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Mitzi Weinhaus Is The Talentless Daughter Of Two Munich Kabarett Stars One Night, In An Underground Club That Has So Far Escaped Nazi Detection, She Meets The Enigmatic Singer Giselle, Who Offers Her The Chance To Be A Hero All Mitzi Has To Do Is Infiltrate The Notorious Dachau Death Camp, But She Won T Have To Do It AloneTeamed Up With The Mysterious Wolfrik, For Whom She Develops An Alarming Attraction, Mitzi Soon Finds Herself Ensnared In A World Of Secret Societies, Super Soldiers, Monsters, And Gods Double Crossed On All Sides, It Is Up To Her To Save Her Parents From Certain Death And To Save Her Heart From One Of The Most Powerful Beings In The Universe Loring Paints A WII Steampunk Urban Fantasy Mashup With Grace And Infinite Skill, And Delivers A Gripping Story Centred Around Those Immortal Human Challenges Love, Fear, Oppression And Deliverance This short story novella is probably closer to urban fantasy than the other genres it touches, but it s not your grandfather s urban fantasy It has elements of the weird menace stories of the pulp era and alternative history sf, yet the writing is far stylish and the world building subtle and effective than either of those or most genre fiction The 1930s decadence, reminiscent of the musical, CABARET and Christopher Isherwood s BERLIN STORIES which it developed from, is a great background for urban fantasy The Mitzi and Gisele characters are very well done, especially the dialogue and subtext I d love to read a novel set in this world. Such a cool take on WWII I absolutely loved Beautiful Things it works very well as a short story, and manages to pull you in right from the start The genre is very intriguing, with elements of steampunk, fables and historical fantasy I love Lots of potential, but this felt like a Cliffs Notes version of the story very rushed, with lots of characters being shoved into place instead of being developed Or maybe it s a teaser for a longer book In any event, not a great execution As a heroine, Mitzi didn t really do much She takes it at face value her parents are in danger without any kind of proof or real explanation She s told someone will pick her up, she goes along Why did they need Mitzi for anything, again Or her parents She abruptly falls in love with a stranger with hairy palms Treachery revealed Stranger calls Mitzi the bravest woman ever, whichno She hasn t done anything but been jostled along by the other characters, accepting whatever anyone tells her, and making some perfunctory take me seriously respect me outbursts.The ending wasmelodramatic Mildly cliffhanger y it s not clear what was really accomplished I mean, the characters don t know, of course, and such is life But I m a littleunconvinced, I guess There could have been a lot nuance with the antagonist villain , who instead just felt Okay, so she s some kind of succubus god vampire thing Feeding off people being turned on in an audience Not that horrible, in my book Using people is bad, but on the other hand she was working to take down Hitler So, uh I guess not enough development kind of covers it all.