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At First Killashandra Ree S Ambitions To Become A Crystal Singer, Get Rich, And Forget Her Past, Were Going Just As She Had Hoped But After She Grew Wealthy, A Devastating Storm Turned Her Claim To Useless Rock In Short Order She Was Broke, She Had Crystal Sickness So Bad She Thought She Was Going To Die, And The Only Way She Could Be True To The Man She Loved Was To Leave Him

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    This was a re read It was a re read to the power of n, where n impossible to calculate as I have been re reading this book since the 80 s 90 s.Killashandra Ree, after successfully training to be a singer of black crystal in the first novel of the series, has unfortunately lost her claim for the immensely rare black crystal Desperate to earn enough to get an extended holiday who cannot sympathise with that from the planet Ballybran she cuts white crystal and accepts the assignment thrust upon her to install the crystal in a smashed organ on a distant planet Of course, when she gets there, she discovers that all is not as it should be on the planet there are rebels and dissidents and she is caught up in the middle.While I am very fond of all three of the Crystal Singer books, this is the one I re read most often A lot of that has to do with the world of Optheria because the time Killashandra spends in the tropical islands never fails to enchant me I love tropical islands and the author has done full justice to them in this one The anti political plot too, I think is quite fascinating and well written A bit of a comfort book, this one is.

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    I need a good light read and McCaffrey delivered as always As usual, her novel delivered a strong female character perfectly capable of taking care of herself, yet willing to be swept off her feet Over sentimental and thick on the love struck, the novel made for an enjoyable light read The second book in a series, the novel itself stands alone, since I ve never actually read the first McCaffrey does insert back information with a time that assumes foreknowledge rather than delving into the explanatory review so many authors fall into, she lets the characters actions and thoughts serve as explanation If I am left feeling there is to the story, out doesn t leave me confused but instead desirous of locating the first novel Though the characters at times feel a bit over the top, they are amusing and enjoyable The novel itself is wanting in depth, but the science fiction setting and characters make it clear why McCaffrey achieved such fame.

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    Again, I read this book when it first was published Almost none of the story takes place on the crystal cutting planet Killa is desperate to get off planet, before crystal resonance shakes her apart, so after she cuts 44 white crystals for an organ the kind that plays music she gets to go install them in the organ for the planet that buys them She s also requested to look around the plan because people go there, but only the tourists leave None of the citizens ever do Which is weird So, she goes and has a huge adventure, not a whole lot of crystal stuff, but enough It s a good read and I liked it a lot.

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    Action, Drama, Mystery and RomanceAnne McCaffrey has reached a new high point of literary success with this work.A page Turner you will not want to put down.

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    Review to come

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    another hospital reread

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    Excellent character development Tight narrative Second of a trilogy Couldn t put it down

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    Very readable, moderately recommended The second of Anne McCaffrey s books about Killashandra Ree is a pleasure to read although highly predictable and somewhat over sentimental in places The fact is that while you may have guessed exactly what will happen next you still want to read on Unlike many books I could mention you end up caring about what happens to the characters, you can t help it they are so well written While Killashandra is hardly intellectually taxing I would still recommend it Perhaps as a holiday book It certainly contains the sun, sand and sex to get you into a holiday frame of mind.

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    Okay, I must have read this at least a half dozen times I really enjoy the spunky main character of Killashandra She kind of reminds me of my little sister Feisty Determined Practical If you enjoyed the first book, Crystal Singer, you will enjoy this one too I also like the jabs McCaffrey takes at those who feel it is their responsibility to decide for others what is best for them It is almost over the top with the symbolism she uses to do it, but it works in the context of this narrative.

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    It s a shame when a sequel of a book you really liked falls flat Not entirely, but enough that you wonder why you remembered it as being better than it is Most of the story revolves around something being wrong in the idyllic, utopian paradise, add some intrigue and a fairly creepy bit of romance, and you ve got the essentials of Killashandra.