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Agnes Grey Is The Touching Story Of A Young Girl Who Decides To Enter The World As A Governess, But Whose Bright Illusions Of Acceptance, Freedom And Friendship Are Gradually DestroyedDrawing On Her Own Experience, Anne Bront Charts The Development Of Gentle Agnes And Sympathetically Depicts The Harsh Treatment She Receives Along The Way Leaving Her Idyllic Home And Close Knit Family, Agnes Arrives At The Bloomfield S Residence, Inside Whose Walls Reign Cruelty And Neglect Although Faced With Tyrannical Children And Over Indulgent Parents, The Generosity Of Spirit And Warm Candour Learnt From Her Own Family Never Desert Her Agnes Also Remains Firm In The Murray Household, Where She Is Used By The Two Disdainful Young Daughters For Their Own Deceitful Ends And Where Her Chances Of Happiness Are Almost Spoiled For HerA Deeply Moving Account, Agnes Grey Seriously Discusses The Contempt And Inhumanity Shown Towards The Poor Though Educated Woman Of The Victorian Age, Whose Only Resource Was To Become A Governess Las hermanas Bront no se caracterizaban por escribir empalagosas historias de amor ni por retratar mujeres ingenuas y tontas sino todo lo contrario sus personajes son decididos, valientes y tormentosos enfrentan lo que la vida les depara con determinaci n aunque estas caracter sticas no se observan en forma tan marcada en el caso de Agnes Grey.M s all de que no he le do todos los libros de las Bront creo que para cerrar un concepto del ideal bronteano deber a leer tambi n La inquilina de Wildfell Hall y Vilette , si comparo el car cter de Agnes con el de Jane Eyre o Catalina de Cumbres Borrascosas la encuentro m s sosegada y renuente al choque o el conflicto.Anne Bront toma todas sus experiencias como institutriz, casualmente iniciadas a sus j venes diecinueve a os y las vuelca en este alter ego que es Agnes Ser la menor de las Bront se nota en su prosa, puesto que no es tan refinada y elevadamente po tica como la de su hermana Charlotte ni tan despojada de sutilezas como las de Emily en Cumbres Borrascosas aunque ello no quiere decir que sea de menor calidad La novela est escrita en forma amena y no aburre y aunque es m s corta que las otras su argumento es parecido pero distinto al de Jane Eyre mis disculpas por comparar estos dos libros, pero es que tengo sus lecturas muy frescas en mi cabeza La historia de Agnes est narrada pr cticamente como si fuera un diario y en su corta vida, tan corta como lo fue la de la misma Anne nos relata todo lo sucedido desde la salida de su hogar para ayudar a sus padres luego de un desafortunado evento financiero hasta recalar en las mansiones de dos adineradas familias para las que trabajar como institutriz Debe sacrificarse para ayudar y est decidida a ello Hasta ese momento ha sido una chica simple, de su casa Gris, como su apellido Pero las nuevas experiencias, golpes y sufrimientos la foguear n r pidamente en la vida.En el caso de su estad a en Wellwood como institutriz de los ni os Bloomfield Tom, Mary Ann, Harriet y Fanny su situaci n es terrible Se encuentra rodeada de cuatro ni os crueles y despiadados Verdaderos monstruos de pesadilla a los que no logra doblegar y que adem s cuentan con la sobreprotecci n de una madre desp tica y un padre fren tico que jam s se opondr n a los caprichos de sus hijos Sumado a esto, los ni os poseen una influencia negativa y violenta que proviene de su t o Robson.Una vez que no puede con su alma para con esta jaur a de inadaptados decide volver para probar suerte con otra familia, los Murray, de Horton Lodge y aqu transcurre gran parte de la novela.En este caso no son ni os sino dos muchachas adolescentes, malcriadas y de alta alcurnia, Matilda y Rosalie Murray, que luchan por imponer su apellido en la alta sociedad Toda la familia Murray es as Y Agnes es arrastrada a obedecer todo tipo de caprichos En un momento Agnes lo reconoce luego de conocer a Nancy Brown, una viuda casi ciega, que se transforma en su nica compa a y a la que visita para aliviar su soledadMis nicos compa eros hab an sido ni os desagradables e ignorantes ni as testarudas y la soledad continuada, que me apartaba de aquella agotadora locura, se hab a convertido en alivio, en algo que deseaba y valoraba intensamente Agnes peca por momentos de ser demasiado permisiva, sumisa y de poco car cter Es vapuleada por personas de car cter fuerte y agresivo y todo esto va mellando su esp ritu Pero como no todo en estas novelas son espinas, aparecer un personaje que le dar motivos para sentirse esperanzada el vicario Edward Weston con lo que su vida tendr otro aliciente entre tanta abnegaci n y esfuerzo.Como comentara previamente, esta novela es mucho m s corta que las de sus hermanas y la historia, si bien tiene puntos en com n con la de Jane Eyre est muy bien narrada, con personajes a la altura de lo que sucede y un estilo m s llano y menos po tico que el de Charlotte Bront pero no por ello menos interesante.He completado una trilog a de novelas bronteanas y de momento no creo que vaya a leer