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New York Times Bestselling Author C J Box Returns With A Suspenseful New Joe Pickett NovelNate Romanowski Is Off The Grid, Recuperating From Wounds And Trying To Deal With Past Crimes, When He Is Suddenly Surrounded By A Small Team Of Elite Professional Special Operators They Re Not There To Threaten Him, But To Make A Deal They Need Help Destroying A Domestic Terror Cell In Wyoming S Red Desert, And In Return They Ll Make Nate S Criminal Record DisappearBut They Are Not What They Seem, As Nate S Friend Joe Pickett Discovers They Have A Much Different Plan In Mind, And It Just May Be Something That Takes Them All Down Including Nate And Joe

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    Box just gets better and better The good guys are so good and badass and the bad guys are so shady I found myself cheering out loud as I read I love that this is a series and I know there is already a book after this because I just don t want to stop reading While I have enjoyed Box from the very first book, he has really hit his stride with the last 4 or 5 books The settings, the characters, the action all of it perfect And, since this book is pretty far into the series I can t really talk about it much without spoilers Just know this, you should read this Read the whole series It s awesome.

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    I love this series for its outdoor Wyoming setting for the action and its game warden hero, Joe Pickett, who is a wholesome family man with a quirky sense of humor Though he is a bit of bore with his Boy Scout morality, he is subject to human lust, frustrations with bureaucracy, and bending regulations when needed to achieve justice for his adversaries As Spenser has his Hawk, Robicheaux his Clete, and Elvis Cole his Joe Pike, Pickett has Nate Romanowski to keep his hands clean when illegal actions to fight evil are required We start this one with Nate living well off the grid as part of a deal to avoid federal prosecution for using his special ops skills to kill bad guys in past episodes Some shadowy feds find him and dragoon him into investigating a Saudi royal scion hiding out suspiciously in the Red Desert Nate s tradition of falconry is a perfect angle to get close to this charismatic prince he keeps a variety of hawks, but hawking doesn t seem the right word Meanwhile Governor Rulon dragoons Pickett to check out possible terrorist plans afoot in the desert, as signaled by some unusual hijackings of trucks and equipment Pickett is to use a real case of a killer bear on the run as a ruse similar to past exploits Look , Rulon said, remember when I sent you up to Medicine Wheel County to poke around for me How we figured a game warden wouldn t be suspicious in a county filled with paranoid lunatics who didn t have the sense to vote for me either time I ran Well, we know it didn t work worth shit, but you still got the job done in the end You possess special skills Your talent for bumbling around until the situation explodes into a bloodbath or a debacle is uncanny I don t know how you manage it.Me either, Joe said, flushing red I need you to do it again.The terrorist plot they end up trying to foil is fairly plausible, and generalized Arab bashing is thankfully avoided As usual, one of Pickett s daughters ends up in the dangerous mix, in this case 20 year old Sheridan, who is drawn against her better judgment into working as a volunteer with trust fund anarchists concerned with defense of the Fourth Amendment That is my only clue to avoid spoilers Country boys and girls can survive And save the day without blowing everything up But always Pickett gets his truck destroyed, forever getting him in trouble with the bean counters and bosses who have little clue about his undercover work.More of my Goodreads friends should try the series out, as they are missing some special fun A handful tried the first couple, which even for me were 3 star reads I recommend jumping in the middle somewhere, when Box got his game e.g 5 Out of Range or 7 Free Fire.

