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{free} Scott Pilgrim, Volume 3: Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite SadnessAuthor Bryan Lee O'Malley –

Third Level This is the third book in a series of six of Scott Pilgrim saga.Creative Team Creator, writer and illustrator Bryan Lee O Malley PILGRIM S PATH INTERMIXES Look, it s almost 3 30Right It s almost 3 30, and we ve been here for a quarter of this book Let s call it a night. In the second book, you get flashback chapters of Scott s past life when he was still a teenager, and while you get basically the same here, there is a key difference here In the second book, the scenes in the past were clearly developed telling a whole chapter once started, but in this third book uses a storytelling technique quite popular nowadays in several TV series, that it s showing gilmpses of the past of the character in this case, often Scott s but intermixed in the present events, obviously showing the precise past moment to increase the intensity of present situation Also, another relevant comment about this third book is that, while in the second book you get extra scenes in comparison with the movie yes, I am aware that these books were before the movie, so it shoud be seen at the contrary, but hey, indulge me and work with me, okay , however, the story shown in this third volume is totally like an alternate universe version, where several things happened pretty much like in the movie please, I politely asked you to work with me but others are quite different and even you ll get scenes that you will recognize from what it should until the fourth book, just not with the same characters involved so, a cool thing is that the fourth book promises to be a terra incognita in comparison of what we watched in the movie adaptation.In the second book, we found out that the infamous Sex Bob Omb wasn t the first Scott PIlgrim s musical band, but in the third book we meet yet another previous Scott s band Of course, I am not spoiling the name of any of those bands Scott does a better gesture to come to a closure of his quite brief relationship with Knives Chau However, as we all could witness in the second book , sweet Knives is sweetly bonkers, evolving in the third book in the saga s true wild card character, where you never can predict what she ll do next One thing is clear, Knives loves Scott beyond her own emotional happiness and physical safety the power of the first teenage crush Scott s love life with Ramona Flowers, still is depending of his effectiveness of beating the League of Ex Boyfriends in an odd world where, you can accept as totally reasonable, cybernetic enhancements, clothing accesories with subspace unlimited storage capabilities, an unsaid rule that any drummer should be a female one, holey moons, save points, extra life items, and of course, the general acceptance that if you re vegan, you just have psychic powers THE LEAGUE THIRD ROUND She doesn t know what gelato isNope. It has milk, rightAnd eggs. You re a credit to the vegans, Todd. Todd Ingram, bass player at Clash at Demonhead band a Canadian band, highly popular at the moment , major jerk and a cheatin psychic vegan.Things are getting and complicated in the escalation of the battle against the fearsome League of Ex Boyfriends Since in this third book, Scott is facing Todd that besides his psychic powers that they works like a merging between Dragon Ball Z s ki field and Star Wars Jedi Force , what really got dirty the battlefield is that Todd is obviously a Ramona s ex boyfriend but also is the current boyfriend of Envy Adams aka Natalie V Adams leader of the Clash at Demonhead s band which is a former Scott s girlfriend But the dirt in the third battleground doesn t stop there, oh no, my friends Since Todd is also currently cheating on Envy with Lynette Guycott Clash at Demonhead s drummer.Oh, boy OH, FRAKKIN BOY Five Character Battle Activated Also, you ll get a sneak preview cameo of the final boss And maybe I am wrong, but since I didn t cheat checking ahead the fourth book, while reading this third book, I was left with the feeling that certain secondary almost tertiary character introduced in the second book maybe, just maybe, it s than the apparent with potential of becoming THE relevant character in the next volume, mostly due the wearing of certain t shirt with certain logo, that one knows that in the wacky world of Scott Pilgrim s saga, the symbols in t shirts have a hidden significance, so I don t know, maybe the good ol Bryan Lee O Malley the author is messing with my mind I won t get into details, since I don t want to spoil anything, and in any case, it s just a personal hunch. After first volume I wasn t sure do I like movie or comic better After volume 2 I was convinced that comic was better.After volume 3 I am back to not really sure Like in all book to movie and comic to movie adaptations stuff had to be cut out and sometimes that isn t a bad thing.In volume 2 I loved stuff that weren t in the movie but in volume 3 I found them a bit boring.Stuff that happen in present where good, filled with same meta humor, but whole story about how Scott and Natalie Envy met and dated in collage was mostly uninteresting. Scott and his band Sex Bob Omb square off against the successful The Clash at Demonhead fronted by his ex, Envy Adams, and featuring the band s bass player next Evil Ex Boyfriend of Ramona s, Todd But Todd has powers vegan powers and Scott s old feels for Envy flare up again I didn t love this third volume as much as the last two though I remember adoring it the first time I read it Maybe because I remembered this volume , it didn t surprise me as much But I think it was because Envy Adams is a big part of this book and I don t think she s that great a character She treats everyone very poorly, she s snooty, arrogant, and wholly unlikeable, in the same way Meryl Streep was in The Devil Wears Prada It s a pretty one dimensional kinda character that isn t very interesting to read about She s bitchy, got it, and But that s it We get her and Scott s long drawn out relationship and it s very blah She s dumps Scott, which we already knew, takes the band he started and makes it successful, which we already knew, and it takes him a while to get over her, which we already knew Feels