novelas de estas grandes escritoras de momento Puedo aseverar que las hermanas Bront son un caso nico en la literatura y el hecho de que Cumbres Borrascosas, Jane Eyre y Agnes Grey hayan sido publicados en 1847 marca una maravillosa coincidencia literaria. It pains me to only give this three stars, mainly because of the tremendous respect I have for what the three Bronte sisters accomplished in their short lives, and because Anne was overshadowed by her older sisters, Charlotte and Emily Agnes Grey, the first of Anne s two novels 1847 , was overshadowed by Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, also published in 1847 But Agnes Grey did two things one, it gave us insight into Anne s life, her feelings, because it was partly autobiographical, reflecting her experience as a governess for several years and two, it helped Anne to open up her literary potential which she used to write her second novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall While it is lesser known than her older sister s classic masterpieces, it s quality puts it at the same level of excellence in my opinion The three sisters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, died at the ages of 38, 31, and 29 It staggers the mind to think what they may have accomplished if they had lived another 25 or 30 years But what they did accomplish was literary immortality, all three of them, and for that I say thank you ladies, well done. for nothing can be taught to any purpose without some little exertion on the part of the learner So here we are, finding consolation in reading about the reality of schooling in a novel published almost two centuries ago That quote is true, my dear Agnes alias Anne And how come we still don t quote you on each curriculum, on each report card, on each test result Well, that is because you let your governess alter ego discover the other eternal truth as well, known to teachers of all curricula namely that many parents may CLAIM to want to hear the truth about their children, and they may CLAIM to want them to learn and work studiously, but in reality, what they want to hear is praise of their offspring s unique genius, and they also want to be spared the parental effort it takes to instil respect and love of learning in their children which is contrary to their natural desire to feel superior to the person assigned to take care of the schooling.Being a governess in upper class Victorian England might sound like a completely different work experience when we compare it to being a school teacher in contemporary Sweden, but it is not Where effort is avoided, and students are indulged to avoid short term tantrums and conflicts, the exact same situation occurs A teacher trying to commit to a calling, a profession, will always be the first target for self involved parents without true inclination for genuine education Targeting the children is too close to self criticism.What I learned yet again from reading Agnes Grey is that human nature is the same over time and space, and that change can only happen on an individual, voluntary level Parenting matters, than anything else in the world The ideas we give our children on how to treat our fellow human beings, and on how to approach the privilege of being educated and well cared for, still make all the difference for their development Tell students that the teacher is inferior to their parents and should be treated like a servant, and nothing the teacher teaches the students will be judged worth knowing Tell them, on the other hand, that learning is the magical gate towards a self determined and independent life, and that the teacher holds the key to the gate, and the children will be sponges soaking up whatever knowledge they can collect It is all about the mindset we give our children.On the sidelines of the main social issue the hardship of young educated women trying to succeed in the teaching profession Agnes Grey manages to describe another ordeal of vulnerable female characters the marrying business One might get the notion that a woman can only choose between Scylla and Charybdis when making her path between the inhumane treatment of governesses and the eternal unhappiness following a conventional loveless marriage.Had the youngest Bront sister lived longer, she might have found a third path for herself that of a successful writer As it is, she remains forever contemporary in her honest and critical assessment of social injustice in her own time, based on firsthand experience and accurate rendering of basic psychological structures in upper class parenting.Is it making me feel hope or despair to realise that there never were any good ol times I don t know I think it makes me feel hope that ANY society, no matter how dysfunctional and discriminating, can occasionally see the rise of brave and independent spirits like Agnes Anne who dare to speak up for change To be the change To say and act on what is true for nothing can be taught to any purpose without some little exertion on the part of the learner. My favorite of the