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Julie Has An Obsession With Fire That Began After Her Parents Died When She Was Twelve Years Old Her Pyromania Leads Her To Take An Unlikely Job As A Forest Firefighter On An Elite, TypeHotshot Crew Of Forest Firefighters Who Travel The American West Battling Wildfires The Only Woman On The Twenty Person Crew, Julie Struggles Both To Prove Her Worth And Find A Place Of Belonging In The Dangerous, Insular, And Very Masculine World Of Fire While Also Fighting Against An Eating Disorder She S Had Since Her Teens As Her Season On The Line Progresses So Do Her Relationships With The Strange And Varied Cast Of Characters That Make Up Her Hotshots Team And She Learns What It Means To Put Your Life On The Line For Someone Else

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    Railing against the path her grandmother has set for her, Julie joins a Hotshot crew, an elite team of remote area forest firefighters who use chainsaws and shovels to fight fire At first the crew is uncertain about this woman intruding into their male dominated world but with determination and grit and a lot of hard work she manages to carve a niche for herself.With the respect of her comrades she has everything she wants, but the job is dangerous and every time they fight fire, their lives are on the line Wildfire is a truly amazing book The Hotshots are hard men and women and just like them this book is brash and occasionally crass They speak their own language and the author has just put it out there without any explanations and that s really how it should be You don t need to know everything to get this story I m going to make the call This is one of my best five books of 2014 Many thanks to Skyhorse Publishing for providing me with this ARC

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    Julie lost her parents to a horrible accident at age 12 In order to deal with her grief and to rebel against the grandmother who took her in, she engaged in fairly destructive behavior Now in her early 20s, Julie has become the only woman on a 20 person Type 1 Hotshot crew of elite forest firefighters Mary Pauline Lowry doesn t pull any punches in this gritty novel of a woman trying to find a place where she belongs and learn to live with her inner demons The story is fascinating, the writing is timeless, and Julie s struggle to belong is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

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    This is a story of a hotshot fire fighting team The main character is Julie who drops out of college to join the crew It is her story of growth and maturity She makes friends and learns life isn t always fair A wonderful book and an inside look at firefighting and how dangerous their lives have become.

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    As the daughter of a hotshot, I had hoped this would be an interesting and entertaining behind the scenes story of forest firefighting, as well as a fish out of water story for the heroine In the end, though, it read like a how to book, filled with detail but no real story The author clearly knows the world of firefighting, but the storytelling never pulled me into it Just wasn t the book for me.

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    I do not remember what prompted me to get this book so I was unsure if I would enjoy it when I finally read it I did It was a good tale with believable and likable characters with a good story arch and it did not feel stretched out like some books lately have.

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    The prologue hooked me This novel has a strong voice I found the description of the firefighters very compelling This novel brought me into a world I would never experience otherwise, truly broadening my perspective The ending though was unexpectedly sad.

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    An amazing, interesting book This gives the account of a young female who joins a hotshot crew forest firefighters I found it fascinating how forest fires are fought, compounded by the fact that Julie is the only female on the crew I highly recommend this

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    I found this book on Audible It was great to listen to When forests burn and mountains rage in hellish conflagrations, the unpredictable and malevolent force that is fire ignites a burning desire in the hearts of those who are bold and daring enough to confront it This is the realm of an elite and rare breed of firefighters The Hotshots Wildland firefighting s equivalent of the Marines, they are the quintessential hardcore grunts who are the tip of the spear when Mother Nature turns up the heat tasked with clearing away unburned fuel on the fire line to halt an advancing wildfire s onslaught Before smoke jumpers and air attack assets get deployed, Hotshots are often the first ones downrange It s this tantalizing allure that compels Julie a young, tomboyish, and deeply flawed individual to join the select ranks of a Colorado Hotshot crew and blaze a trail of her own in the mostly male dominated fraternity However, just earning a place on the crew proves just as daunting as opposing an out of control wildfire Haunted by the death of her parents and disownment by her Grandmother, Julie must contend with rigorous training regimens, sexist remarks from her teammates, harassment, and the high anxiety of being plagued by an eating disorder since her adolescence All tempered by an overriding obsession to go one on one with fire Author Mary Pauline Lowry draws upon her own real life experiences as a former Hotshot and crafts a wonderful work of literary fiction about the human spirit that s just as intriguing and ferocious as a raging wildfire Written with a complex assortment of unique characters, as well as tense and tender subplots, Wildfire burns with the same authenticity as John Maclean s Fire on the Mountain and North Country destined to be a movie.

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    I devoured this book like fire consumes a dry forest in August The writing makes every detail so vivid and real Lowry s dialog will always surprise you The early chapters chronicle the main character s struggle to join a group of men whose bonds are forged in the crucible of fire Lowry is masterful in this section She made me feel the discord of the group in every sentence As the story progressed, I found the intense fire fighting scenes as enthralling as her internal struggles I finished the book on a plane and was not able to choke back the tears I did not expect.I believe Wildfire will resonate with women who work in male dominated professions pursuits, as well as men who work in predominantly female environments I wish men, like me, who work in predominantly male environments the Army would read this book to fully appreciate the struggles and significant contributions of our female colleagues It will teach us all about how we bring our life stories to our chosen professions and how we are transformed by our trials by fire In this way, Wildfire serves the larger purpose of why I read novels to learn about the human condition Wildfire burns in it s spiritual intensity, emotional honesty, and gripping description of a world that few of us will ever see up close.

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    I want to start by saying a big thank you to Goodreads First Reads and author Mary Pauline Lowry for the good fortune of winning a copy of this tremendous book Wildfire centers around Julie, a young adult with a troubled background who is trying to find herself and wanting to belong She goes to work for the Forestry Service as a hotshot forest firefighter It was difficult for her initially, being the only girl on a crew of men, always having to prove herself The cast of characters were wonderful, very well developed The world of wildfire fighting is frightening, exciting and so other worldly It was thrilling to see this world from the inside, giving these courageous men and women the recognition that they deserve The firefighting scenes were so believable, made so by the fact that the author had actually been a forest firefighting hotshot The book made me laugh and cry and gave me many heart pounding edge of my seat moments The saddest part was saying goodbye to my friends and the life of a hotshot when I turned the last page Thank you, Mary, for being such an excellent author