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New York Times Bestselling Writer C J Box Returns With A Thrilling New Novel, Featuring Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett She Was Gone Joe Pickett Had Good Reason To Dislike Dallas Cates, Even If He Was A Rodeo Champion, And Now He Has Even Joe S Eighteen Year Old Ward, April, Has Run Off With Him And Then Comes Even Worse News The Body Of A Girl Has Been Found In A Ditch Along The Highway Alive, But Just Barely, The Victim Of Blunt Force Trauma It Is April, And The Doctors Aren T Sure If She Ll Recover Cates Denies Having Anything To Do With It Says She Ran Away From Him, Too And There S Evidence That Points To Another Man But Joe Knows In His Gut Who S Responsible What He Doesn T Know Is The Kind Of Danger He S About To Encounter Cates Is Bad Enough, But Cates S Family Is Like None Joe Has Ever Met Before Joe S Going To Find Out The Truth, Even If It Kills Him But This Time, It Just Might

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    Another great Joe Pickett novel Western justice, creepy and despicable bad guys, corrupt government officials, good guys crossing to the wrong side of the law in pursuit of what is right, revenge basically, so much awesomeness I sped through the last 50 pages or so holding my breath as the suspense was great.I cannot recommend this series enough if you like mysteries, you really should check it out.Now, please don t start with this book There is so much back story in this series that, while you may enjoy Endangered without any points of reference, you would miss SOOOOO much based on the history of all the characters What you should do is go back to Open Season and work through the series Some of the books are better and memorable than others, but all of them are great and the series as a whole is a home run

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    Not too many series get better after 14 books, but the Joe Pickett does I have enjoyed the series from the beginning, but I am loving it now The last two in the series I have given 5 stars For you Joe Pickett fans, get a copy ASAP If you haven t read this series,start at 1 You have a lot of enjoyable and entertaining reading ahead of you.

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    At the top of his form in this 15th of his mystery series featuring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett At the beginning three events are set in motion Joe has come on the scene of the slaughter of a bunch of sage grouse, a politically hot event because of its current review as an endangered species and the huge economic havoc that status would cause His work is interrupted when he gets word that his adopted daughter April, who run away with a rodeo bull rider, shows up on a roadside bludgeoned into a coma The third event we are witness to, but not Joe, is an ambush of his bad boy friend Nate not long after release from federal custody over suspicion of his role in vigilante justice activities The plot has Joe trying to hold his family together a wife and two other daughters while working on the sly to try to solve April s attack and, when he learns about it, Nate s attack and disappearance of his girlfriend Meanwhile, the Governor, who uses him for undercover work, puts pressure on him over the grouse infraction A lot of his efforts keep bringing him into conflicts with a particularly nasty family of trailer trash led by a colorful and viscous matriarch, who operate a variety of criminal enterprises near the site of the grouse slaughter Bringing on these threads together in surprising ways makes for a fun adventure with a lot at stake As usual, the wild weather and dangers of life in the beautiful outdoors of the Rocky Mountain West play a significant role in the action.My one caveat is that when the good guys start to win in the end, they take some special pleasure in the gruesome fate of some of the bad guys One can accept that our seeming Boy Scout Joe Pickett has his share of vengeful attitudes on the way to bringing about justice, but it went too far in this tale Still, if you haven t read Box, you owe yourself the treat, and the sequence, to me, doesn t matter.

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    4.5 really but I rounded up to 5 because I love all of C J Box s books and the little twist at the end was like one of those slapshots from just inside the red line that flutters like a knuckle ball and befuddles the poor goalie Ya I missed it too First a bit of housekeeping I LOVE C J Box I really do what a terrific storyteller I ve been drawn to all of Box s novels not only by the remarkable stories filled with intriguing and captivating characters but also because each story is set in the Big Sky western states of Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and Idaho I can t get enough of the great outdoors and the natural world and Box s description of these wide open spaces, snow covered mountains, ranches and farm land, majestic sunrises and picturesque sunsets within his novels is so hypnotic and alluring to me Throw in the politics, passion and contentiousness of conservation and preservation, unfettered land use and Federal oversight and the stage is set for some pretty lively, engaging and at times catastrophic interactions between the locals and law enforcement Shotgun blasts have decimated Lek 64 in the district of Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett, about six months after being named Special Liaison to the Executive Branch by WY state governor Rulon Rulon is especially interested in preserving the prairie chicken population the politics of conservation and land use are in play Sage Grouse nounDefinition of SAGE GROUSE either of two large grouses Centrocercus urophasianus and C minimus of the dry sagebrush plains of western North America that have mottled gray and buff plumage above with a contrasting black belly image error

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    I ve never heard of C.J Box, author of Endangered Putnam 2015 I picked the book because it got good reviews and is the fifteenth in the Joe Pickett series More importantly, Lee Child recommended it one of today s solid gold, A list, must read writers I wasn t about to argue with Jack Reacher s right hand man.Now I have to read the rest, it was that good.Joe Pickett is an easy going, easy to know Wyoming game warden and family man He takes his job seriously and has a reputation for solving mysteries rather than settling for the easy answer Joe never is bigger than life, but he s always true to life In this story, he s in the middle of mystery dealing with poachers who killed an entire Lek community of sage grouse when his 18 year old daughter is found unconscious in a ditch, beaten and left for dead by her assailant like so much trash While Pickett tries to unravel this mystery while working on who killed the sage grouse, he finds himself at odds with one of the nastiest local families you d ever want to meet For them, anything is fair game if they can get away with it.This is not a hard charging, fast paced thriller with a complex plot that constantly whips you around like a roller coaster The wonder of this book is the author s voice, through the character of Joe Pickett He s kind and non judgmental, but strong and firm in his beliefs He s natural and uncomplicated, the type of person you d want for a friend The power of his personality drives the story, tinges every action, and kept me turning pages Through Box s magnificent pen, I got to not only know Joe Pickett but understand his motivations I ve already ordered the rest of the series.

