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Badlands is a special edition mini novella covering themes from both the Blood Roses series before Deviant and the Dead Man's Ink series Rebel Michael Aubertin has an arrangement one that not only suits him but also the couple he spends time with too No strings No uestions No complications Nothing could be simpler His work life on the other hand With strange intense women showing up on his employer's doorstep dodging crazed English mob bosses and dealing with a long lost cousin on a mission Michael's day couldn't possibly get complicated Badlands is a short story released especially for Christmas 2015 Michael will be receiving his own full length story in late 2016

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    I enjoyed every minute of the 'Blood Roses' series so when I saw that there was a preuel novella released I was all over it While this incredibly short read didn't feature Zeth as prominently as I'd hoped it would it was the perfect teaser for Michael's book Easily read in one sitting this uickie was highly entertaining and left me wanting 'Badlands' provides a glimpse into the life of Michael Zeth's right hand man Although he was always hanging around in the periphery in earlier books very little of his story was actually given away This novella highlights his sexual exploits and his hardened lifestyle as well as his growing desire for redemptionIn addition Ms Hart gives readers a firsthand look at Lacey's first days with Zeth She was such a fragile she'll of a girl It was nice to see how her relationship with Michael began Both broken in different ways they seemed to help heal one another Although their relationship was not fully explored in this book it was clear that they shared a special bondFor a super uick read this was an excellent choice Of course if you haven't read the 'Blood Roses' series then this novella may not hold the same appeal I thought that it was a great extra and I can't wait to read Michael's full story

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    Shall we be friends then?I'd like that very much It's a symphony of chaos that clean robs me of breath every single time I witness it Michael Badlands is another taste of Callie Hart at her best It is a mini novella that packs uite a punch In The Blood and Roses Series we met Michael Aubertin Michael is Zeth Mayfair's right hand man and Rebel's Cousin Badlands transports us back in time when Zeth had just met Laci This book is suspended before and between both Deviant and Rebel This dynamic kept me on the edge of my seat the entire read In true Callie Hart fashion Michael is another hero that certainly knows how to deliver His stealth power as a killer taste for unconventional sex and his undying loyalty for his friends and family give him the unstoppable ualities of a stellar swoonworthy hero One day spent encompassed in Michael and I has hooked How about you? Are you fucked up Michael?The most interesting people are aren't they? Badlands contains all of the ingredients we have grown to love in Callie's writing A strong alpha male kinky sex and non stop action If you are fan of the Blood and Roses Series or the Dead Man's Ink Series then this is a mini novella you are not going to want to miss Told in Michael's POV the writing is fast paced and the characters are uniue and uite engaging That's what I am right now unstoppable untameable insatiable Michael Overall Badlands was another great read from Callie Hart I never uestion my choice to read one of her works I simply strap on my seatbelt and hang on tight for the ride I have no idea where Ms Hart is going to take us next I only know that I can't wait for Anything that is delivered to my kindle from this author I am happy to receive For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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Title BadlandsSeries Mini NovellaAuthor Callie HartRelease date 23rd December 2015
Have I told you how much I love Callie Hart? It's absolutely impressive the genius of this woman's brain The way in which she flawlessly weaves her story arcs characters make for such an exciting experience every time I read one of her booksBadlands is the introduction to Michael's story For those of us who are fully obsessed with Callie's Blood Roses series we know Michael is the silent but deadly right hand man to my hubby Zeth Mayfair Although short Badlands is mighty It's a day in the life of sorts of Michael Aubertin It's a day that for this reader includes many cameo spotting adrenaline inducing lightbulb finger clicking moments And this is just the beginning I'm genuinely excited to see where this story goes and how far Callie Hart will take usFOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON 

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    I've been intrigued by Michael since the Blood Roses series When this novella became a reality it was a no brainer to one click it Badlands offers you a glimpse into Michael's past If you haven't read Blood Roses start with that series before reading this book The first book in the series is currently FREE you Ms Hart for piuing my curiosity even about Michael I'm looking forward to Michael's full length book coming out later this year

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    If you loved the Blood Roses series the you'll definitely going to love the new series by Callie Hart that start Michael Zeth right hand men and best friend and also Rebel's cousin This is a short novella that takes place before the Blood Roses series and the Dead Man's Ink series begin so it may contain some spoiler but if you haven't read the previous series you wouldn't know what I'm talking about PMen I'm so excited about Michael's story and can't wait to get my hands on the full novel that's coming out this year

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    45 StarsIn this novella we are properly introduced to Michael Aubertin a southern gentleman from Alabama Most of you will know Michael as Zeth Mayfair’s #2 Ever since the Blood Roses series I’ve been curious about Michael the Armani suit clad man who takes care of business If you remember he is also the cousin of Jamie Louis Aubertin better known as Rebel As Badlands begins we are taken back into the timeline of Deviant when Zeth first meets Lacey view spoilerhis sister hide spoiler

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    Loved this novella Michael Zeth Rebel and Cagewhat a surprise This is just a sneak peak of Michael's story and it's enough to leave you craving I love this series these characters and this author If you haven't read the Blood Roses series first of all you are missing out and secondly you will need to before reading this novella Callie Hart's books are full of angst action drama and romance and they're awesome

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    Wow Badlands packs a lot of punch for its size Highly recommend it Callie Hart has done it again another great story linking in to both the Blood Roses as well as the Dead Man’s Ink Series Michael is Zeth Mayfair’s trusted employee one who is always there in the background and it was good to have a scenario told from his point of view He didn’t disappoint of course since he has Zeth’s trust and that is something you don’t earn lightlyMichael’s enjoying some R R well he’s enjoying a lot with the convenient arrangement he has in place His personal life kept low key previously we now get to see he is not missing out at all Then his phone goes off and it’s back to work he goesHis call out is a delicate situation which he handles in his usual efficient way carefully as this reuest has him walking a dangerous line and needs to stay under the radar as much as possibleThe good ones They do exist it would seem He runs into a good Samaritan along the way who helps him out The passerby acknowledged Michael’s warning assisting a stranger could get him into trouble but it wasn’t in the stranger to not help a good person It’s not until later on Michael concedes maybe he can claim to be a good person I’m going to leave who the good Samaritan is as a surprise but this along with his time with Lacey were my favourite moments in a short story that packed a lot of goodness into its 48 pagesNormally I would balk at considering buying a book of this size but the uality of the story has already found me recommending it to others At the time I purchased Badlands it was under a dollarThis review and others can be found at

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    Can't wait for Michaels story I hope we get to see all the debauchery this teaser alludes too Michael in Mm yes please Sign me up

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