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Graduate students Zoë and Holli only mean to blow off some steam on their road trip to Las Vegas But something goes terribly wrong on their way home and the last time Zoë sees her Holli is in the clutches of a sadistic killer Zoë flees with her life changed foreverA year later and still tortured with guilt Zoë latches on to a police investigation where the crime eerily resembles her abduction Along with a zealous detective she retraces the steps of that fateful night in the desert hoping that her memory will return and help them find justice for Holli Her abductor—labeled the “Tally Man” by a fascinated media—lies in wait for Zoë For him she is not a survivor but simply the one that got awayWith an unforgettable heroine a chillingly disturbed psychopath and a story that moves at breakneck speed The One That Got Away is thriller writer Simon Wood at his finest

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    I downloaded this as an audiobook via Audible The premise sounded interesting enough two girls are abducted by a stranger intent on doing them harm and one girl Zoe manages to escape leaving her friend bound and naked at the mercy of the evil doer But what happened next was very very routine with nothing even approaching a twist to sharpen the tale This really is a simpletons story one for the reader or listener who doesn’t want to be teased or challenged – not to mention excitedHad I read this in printed form it might have left a slightly less negative impression but the audio version was just terrible The female narrator produced some of the strangest sounding male voices I can ever recall hearing and read it with an exaggerated awe that simply confirmed the true dullness of the whole thingOn the upside I did finish it and therefore it escapes a one star review from me But only just

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    Decent but FlawedStory was ok standard victim tormented by perpetrator plot However some of the elements of the story held no truth So 2 girls being abducted and one not coming home didn't make the news? The people at the bar that saw them pretty much everyone there since they made a spectacle of themselves and no one saw the story and came forward? Laurie is murdered and no one from the shelter discusses it? Would have liked development of the friendship between Holli and Zoe

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    A weekend trip to Las Vegas for college chums Zoe and Holli plays into something for which they had not gambled The course of Zoe's life is altered dramatically after escaping what could have been a deadly abduction Beat with her as she battles survivor's guilt PTSD and impulsive behavior that may very well be masking a death wish Fast paced believable dialogue and a story that kept my interest This was a Kindle First offering and most enjoyable Thank you

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    Graduate student Zoe and her friend Holli go on a road trip to Vegas On the way home they are abducted and tortured by a man who says he wants to teach them a lesson Zoe manages to escape while Holli is being tortured and she leaves swearing she'll come back to save Holli The problem is she was given rohypnol and doesn't remember where the building was located or where she came from Holli is never found and the killer is still out thereA year later Zoe is racked with guilt and acts out because of it One night after bar hopping alone she stumbles onto a police investigation of a murder that sounds eerily familiar to the man who tortured her She decides she is going to help do whatever she can in order to see the killer brought to justiceI've read a number of books lately where the killer's identity is not a secret In The One that Got Away we know who the killer is by chapter three and the book alternates perspectives between Zoe and Marshall the man who kidnapped her To Marshall Zoe is only a girl who escaped who still needs to be taught a lesson He's not done with her After reading so many of these books lately I have to say that I don't love them Don't get me wrong I don't hate them but they just aren't as exciting for me as the ones where the bad guy is a surprise or the ones where the protagonist also knows who the bad guy is but is being stalked or can't go to the police for some reason But when we know who the antagonist is but the protagonist doesn't? It takes away from the suspense for meZoe is a mixed bag for me I was rooting for her but I also didn't love her as a character She was reckless and immature and while I get that there's probably a lot of guilt around the fact that she survived while her friend didn't I would like to think that she'd try and live her life and be grateful for the second chance at life rather than purposely try and throw it away by putting herself into situations similar to the one where she got abducted sort of hoping it would happen againOverall I liked the book despite the lack of surprise twists I thought Marshall as a killer was really creepy His thought process was so twisted and disturbed that he was definitely a scary character especially knowing he lived a relatively normal life outside of his nighttime proclivities and no one suspected a thing The book was really fast paced and I finished it in a few hours If you're looking for a thriller that's short and uick but that doesn't have a lot of surprise elements this is the book for you

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    This started out pretty stereotypical and got better through the middle and then had a great ending which saved it a star I could see this as a movie with the right characters and only if it was not Hollywooded up

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    Another great Simon Wood thrillerAs soon as as I saw a novel by Simon Wood as one of the selections for the Kindle First for February I snapped it up and began reading My first introduction to Simon's writing was his novel Accidents Waiting to Happen I liked it so much I bought and read Paying the Piper I liked that book so well I bought 3 of his novels That is rare for me Rarely do I own than 2 novels by the same author especially Indie authorsThe One That Got Away is one of Simon's greater works He keeps getting better Great writing style uick pace interesting story that you can't put down The hardest part was getting through the first chapter not because there was anything wrong but because of the spoilers that I had read before buying the book So no spoilers no additional comments about the story Just this Get the book You won't be disappointed FYI I am not a writer or a reviewer I am just a 60 year old woman who likes to read good books