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    This review can also be found at Carole s Random LifeI enjoyed this one This was actually the first book by C.J West that I have read I have no idea why I decided to jump into book 16 of a series Sometimes that kind of decision works in my favor and sometimes it blows up in my face This series seems to be one that readers can successfully enjoy this book without reading the previous books int he series although there were a few times in the story that I think I would have enjoyed it if I knew the characters history.This book had a lot of exciting moments One thing that I really liked was that even during the most action filled moment the story was still able to feel authentic I could completely see everything that happens in this book happening in real life I hope it doesn t but I didn t think it was impossible It is really rare to find a book that can really feel so real throughout the story.I really liked Joe Pickett After meeting Joe and his family in this book, I definitely want to go back and read the previous book in this series Joe was just such a likable character and a genuinely good guy He deals with very stressful situations well and is able to remain calm when everyone else is panicking My favorite parts of the book were the parts that came from Joe s point of view Nate felt like of a mystery to me I really did wish that I had the background from the previous books to learn his story Nate just didn t feel as interesting to me as Joe He some really neat skills and I loved his work in falconry I didn t like the parts of the book from Nate s perspective nearly as much The secondary characters were all very interesting and added a lot to the overall story.I enjoyed the style of writing The pacing in this book was expertly done I liked that there were lots of different things happening during the story to really keep the excitement level high The characters were all wonderfully detailed and each had a distinctive personality that really came across in the story I thought that the descriptions in the book were fantastic I almost felt like I was there during some scenes in the book especially the one with the bear.I would recommend this book to others Anyone who is already a fan of the Joe Pickett series will definitely want to get their hands on this book as soon as possible New readers will also find a lot to enjoy in this story I plan to read a lot C.J Box in the future I received an advance reader edition of this book from Penguin Publishing Group G.P Putnam s Sons via First to Read for the purpose of providing an honest review.Initial ThoughtsI really enjoyed this book once I really got into it This is the first book that I have read in the series While I think it reads okay as a stand alone, I did feel like I was a missing a few things and found the book hard to get into I liked the parts of the book that came from Joe s point of view much better than any other characters.

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    From the beginning when I first learned of this series featuring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett I was hooked Pickett, after all, is my maiden name and while it s really not all that uncommon, it provided me with a link I simply couldn t resist Add to that an interesting character, plots set in remote areas of Wyoming and surrounding parts, and when I finish one I eagerly await publication of the next.This is the 16th, I believe, and yes, it s every bit as good as its predecessors despite the fact that the topic is less than appealing to me With all that s going on in the world today, the absolute last thing I want to read about even if it s fiction and the good guys and gals win is anything even remotely connected to terrorism This one dives into those waters with both feet, with a terrorist cell that ultimately threatens the lives of Joe, his off the grid falconer friend Nate Romanowski and at least one person very close to Joe not to mention the United States as a whole Nate, it seems, has been on the lam for some time, trying to avoid capture by a government that would love to see him back in jail Unfortunately for him, a couple of special operators finally catch up with him But rather than put him in chains, they make an offer Help us destroy a terrorist cell that s taken up operations in Wyoming, and we ll wipe out any hint of your criminal record.With little choice but to agree, Nate reluctantly sets out to infiltrate the cell When he meets the leader and learns the agenda, though, he has second thoughts about his mission The goal is to destroy a government activity that threatens the freedom of this country s citizens not the citizens themselves and the activist in Nate finds it hard not to sympathize But true to his word, Nate puts his personal feelings aside and sticks to the task at hand.Meanwhile, outgoing state Governor Rulon with whom Joe has a special working relationship calls Joe in to request a last favor before he leaves office Follow Nate into the Red Desert and find out what he s up to Somewhat reluctantly, Joe agrees But as if all this weren t enough, a giant and vicious grizzly bear has gone rogue and developed an affinity for human meat and Joe s daughter Sheridan s college roommate cajoles her into joining a group of students out to save the world by helping with a clandestine project somewhere in you guessed it the Red Desert.As with all the other books, this one stands alone just fine but I will emphasize that to get the most out of it, it s best to start somewhere closer to the first in the series A big part of the interest, at least for me, is watching Joe s family grow up over the years With the first book, Joe became one of my all time favorite book heroes and he s earned his place on that list with every installment since This may not be my favorite of the series, but it s well worth reading.

