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So many thoughts about this book First it is a shame the editing was so poor The lack of attention to detail made it difficult to track dialog in many places Are quotation marks really so hard But I suspect that is of an issue of the e publishing conversion software and the publisher than the author Still, it made the reader experience less As for the story, I found myself engaged with the characters I mostly wanted to take Kass aside and give her a good talking to To get her some real friends It is a story about the need for real and healthy community, because on our own we can quickly become disoriented and confused It also speaks to the danger of a simplistic theology although I m REALLY tired of the malpractice of church people plot device As strong and resilient as Kass shows herself to be I found some of the plot unrealistic I ve never been in Kass situation but somehow I think one knight in shining armor with a savior complex isn t going to suddenly make me able to get clean and sober on my first try Still, I cared about the characters until the very end and the story elicited a rousing conversation in my head, so there s that For what it s worth, I ll read her next book. I received this book as a Goodread s Giveaway.This was one of those books that, when I had to put it down, it was with reluctance, because I was so anxious to find out what happened next in the story Ms Nova drew an amazingly accurate picture of an angst ridden and misunderstood teenage girl in Kass Hayes any reader would be able to reach back in her memory and say I remember feeling JUST like that This story is definitely not full of flowery romance and happy school dayswe feel Kass every worry and disappointment, her terror and hopelessness, as she runs from her dysfunctional family home to the brutal and unforgiving streets of Chicago, and then as she finally comes home again, having been rescued by an old friend The ending here is a happy one, and I was silently cheering for her, glad that she d finally found her way.Bravo Ms Nova, I ll definitely be looking for works by you. This book hooked me from the start The writing is engaging, the story oof, talk about jumping into a can t stop reading plot It s dark But, never hopeless I find a lot of books that trend into darker materials, get to be too much, or somewhat unbelievable, not with this one I was with Kass from the beginning, and even when the book takes you to sinister places, that I had to take a bit of a break from, I always returned, and needed to know how her story turned out Seraphina Nova has written a story that takes you into a world I was ready to roll with from the get go I look forward to what s next from this author She has a way of making you feel the despair of the main character, while continuing to root for her And even when the right decisions, still feel just a little off for Kass, I was there, turning pages swiping screens on my kindle version , waiting eagerly to find out what was going to happen.As a woman, this book resonated in my heart A highly recommended, wonderful read. Another Stone to Carry is at its heart, a story about finding your place in the world, and the often tumultuous journey that occurs in the discovery of self We meet the main character in this story, Kass, as a young teenager who is full of the naive hope and innocence that often accompanies youth I don t want to spoil anything in the book, but Kass suffers an unspeakable tragedy that completely shatters all of her previously held paradigms, and as a result, goes into a tailspin that lasts well into her adult years.This story is a beautiful telling of her climb out of that darkness Of the bravery it takes to truly embrace what you need in life to make you happy, despite what anyone else may think.Seraphina Nova does a wonderful job navigating this dark story It never feels self indulgent There is always the hope that things are going to be all right, and then they are, in a very unexpected way Highly recommended, and a great first book I look forward to. In The Small Midwestern Town Of Bear River, Soft Spoken, Shy, Kassandra Hayes Lives A Very Sheltered Life Governed By The Church And Her Goal To Become A Missionary Things Drastically Change When She Is Sexually Assaulted And Her Life Begins Spinning Out Of Control To Numb The Pain She Runs Away And Finds Herself Homeless In Chicago For Years, She Embraces A Life Of Exotic Dancing, Drugs, And Sexual Bartering Until An Unexpected Encounter With An Old Friend Lands Her Back Home Where She Is Brought Back To The Fold Her Congregation Embraces Their Prodigal Daughter, And She Acts And Dresses The Part, But Her Story Is Just Beginning Torn Between Desire And Conventional Morality, She Goes On Another Journey Of Self Discovery And Finds Love In The Most Unexpected Place, Shocking The Town And Herself Awesome book about a young girl who is finding herself after a series of tragedies I love the book I couldn t put it down definitely a page turner Well written and engaging.