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Milan’s notorious playboy Prince Tittoni seems to have everything—Lamborghinis exotic women palaces throughout Europe and business success Ramping up his fabric company to go global with a new apparel brand he ruthlessly stops supplying fabrics to the American client who inspired the collection But once they meet what’s he willing to give to get her in his bed?Upper East Side designer Lex Easton has already endured her fair share of hard knocks She’ll be damned if she’ll let an Italian stud muffin knock her down So what if she named her favorite vibrator after him? With Fashion Week approaching she’ll do whatever it takes to secure the fabrics she needs to make her clothing line an international success—even sleep with her rivalLex’s Louboutins are dug in deep to win this war All’s fair in love and fashion Inside Scoop Though the hero and heroine remain monogamous their Prada wearing friends indulge in a ménage a trois and other fashionable sexual fun and games A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

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    During this book I was either Or Yes it was a perfect mix of funny and sexyWhich in my opinion is something that doesn't come around often while reading erotica So that's already one of the main reasons why enjoyed reading this story so much♦ If you're going to read this book I would suggest that you not read it in a train full of people or any other public place for that matter ♦Unless of course you don't mind people casting funny looks at you when you suddenly burst out laughing Then I' suggest that you do read it in publicGoing in this story I had no idea what to expect but it turned out to be a fun refreshing and highly entertaining ride It was the perfect kind of feel good story that we all sometimes need between reading some of those darker depressing reads ♦ Lex Easton is a New York fashion designer and a true Manhattanite For years she's been buying the fabrics for her couture fashion line Easton Essentials from the Italian Giradoli Garment Company Now for some reason the Girasoli Company has decided to cancel their business arrangement But since they deliver the best materials and since New York Fashion Week is approaching Lex is desperate to do whatever it takes in order to get her next shipment of fabrics ♦ Prince Massimo Tittoni is a notorious playboy whose numerous adventures appear almost daily in the world wide press He's filthy rich a little arrogant and sexy as hell He's also the CEO of Girasoli Garment Company and therefore the person Lex needs to convince in order to maintain their business arrangement So in order to convince the Prince Lex has decided to go over to Italy so she can meet the CEO in person But will they she able to keep her business trip strictly professional? ♦I loved the easy banter between Lex and Masi They loved provocing each other and pushing each other's limits and it was fun witnessing which one of the two would snap first Since the story is written in alternating point of views we find out that both characters were obviously attracted to each other but that they each have their own reasons for keeping their distance at first That's why their was a lot of back and forth going on between the two of them before they finally gave in to the attractionThe sex scenes were hot albeit them being a little over the top in a give it to me baby kind of way Not that that ever bothered me But there was one particular scene that had me goingview spoilerBalls hide spoiler

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    Getting ready to re read this almost exactly two years laterYou know I sat in front of my computer this morning for about 30 mins or so trying to come with a review for this book but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words so here you goThis book is about Prince Massimo Tittoni Here is what Massimo looks like at least in my head anywaysAre you still here?? Didn't think so PS Can you blame Lex for naming her vibrator after that?

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    Mon Dieu What the hell did I just read ? From the very beginning of this book I was trying my level best to connect with the two leads and their annoying thoughtsAnd as for the side characters ? Pleasethey hardly made it into the story lineand in all the scenarios they did manage to show up ? They did the only thing the lead characters seemed successful in doing toothoroughly annoying me“Wow” It sparkled “Paloma it’s beautiful” The stone glittered in an emerald cut flawless colorless and flanked by two pear shaped diamonds “This ring combines the four C’s best It’s impeccable and yours I’ll give it to you at cost Your princess will love it” “How much?” “One million” SEE THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT I mean come on your brother wants to propose to his girlfriend and ask u for a customized ring from YOUR OWN jewelry line and you ask him to pay you a MILLION DOLLARS ? For God's sake What kind of SISTER does that ?? I seriously hope that paragraph was supposed to be some kind of a joke with a missing punchlineBecause I didn't get itTo all those people who rated this book a 4 and 5 I hope I got the exact same copy of the book that you did Maybe that would be a valid reason why this novel just didn't work for me And to all those people who rated it a one and 2 ? Guys this time I'm swinging it with you signMy precious reading timeWastedYou have no idea how much I wished this book had been better Oh well Here's hoping my next book rocks Aaaand that my weekend manages to knock the sad socks right outta me But for nowAnywaybuon fine settimana as in happy weekend to all my girls out there And of course as always Happy reading ♥