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    The One That Got Away is a story about a young woman named Zoë who escaped from a serial killer leaving behind her friend who had also been abducted but did not escape Fifteen months later as Zoë struggles to keep her life together the killer discovers her location and vows to finish the jobThis book has the makings of a good story Unfortunately that's all it has The book is full of clichés including the characters and plot line Zoë's life has crumbled and she has turned to martial arts for self defense While I believe this is a good idea in real life it just seemed too obvious and later in the book too convenient for the story The police officers seem to be taken directly from just about every template serial killer story including one good cop and one bad cop No surprises thereThe serial killer is ridiculous He plans out his killings leaving nothing to chance He miraculously finds Zoë within minutes of her appearing on the news These miracles happen several times throughout the book making the story less and less plausible Many of the killer's lucky breaks come from unbelievable gaffes from the police Then when it's convenient for the book the killer makes his own unbelievable mistakes and the story ends Disappointment It was easy to see what was going to happen at every turnThe story wasn't totally un enjoyable but I found myself shaking my head too often I feel that a little depth to Zoë's character and the killer would have gone a long way This is a fast read but it's also forgettable Unfortunately I can't recommend The One That Got Away

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    Survivor's guilt and post traumatic stress have left our heroine slightly damaged though not in the timid skittish way often portrayed in this type of book I enjoyed the way Simon Wood handled these issues Zoe's character incites sympathy in her recklessness I wanted to both hold her back and help her surge forward This book is suspensethriller than mystery since we always know who the bad guy is The author does include enough twists to keep us slightly off balance The pace is uick while also allowing the story room to breathe The opening scene is a blast of terror straight in our face If you're sueamish or you dislike violent books you might want to skip this But the violence here is necessary to move the story forward to show us what shapes Zoe's future and what torments her subconscious no matter how fast she runs This is a powerful story that left me thinking about victims and how sometimes surviving can feel worse than dying

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    The One That Got Away by Simon Wood is a 2015 Thomas Mercer publication I am not sure about this but I think this book was a “Kindle First” book I chose with my prime membership This is my first book by this author and I enjoyed this one well enough to go back for Zoe and Holli two girls working hard on obtaining their PHD's decide to kick up their heels for a change so they drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas and hoop it up for awhile But things go horribly awry and Zoe wakes up to Holli's screams and the horrible realization she is being held captive and whatever is happening to Holli is going to happen to her next But Zoe manages to escape however Holli was never seen or heard from again A year passes and now Zoe is a completely different person with dreams of acuiring a PHD long forgotten She is working as a mall cop now is in therapy and still showing signs of PTSD on top of what one might term “survivor's guilt” But when by sheer chance Zoe hears of a murder victim she is positive was killed by her own abductor she begins working alongside the police to catch the guy and puts herself directly into the line of fire as a result Will Zoe find peace or will she lose the fight the second time around? This is a dark graphic tense and fast paced thriller that will suck you in from the first chapter on Zoe is a mess after having survived her ordeal haunted by the death of her friend and consumed or maybe ravaged is a better word by guilt Her psychological behavior is most curious as it certainly does appear Zoe is attempting to put herself in risky situations on purpose perhaps as a way of punishing herself for having left Holli behind The murders were disturbing enough but the underlying theme that women should be “good girls” meaning they should not go out and have fun flirt with men or drink was not only picked up by the inner thoughts of our killer but even Zoe's therapist pointed out her provocative clothing was waving an “I'm asking for it” sign Zoe too seemed to buy into that logic by going out at night alone dressed a certain way and having a few too many she believed she was putting herself in harm's way which was something she seemed to hope would happen recreating the Vegas scenario Do you think if a woman goes out dressed up in sexy clothes has a few drinks and maybe flirts a little that she is asking to be raped abducted or murdered? The sicko killer having those thoughts was in line with the character but I did cringe when the therapist also made this suggestion to Zoe I understood he was pointing out certain behaviors prompting her to examine her motives which was a valid point However I did I think he was sending out the wrong message by mentioning the way she was dressed Otherwise the good doctor went above and beyond for his patient was the best support system Zoe had I had the feeling Zoe was a ticking time bomb and was uite concerned about her but then she finds purpose by joining forces with a determined cop to stop a dangerous serial killer From this point on the suspense is absolutely edge of your seat The last paragraph of chapter twelve guaranteed I would not be putting this book down until the last chapter was read There was only one weak area for me in the book and that was the the killer's psychological state of mind and a full explanation of his motives were pretty much skimmed over I would have liked clarification or maybe a brief recap in the last chapter just so I was sure I had picked up on all the finer points Otherwise I thought this was a solid psychological thriller uite thought provoking and chilling If you can handle graphic violence creepy serial killers and edgy suspense then this book has your name on it

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    Zoe Sutton and her friend Holli are college friends who decide to take a break from their studies with a trip to Las Vegas The trip turns into a nightmare when they are kidnapped Zoe manages to escape but not before seeing her friend in the clutches of a sadistic killer Fifteen months later Zoe is trying to deal with the PTSD She has uit school and taken a job as a mall security guard She is a loner having shunned family and friends When Zoe hears of another murder that sounds eerily similar to what happened to Holli she forces herself into the investigation With the help of one of the investigators she retraces the events of the night she and Holli were abducted Her involvement brings her to the attention of the serial killer the media have dubbed the “Tally Man” For him she is not a survivor rather the one that got away Zoe is portrait of a person dealing with PTSD and a real heroine The “Tally Man” is a chillingly psychopath The One That Got Away is a terrific read