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{epub pdf} Ogniem i mieczemAuthor Henryk Sienkiewicz –

Mi O Przystojnego Skrzetuskiego I Pi Knej Heleny, Kt Rej Zagra A Chory Z Zazdro Ci Nami Tny Bohun W Tle Powstanie Chmielnickiego Na Ukrainie W Latach Smaczne Opisy Bitew I Podst P W Wojskowych Oraz Wielka Polityka Okraszona Poczuciem Humoru Pana Zag ObyWydanie Z ObrazkamiKsi Ka Po Polsku Polish EditionSeria Stare Dobre Klasyki

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    One of the most excellent works of Historical Fiction that I have ever read Considered a classic of Polish lit this book established great characters in the middle of political and militaristic turmoil This book is a must read From men who vow chastity until lopping of the heads of three enemies in one swipe, or the drunken noble who finds great valor in rescuing the princess from a power hungry Tarter If I can sell anyone on any piece of fictional lit this would be it Sword duals, horse chases through the marsh, political backstabbing, drunken bar fights, religious undertones, and a love story that reaches across nations this is an awesome book

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    It is better than Quo Vadis although not really sure that is saying a lot The single best thing of this 100 year old translation is the introductory essay by the translator into some basics Polish history and culture of the mid 17th century.The story revolves around the Cossack uprisings in the late 1640s A young Polish knight gets separated from his beloved by a Cossack leader He has to find her amidst the battles surrounding this revolt culminating in the siege of Zbaraj.Much in the style of Scott s Ivanhoe..if you liked that, you ll like this It is probably better in Polish

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    The first book of the series, introduces the reader to the historical setting And It does it very well, with detailed descriptions of the habits, politics and warfare Altough, to me, it lacks maps, historical fiction must have maps to help Concerning the story, it is a good plot, delightful to read Main characters historical and fictional are charismatic and the changes towards the real history doesn t compromise the novel.To conclude, I hope I can continue enjoying the rest of the books as much as I did with this.

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    I devoured this epic work of literature narrated by the outstanding Krzysztof Globisz.