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    Copy provided by Author via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review♥♥♥ 35 STARS ♥♥♥When I started this book I didn't expect to laugh so much This is an erotica so of course there was some sex scenes which were quite hot But it wasn't overloaded with sex just a lot of talk about sex and crude language But it was also very funny well to me anywaysTo start with the story Lex Easton is a fashion designer from New York She is the owner of Easton's Essentials and has been buying her fabric from the Italian textile complany Girasoli Fashion week is fast approaching but she has yet to recieve her fabric order to create her samples for the line When she calls to ask about her order Prince Massimo Tuttoni whom she has had a crush on and named her BOB after responds the order will not be delivered ever Their business contract has been terminated Outraged Lex goes to Italy to confront him in person and to demand she get her fabricLex was quite a fiesty character She definitely wasn't shy when it came to getting what she wants But when it came to cameras and the spotlight she would rather run and hide She had a difficult upbringing with both parents being famous She felt as though she was put under a microscope So she stays away from the media I liked her she wasn't a whiney woman who couldn't make up her mind She knows what she wants and goes out to get it But sometimes she could be a bit stubborn when things didn't go her way which I didn't really likeThen there is the one and only the Italian hunk with the package the size of an evian water bottle Prince Massimo Tittoni He is the CEO of Girasoli Garment Company He is arrogant and intense known to be a playboy and eternal bachelor Massi is what he was raised to be He doesn't want to fall in love again after he was left devastated in the past He wants to start his own fashion line using their textiles so he is no longer selling it But soon he learns he may need Lex's expertise to pull it off So he decides to propose a business agreement to herI am so happy we got to see both of the characters pov Because at first I did not like him But once you see the reasons why they were both fighting the attraction it was really funny to see them push each other's boundaries He was still a bit of a jerk at times but also could be quite endearing in others So eventually I did end up liking him They just made a great duoOkay now moving on the sex what can I say There were some scenes that were plenty hot But it was really over the top I liked the threesome scene thrown in this book but the only thing I didn't like was that the girl involved kept yelling darlings to her lovers It kinda killed it for me and I couldn't help but giggle There wasn't a buttload of sex in this book but the scenes that there were were just too porno ish to me I mean honestly they needed a freaking mop with all the squirting that was happening I started to wonder if Lex didn't have some sort of water hose in there And then there was a scene involving Massi's balls all I could think was is that possible?? I don't know if I was the only one thinking this but I got so damn curious I had to google it to find out don't judge me and it was I was like Lordy And to those who have read it and know what I mean I hope you don't think I'm stupid lol So yeah some pretty hot scenes The whole story was a bit on the fast side as in Lex and Massi both fall in love quickly I think because of the pace of the book I had trouble really connecting with both characters But it was still entertaining seeing both characters interact The ending was bit too cheesy than what I would have liked We'll see how the next book in this series turns out If you are looking for a fun light sexy read this is it Note This book may not be for everyone due to the explicit subject matter