Brontes is Anne This is my favorite of her novels.In this and Jane Eyre, we have governess eye views of the gentry In Jane Eyre, Jane manages to make herself central her suffering in being a governess in Agnes Grey, there is a meticulous look at the thin veneer of civilization over the soi disant gentry who have all the money and manner but utterly no moral center The examination of this family is one of the most effective pieces of quiet horror in literature, I think, because it resonates as true Far effective than Charlotte s madwoman in the attic histrionics Though those, too, smack of reality but not a reality known to Charlotte I blame Byronic fanfiction for that, as well as for Emily s oeuvre, and Anne s own Tenant Rereading for a book group again, it strikes me how very good Anne was at observations of human behavior, though a sense of Anne is difficult to find Agnes Grey is nearly invisible, quite a contrast to Charlotte s books, which convey a powerful sense of Charlotte front and center And Emily was different from both, writing straight from the id vortex Having watched recently the film To Walk Invisible, and having also finished not long ago Wuthering Heights, while I was reading this I could not but imagine the two sisters, Emily and Anne, sitting around the same table, either in the dining room or in the kitchen, each leaning over a very small notebook and writing away their novels in silence Both sharing and not sharing keeping each other s company, but also guarding the privacy of their thoughts and their writing from the other sister.And I wondered how was it possible that on the same table those two notebooks were filling with such different fiction How could these two sisters, apparently so similar in character, with the same upbringing and similar experiences, produce such different works With Emily s novel made me dread the falling into Hell, while Anne s account of a governess made me at times wished for a redeeming Hell Agnes Grey is a governess to her very core Not one does she lose her, very proper, identity Even in moments of weakness, she does not doubt for an instance her exemplary view of the world For even if she is very convincing in her neutrality and perfection that stands out against the rest of the, always faulty, characters , the reader can at times question whether things, or people, are as outlandish as she presents them to be I acknowledge that I felt at times like sticking my tongue out at Agnes in a purifying act of rebellion.May be it was the language, always so composed, so correct, so balanced, so measured, so poised, that made me want to scream, or swear, or run away.There was one moment in which I had some hope In a scene I felt that finally Agnes could feel some spite But no, she immediately corrected the suspicion and states that I derived a secret gratification from the fact, not that she was vexed, but that she thought she had reason to be so Definitely, no hope, for she continuesIt made me think my hopes were not entirely the offspring of my wishes and imagination.This non novel, is nonetheless an extraordinary account of what a curious creature of a governess, in mid 19C England, was While reading it was inevitable not to ponder about the restricted world for women, and how at this time they needed to fit in a necessary but also potentially alarming education The account is also saturated with comments on social differences, which made me wonder how conscious was Anne Br nte of the political dimension of some of her sentences It was disagreeable to walk behind, and thus appear to acknowledge my own inferiority for, in truth, I considered myself pretty nearly as good as the best of them, and wished them to know that I did so, and not to imagine that I looked upon myself as a mere domestic, who know her own place to walk beside such fine ladies and gentlemen as they were..And soon onto The Tenant of Wildfell Hall 4.5 starsI ve been conscious for a while of not having read anything by Anne Bronte and decided it was time to remedy that This is Anne Bronte s first novel and has the reputation of being not as good as the second however I certainly felt that it had its strengths The story is straightforward Agnes Grey is the daughter of a clergyman whose family finds itself is straightened circumstances Agnes decides she must contribute to the family finances and takes a post of a governess There is an account of her time as a governess in two families The account paints a fairly bleak picture of life as a governess and of the role of women of a certain class This is certainly based on Anne s own experience, apart from the romance at the end Anne Bronte has always been seen as a lesser writer than her two sisters this isn t my impression Agnes Grey is a strong minded woman, who very much has a sense of independence, to go out into the world to act for myself to exercise my unused faculties to try my own unknown powers to earn my own maintenance At the end of the novel when she marries Weston the usual Victorian formula would be that he is rescuing