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How do we know what latent possibilities of achievements we possess It is always with a little trepidation that I re visit a book I loved so much Will it still be a favourite or will it have lost something in the intervening years I remember enjoying this novel so much back in 2008 and kept fond memories.So, how was it The answer I devoured it in one evening, giggling a few times here and there I d forgotten the details and it was lovely to re discover them It is a light read that combines vaudeville and fairy tale to great delight Miss Pettigrew is endearing with her mixture of naivety and wisdom, and I couldn t resist following her on her day of freedom from social s, discovering a world of brilliance and luxury totally different from her own drab existence She finds she has a real skill at repartees, even if often unconsciously done The scenes between her and the various characters she meets are often very funny, full of ridicule, and pure theatre.Through those few hours, she readjusts her moral compass to great humour She grows in confidence, becoming someone that people can rely on and a problem solver She finally starts to see her worth and becomes herself This is however a novel of its time and the 1930s had views that we find nowadays distasteful and rightly so I of course don t agree with the couple of racist and sexist comments made in the book but I understand their context Should they be removed No I don t believe books, or films, should ever be censured That would go against freedom of speech and would only lead us to catastrophe How was Watson s novel regarded in her own time after all She does describe women in a different light, in charge of their destinies than the so called ladies, using all they have to their advantage, which doesn t deny kindness and compassion.Is it still worth 5 stars Totally This is pure escapism A feel good book that will give hours of fun again and again Thank you Persephone Books for rescuing this little gem.PS What is it about the surname Pettigrew Two of my favourite books have it in their title the other is Major Pettigrew s Last Stand Down on her luck 40 year old governess Miss Guinevere Pettigrew needs to get a teaching job or she ll be evicted But little does she know when she stumbles into the glamorous life of socialite Miss Delysia LaFosse, her fortunes are about to change drastically today, for the first time in her bleak existence, Miss Pettigrew will LIVE Winifred Watson s Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day is the embodiment of the word pleasant It s just such a nice little novel full of light, soapy romance and inoffensive people, it s impossible to dislike That said, it s far from a flawless read Loosely a modern ish the book was first published in 1938 re imagining of Cinderella, the story takes place over the course of a single day so the pacing is brisk In part because of that, it s a quick read despite a vague, meandering purpose you don t really notice it s a Cinderella retelling until the second half and a lack of plot It also oddly reads a bit like a play as most of the story takes place in a single room everyone walks in and out of though maybe that was just the style of rom coms back then The characters are unoriginal sketches conventional upper class Londoners who enjoy their booze, drugs given the otherwise discreet atmosphere of the book, cocaine makes a slightly jarring appearance in an early scene and late nights while Miss Pettigrew is almost a caricature of humility but they re mostly likeable, and, while I m not a huge romance fan, the cast s relationship intrigues and playful tone were amusing enough That said, I m not sure what exactly Miss Pettigrew does that impresses everyone to give her the status she acquires throughout but I m putting that down to being one of the dated features of the time along with a couple of distasteful and disturbingly casual anti Semitic slurs she makes Aside from the dull grey cover, I liked the book s presentation a lot which strongly evoked the era Contemporary illustrations are dotted throughout in a style that feels of the time and complemented the text well The 30s endpaper designs are quaint and even the font looks suitably old fashioned ITC Baskerville love it Though not an important or highly distinguishable novel, I m glad that Persephone Books rescued Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day from an obscurity it doesn t deserve And, while it s not the most memorable or exciting story, it is well written, entertaining for a period piece and, above all, charming If you re after a perfectly accessible, amiable read with a feel good ending, you could do worse than this. Miss Pettigrew, An Approaching Middle Age Governess, Was Accustomed To A Household Of Unruly English Children When Her Employment Agency Sends Her To The Wrong Address, Her Life Takes An Unexpected Turn The Alluring Nightclub Singer, Delysia LaFosse, Becomes Her New Employer, And Miss Pettigrew Encounters A Kind Of Glamour That She Had Only Met Before At The Movies Over The Course Of A Single Day, Both Women Are Changed Forever Delightful book Wonderful little story that was so charming and so innocent I found myself falling in love with Miss Pettigrew page after page Her kindness, her goodness and her naivety were all described so perfectly I loved all the characters, loved the storyline itself, and found myself shedding a little tear on the last page Gorgeous. She prayed desperately for a knock on the door A knock on Miss LaFosse s door heralded adventure It was not like an ordinary house, when the knocker would be the butcher, or baker or candlestick maker A knock on Miss LaFosse s door would mean excitement, drama, a new crisis to be dealt with Miss PettigrewDear, Miss Pettigrew A woman after my own heart Practically on the steps of the workhouse, Miss Pettigrew can t imagine that her last ditch effort to secure a post as a governess will lead to a twenty four hour day of glamour, excitement and the way the other half or sinners, as her vicar would say live I remember not being a fan of the film when I saw it years ago, but was determined to give the book a try regardless So glad I did Maybe I wasn t ready for Miss Pettigrew s charms, or the thrills of London circa 1938 I ve been chastened There is so much to learn For example Our Vicar once said that to swear in your mind was just as bad and even cowardly than to swear out loud He did neither What about makeup All these years and she had never had the wicked