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    3.0 STARSC J Box has truly gone off the grid with this installment of the Joe Pickett series I LOVE LOVE LOVE Box and adore game warden Joe Pickett and his family but this one was a huge leap from the usual Pickett adventure I wasn t thrilled with this departure from the tales of the Pickett family and their life in Saddlestring, WY to Islamic terror, international political intrigue, the National Security Agency and domestic terrorism Like the entire Pickett series, this story was packed with unrelenting action and chair gripping tension, all taking place within the natural beauty of Wyoming But it felt overwhelmed by so many ethical and political issues, law enforcement actions and violent encounters that nothing was thoughtfully explored with any depth or intensity It all felt very superficially active like a summer action movie Lots of action and adventure Oh yes Any deep exploration of the issues and morality of the actions of the characters Not so much.Nate Romanowski, longtime friend of Pickett family who went off the grid to avoid any contact with law enforcement over past crimes, is begrudgingly dragged back onto the grid by an unrecognized, shadow US government agency dedicated to national security Unbeknownst to government officials, prominent members of the Wolverines are embedded in the NSA, DOJ, Pentagon, FBI, even the presidential cabinet Wolverine operatives make Nate a deal travel to the Red Desert Basin in southern WY near the Colorado border to gain intelligence on a suspected domestic terrorist cell operating in a long abandoned ranch and Romanowski s transgressions against the law would be expunged from his record forever Nate is a falconer So is Muhammad Ibraaheem Perfect pretext to connect with the suspected leader of a curious collection of scientists, communication specialists and college aged volunteers recruited online to work on the ranch.Joe Pickett is busy tracking GB 53, a grizzly bear under the watchful eye of Jessica White and her team of large carnivore researchers The team is studying unprovoked bear attacks and a hunter has been mauled and cached by the 550 pound male grizzly bear that had wandered into the Bighorns from Grand Teton National Park the summer before Over the years Joe has embarked on many special projects for WY Governor Rulon, developing a close, friendly relationship It seems federal agents have been snooping around the state capitol gathering intelligence about Nate Romanowski Federal intrusion is not very welcomed in this fiercely independent state and Rulon wants him to find out what is of such great interest in the Red Desert Tracking the bear is the perfect cover for Pickett to execute the search These many interests and motivations violently collide in the Red Desert Box adeptly pulls in current national conversations and ethical dilemmas of terrorism, radical Islam and fourth amendment rights against unlawful search and seizure The NSA s mass metadata surveillance activity is at the heart of the Red Desert confrontations and surfaces questions about citizen actions Is non lethal domestic terrorism justified when the government violates the Unites States Constitution and Bill of Rights in the name of national security Given the politics of the 2016 Presidential campaign this book is extraordinarily timely.The action is fast and furious The Machiavellian idea of ends justifying the means is on full display and illegal government intrusion into our private lives in the name of national security is prominently featured I came away feeling moderately satisfied I m thrilled to have Nate Romanowski back in the series but with the inclusion of so many international and domestic political issues, I felt a deeper exploration of these issues was warranted.I was intrigued by EMP electromagnetic pulse Who knew Welcome back Nate

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    I believe Box is a very good writer storyteller and I ve thoroughly enjoyed reading him This story seemed contrived to me like there was a discussion that started with we need to have jihadists chopping off heads Everyone else is writing about head chopping middle easterners we need you to get them to Wyoming It was an okay read but had I not been a fan of Box and thoroughly enjoy Romanowski and ultimately think he would pull the story out I would have quit at page 75 I finished it but in the end, it was a letdown.

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    This book is an example of why reviews on the Internet cannot be trusted It is probably the worst book I ve ever paid for and read, but in the days of give me five stars and I ll give you five, Al Gore s Interwebs easily mislead The book was just, plain bad Poorly written, very poorly researched, but at least there was no plot and no effort made in character development Constant referral to some mythological special operations, ridiculous choice of weapons for an alleged special operator engaged in combat against a large force, calibers in production firearms that don t exist, ridiculous levels of blind trust among allegedly super intelligent conspirators Ugh I only finished it because I d paid for it and I couldn t wait to write this review It was clearly written for today s tin foil domed anti Big Brother crowd, but hey, even they deserve an author who at least makes some effort.

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    I know all the reviews are great and again I m the Lone Ranger on this one I read this title because my husband was reading it, and we thought it would be fun to read something together First off the political undertones were off putting to me This became pronounced toward the end of the book The full description of the hero came at the end, which was weird I had in my mind what he looked like only to be surprised how off base I was in the end I m probably going to get flamed for this, but there is also underlying racism in this novel You can hate me for being a liberal, but I won t be reading anything else from this Wyoming Author That s just me.

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    If you are looking for a fun book to lose yourself in for a few hoursthis is it Off The Grid moves at lightning speed, the characters are extremely realistic and the premise is contemporary This was my first Joe Pickett novel, but I may go back and read the entire series The book is set in Wyoming, an area not often utilized in novels SoIf you have a long flight coming uppick this one up and you won t even be bothered by the seat hogger who snores after eating the smelliest food from the airport food court sitting next to you

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    Not my favourite book of the series, I think the plot which puts Joe Pickett, his old friend Nate Romanovski and his daughter Sheridan at a remote location at the same time seems very contrived For sure, an exciting book with a tumultuous end but very little to do with being a game warden.