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Enjoyable short stories, but not quite riveting or deeply involving Robinson originally wrote these stories as a sort of serial for Analog magazine, and as a group, they show that heritage Part of what works for them is the mood, a positive, friendly, we welcome all vibe with a little bit of accommodating wierdness However, story to story becomes repetitive if attempted in one sitting.Where Callahan s stands apart is it s focus on struggling with the problems of existence and meaning, and humanity, and the great focus the bar clientele have on empathizing with each other This is Cheers with puns instead of sarcastic put downs Be warned, Callahan s clientele truly love puns, and they will edge into the most serious of stories Xanth ain t got nothing on Callahan s.Mostly stories aren t explicitly sci fi, being set in an modern anytime New York bar but instead play with sci fi concepts like time travel, lurking aliens, and humans with extra abilities Never fear, all problems can be solved with some creativity and thought And most likely, bad puns. It s very, very, VERY hard to describe this book It s actuallyimportant to understand Callahan s.Callahan s is a bar on Long Island that is, essentially, group therapy The regulars help each other and strangers out with their problems They make toasts by paying double for their drink and throwing the glass into the fireplace, and the toasts are often the opening to a whole new discussion about morality, politics, and empathy Also drinking And puns LOTS of puns.Is this sci fi Many people say no, I say sure, why not It does fitinto weird fiction than any other sci fi genre, but if you can have aliens and time travelers in a story, I say it s good enough to be called sci fi.This isn t a space opera, or a heroic journey to the stars It s a book about people, their problems, and how the understanding and empathy of fellow human beings even if they re drunk can fix a lot of things This book will at times challenge you, and make you think about how your own brain and emotions work, yet still is an uplifting collection as a whole I recommend this to any sci fi fan who is willing to go off the beaten path, and experience a whole new way of looking at the genre Also, if you re a serious sci fi fan and have never even heard of these C mon 4.0 stars I think the above describes the essence of the book much better than I can, but I will go ahead and ramble for a few paragraphs anyway However, before I begin PLEASE BE AWARE that this review contains some overt sentimentality and just plain sappiness If it gets to be too much, you might want to have a salty snack standing by to help take the edge off of course then you might need a to wash it down, which is actually a nice lead in to a review about a book that takes place entirely in a bar.This is the quintessential feel good book and one that literally kept me smiling and probably looking goofy while I was reading it Now this book will not knock your hair back with its brilliant, elegant prose and you won t find any original or groundbreaking SF concepts or ideas In fact, while there are SF elements in most of the stories, these elements are, for the most part, simply background material What this book will do is hopefully make you smile and feel better about the world around you, even if only while you are reading it It is like a warm blanket for the soul or a call from an old friend that you haven t spoken to in ages It may not change your life, but it will certainly brighten your day The Callahan Chronicles, of which this is the first book, take place entirely in a bar called you guessed it Callahan s Place The owner is Mike Callahan and his tavern is not on any map but is where people just find themselves when they are in pain or have lost their way in the world It is a place where everyone genuinely cares about one another and where anyone who has something they want to get off their chest can find an audience willing to listen There are no moral judgments made and nothing is off limits As shown above, it is a place built around the concept that shared pain is lessened and shared joy is increased. The book itself is a collection of short stories that deal with a variety of personal and societal issues There is some politics, some religion, some economics and some discussions of war and drug addiction However, despite the seriousness of the topics discussed, the stories and dialogue have a very down home, pastoral feel to it and there is nothing that could be called preaching or lecturing in the conversations To sum up, Callahan s Place is a wonderful place to go and listen to good people help other good people through difficult times It might even make you feel better about humanity in general if only for a little while HIGHLY RECOMMENDED If you say only one thing about this book, I believe that thing would be fun.Spider Robinson s collection of bar stories are barely science fiction but as Ben Bova points out in his introduction, does that really matter These anecdotes are all about encouaging growth as people and a species and taking an attitude of emapthy towads your fellow man, and they re great fun too.I have no idea why it is a Crosstime Saloon, I d assumed it was a bar in some kind of time space vortex outside the normal boundaries of our world but that doesn t really apply as far as I could tell Callahan is a a great Irish bear of a man of encourages his regulars to have pun Sorry, fun Their favourite game is playing with words, especially on Punday nights Tuesdays and they exist as a sounding board for those in despair to share their tales of woe.The stories are peopled with a selection of wonderful characters with improbable names much like Spider Robinson infact and a wicked sense of fun if you come for the science fiction in the first story you ll stick around for the puns and the characters through eightand won t be disappointed in the slightest. Callahan S Place Is The Neighborhood Tavern To All Of Time And Space, Where The Regulars Are Anything But Pull Up A Chair, Grab A Glass Of Your Favorite, And Listen To The Stories Spun By Time Travelers, Cybernetic Aliens, Telepathsand A Bunch Of Regular Folks On A Mission To Save The World, One Customer At A TimeCallahan S Crosstime Saloon Contains The Following Stories, Virtually All Of Which Were Published In Analog Science Fiction And Fact The Guy With The Eyes The Time Traveler The Centipede S Dilemma Two Heads Are Better Than One The Law Of Conservation Of Pain Just Dessert A Voice Is Heard In Ramah Unnatural Causes The Wonderful Conspiracy This is a good coffee break book you really wouldn t want to readthan a chapter at a time Although I can appreciate puns, I guess I m not as into that as most Spider Robinson fans. A glorious book of short stories all set in one fictional bar They are a mix of both supernatural and just plain super stories And for anyone curious The Farm highlighted in the last story The Wonderful Conspiracy is still alive and thriving in Summertown TN. Come for the review, stay for the pun Fans of Spider Robinson will, I hope, get it. This is a very fun collection of short stories, and they re linked together instead of haphazardly thrown in I want to go to this bar The setting is very well developed You know what this bar is like brightly lit, no barstools, Tuesday night is for VERY bad puns, etc.Even with the weird stuff happening, like time travelers, aliens, and psychics, the stories don t just rely on gimmicks, but the characters are well developed. Wow, just wow I absolutely love this book and this author and of course, this place Callahan s is a bar where anything can happen and they mean anything And some of the most unbelievable things do What I really love is the people in the stories, the feelings At Callahan s there is no judgement, no recriminations, just people who genuinely care for one another, care about the problems everyone faces, the pain they have to go through, and the process of recovery My two favorite stories from this book are The Time Traveler and The Law of Conservation of Pain They are stories about the depravity of man and the ability to overcome it I cried through every story, Spider Robinson has the ability to make you feel everything the characters are going through and I thank him for that.