thrill of powdering her noseAnd all because she lacked courage All because she had never thought for herself Powder, thundered her father the curate, the road to damnation Lipstick, whispered her mother, the first step on the downward path Rouge, fulminated her father, the harlot s enticement Eyebrow pencil, breathed her mother, no lady Silky drawers But the young girls Miss Pettigrew shook her head Silk it is and silk it has to be No warmth at all I don t know how they don t all die of pneumonia You cannot make them understand that they look better for wool A warm body means a glowing face A cold body means a pinched look and a red nose I m sure that I ll be coming round to this one quite frequently, just like The Diary of a Provincial Lady Highly recommend I bought this book after having seen the movie and, as is so often the case, the book is much, much better than the film While I enjoyed the movie very much, I loved this book and flew through it Miss Pettigrew has been repressed and oppressed and one day, after meeting Delysia LaFosse, throws her convictions to the wind and decides to enjoy herself She has the best time of her life, makes tons of new friends, becomes a sort of fixer for Delysia and her degenerate crowd, earns the admiration of a host of young people, and possibly finds a little romance of her own all in the course of 24 hours The subject matter seems a tiny bit racy, particularly when one takes into account that this was written by a woman in the early 20th century, when the Hays Code would have had us believe that nobody drank alcohol, had sex, or said dirty words, when men were valiant and heroic, and women were faithful and timid and believed they were the weaker sex That s all shot to hell here, and rightly so.I love books about heroines who decide to just go for it, to toss away inhibitions and societal restrictions, who learn that the rules they ve followed for years are arbitrary and often misogynistic, and who find themselves when they d thought their lives were over This is a short, charming read, and I smiled the entire time I was reading it. My Favorite Book read in 2014Did you ever get 15 20 pages into a book, and your whole body starts to quiver slightly, because it starts to dawn on you that you MAY just be reading a 5 star book And you glance at the clock, and do the math it will take you x number of hours to read this book and decide you d better clear your calendar for the next day And then a truly horrible thought leaps into your mind that if you were a widow you would not have to stop reading this book in order to make dinner for your husband And you are appalled at the direction your thoughts have taken, of course you don t wish death upon your spouse, but you can t help wishing he could just magically disappear for the next couple of days And you push those demon thoughts aside, dutifully make dinner, gulp it down, do those damn dishes, and race back to your book And that s when your husband decides that NOW he wants to talk to you, and you think that maybe your earlier thoughts had not really been all that harsh That was how this book made me feel This was hands down one of the most entertaining books I have ever read Maybe it was a case of the right book at the right time, but I loved every word of it and am sorely disappointed that I am done with it.NOTE Honey, if you re reading this review, just kidding kinda sorta Such a sugar sweet candy book, really uplifting and witty, why haven t I read it before Off to see the movie now This sweet little cute little naughty little novel from 1938, with its nudity, its cocaine and its multiple sexual partners all before page 20 unfortunately throws me into the old quandary which goes what if you re in the middle of a grand evening with some of your best pals and you re as happy as Larry, whoever he was, having a great time, and then one of them out of the blue makes a racist remark What do you do Stop the party Denounce your friend Turn a lovely evening into a memorable horror show about which people will wince for years I was motoring through this book and thinking it was kind of a British counterpart to Anita Loos Gentlemen Prefer Blondes well, actually, it was The Monkees to Anita Loos Beatles, but still good fun, as The Monkees are, when Miss Pettigrew on page 162 offers some advice to Miss LaFosse, who is trying to choose between two suitorsNow the first one, he was kind too, said Miss Pettigrew earnestly, but well, my dear I wouldn t advise marrying him I don t like to jump to conclusions but I think there was a little Jewin him He wasn t quite EnglishAnd, well, I do think when it comes to marriage it s safer to stick with your own nationality Certainly, said Miss LaFosse, demurely Oh yes, that came 12 pages after this here s one of the suitors speakingNow Delysia s a little devil and there s times I could flay her alive, and obviously she needs a little physical correction, but I m the only right man to do it So, at what point do you shrug and say well, this is before all that political correctness, so you have to er, roll with the punches ooh that doesn t sound right er, I mean you have to give them a bit of leeway, er don t you The past is another country and all that Well, I didn t leave the party, I finished the book, there were no embarassing scenes, but I don t think me and Winifred Watson will be meeting up again any time soon. She, Miss Pettigrew, spinster, maiden lady, dull nonentity, jobless, incompetent, was bound for a night club, clad in splendour painted like the best of them, shameless as the worst of them, uplifted with ecstasy Oh thought Miss Pettigrew blissfully, I think I d like to die to night before I waken up This is Pure, Unadulterated ESCAPISM Utter delight and bliss This book makes you feel like you are on sugar high after a deceptively light and delicious sugary cake.The time is 1938, the place London Miss Guinevere Pettigrew, 40 year old, lonely, overlooked, dowdy spinster, sets out to find a job her last hope before her landlady will turn her out of her lodgings as a governess She is given an address, where she goes and when the door is opened by the lovely, but distressed Delysia LaFosse actress and singer in a nightclub Miss P finds herself in a WORLD, she s never known before a scandalous, glittering and dangerously seductive world of the demi monde Obviously, Miss LaFosse does not need a governess, but Miss Pettigrew helps her out of a tight spot view spoiler It is paramount that she gets rid of one lover before she gets caught by another hide spoiler