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From #1 New York Times–bestselling author Catherine Coulter the explosive new addition to the remarkable thriller series featuring Nicholas Drummond and Mike Caine FBI agent Nicholas Drummond and his partner Mike Caine are deep into an investigation of COE—Celebrants of the Earth—a violent group known for widespread bombings of power grids and oil refineries across the country While investigating a tip from a civilian who’s overheard about a possible bombing plot the Bayway Refinery in New Jersey explodes Nicholas and Mike race to the scene and barely escape being killed by a secondary device Returning to the civilian’s home to continue their interrogation they discover the tipster—and the FBI team left to guard him—dead While Nicholas calls in the assassinations COE strikes again this time launching a cyber attack on several major oil companies and draining their financial and intellectual assets But COE has been infiltrated by a deep cover counterterrorism agent named Vanessa Grace A bomb making expert Vanessa must leave COE and join forces with Nicholas and Mike to stop the organization’s devious plan to assassinate the President But there’s an assassin on the loose who could tip the scales in COE’s favor and no one knows his ultimate target or who has contracted his services Working with the CIA the Secret Service Mossad MI 5 and even Savich and Sherlock Nicholas and his team put their lives on the line to prevent another conflagration—and save the President

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    The End Game 3rd book in Catherine Coulter JT Ellison’s A Brit in the FBI SeriesA small underground group known as the Celebrants of the Earth COE is determined to stop America from importing oil from the Middle East and has been bombing local power grids and oil refineries on a small scale without causing any deathsWhen one oil refinery in New Jersey is bombed causing multiple casualties FBI agent Nicholas Drummond and his partner Michaela “Mike” Caine race against time to find the perpetratorsBombings cyber attacks hackers action undercover agents mad scientists ruthless assassins a plot to kill world leadersaction packed car chasesI found the beginning of this book rather slow but it does pick up but never to the point of exciting meThere were a lot of secondary characters that I thought made no sense to the plot An interesting character introduced in this book undercover CIA agent Vanessa Grace who I look forward to seeing of in the fututeIt seems that there’s some kind of build up of a romance between Nicholas and Mike which is probably going to be expanded in the next book I liked how the authors interwove the famous chess match in 1956 between Bobby Fischer and Donald Byrne that was dubbed The Game of the Century into the plotNot a WOW addition to the series End Game is still an enjoyable read You can check out my reviews of Book #1 2 herehttpswwwgoodreadscombookshow2httpswwwgoodreadscombookshow1

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    When a group of terrorist bombers begin targeting refineries and various political entities FBI agents Nicholas Drummond and partner Michaela Caine are brought in to track them But this terror cell is sophisticated with capabilities not only in bomb making but computer hacking and they soon find they are in a race against time to stop them before they can take out a high ranking target This was an exciting read with disasters to thwart around every turn Things got especially intense in the last half where I particularly enjoyed itPlease excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader

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    It is official I am in love with Nicholas Drummond I don't care if he's too young for me or fictional Once again the narration makes the characters stand outUnfortunately the plot and big bad suspense portion of the book was lackluster mundane and depressingThe Koohinor diamond The Final Cut a WWI submarine holding secretsThe Lost Key and the Ark of the Covenant and a pair of crazy twins controlling the weather The Devil's Triangle are all fun times Domestic terrorists protesting US presence in Muslim oil countries by bombing domestic sites is not Nobody wants reality in their suspense novelPet Peeve Ranty Spoilerview spoiler In addition one of my pet peeves is setting up ridiculous scenarios that should never happen The CIA sets up a trap to capture the bad guy They let leak that the mole the bad guy thought he killed is still alive and in the hospital They know he'll try and kill again So? The bad guy kidnaps a doctor for his credentials and slits his throat What? Like the CIA the sneakiest bastards on the planet are NOT going to warn the hospital staff a murderous domestic terrorist will be coming to town Poor fictional doctor Just a body thrown at the altar of suspensethriller hide spoiler

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    Another great installment of A Brit in the FBI this story centers around very lethal gold coins with references to the game of chess in particular a very famous game 1956 The Game of the Century between Bobby Fischer 13 years old and Donald Byrne 26 years old The main characters are very likeable and the bad guys are very dislikeable Edge of your seat and action packed with stuff getting blown up etcA must read for fans of espionage 45 stars and 2 thumbs up

