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{Pdf} Carry Me Over the Threshold: A Christian Guide to Wedding TraditionsAuthor Kristina Seleshanko –

This Is A Comprehensive Guide To Understanding The Meaning Behind Wedding Traditions Weddings Are One Of The Most Important Events In Life, Full Of Excitement And Expectation And What May Seem Like An Overwhelming Number Of Choices And Decisions In This Book, Brides To Be Will Learn The Rich History And Spiritual Significance Of Established Traditions, From Wedding Announcements To Wedding Gowns And Many May Be Quite Surprised At The History Behind Some Of The Popular Traditions Accompanied By Elegant Line Illustrations, This Practical Book Will Help Engaged Couples Discover The Wedding Rituals That Speak To Them And Help Create A Meaningful Wedding Day Carry Me Over The Threshold Is Also A Perfect Gift For Family And Friends To Give To Their Newly Engaged Loved Ones

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    Have you ever wondered about where various wedding traditions came from and how they fit with your Christian faith If you have then get a copy of this book There are things in here that I d never heard of, but all are very interesting A great book to consider when planning your wedding.

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    Another great Christian resource for planning a wedding.