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Two Men Darcy Smith always sensed she was different from everyone else if only she knew how different Possessing a secret strong enough to end an entire race of demons Darcy unwittingly becomes a pawn in an epic battle between the vampires and the weres as she discovers a new world filled with ecstasy and dark passionsOne Desires Her Love Consumed with lust for Darcy Styx the Anasso of vampires will do everything in his power to keep her out of the lair of Salvatore Giuliani the deadly leader of the weres But protecting the woman he loves could cost Styx the ultimate priceThe OtherHer Life Salvatore Giuliani knows time is running out for the weres Pushed to the brink of extinction he will stop at nothing to make Darcy his ultimate conuest and ueen for she alone holds the key to his survival But which of these men can Darcy truly trust? For all it takes is one bite to plunge her into a lifetime of servitude or a lifetime of pleasurePraise for Alexandra Ivy's Embrace The Darkness A sensual demon plus a hot blooded vampire euals one hell of a book Jackie Kessler author of The Road to Hell

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    5 I Want An Aztec Warrior Too Stars

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    I loved this story Styx the new Anasso is hott because everyone knows great amounts of power with a heart is hott and Darcy is very sweet I love the way their relationship grows The story line is great and I am glad I didn't stop reading after the first book One thing that does bug me is that all the men have super long long hair I know some women like long hair men and while I like my men with shorter hair I can appreciate a man who is hott with long locks but to his freakin knees really is he rapunzel lol

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    OMG This is the third book by Alexandra Ivy in her 'Guardians of Eternity' series and I've loved every one of 'em The first was When Darkness Comes followed by Embrace The Darkness and now Darkness EverlastingThis series has hot weres mega hot vampires gods goddesses magic and gargoyles with a darn good sense of humorooohhh and really scorching sex The world this author creates is believable and there's enough difference to set her world apart from the glut of paranormals hitting the shelves todayStyx the newly appointed Anasso of the vampires and ruler of all demons paranormal creatures is trying to broker a tenuous peace among the demons His current problem is the weres When he hears of a woman the were king is searching forhe finds her and kidnaps her to use as a bargaining chipSalvatore is King of the weres who are slowly dying off He has spent his life using not just his strength to reign but his smarts as well by hiring researchers to try and produce genetically altered offspring that can carry were babies to term His greatest success became his greatest failure when the only four surviving altered female children were spirited away He's been searching for over 30 years now and finally has a good lead He will find this woman mate her and breed strong weres to save his raceDarcy Smith had a horrid childhood until she turned 16 She was always different and that meant she was shuffled from foster home to foster home every time her 'differences' became known She hit the streets at 16 and now at 30 she still looks 18 and lives hand to mouth She's minding her own business bartending and the next thing she knowsshe's mated to the head vamp and the were king is trying to kidnap her What's next?

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    “I will return to you” he swore against her lips “I will always return to you”Styx the new Anasso and Darcy were my favorite so far My Favorite I just realized after 3 books that once this author picks a term of endearment that’s it In this one it’s angel Angel this Angel that Angel Angel Angel I never realized how annoying it could be The first book was Lover the second book was I completely forgot And in this one he calls her Angel It’s not even important it’s just so repetitive Anyways this one had very steamy scenes I think it was all the blood sharing I dig the bitting I mean they are vampires I liked that Viper and Dante make an appearance There was action like always but this time a twist with evil werewolves Sorry the twist came from a werewolf not because they’re fighting them I liked it very much It felt threatening The wordterm “Breeder” was used and I was just mad I really liked Darcy and I hope she finds view spoiler her sisters What do you call the other set of uadruplets? Which was so weird Pure blood werewolves give birth to multiples at a time called litters Yuck hide spoiler

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    25 starsI seriously can't understand why everybody seems to love this series First of all I just can't really enjoy a series without a meaningful and well elaborated plot To understand and comprehend things is vital when reading paranormal romance When I'm starting a new paranormal romance book I like to read details about the world where the story develops about its different species and customs Depleted of that without an original and mind blowing plot I just find series lacking of something There are hundreds of books about vampires already written but for me those authors who are able to create something different form the rest are those which are really worth readingFor me this series is exactly just like hundreds of others out there It's not that it's bad just that in a month I wont remember a thing about it I thought it was getting better but this book was just of the same for me I just can't get attached to any of the characters none of them really get to me The way the books are written I don't know things just seem fake to me I just can't really get into the story At least not like with some other series I have read where you completely forget about reality to immerse into the storyApart from this I need to clarify that the books are not bad I like the story I'm just not crazy about it Maybe my main problem is that while the books are supposed to be about the most powerful creatures on Earth after reading their books you just see them as ordinary beings I like my alpha heroes to have an aura of power about them to inflect fear in those they need to to be brave and have a good nature when they have to I may be asking a lot but I have read books with heroes like the ones I have just described so now I can't be satisfied with less than that

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    UghI didn't enjoy this one at all Mostly missing even the low level snark that made the previous entries in the series bearable and off set the predictability the tics that amused me in the preceding two flat out annoyed me in thisStyx is the tall dark and humourless Anasso sounds like 'an asshole' a far better title for him of the vampires who kidnaps Darcy a vegetarian who says cripes a lot calls her angel constantly cups her face and gets on my tits The many sex scenes which the book exists for could have been lifted from either of its predecessors and the 'mating' bollocks annoyed me even as it was explained to Darcy by Abby rendering the vampire physically incapable of so much as desiring another and freezing them at the peak of their love for you Unlike the ladies in these books I don't find this neutering remotely appealing and think a partner into you through free will would be far attractive It's almost as bad as the brain rape Styx attempts on Darcy and is almost immediately forgiven for because y'know he's hot something else I take issue with Any man who wears leather pants silk shirts and thigh high boots is not a sex god but a complete toolAs far as the plot with the Weres I couldn't really have cared any less I'll probably still finish the series as I'm a bit of a completist but hope that the tongue gets put firmly back in cheek