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    I received a complimentary ARC of this book from the publisher through Netgalleycom in exchange for honest feedbackAlthough this book isn't the first in the series it can easily be read as a standalone novel This is the first book that I've read in this series or by this author I didn't feel like I was missing anything critical to the story despite having not read the earlier books I'm sure I would have had background information about Lex's friends and family but I don't feel like reading this book out of sequence took anything away from my enjoyment of this bookThe heroine Lex has worked incredibly hard to reinvent herself after her famous rockstar father died leaving Lex and her mother bankrupt with only an inheritance of bad debt After sinking what remains of her personal savings into rehabilitation centers to sober her mother up she sets out to make something of herself Through her sweat and tears along with some financial help from a close friend Lex is able to build her clothing line from the ground up After a few years Lex's company Easton Essentials is a mainstay in her corner of the fashion market When her fabric supplier fails to deliver her order before thie season's big debut show she knows that all of her hard work would be destroyed if she doesn't get that order filled With the timeline growing ever nearer she decides to fly to Italy to confront the arrogant business owner herselfMassimo is immediately taken aback by this brazen American beauty who's interrupted his vacation to demand that he fulfill her fabric order He'd cancelled the order after Ms Easton's company failed to pay for the order While he feels sorry for this stunning woman he cannot let his attraction to her cloud his judgment He had plans to discontinue their business relationship in the near future anyway as he had made the decision to take his business in a new direction If everything went according to plans he'd be marketing his own clothing line to compete with Easton EssentialsAs I'm sure you can imagine Lex and Massimo got off to a rocky start From the beginning their relationship was full of sexual tension and witty banter These two loved to hate each other There was never a dull moment as they verbally warred with each other and constantly tried to gain the upper handWhen they finally succumb to their passions it was long over due and scorching hot However the blissful new beginning doesn't last for long Immediately the couple is thrown into a scandal of epic proportions Lex is forced to leave Massimo while she attempts to do damage control and salvage her hard earned reputationFor the most part this story was a humorous entertaining and sexy read It was well written and flowed well from one part to the next I liked the characters and the storyline but I never fell in love with them It was a nice sweet story and a good choice for those days when you need to recover from a book hangover It was straightforward and easy to read Overall it was good

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    4 Red Carpet Stars Lex is the only daughter of an old music legend who killed himself a few years ago and left her and her mother without anything And being a Manhattan Socialite and with appearances to maintain when she found herself with nothing she created a clothesline from nothing that is now starting to rise into stardom But in order to be the best she needs to make the best and for that she needs the fabrics from the Giradoli Garment Company which is revealing to be harder than she thought But she is persistence and will fight for her dream even if she has to go to Italy and try to convince the CEO herself The CEO is no one less than Prince Massimo the ultimate billionaire hot playboy that even belongs to the Italian royalty And Massimo didn’t expect the CEO of Easton to be so stubborn in fact he didn’t even expected it would be a woman and a hot one Both of them are slightly troubled by past and unable to commit but when feelings starts to get messed up things start to heat and well you can say that their professional relationship will never be the same This was way better than I was expecting it to be My expectations weren’t very high I confessThere were basically two drastic speeds in this book Extremely Hot and Extremely Funny It was a very entertaining reading with good steam in the middle I particularly liked the little explanation of the characters and the surroundings in the beginning of the book it was a good change of pace If you’re looking for a light fun reading this is without a doubt the book for you

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    Lex Easton fashion designer and owner of Easton Essentials finds her fabric company has refused to ship any garments to her On the cusp of fashion week she flies to Isola di Girasoli an island off the coast of Italy to speak to the owner of Girasoli fabrics and also the Prince of said island Prince Masi doesn't know what hit him when this blonde bombshell shows up to his estate while he is on holiday Her company has failed to pay the last couple shipments so he's cutting off their contract for fabrics What he didn't realize was the owner was a woman a beautiful blonde woman at that These negotiations ought to be fun Undressed had a entertaining combination of drama humor and heat Prince Masi is used to having his own way and living a very non confrontational lifestyle Lex pushes all those buttons She's tough likes to tell him what to do and doesn't hesitate to make a scene That's NOT the royal wayAn example of Miss Feisty You princey poo spoiled Indiana Jones daring Evian bottle endowed JFK Jr faceddickI liked the book Didn't LOVE it I read this on the heals of Unscrupulous book 2 as this book actually takes place 6 months AFTER Unscrupulous I was used to the humor and witty dialogue that was Taddy Brill This had some humor but not near as much The sex was awesome when they finally get togetherwhich is way towards the 75% mark view spoilerWhat was with the balls scene? Oh my Lordy blushes I didn't know a man could fit all the junk in one orifice It CAN be done Love Google hide spoiler