kinda pointless to me Not to say it s a bad volume either I liked that for the first time in the series Scott behaves like a normal person as he sees Knives feeling down in the dumps and decides to talk to her and bring her back up Scott and Todd s first fight in Honest Ed s is wonderfully bizarre and I like that The Boys and Crash reappear Todd s backstory is bonkers too that moon thing underlining the dramatic highs young love can bring out in people, and there are over the top action scenes The vegan police bit wasn t as funny the second time around it s still a decent bit though There s also a reprint of a Free Comic Book Day issue that has Scott fight several clones of teen girl ninjas on the way to watch a movie Seeing Wallace get frustrated as Scott dithers over which soft drink to buy was great And there are some shorts featuring Kim Pine s woes living with some women she does not care for if there s one thing any book needs, it s Kim Pine At any rate, the good definitely outweighs the bad in Scott Pilgrim The Infinite Sadness, though I m glad to see the back of Envy Adams Onwards to the next Evil Ex Boyfriend Also available on the WondrousBooks blog. Oh, Scott Pilgrim, always stay cool Oh wait, I already finished all the volumes and yes, you are always cool.This volume picked up speed from the normal story because the big reveal about Envy finally arrived I had been wondering about her since the first volume because all of the times she was kind of mentioned were pointing obviously to her importance.I really enjoyed the back story in volume 3 and seeing Scott kind of functioning once Don t worry, Scott I sometimes feel like I am you It s okay, buddy.Envy was definitely annoying That much should be clear But she was by far the most original female character in the series as far as looks go if you have any doubts, look at all of the others, they all look kind of alike, even though one of them is nerdy, one is uber cool and another one is Asian I m talking about the three girls that are always there Ramona changes her hair color from time to time, sure, but what about the black and white version I liked Envy s looks, even though they were as painfully and as cringe worthily as everything else obviously from the 2000s in the series.I liked the little twist with the two exes to respectively Scott and Ramona, and Todd was probably the most hilarious ex, without trying to be such, of course The entire idea about his power of veganism was brilliant.And last, but not least, considering how Ramona was always the pillar of calm and collected behaviour, this was the first volume in which I felt some pity for her, because she is just as messed up as Scott is, but better at hiding it I liked watching her fight it off with Envy, because that was her first serious sign that she really likes Scott. Join Scott in his attempt to beat Ramona s 3rd evil ex boyfriend Todd Todd is vegan and being a vegan apparently gives him superpowers So eat your vegetables kids Todd is also a jerk, not because he s a vegan that comes naturally Envy is Scott s ex and Ramona is Todd s ex, now Envy is with Todd and Ramona is with Scottaahhh things are messed upIt s another great volume with humor,romance and action and Scott finally gets a haircut The crazy oddities of juvenile pop rock gaming saga of Scott Pilgrim continues And yes it does deliver The Pilgrim vs Todd fight is clearly the crown of this book, though the cleverly written conclusion of the battle is lazily written too Clever, but lazy.There are some issues the series as far as volumes two are three are concerned have The book s flashback scenes are inserted here and there like crazy Most of the time they are appropriate, but there are times when these flashbacks confused me or killed the intensity of the present scenes Disjointed panels can also be seen, like there were lapses or panels that have been edited out of the material Also, I wonder if these one panel fourth wall breaks will persist through the last three volumes The fourth wall breaks are not annoying though, just a bit off, even considering the crazy stuff happening there.Halfway through, and there are still four or five, maybe three evil ex boyfriends left Oh yeah Scott Pilgrim, I m in. Two words Vegan powers. My reread of Scott Pilgrim reaches to volume three which is in my opinion a high mark in the series.Bryan Lee O Malley flexed a lot of different muscles in creating this volume It has at least two main arcs but I m highlighting two the first one was Scott Pilgrim s current battle with evil ex number three Todd Ingram and the second story was a series of flashback that shows Scott and Envy Adams love story and breakup that lead to the eponymous Infinite Sadness If one would notice, O Malley made the pages with the flashback black in the gutters to differentiate it from the current story line He did at least three art styles here as well.Scott Pilgrim may be a shallow, immature jerk but the heartbreak he went through here is one anyone could empathize with O Malley captures the nut punch of a break up and the awkwardness when someone meets an old flame who haven t had the chance to do some closure It s an open wound and O Malley shows us how an evil ex rubs gunpowder on it and lights it up That and he it wraps with an adventure story as well.My memory is pretty hazy but I think O Malley would again approach this high mark of quality again in the series I think it occurs twice later on. Ramona S Third Evil Ex Boyfriend, Todd Ingram, Is Currently Dating The Former Love Of Scott Pilgrim S Life Envy Adams Broke Scott S Heart A Year And A Half Ago Now She And Her Evil Art Rock Band Are Back, And They Re Getting Scott S Band To Open A Show Two Days From Now That S Just Enough Time For Scott To Fight Todd, Keep Ramona Happy, Fend Off Demented Ex Girlfriends, And Practice That New Setlist Right Don T Miss The Latest Chapter In The Graphic Novel Saga The Globe And Mail Calls Canada S Answer To Tank Girl I read this really quickly while trying to decide what to read next I really liked the story in this one There were new characters and the backstories were really effortlessly worked into the main story It all flowed really well I love the art style, I think Bryan Lee O Malley is super super clever and I ll read the rest of this series soon