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Some loves can't be CrushedMorganHave you ever done something stupid? Like get drunk and hookup with a guy because your heart was broken by someone else? Like his best friend And then done something really dumb like fall in love with your hookup? Hookups aren't stick around guys I'm hoping Dakota will be different But hoping has gotten me in trouble beforeDakotaThe absolute last girl I want to see in my court ordered alcohol and drug information school the girl who landed me here in the first place walks in After we hooked up I thought I'd gotten Morgan out of my system So why is my pulse racing? I can't afford to screw up right now I know I should avoid her Morgan has a way of messing up my life But she's the only one who understands

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    Honestly the first book was way better I still enjoyed reading it I just wish there would have been of zach and Alexis in this story but it was better than I though it would be I could not put this book down it was really well written which is why I gave it 4 stars I hope there will be a third book in this series Thank you to the author for giving me the opportunity to review this book

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    Review coming soon literally just finished it 4 stars I loved this story and am so glad it was Dak

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    Great writing Robinson is a gifted storytellerThe only reason for the low rating is that I have real issues with the collegiate Greek system which is the setting for this book so as a result didn't really enjoy it If you're also not a fan of that culture skip this book and read one of her other excellent series all of which I've enjoyed tremendouslyIf you're a member alumni or fan of that system please read this book it will probably bring back warm memories for you and I'm sure you'll really enjoy it

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    Posted on Les Romantiques Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the AuthorCrushed is the second volume in the Rushed series by Gina Robinson It’s the second book I’ve read by her I liked the first instalment a lot Rushed you can see my review here and I must say that I loved the second oneI was than surprised when I realized who the heroes were in this novel In fact when Gina Robinson asked me if I wanted to read this book I focused only on the plot which I lovedSo when I saw the name of Morgan I thought to myself “No” I didn’t like this character at all in the first volumeFirst challenge for the author make me love the heroineShe did it within a few pages only We learn about Morgan in Crushed she’s proud she refuses to show her weaknesses and is very determined when she wants something She also has a vulnerable side and that’s why the reader loves her quickly in her story Moreover she really grows during the whole novel From an unpleasant girl and without any fundamental change in her personality she becomes a magnificent heroine whom we love Considering that how can we hold a grudge against her for what she did in Rushed?Then I realized the hero was Dakota I was blown away I even believed I had missed a second character named Dakota in the first volume LOL But no he was the same one who faked a relationship with Alexis the heroine in Rushed for some reasons I won’t tell here I prefer to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t read it yetIn any case I would never have thought that Morgan would be his heroine And again within a few pages the reader understands why she is the one Even if Dakota’s behaviour annoyed me sometimes I couldn’t blame him because he had good reasons for his reactionsThe story takes place a few weeks after the events at the end of Rushed The book can be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading the first instalment before At the end of it Dakota and Morgan were involved in a car accident because they were drunk Consequently by a court decision they must complete an Alcohol and Drug Information School They meet again thereMorgan and Dakota have known each other since their freshman year and they share a certain past they must overstep before being able to move forward I won’t say about it in my review because it would reveal part of the storyAnyway I loved the evolution of the relationship between Morgan and Dakota I loved the evolution of the relationship between Morgan and Alexis I loved to see the couple Alexis and Zach again I loved the support shared by the girls from Delta Delta psi Morgan’s sorority houseThe book contains emotion and humour The style is flowing dynamic and once I started reading I couldn’t wait to know how the author was going to make our heroes overcome the obstaclesThere aren’t a lot of hot scenes as in the first volume because Gina Robinson focuses a lot on the evolution of the feelings between Morgan and DakotaSo Crushed surprised me but I loved it Well done Gina Robinson for your work on the main characters I prefer not to make any guesses about the next heroes I think I would be wrong LOL I recommend the book and I advise you to read Rushed if you haven’t done it yet

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    35 Stars What do most kids look forward to most when they go to college? It is the higher learning process? Is it the independence from their families? Is it to better themselves for the future? Well maybe But I think most kids go to college for the Party Experience the fraternities and sororities and freedom to do whatever they want Most kids manage to get the experiences they want and reap the benefits of a college education They become responsible adults and look back on their college days with fond memories and wild storiesMorgan and Dakota took their partying a little too far In the previous book both of them fell off their high and mighty pedestals Morgan drank herself into oblivion after she found out that Zach was involved with Alexis She had crushed on Zack since her freshman year She was beyond pissed when she found out her little sorority sister Alexis was involved in a relationship with Zach She was not a very likable person in the Rushed book Her attitude and self entitlement had readers cringingDakota was also not a very likable character in the first book He harbored resentments and jealousy towards Zach He was also involved in a relationship that he had to keep secret because his family did not approve He had to maintain the reputation of being the fraternity president But he was sensible enough to recognize some of his faults and make amends with Zach His relationship with his secret girlfriend Jordan is taking a nose dive One night of blowing off steam and partying too hard almost leads to vehicular homicide He almost ran over Morgan when she passed out behind his car after the fraternity party Luckily Zach was there to save Morgan’s life Dakota almost ended up killing ZachNow Dakota and Morgan are paying the consequences for irresponsible drinking They are both in court ordered sobriety classes they have both lost their drivers licenses until they are twenty one They are both social misfits now that they can’t drink What starts out as enemies and evolves into frenemies to a fun and comfortable friendship They are finally both able to let down their guards and show who they really are instead of what their Greek college life demands They are finding a love that could last a lifetime First they must learn to trust one another control their negative behaviors and let their hearts rule their lives rather than the college Greek hierarchyI enjoyed this book and would recommend this series I found the Greek organizations a little over bearing and thought it took away from the characters interactions I would of like to seen a little intimacy and personal dialogue rather than all the Greek campus traditions I am looking forward to the next book in the series It looks like Gina Robinson is setting up a very complicated and angsty storyI highly recommend the Rushed series Each book can be read as a stand alone novel or in series order

