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This Sci Fi Smorgasbord Serves Up Retro Tales Inspired By The Pulp Magazines Of The S S It Drops You Into The Deco Chiseled Cities Of Alternate Americana, Airlifts You To Exotic Locales, Then Rockets You To The Farthest Reaches Of Yesterday S Tomorrows Witness The Otherworldly Genesis Of Wild Marjoram In A Chicagoland Speakeasy As The Violence Of The All Female Killdeer Gang Reaches Vigilante Inspired Fever Pitch In The Birth Flying Taxis Fight For Space Over New York As Johnny Grant, Private Eye, Sifts Streets Rife With Murder And Corruption In The Maltese Spectrum It S Class Warfare In Citadel City As Pandora Driver And Her Car Of Tomorrow Cruise The Shadowy Streets In Search Of One Good Cop In Ready Fire Aim Resources Dwindle As Aqua Farming Region Spaceport Terminus Pushes Maximum Population Density, And The Balance Between Man And Machine Collapses In Bloom The Fractured Politics Of The Fractured S Aether Age Leaves A Sheriff Struggling To Find The Truth In The More Things Change Would Ace Rango Rather Be Locked In Battle With Snarling Space Lizards Or A Temperamental, Little Girl When Bedtime Stories Are Boring World War II Drags On Into As One Australian Airship Officer Seeks Safe Harbor Before The Lights Go Out During Darkness Eternal Over The South China Sea In Fascist Ruled Skies Over Prohibition Era America, A Rogue Pilot Risks All To Bring Down A Gang Of Rocket Pack Raiders With The Rocket Molly Syndicate Captain Tony Lagarto S Flying Boat Is Hijacked By A Lunatic Vinlander Demanding Transport To A Place That Doesn T Exist In Storming Shangri La Retro Adventure Awaits Fans Of Dieselpunk, Sci Fi, Ray Gun Gothic, And Pulp Magazines Download If You Dare

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    A great anthology, if uneven at times in terms of editing.

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    Diesel punk is cool This is a collection of amazing short stories built to give a strong idea of what diesel punk is and can be As a fan of steam punk, this collection broadens my horizon and open my imagination Great story choices.

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    Containing nine adventure stories set in futuristic space stations to smoky speakeasys, Carribean inspired outposts to bars on the western frontier, this dieselpunk anthology provided me with several hours worth of entertainment In summary, this tome is definitely worth the download, so go and get it Some stories engaged me than others, but the beauty of an anthology with this much variety is that there is something in there for everyone.Below is a brief, fly over review on each of the nine stories My favourite story was The Rocket Molly Syndicate by John Taylor, a Chicago based adventure set in the 1930s era of Prohibition It s about Millie, a sassy, fast talking pilot who finds herself blackmailed by a shady government bureau into infiltrating and taking down a dangerous crime gang Soon Millie is in over her head as she finds herself battling her nemesis on the streets and in the skies.I liked the dialogue in this short story it was clever, pithy and provided the reader with a sense of each character whether they were the unscrupulous Commissioner, the villainous ringleader Molly, or Millie s sister Cecelia The dynamic between the protagonist Molly and her plucky, loyal sister definitely rang true for me The writing really came alive when they were trading barbs.The other short story that stood out for me was The More Things Change Tales from the Aether Age by Grant Gardiner Set in the 1920s in the era of gangsters and flappers, it s about an overworked Texan sheriff who is called upon to investigate a brawl at a gambling saloon in a frontier town At first, it looks as though the brawl has revolved around a high stakes game of cards that has gone awry with greed, ego and booze causing things to quickly escalate But as the sheriff sorts through the contradicting testimonies, it s clear the battle lines have been drawn around questions of statehood in a saloon populated by characters with different political persuasions and allegiances Who gets the last word provides the sting in the story s tail.I thought there were some interesting concepts explored in the opening story, Wild Majoram, about a vigilante gang eliminating its threats and trying to insinuate itself into the life of a mother, Beryl and her unborn child However, several pivotal story questions were left unanswered, which left me a little unsatisfied I got the impression that this was part of a larger story Johnny Grant Private Eye the Maltese Spectrum Rick Paladin Pratt was a well paced, easy read which I found engaging in parts It s about a private detective sent to investigate the disappearance of a man s daughter I found it oddly lacking in suspense in parts I think part of the problem was the way the hero defeated all of his enemies with ease completely lowered the stakes In addition, his villains seemed thinly imagined While I don t have a problem with drawing upon classic tropes to create characters, the femme fatale and the protagonist s put upon secretary were one dimensional The way they fawned over the eponymous character bored me I wanted to see Johnny Grant meet a worthy adversary or even an ally who could occasionally match wits with him.I thoroughly enjoyed the world of Pandora Driver Ready Fire Aim John Picha It is clear the author knows the environment and the era inside and out The multiple locations and descriptions of his characters and the world was absorbing at times, however, I did find the story didactic and heavy on exposition.With its space stations and threatening extraterrestrial creatures, Bloom by Anita Dime was a good change of pace However, it took too long to set the scene and I wasn t sure it built to a climax Nevertheless I enjoyed the world it was set in.Ace Rango Bedtime Stories are so Boring by Jose E Cepeda was clever The prose came alive during the throw away paragraphs such as Their bus drove past numerous charred, burnt, and pulverized buildings laying in ruin, Broken windows, shuttered store fronts and mission roof tops were a common sight It was when the author was driving home a point that the prose became cheesy and took me out of the story, for example, Being a deep sea fisherman, it was ironic that this uncle never made the Big Catch sic.Darkness Eternal Over the South China Sea by Russell Secord had plenty of action to keep the reader engaged and was unpredictable in a welcome way.The World of Manana Storming Shangri La by Jack Philpot contained evocative prose, but I think it could have been pared back to sharpen the action.There are a number of authors in this anthology whom I look forward to reading from.