her and providing her with hearth and home The perceptive reader will realise that he is not rescuing her, but she is rescuing him Agnes can be very self effacing at times and her piety I found somewhat irritating, but she is a much stronger character than many Victorian heroinesThe nature of work that women of Agnes s type have to do is portrayed as thankless and degrading with cruel employers and children whom are ungovernable and with no respect to someone they treat as a servant I think Anne s portrayal of men is very much different to her sisters There are no smouldering Byronic heroes like Rochester and Heathcliffe Most of the men are shallow and self absorbed Her idea of a leading man is also different Weston is not heroic or good looking He is serious, bookish, kind with obvious faults and vulnerabilities very unlike the men her sisters created This makes her books less easy to film producers like strong male leads I was surprised to find that Anne Bronte is much radical than her sisters She is concerned about the rights and working conditions of women who work in virtual slavery in domestic service and portrays the upper and moneyed classes who employ them as cruel and unscrupulous Shades of a socialist and feminist approach to life and no swooning over emotionally stunted heroes Agnes Grey does not need Weston at the end of the book she is running a school with her mother and they are independent It is a positive choice I would urge those of you who have not read Anne Bronte yet to do so. This book draws from the author s own experience as a governess in the first half of the 19th century It is a world where a distance of two miles is considered far and makes daily visits practically impossible A distance of 80 miles is a day s journey In this confined world, everyone knows and observes one s neighbors Young Agnes, the protagonist of the book, leaves her close knit family to work as a governess With an astonishing amount of patience, she does her best to teach the spoiled children of rich families She s closely watched by their parents, who point out every mistake in their children s behavior but give Agnes no authority over them Agnes Grey is not a book with a breathtaking plot, but it is a quiet read that provides a peaceful world into which one can withdraw after the day s work is done Don t read that book in the subway It won t work You ll find this 19th century illusion of a nice, quiet and regular life in this book Regular meal times, a peaceful family life, polite behavior and speech, regular Sunday services, sound morality It is a refreshing contrast to modern life At the same time, the book tells the story of a widow who is successful as a freelancer, even in those times So if you are looking for inspiration, this book might be for you It is interesting to observe how this freelancer acquires customers in yesterday s world, and what her working life is like There is also a love story It is, as can be expected from such a book, a very quiet, peaceful and decent love story And the end won t be revealed until the very last chapter of the book And the best of it When putting this book down, I think you will be relieved that you ve come back from a world where every word, everylook is minutiously observed and assessed and where everything you do or say can be held against you forever You re back to reality and if you feel like it, you can swear loudly and bang your fist on the table as you do so Please wait until I ve left the scene. In 1847, Charlotte Bronte s novel, Jane Eyre, was published, her sister Emily s, book also , Wuthering Heights and finally the 3rd sister, Anne s, Agnes Grey The first two became classics, the other one, until recently, almost forgotten An autobiographical novel with a simple plot Poor clergyman s daughter, becomes a governess, to rich snobs, in order not to be a burden to her family The father, Richard, lost his money in a bad investment, his ship didn t come in, it sank, worse yet, he owes money too Agnes s parents and older sister Mary and she, must struggle to survive It doesn t help that Richard Grey, goes into a deep, prolonged depression, always brooding, and becomes nearly useless Growing up Agnes, knows little about the rest of the world, seeing only her relatives and educated by them Reading was her escape from a dull, secluded life After much persuasion, the unthinkable idea Anne gets permission, to leave home and find work, twenty miles from her house, in Yorkshire, the eighteen year old, has secured a position, with the Bloomfield family Four children, Tom,7, Mary Ann, 6, Fanny, 4 , and Harriet, 2, all brats, the little boy likes torturing captured birds The invariably kindhearted Miss Grey, is powerless to prevent such cruelties, Mrs Bloomfield, doesn t care and had given her a cold reception, putting Agnes, in her place, as a lowly governess The new servant quickly becomes disillusioned, the world is a harsh place, indeed The children disobey her, ridicule Agnes, and teaching them becomes impossible The father, is never around, can