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    I received a complimentary e copy of Crushed in exchange for an honest review I had previously read Rushed book 1 in the Rushed series so I wanted to see what was happening next in the sorority house Crushed focuses on Morgan and her frenemy relationship ship with Dakota Morgan and Dakota each find themselves in front of a judicial committee stemming from the drunken night where Morgan had passed out on the ground behind Dakota's girl and he almost ran her over instead injuring Zach Their punishment consists of losing their licenses until their 21st birthdays being on social probation until then and having to attend a drug and alcohol class All of which they each resent but know they have to do what's being asked or have to suffer even worse consequences Thrown together by circumstance and trying to keep everyone in their houses from finding out the extent of their punishment they start to spend a lot of time together But Dakota's got a girlfriend Jordan back home that only Zach and Alexis know about and thinks that Morgan is still pining after Zach And Morgan can't figure out how he can still be friends with Alexis after it was revealed that she had been 'cheating' on him with Zach All of Dakota's and Morgan's previous hookups have been drunken encounters will they each discover that they can mean something to each other without the alcoholic haze? I liked this book It was great to revisit the house with the characters we met in Rushed but it was definitely interesting to see things from a completely different point of view than Alexis' Morgan was hard to like at first but as I got to know her it was easier to understand why she acted the way she did And Dakota I loved him too but the only part that kept me from rating Crushed a 5 star book was that he didn't come clean with Jordan sooner Ignoring the situation with her wasn't making it go away There's a 3rd book in the works and you can be sure I'll be watching for it

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI give Crushed 45 starsNote This is book two in the Rushed Series but can be read as a standalone Even though the author gives the backstory in the beginning of the book I do recommend reading book one Rushed I don't even know where to begin I thought I would get the story of the stuck up spooiled bitch from book one Rushed but boy was I wrong I am loving this series I think I like Morgan's book better than Alexis' book LOLIn book one we read about Morgan pining away for Zach Until things take a bad turn In book two we see the softer nicer side of Morgan The girl trying to deal with her punishment from the accident like a grown up I had to stop and ask myself if I was reading the same character I actually liked Morgan while reading this bookThen there's Dakota In Book one he turned out to be not so much of a prick In book two that continues and we see the sweet side come out right along with it Swoon I really liked this book The flow of the story was very well developed with just the right amount of detail The characters were very well thought out and fit together nicely It's also a great reminder that you can still have fun without drinking in a world full of partying and booze Excellent job Gina I look forward to the next book in this series

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    I guess I liked that these had a bit of a story together as to how they find each other and eventually fall in love but both of them and the story was justmehto me Not much to dig intoSPOILERSAfter the whole almost kill Zach by running him over incident both Morgan and Dakota have to go to ADIS where they meet up and decide to be sobriety buddies It's later revealed that on the night of the incident that Morgan and Dak hooked up to nurse their broken hearts But then it turns out that Dak has always been in love with Morgan while she was pining for Zach And while Dak knows he wants Morgan he can't jump all in without knowing for sure how she feels this time The last time he broke up with Jordan on and off again girlfriend for Morgan only to have her choose his best friend He is not sure if he should make that mistake again But know that Morgan has her partying under control and after all the events she is for sure over Zach and she wants Dak But he keeps acting hot and cold and she has no idea how to read their relationship And then on top of that she thinks shes pregnant with Daks baby Finally Dak is present when Morgan miscarries and he freaks out a little bit but after a disastrous night with Jordan Dak makes up his mind about who he wants to be with and makes sure to get what he wants He and Morgan start dating and all is going roses There's a blip when Jordan tries to break them up and succeeds for a couple days but they do get back together

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    Finally I've been waiting for this one since I'd finished Rushed The only teaser I got was the next book will be about a surprising couple and I have high hopes that it will be about Morgan I have this crazy thing with the bitches of the story I always believed that there is a story behind every bitchiness So I am really excited with this bookCrushed is about the bitch of double deltsies Morgan and the Tau Psi president Dakota Being caught up in a tragedy and got stuck with the same punishment they will try their best not to surrender for their growing attractions with each otherAs I was expecting being a bitch was just a cover up and deep inside there was a fun loving and caring Morgan I enjoyed reading this book than the first one But don't get me wrong I still love Alexis and Zach but the chemistry between Morgan and Dakota was something you just can't ignore How they were forced to be together was just wrong It just made it all complicated but it also made them spend time together and allow feelings to grow I loved Zach and all his brotherly love for everyone but the sweetness and the thoughtfulness of Dakota just made him the best for me If you love reading about sorority and fraternity with some good and funny story you should try this series You will certainly love it because I do I'll definitely wait for the next one Thank you Gina Robinson for providing a copy in exchange of an honest review

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    Morgan and Dakota's story start out way different than any story we've ever heard It starts with him almost running her over When because of their alcohol level being so high they were forced to take a alcohol class together they were practically enemies for the simple fact that she liked his friend and he was in love with her had been since freshman year What started out as enemies turned into what you would call frenemies and sobriety buddies so they could help each other make it to their 21st birthday and not go to jail As the time progressed on their way to their 21st birthday they became much closer and really good friends and then what turned from friends to as they slowly fell in love with each other However Dakota had a secret that could destroy them completely if it were to come out When that secret shows up at the sorority that Morgan is in will it be the end of them or will they be able to work past this huge roadblock in their life?I love this book it was amazing it made you laugh cry jump for joy and want to smack them all the same time It shows you a little bit of the life of a college student and what they have to go through while also giving you the romance that you love I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good storyReviewed for Renee Entress's blog