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So Many Christians, Instead Of Accepting God S Invitation To Enter His Throne Room, Stand Alone Outside The Door, Uncertain And Ashamed Christ Beckons Them To His Banqueting Table And Offers Them A Room In His House, But They Foolishly Give Up The Glory Of The Life He Has Offered They Come To Jesus As Redeemer But Never Go Beyond The Doorway To Abide In Him And Experience The Unspeakable Joy Of Dwelling With The King Of Kings Andrew Murray Knew What It Meant To Be Continually In The Father S Presence Read These Thirty One Heart Searching Readings And Learn How To Live Daily In Closer Communion And Fellowship With Him Accept God S Invitation And Live In His Blessing And Glory Instead Of Shuffling Your Feet At The Gate

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    Update Still the best devotional I ve ever read 4th time through and still amazing.Read this book This is a fascinating read Set out in 31 short chapters you can easily use this as a devotional to accompany daily Scripture readings Murray walks us through the abide passages John 15, et al and talks both theologically and practically about how that plays out in life Answering such questions as How can I abide in Christ all day when I have to go to work Murray speaks with passion and depth on a topic that will take a lifetime to master But Murray is a capable guide I have read and reread this book over the years and it is perennially valuable and insightful I also appreciate his theological balance Murray comes from a Calvinist perspective but you ll read a few things that seem to deviate from a strict determinist view as he navigates the very real mystery between God s sovereignty and our practical day to day relation to it In this he is eminently practical and helpful I thoroughly recommend it.

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    Wow This was absolutely amazing Definitely encouraged me in so many ways, and I love Murray s writing style It kept me engaged and interested at all times, and I liked the short sections that made for easy reading This book is so deep, so the short sections were definitely necessary I would highly recommend this for any Christian wanting to grow closer to Christ

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    This book is so simple All that you can wish to know is perfectly clear to Him He has access to the cousels of Diety, to the sectets of Providence, in your interest and on your behalf If you will but trust Him fully, and abide in Him entirely, hyou can be confident of having unerring guidance That s all I want really

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    I am currently readying this old book from my husband s grandfather s library I have read one of Andrew Murray s books before when my grandfather gave me one as a teenager I am finding this old classic to be very thought provoking and inspiring and reassuring as i continue on my spiritual journey.the paragraphs are too long and the language is old but rich each daily meditation is much too much for one day for me i spend at least a week on each day.

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    I really enjoy Murray s intimate knowledge of the Lord, and his warm and devitional encouragement This book helped me bask in the warmth of the joy of the Lord.

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    This book is a treasure in plain binding When I first received it, I hoped for a quick, hopefully decent devotional I could read during busy days What I got was the best pastoring from a book I ve ever experienced These are the extended meditations of a truly humble pastor on Jesus teaching from John 15 about abiding in Him the teaching He had for His disciples right after He introduced the new covenant The depth of the riches in such a short passage are almost shocking It contains, I think, the whole heart of Christian living.After one chapter in particular, I looked up from the book and said, If I weren t saved already, I think I would ve just gotten saved reading that chapter I m not sure any book but the Bible has been this beneficial to me.

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    Abiding in Christ has always been a challenging notion for me How do you actually live it, daily Well this 31 day devotional from Murray goes a long way to being able to guide the reader on how to do it.This is a meaty read as any one who knows Murray s work knows However, it is so worth soaking in it I m certain I ll find new rich nuggets of wisdom each additional time I read it.Each devotion is 4 5 pages long and is based on verse that can be associated with abiding I ve found it has changed aspects of my prayer life and I m looking forward to reading it again and again.

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    This book devotional had a substantial effect on my day to day life, and how I understood and engaged with promises of scripture and abiding that I had too often overlooked It takes a close and focused reading to fully grasp the concepts the author is explaining, so it took me longer than 31 days to finish I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn of what it looks like to abide in Christ.

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    Excellent book Filled with practical nuggets of truth Andrew Murray has a wonderful way of taking God s word, breaking it down and making it applicable I can barely make it through one page without being convicted, admonished and encouraged A wonderful companion to my bible reading.

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    short chapters full of life giving words that continually point me back dependence on God and His kindness and grace for me.