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When Ultimate Evil Engulfs The Entire World, Only Dagger Can Pierce The Darkness Even If The Apocalypse Falls On A School Night Dagger Beaumont Is A High School Senior Who S Been Recruited By DUST A Covert Governmental Organization Dedicated To Battling Supernatural Terrorism All Over The GlobeHowever, Dagger S Unresolved Conflict Over His Missing Brother Could Be His Undoing, As He Races Around The World Battling The Dark Reich, A Diabolical Organization On A Quest To Possess An Ancient Artifact And Unleash A Mystical Plague To Enslave Humanity If That Weren T Treacherous Enough, Dagger Must Juggle His Life As A Secret Agent With His Social Life, Where He Faces Romantic Rivalry For The Guy Of His Dreams, A Mysterious And Handsome New Student At His Haunted Boarding School But In A High Stakes World Where Nothing Is As It Seems, And Death Lurks In Every Shadow, Love Rides Shotgun With Survival

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    SO MUCH FUN AND DAGGER IS A KICKASS SOB It started great and ended great I can t wait for the next one MC s Corner Note Spoilers. DUST Department of Unexplained Supernatural Terrorism Daaamn their headquarters let s just say it s one of a kind Ha Where can I sign up I wanna join This thing kinda reminded me of DEO on SUPERGIRL The only difference is that they fight alien there and Dagger fights supernatural elements So yeah I love that Dagger is still on school and having his life there It was separated to his supernatural life I think that balance everything I m just sad that did that WHY What an A HOLE Sticking his nose on other people s business Now look what happened shaking my head I really hate betrayals It makes my heart ache, literally, for the one being betrayed So sad I think the concept of young guy fighting supernatural forces is not original But Steven dos Santos added some elements that make this one unique and I really love what he did Good job I think a few months or a year after now I still remember the story I don t need to re read the whole thing before reading the second book It s pretty memorable SUGGESTION I really do believe that this story will be powerful if it has a prequel There are some parts that need in a way a support I m talking about the last part How did ended up there BY THE WAY THE COVER UIS A KILLER LOVE IT SO MUCH BOOK 2 PLEASE gleekidMC

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    Dagger is no ordinary high school student from Miami Beach He is an agent for D.U.S.T., an organization that fights supernatural evildoers The enemies are ghouls, fairies, and other horrifying creatures, some of which are gruesome the way they ll take a chunk out of an opponent literally There are issues with Dagger s brother and mother which adds an emotional dimension to an otherwise fast paced adventure tale but he must push forward to save the world Another wonderful layer is the steamy, dreamy romance All these aspects fit in nicely together as Dagger and his crew fight the Dark Reich.I adored the mishmash of genres High tech meets sci fi meets the supernatural meets espionage I can keep going, because there was always something new and different I can t recall reading any other book quite like this I loved all the gadgets, organization lingo, and helicopter rides as Dagger traveled the globe for his assignments Also, my jaw actually dropped reading the end chapters that s how intense this novel is I hope there s a book 2 in the works.

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    This is a wonderful new series by Steven Dos Santos, you might remember him from his other award winning young adult dystopian series, The Torch Keeper, in which he is working on finalizing the third book now Like that series this new series, The D.U.S.T Ops, also shows great diversity that our young adult departments desperately need of Dagger is classified as a young adult paranormal espionage adventure, I was very curious to see how all of that was going to fit together, but it sure did and is so action packed you will have trouble finding time to breath Dagger and his friends are typical high school seniors, for the most part , and they have the same family issues, school issues, love issues, and ghost issues as the rest of us There is some romance but the spying and suspense will also keep you reading well past you bed time Another awesome read from Steven Dos Santos and yes WeNeedDiverseBooks

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    You keep your Harry Dresden and Anita Blake I ve got Dagger and at seventeen, he s cool and kick ass than those two urban fantasy tentpoles Better yet, Dagger s paranormal world is diverse, with an unapologetically Latino gay male hero whose sexuality is treated the way we d treat heterosexual male heroes This is the second novel I ve read recently featuring a Latino hero in an urban fantasy universe and I hope to see .Not to mention, lots snark per page Lots of danger and secret spy societies Good stuff.

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    Love it, this should at least be a trilogy series with each novel having a separate mission with an overall mystery throughout the series Loved the mission and action that this story contained I want to see the romance blossom for Dagger This is like Buffy the vampire Slayer crossover with Alias and the lead is a gay guy, a great combination view spoiler Dagger s brother reappears A friend becomes evil at the end and his love interest may or may not be also a spy hide spoiler

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    Dagger reminded me of Alias with supernatural elements As it turns out, I like them both I enjoyed Dagger it had an intricate plot, full fledged characters, action packed scenes, well developed mythology, and gorgeous writing The entire story was engaging it was filled with intricacy, suspense, action, and humour Paired with the beautifully descriptive writing, and the incredible world building, it was a read that, throughout it all, I didn t want to put it down Plus, the diversity makes it even appealing it had the whole lot all kinds of species, races, and characters who are gay and straight And Dagger He is the type of character I admire he is witty, clever, brave, strong and, in my mind, attractive His amusing comments, especially when he is in action or when his life is in peril curled my lips with a smile they made me think of Buffy, who always had something to say, especially when fighting the vampires, and that silly grin would make an appearance on my face.I loved the ending it ends on an open note, leaving room lots of it for another.

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    In a high stakes world where nothing is as it seems, and death lurks in every shadow, love rides shotgun with survival Dagger Beaumont is a high senior secret agent who has to battle the ultimate evil, the Dark Reich, while attending a haunted boarding school and fighting for the guy of his dreams This is an epic book with twists around every corner Will Dagger learn the secret behind his brother s disappearance Will he be able to stop supernatural terrorists from finding the ancient artifact And what s Alexi s deal Is he into Dagger And can he be trusted Steven Dos Santos is able to effectively weave urban fantasy intrigue with cool supernatural elements all the while portraying a believable and root for able LGBQT character we all want to see of It feels like Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Jason Bourne The writing is incredible and the action is fast paced and fun This one is a must read

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    I was lucky to Win a Signed Copy of DAGGER my 1st book personally signed by the author, Thanks Steven This book is abit of rollercoaster ride For awhile i did think their was just a little to much going on with Dagger going for mission to teen drama and back again But it all comes together for one really good story and exciting final act I m not 100% sold on the love interest yet however Iam looking forward to being convinced in book 2.

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    There is a DAGGER in my heart It looks like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER has teamed up with ALEX RIDER in this totally epic, action packed, sexy, suspenseful, very clever, kick ass story that dives into one hell of a mission and has a number of hilarious gay jokes If anyone is looking for a diverse YA novel with Urban Fantasies and consorts with the LGBTQ, this is what you are looking for I am crossing my fingers that The D.U.S.T Ops is never going to be finish with Dagger Beaumont

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    The one good thing about having a cold, time to read And this book was a fantastic way to keep me busy I really liked the plot and characters I can t wait to read the next one.