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    I have to admit that I read Endangered as a sort of experiment You see, I haven t read past book five in C.J Box s Joe Pickett series, and book five was a long time ago Even though I enjoyed those five books, I had to ask myself if I was ever going to get the chance to catch up Since I didn t believe I could, short of shoving everything else to the side and reading the series straight through, I decided to jump in here at book fifteen A lot of things have happened to Joe and his family in those ten books I didn t read, but Box gave me enough information to fill in the blanks so I didn t feel hopelessly lost In fact, I almost felt as if I d never left and that s got a lot to do with the author s creation of such a strong character There are three storylines on the move in Endangered There s what happened to all those sage grouse for starters Most people probably don t think of the ramifications of placing animals on the endangered species list, but Box makes it quite clear what could happen if those birds are, and he weaves the information into the narrative seamlessly This storyline also adds a lot of tension and stress to Joe s life at a time when he certainly doesn t need it The sage grouse twins Annie Hatch of the Bureau of Land Management and Revis Wentworth of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service seem to go out of their way to push Joe over the edge The second storyline involves Nate Romanowski, who just might be released from federal custody as along as he agrees to jump through all the hoops that FBI agent Dudley has set up for him Dudley ranks right up there with the sage grouse twins in being adept at making people lose their tempers This storyline is a quiet one, but longtime readers know Nate will make his presence known The third storyline is the most important the identity of the person responsible for what happened to April Pickett It has Joe treading the fine line between being a father and being a law enforcement officer Box has created one of the best dysfunctional families in fiction with the Cates From the quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Eminem at the very beginning of the book to warnings given to Joe by the sheriff, readers know from the start that Brenda Cates is the Ma Barker of Wyoming She is the one person in that violent family that Joe has to be most careful of Knowing that, does it mean that there are no surprises in this storyline Don t believe that for a second I m so glad I decided to head back to Wyoming to visit a spell with Joe Pickett I d forgotten how much I enjoyed Box s intricately woven plots, fast pacing, and well drawn characters As the chapters flew by, I became convinced of one thing no way am I going to let another ten books go by before I read another one Joe Pickett s simply too good to neglect Shame on me

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    First Sentence When Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett received the call every parent dreads, he was standing knee high in thick sagebrush counting the carcasses of sage grouse.When Joe Pickett receives a call about the body of a girl being found in a ditch by the highway, it is suspected to be his ward, April, who had taken off with rodeo champion Dallas Cates Cates family gives him an alibi, and there s evidence pointing to someone else But Joe isn t convenience and is determined to learn the truth one way or another.There s no question but that C.J Box knows who to write a completely compelling book He s the type of author whose story you start at page one, and find yourself in exactly the same spot several hours later when you ve finished the book Pickett is such a wonderful, fully dimensional character You know who he is and for what he stands He is moral and principled, as well as determined to find the truth, particularly when it impacts his family Don t for a second, however, think that makes him perfect or boring He is the sort of person you d want on your side The balance between Joe and his wife, Marybeth, rings absolutely true, with each playing to their strengths The same also applies to his relationship with his daughters And then there s Nate Followers of the series fear not Nate is there exactly when it matters On the other hand, Box does create some villains who will make your skin crawl They re not over the top, but they are definitely not someone you d ever what to know Endangered is a plot driven story, with great characters and excellent suspense Box is always a great read.ENDANGERED Lic Invest Game Warden Joe Pickett Wyoming Montana Contemp ExBox, C.J 15th in seriesG.P Putnam s Sons March 2015

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    Endangered is another very solid effort by C J Box It is the 15th novel about Joe Pickett, a straight arrow, tough minded, down to earth Game Warden in Wyoming The book is well plotted, well written and has excellent characters The Joe Pickett novels don t have to be read in sequence but doing so adds to the back story and will, in all likelihood, enhance your appreciation of the book and some of its characters.There isn t a need to say any because you d almost certainly not be considering the 15th book in the series if you didn t really like Box s writing I often read a Box book after I have been disappointed by another book since Box is so consistently good.The End

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    One of the best books from this ever reliable series about game warden Joe Pickett The game warden part of his life was only a minor part of this story as his adopted daughter was found beaten and abandoned in a ditch, months after leaving home to live with a local hero rodeo rider This story is much about chasing down the bad guys and protecting family Joe Pickett at his best.

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    I had lost track of this series for awhile and recently went back to it So now I ve been reading a few of the ones I missed along the way This is a great series that always sucks me in from the first page Joe Pickett is a favorite character of mine.