a Regency Historical Hero is Marcus Heroine is Olivia Marcus and Olivia fall in love before Marcus leaves for military service Five years later Olivia still loves him even though everyone seems to think Marcus has died Her father is sick and tired of Olivia's excuses for turning down every eligible man who offers for her so he arranges a marriage for her with a man old enough to be her father Her father just arranged the betrothal when Olivia is summoned by her grandfather the Duke of Danby to come spend the holidays with him The duke has a surprise in store for Olivia Will this save her from having to marry the man her father has chosen for her? The fun begins when she arrives at her grandfather's house It's a bittersweet story with a happy ending The duke has both of them realizing that they still have feelings for each other put only a limited time before she has to go back on the last day she goes into the coach that is leaving for London and her future Does she leave get the story to see what happends

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    A Season of Hope is book two in the Danby Novella series by Christi Caldwell Olivia Foster is the younger sister from the first book in this series “Winning A Lady’s Heart” The character of Olivia is funny and loyal This story takes place seven years after the first one Olivia is twenty three and hoping for her true love to return from war Marcus Wheatley has endured years of war imprisonment and torture He has locked away his heart and separated himself from those he loves When Olivia arrives at her grandfather’s home the Duke of Danby Marcus must face his past and his future Caldwell is a master storyteller She works magic on the page “Long golden lashes fluttered and she leaned into him and God help him he was lost His physical disfigurement her upcoming marriage to the earl all of it slipped away as he lost himself in the remembrance of her kiss” Bravo Ms Caldwell

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    Why isn't there a full series on Danby? GrrrI enjoyed the I've it was bittersweet at the end you wonder what happens? Marcus would never be excepted into polite society Olivia just gave up wealth and riches to become the wife of a servant It's nice that true love wins and all that but it's sad to think of their lives in the future Anyways I'm just melancholy I enjoyed the story it was short and interesting I teared up twice I wish there was a full series where the mother finds some happiness or where we can see Danby meddle in a way that's not enjoyed Also was Marcus the one who summoned penbrooke in the first novel because if so the timing is wrong He has been the steward for three years but Alexandra story took place over five years agoanyways it's a worthwhile read

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    Truly if I could rate this with negative stars I willIt was irritating Marcus was a beast in one minute and then sweet and touchy in the next If he was determined to forget Olivia then he should avoid her at all costs If he can't avoid her then stay away an arm or two's lengthOlivia was a doormat; the man didn't want her but she kept on declaring her love like she was begging him to love her First two declarations are alright but three or ?

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    Grade C | 2 starsBoring I finished this three days ago and I’ve already forgotten most of it Marcus was an annoying asshole Olivia was not uite as bad but she was so silly I wouldn’t have finished it but it was really short I will say it was Christmasy than the first Danby novella Still don’t recommend either of them

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    Not bad Nice and short

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    A good uick Christmas read

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    Good story I am having a hard time finding books I haven't read I know I read this one but there was a week or so it wouldn't take my review

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    Just have to love the Duke of Danby

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    What can I say about this Beauty and the Beast story except that I LOVED it Lovely Regency novella continuing the Danby Series about a lonely young woman whose father decides it's high time she married The only problem? Lady Olivia Foster has been waiting five years for her handsome hero Marcus Wheatley to return from war Her hyjinks have kept her unattached until now This is a fabulous Beauty and the Beast story set during one of the most favorite seasons of the year Christmas Set in a wintry world readers will be mesmerized by love's transforming power Brava Lady Christi Caldwell Well done indeed