t be bothered She gets dismissed and returns home, to the drab parsonage, but Agnes will try again, this time seventy miles away, yet another unpleasant experience The Murray s have older children two young boys and Rosalie at 16, very pretty, almost a woman but immature and selfish, her tomboyish younger sister, Matilda, she would rather ride her horses, than dress up for dances Her only happiness is the curate, she Agnes, had met, Edward Weston, while visiting a sick old woman, still the plain looking girl, knows her limitations Soon silly Rosalie, with much encouragement from her social climbing, callous mother, becomes engaged to a rich, evil, drunkard and barbaric aristocrat, Lord Ashby The flirtatious Rosalie marries him, at a proper age, but loves another, Agnes had warned her, but was laughed at, just a common servant It is all about money and social position Of course later on she, will greatly regret her choice, you can t sleep with gold, it gives no warmth A chance meeting with Mr Edward Weston, a man she , never thought, would see again, months after Agnes, had left her work on a lonely quiet beach, in Scarborough, early in the morning, as the glorious sun rose, the two watching the lovely sight, silently, no words were necessary they knew what each felt Agnes Greyis Anne Bronte s first attempt at a novel It is partly autobiographic Young Anne Bronte worked as a governess with a view to support her family Her time as a governess made her see the precarious position of a governess they were not servants and nor of the family This made both quarters at a loss as how to treat a governess Anne s time as a governess were filled with bitter experiences and it is not surprising that at Anne s first attempt at writing that she should bring a female protagonist Agnes who undergoes a similar fate as her as a governess Charlotte Bronte in her Biographical notice of Ellis and Acton Bell, 1850 stated that hers Anne s was naturally a sensitive, reserved and dejected nature what she saw sank very deeply into her mind it did her harm She brooded over it till she believed it a duty to reproduce every detail of course with fictitious characters, incidents, and situations While Charlotte thought that Anne s personal experiences and observations did her harm, I think they helped her produce two great literary works which served to convey strong messages to the Victorian society The main reason Anne wanted to write the novel was to bring to the light the many difficulties, indignities, discriminations a governess faces while carrying out their duties She wanted the society to know them, to view things from a governess s point of view It is said that many society ladies of the day have expressed their wishes to treat their governesses differently after reading the book This in itself is the reward for her labours This shows how successful her story was As the title implies, the story ofAgnes Greyis focused on the protagonist, Agnes Grey, who is also the narrator of the story The story flows from Agnes s childhood to her position as governess and teacher to her marriage and motherhood If you take the story itself, it is a very simple one One cannot even say it is an exciting story, except perhaps towards the end Yet the story binds you with such power that you cannot put it down It draws you in with its honesty and earnestness Agnes is not perfect she has her goodness and many weaknesses She honestly bares her life to the reader without reservation or justification This quality in narration makes the readers like Agnes They can sympathize with her and also empathize with her Anne s character employment is clever the supporting characters she employs in the story helps to bring out and develop the character of Agnes This is so successfully done, for even if you don t like Agnes at the beginning, she slowly grows on you, and you end up liking her.Anne s writing is beautiful It may not have the imagination of Emily or the passionate ranting of Charlotte, but there is an earnestness, a truthfulness, a boldness and a tranquility It is her writing that captures me This is not to say that I don t like the writing of Emily or Charlotte, but Anne s writing is special It is one of the reasons, among other things, that Anne has become my favourite Bronte Also I feel Anne s style is Austenian, following the writing of the Regency period Her subject matter is essentially Victorian, but the gravity of Victorian writing is absent from her work Instead she has adopted the light and beautiful writing of the preceding Regency periodAgnes Greyis a sensitive story, just like Anne s other novelThe Tenant of the Wildfell HallI love this sensitivity, and I love Anne for her sensitivity The read was interesting and engaging I enjoyed it very much It is a pity that such a talent was taken away at a young age of thirty before her potentials could be fully realized However, for her limited life she gifted two great works to the literary world And we readers will forever be grateful for her for her literary contribution.