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    Can’t ask for betterDarcy Smith is a bartender among several other jobs She does these just to stay afloat; having not finished high school good jobs are hard to come by She does what she needs to to survive Having been in foster care since a baby she’d been moved less than every two years coming to believe herself a freak finally running away as an early teen She isn’t like normal people When she gets hurt she heals two uickly to be human She’s stronger and faster than a normal human At age eighteen she stopped aging She believes she’s a freak And for that reason doesn’t let anyone close to her no meaningful friendships no meaningful relationships She’s alone and until she can figure out why she is the way she is prefers it that wayStyx has a problem Seems the prince of weres is in Chicago where he isn’t supposed to be He’s outside his hunting territory and Styx wants to know why News travels and Styx finds out he’s after a girl Darcy Smith He plans to get to her first and use her as a hostage and as a bargaining chip with Salvatore What he didn’t plan on was wanting Darcy for himself And just when Salvatore almost has his hands on her Styx beats him to itSalvatore Guiliani is desparate Turns out Darcy is one of four missing sisters all who had gone missing shortly after birth and believed to have been sold on the black market Their DNA had been ‘toyed’ with which surpresses the wantingneeding to shift The weres need Darcy and her sisters because of it Having been forced by the vampires to boundaries is slowly killing their race Purebloods are almost non existint as are curs and if they have Darcy and her sisters who’s shifting has been surpressed they’d be able to carry children full term replenishing their raceStyx treats her wonderfully never making her feel like a hostage or a bargaining chip He cares for her a great deal Darcy feels a kinship with him can feel his loneliness When Darcy finds out that Salvatore wants nothing than a breeder the thought sickens her stomach And she won’t be pushed for she’s fallen in love with Styx and no one not even the mother she never knew she had can change her mind or heart regardless if she is a wereOh did I like this one I adore the series and can’t wait to get my hands on the next novel While is seems that most men have that caveman attitude Styx learns uickly that Darcy will not be pushed around She isn’t one to be told what to do Believing she is human he thinks her fragile and vulnerable until Darcy shows him otherwiseShe doesn’t back down from an argument and gives as good as she gets Styx isn’t used to that He’d lived the life of a monk for so long celibacy and all and is finding the stirrings of desire in him fresh and new Darcy surprises him and and what surprise could be the biggest when they end up matedI loved watching Darcy and Styx fall for each other It was the sweetest thing Action scenes where well written and spaced love scenes erotic enough to make any reader hot under the collar and breathless The author has a way with her descriptions of sucking no pun intended you into the story and you’ll have a hard time letting go I think the best part was when Darcy managed to convince both Styx and Salvatore that everything can work out if they compromised teaching them both a lesson This novel sets up the next few novels in the story really well Truly a series in the paranormal romance genre you don’t want to miss

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    If I had read this this series and Dark Carpathians by Christine Feehan when I was knew to this PNRUF genre I may have enjoyed them But after reading Ward Larissa Ione Adrian Ilona Andrews and other similar heavy hitters I fail to see the strong appeal of this series It's pretty light and simpleIn this novel the Annaso Vampire King Styxx is being challenged by the werewolves who have left their authorized hunting ground and encroached on other territories In an attempt to put them in their place the Styxx decides instead of wiping them of the face of the earth he will bargain with the shiftersSo he decides to find something that seems important to the wereKing Salvatore Guilliani and use it as a bargain chip This tool comes in the form of a bartender named Darcy Something is special about her but no one seems to know what But once Styxx kidnaps her he can't seem to let her go But he also needs to know what makes her so important to the weresSo begins the battle of his desires versus what's best for the Annaso's peopleAgain it was an okay read Just kind of basic in my opinion Nothing to write home about

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    First of all I have to know do women really find men with hair down to their knees attractive or even long hair in general? I love the romance of these novels but these men would repulse me which makes the story a little less appealing And don't get me started on the clothes Men in satin and gold? Or even capes? Really? That alone should have told those woman to run the opposite direction Also the plots are becoming almost identical arrogant domineering male finds clueless strong female who needs the arrogant male for her survival She rejects him but ultimately gives into to otherworldly good looks which just can't see I did enjoy the vegetarian werewolf Can't say it's worth the read

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    Another Great installment in this series Styx the mysterious sexy misunderstood Annaso of the Vamps is utterly charming Especially in his naive belief that no one especially a woman can best him where it counts the most HIS Heart Awesome story Great action Styx is everything an Alpha male needs to be but is just as strong in the love and loyalty he displays to those who are dear to him He truly has the heart of a king and this makes him being a pain in the a easier to overlook Again I loved Levet the Gargoyle He just reminds me of a really irritating child that ur stuck with having to baby sit and ur not getting paid LOL But he has such a genuine heart that u can't help but come to like him Viper my man is as always wonderful in this one Especially his knowing and taunting wisdom towards Styx when it comes to his lack of understanding about the women they are mated to I really like Darcy She was strong And given the situations she found herself in she handled herself Without compromising who she is or faltering to her fears even though at times she was utterly terrified So far Darcy and Shay are my favorite females in this series I could not stand Dante's mate in his book But with her limited roles in these other books Dante's mate seems pretty cool