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    Oh my Prince Massimo Tittoni you don't need Lex You have me right here waiting for you naked cough what? who said that? not meAvery Aster has done it again We've got another steamy sexy read that sure to rip the panties right off of you Trust me you won't need them You know within the first five minutes from meeting a man– if you desire him You know after the next ten minutes if you want to fuck him And you know after fifteen minutes you want to marry him Prince Massimo TittoniAlexandra EastonThese books never fail to make me laugh swoon and rip my clothes off and find myself a prince Big Daddy or whatever the hell she's cooked up Masi was a grade A cold hearted bastard in book but he managed to win me over anyways Once your really get underneath the arrogant exterior you find he's a big softy but only his heart wink hee hee He's so sweet and just so damn sexy Avery definitely knows what the hell she's doingLex was also a great character not a sassy as Taddy who's my favorite but can definitely hold her own Her and Masi were perfect together although not as perfect as me and Masi The Manhattanites series never fails to put a smile on my face If you're looking for an exciting steamy read then you've come to the right place Bella this is home for me More of my Manhattanites reviewsUnscrupulous The Manhattanites 2

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    Book received from author via edelweiss for a honest reviewI absofuckinglutely loved this book It was hot all sorts of sexy and came with a happy ever after Let's meet Prince Massimo TittoniThe deadline is looming New York's fashion week is just days away and Lex Easton has hit a snag Her fabric order has not arrived Massimo won't give into her demands of shipping off the fabrics and she has no other choice but to demand the fabrics face to face Lex has a successful fashion line iconic parents that have made her dread being in the spotlight but what she has lacked was a man between her legs Solely focused on being a success and making her company her entire world But that is all about to change when she meets the Prince who has what she wants in ways than one The pairing of these two become the biggest gossip of the world's media The reclusive fashion designer daughter to late rock legend and former playboy model she is tossed straight into the limelight 'American Express doesn't accept orgasms as payment But my twat will take your Massimo Euro''Bella you come at me one hundred miles an hour driving my Lamborghini toward my heart I drive cars fast but i love women slow You have to let me lead Bella Massimo is instantly attractive to Lex she is strong and outspoken Even though he can't give into her demands of the need for his fabrics he sees a chance for a business deal that might just get him than he bargained for The Prince is a notorious playboy allowing his behavior in the tabloids to overshadow any of his family's past business issues But Masi isn't the scoundrel that the media makes him out to be And when he gets to see the sassy and sharp tongued Lex in action he has than business on his mindThis was a hot read in ways than one Not only are there some pretty toe curling name screaming sex scenes these two had some very vivid thoughts that had you panting Lex had a smart snarky mouth on her and Masi's dirty little mouth had you begging for It was a great balance of steamy and witty It's not a easy mix to pull off Erotic and funny I loved every second of reading this story

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    This Book Was Just Pure Sexy Fun First we've got Lex Easton Lex runs her own fashion empire she's gorgeous driven and hasn't been laid in far to longshe's got a vibrator named Masi that takes care of her needs and a group of besties that are there for her in a pinch they are all about fashion champagne and liven large Lex seems to be the most grounded of the groupShe built her empire from the ground up It's her babyit's her life Then we've got Prince Massimo drool worthy sexy beast of a man He's a true Prince that lives on the Mediterranean island Isola di Girasoli part of Italy He's also the CEO of Girasoli Garment Company he supplies the finest material in the world and he happens to be a number one supplier of Lex's He's always in the tabloids he's a playboy and he loves to playWell Prince Massi has pulled the plug on Lex's latest shipment of fine material that is absolutely necessary for her upcoming show he won't talk to her on the phone she's in a real bind So what's she gonna do about it? She's gonna fly her ass across the ocean to the Prince and set him straightAnd of coursethe chemistry is immediate Lex knew he was gonna be fine after all her vibrator is named after him She's seen him in the tabloids hundreds of times but face to face he is her walking talking wet dream Moist legs clenching tighter she rolled her shoulders back raw arousal soaking her panties Not wishing to make her admiration obvious Lex focused on his black eyes She inhaled a shallow breath and walked forward Sparks fly personalities clash and before long they are mixing some serious pleasure with their business Let me just say that Prince Massi is very talented VERY TALENTED nuff said Soooooothey fall for each other pretty quick but their is still the problem of her needing his material and 4000 miles between them Can they overcome all the obstacles thrown their way? Such a fun read I enjoyed every minute of this over the top sexy dirty talkin' book and definitely looking forward to the next one Pure fun with pretty much zero angst and a super hot Italian that knows his way around a woman's body When you looking for a quick fun erotic escape you should definitely check this one out