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    45 StarsI really like the FBI team of Nicholas Drummond and Michaela Mike Caine They make a good team both smart uick on their feet and with very few annoying characteristics I'm afraid I don't like Michaela being called Mike I didn't read the first two books and she is being called Mike before her character is well developed as female so the first few times I read Mike I thought maleEven though I didn't read the first two books in the A Brit in the FBI series; it read easily as a stand alone with a few references to past cases from the prior two books If you had read the first two books I think the characters would probably be better fleshed out for youI really enjoyed the plot of this book with the tracking of a small anti 3rd world oil import terrorism group called COE that becomes involved in the assassination attempt on the President and Vice President of the US The President of the US is trying to pull off a peace accord with the middle eastern countries I really liked how the female Vice President was drawn as she comes off as competent savvy and without rose colored glasses seeing the underlying motives of those engaged in the peace accord I think there were some accurate and current 3rd world terrorism points touched on but not not necessarily depicted in too much detail The focus was capturing the group called COE and the assassin that had insinuated himself with the group for his own meansThere were a few items that I found off during parts of the book There was the needless incorporation of Savich Sherlock which actually took away from the lead characters and didn't add anything to the book I had actually stopped reading Catherine Coulter's books because I had gotten bored with and tired of S S By adding them to the book they created a scene which for me was ridiculous and definitely didn't seem realistic A threat against the President Vice Pres and Oil Company VIPs is present and imminent and yet Savich Sherlock Caine and Drummond take the night off to have a home cooked lasagna dinner with Drummond playing four rounds of Super Spaceman Spiff with S S's son Sean I find this hard to believe This seemed so offthey would be working round the clock Knight to E4 page 322 I have to say I wished the whole scene had been edited outI also found myself extremely irritated every time Michaela's mom was referred to as the Gorgeous Rebecca I'm not sure why her mom even needed any commentary in the book little lone the ridiculous monikerIn trying to create down to the second rescue achievements some of the scenes played a little too fantastical where I had a hard time imagining that the efforts involved could actually be done in such a small window of seconds even with Nicholas's genius computer skillsI plan to add this series to my to read series and will go back and read the first two books in the series

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    Well this one was a disappointment to me I understand that this series is supposed to be completely over the top and that has never bothered me The first two books had parts that made me laugh out loud This one? None Zip Nada The storyline was fine although I missed the whole light and breezy James Bond vibe What I disliked was when Nicholas and Michaela started having bodice ripping almost sex Ugh This is why I don't read romance novels And then when Mike started behaving like a child over it I wanted to throw the book across the room I guess the author is a romance novelist which I didn't realize so maybe that explains it I see that people are categorizing the next book as a romance so I guess I'm going to call it a day 😜😜😜

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    The right wing politics ruined the novel for me Will not be reading any of the Brit in the FBI books

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series and ALL of the cgaracters including the overlaps from other stories Savich Sherlock et althis story was FABULOUS WOW so REAL I totally felt invested from the get go and even dreamed about the storyline lolThis book is a continuation in the Brit in the FBI series a colabboration of two of my all time faves Catherine Coulter and JT Ellison I loved the roller coaster no exaggeration this plot dragged us on; so intricate with fascinating characters and the baddest of bad guysI'm totally pumped for the next book Will it be titled Covert Eyes or For Your Eyes Only perhaps?

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    Coulter and Ellison’s #3 in their A Brit in the FBI series The End Game is a nail biting timely tale of terrorists both homegrown and foreign political intrigue and battling government alphabet agencies with her FBI stars and some fabulous co stars both familiar and new front and center The settings are perfect the narrative fitting for their highly addictive storyline and complex characters It’s a perfect marriage of both their uniue and individual writing styles into an exceptional collaboration of expressions and forms that culminates into the ultimate page turner The adrenalin filled multiple payoffs at the end is the piéce de résistance of this incredible unforgettable thrillerFBI special agents Michaela Mike Cain and Nicholas Drummond are following a tip about a possible attack on an oil refinery in NJ by a homegrown terrorist group with international ties known as the COE Celebrants of Earth whose mission is to keep Middle Eastern oil from being imported by disabling oil refineries But before they even get their feet wet investigating the ground shakes and they know they’re too late This time the COE has upped the brutality ante and instead of keeping blood off their hands countless innocent civilian lives have been lost at the refinery and also an informant and his FBI guards have been killed execution style Mike and Nicholas have a theory that there’s a new dangerous player involved who has convinced the group for whatever reason to escalate the violence Then before the fires can be put out the COE hacks all the major oil companies computer systemsWith some unexpected help from covert government agencies both at home and abroad Nicholas and Mike are in a race against time to figure out what these radicals have planned next and stop them before it can be carried out

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    Better than the second but not as good as the first The plot in this one was the most realistic so far with villains straight out of real life A little too real to be comfortable IMO The plot had a few things that were predictable but not as many as the second book Considering the overall conservative vibe I've been getting from this series so far I was really disappointed when they did the cliche thing where the two leads get together by having mad sex rather than proceeding at a old fashioned rate Plus it makes me a little worried about what the dynamic will be with them in future books If they'd gone the slow burn courtship old fashioned everything in the right order route the romanticsexual tension could have continued even as their relationship progressed By blowing up all that tension in a big they're having sex now and everyone's totally cool with it plot development that's one part of the plot that they can no longer build and tease All that momentum has been spent That I think is one reason that so many showsseries are known for getting bad once the main couple gets together I think that was a misstep on the authors' part But I am interested to see this new covert unit that they get Seeing how that goes as well as the return of a character from a previous book is enough to make me interested in continuing the series even if I am really disappointed at the sexual turn the relationship between Nick and Mike has taken