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Grotesque and satire typical for Mro ek Primitive rude Mister Edek kills an idealist Artur and reign of the house of Stomils Brilliant. Tango To Dramat O Wsp Czesnym Spo Ecze Stwie, W Kt Rym Panuje Konformizm, Anarchia, Brak Postaw Farsow Sytuacj Kompletnego Pomieszania I Rozprz Enia Opanowuje I Wykorzystuje W Adza, Czyli Silny I Brutalny Cham Tango To Ju Klasyka, Najbardziej Znany I Najwa Niejszy Utw R S Awomira Mro Ka O Spo Ecznych Zagro Eniach A parody of a family drama, in which parents are rebels and children at all costs defend the old order None of them can see that there is nothing to rebel against or defend Chaos has dominated the world and will never back down again.An interesting social diagnosis and an important question can modernity be overcome Tango also draws attention to one important aspect power Power, which despite the passage of years, still remains unchanged It s strength, attraction and attractiveness draw in every generation. insane God what the hellI didn t understand much and I hope we re gonna discuss it narrowly on Polish, because it s so easy to miss the point of this play I definetely did in some way.But all in all, I found this to be funny at times and some quotes really provoked me to think about our society and how we currently live. Tango, 1964 Science has become entangled in its own net, art has become incurably ill with the negation of itself, ideas are losing all their adherents Says Stomil, the head of the family An image of the world as a grotesque place the crisis and the possible end of a civilization This can be turned against totalities rightist as well as leftist Stomil s son decides to rebel against his father and reorder reality Arthur believes that the world can be rationally reworked, seeks out ideas that could once again bond the world, but he is unable to avoid manipulating and using misusing people Eddie has an animal power, is practical, corporal, amoral and vulgar, sees no barriers, ultimately becomes the situation s master and subordinates all others to himself When the contemporary hero seeks to save the world single handedly, that necessarily denotes totality. That was one of my rare encounters with drama, but what an encounter it was Briliant, witty and fun Characters are well constructed, you can clearly understand why they do what they do, why they say what they say But most imporantly you can see their faults and vices Mrozek is just like a swordmaster, but rather than using a stab or a feint, he resorts to dialogue to shatter the fasade that people put up to hide what is ugly in them And he does all that with such an ease I would happily recomend that book if you want to start your adventure with drama In fact it was so intriguing that I cannot wait to see it live on a stage Tango is really worth reading This play is not only amusing, but it also discovers an amazingly true phenomenon of modern society, which is so spoilt and anarchic, that it is a young person who wants to return to the past customs What else can we do if there s nothing to protest against An additional advantage is the incredible absurd humour I d love to see it in a theatre. Remarkable The second act fell a bit short for me, and the conclusion left something to be desired though it offered an interesting parallel to Upton Sinclair s The Millennium A Comedy of the Year 2000 The first act, however, captured my imagination and, one its own, could be called an absurdist masterpiece. This was fantastic It discusses the dangers in romanticizing the past yet warns of an ominous future Set against an interesting political backdrop, it is functions as entertainment as well as being historically informative.