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A Love Like No OtherWhen Abbey S Best Friend, Kristen, Vanishes At The Bridge Near Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Everyone Else Is All Too Quick To Accept That Kristen Is Deadand Rumors Fly That Her Death Was No Accident Abbey Goes Through The Motions Of Mourning Her Best Friend, But Privately, She Refuses To Believe That Kristen Is Really Gone Then She Meets Caspian, The Gorgeous And Mysterious Boy Who Shows Up Out Of Nowhere At Kristen S Funeral And Keeps Reappearing In Abbey S Life Caspian Clearly Has Secrets Of His Own, But He S The Only Person Who Makes Abbey Feel Normal Againbut Also SpecialJust When Abbey Starts To Feel That She Might Survive All This, She Learns A Secret That Makes Her Question Everything She Thought She Knew About Her Best Friend How Could Kristen Have Kept Silent About So Much And Could This Secret Have Led To Her Death As Abbey Struggles To Understand Kristen S Betrayal, She Uncovers A Frightening Truth That Nearly Unravels Her One That Will Challenge Her Emerging Love For Caspian, As Well As Her Own Sanity

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    Despite Washington Irving references, about 90% of this book focuses only on the lovestruck gazing at a mysterious friendly boy who likes to hang out at a cemetery Casper CaspIAN Not a friendly ghost at all, why d you ask Yup, I just gave away the big plot point of this book Which everyone, except the protagonist, is able to see from a mile away, with all the anvil sized hints the author drops.Now, the idea of this story sounded interesting our teenage protagonist Abbey knows that her best friend s death is likely very NOT accidental, and she just happens to live in the town made famous by Washington Irving s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow The one with the headless horsemen, you know However, the interesting premise goes right out of the window the moment Abbey meets a mysterious strange boy and of course immediately and automatically falls in love with him Because that s how things apparently now work in YA novels insta love seems almost a genre requirement Forget about the dead best friend there is a boy to swoon about.But my biggest gripe with this book is this the story reads pretty much like a young girl s diary. I remember starting one when I was nine I lasted about a week it went pretty much like this Dear diary, this is what happened today cue a long list of mundane things Well, this is what this story reads like It details EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of Abbey s days her wardrobe choices, her baking cookies, school, Caspian, school activities, cookies, making perfumes, Caspian, baking cookies, school, Caspian, cookies, perfumes yes, cookies must be an important plot point given how often they are mentioned Okay, I d keep the perfume part in it is original and interesting, but the rest is just filler that bogs down the book and bloats the story that should have occupied a compact few hundred pages into three way too long books yes, I ve read the entire trilogy only because I wanted to know how this dragged out story ends Answer unsatisfyingly, very much so I just wish Jessica Verday had trusted that her readers can picture what is going on in the story without being spoon fed every minute detail of everything We do for the most part have working imaginations, y know Kristen the dead friend gets promptly forgotten for the most part The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is referred to only on occasion It s all about the friendly ghost mysterious boy for pages and pages and pages and pages Because CLEARLY the world stops turning once a cute boy shows up Who, for no good reason at all except the intended romanticism, starts calling her Astrid instead of Abbey Witness protection program or what At that moment in that small, concise, perfectly clear moment of time I knew It was that moment I fell in love with him It actually caused me to stop, and time froze for just a second But that feeling was so right, and so strong, that I knew I wasn t wrong These sound like famous last words of a potential victim of a crazy dangerous guy I knew I wasn t wrong Eyeroll I wish YA heroines would occasionally actually get to know a guy before deciding to irreversibly tie their destiny to him Well, unless the boy is THIS CUTE Abbey is not a terrible YA heroine She actually has goals and aspirations for the future, actually related to her talent perfume making She is written to be quirky and independent Unfortunately, the puppy love and unnecessary detailing overshadow her potential Verdict It s a predictable YA paranormal romance that is overly detailed, drags on way too much, mostly lacks character development, and could have benefited from some heavy editing Nothing special about it Granted, I am not a target audience and only read this one in support of Jessica Verday s stand on that whole Wicked Pretty Things debacle Verday was asked to change a story for a teen anthology because her characters were gay, and that was not okay with the editor Still, I expect an exciting story, target audience or not, and this one failed to deliver 2 stars only because I liked that whole perfume making bit.

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    I barely made it through one third of the novel And that was ENOUGH for me It wasn t suspenseful, as I expected ghosts and the supernatural variety, but instead, was met with the mysterious Caspian who was boring than mysterious I mean, he pops in and out of nowhere, with one or two words, and it s supposed to mean something Add to his enigma It s just annoying to me Get to the story, already. All this build up is pretty pointless if it takes forever to get the plot rolling, which, by then, I would have already given up on trying It s not just the lack of storyline that irks me The character is pretty strange, which is usually a good thing, but here, she s strange to the point where she s creepy She talks to objects that are left in the cemetery, for instance She has long conversations with them I just wonder, What s the point of that I guess it s a technique used to not so blatantly explore the protagonist s innermost thoughts, but in the process of doing so, it makes the character seem childish and much too quirky to be real I do, however, like that her passion is perfume making, which, although once again quirky, is quite refreshing The dialogue is awkward, the writing choppy That s not to say it doesn t get better later on I just didn t have the chance to read further because the lack of development and slow pace just made me quit Everyone knows that beginnings are usually just mediocre, but honestly, I didn t have the heart to find out whether the plot was as suspenseful as the book jacket made it out to be I mean, would you, knowing that you had to read 500 pages and then realize it was a trilogy I don t think so.

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    Embarrassingly lacking in depth, emotion, intrigue, and plot Also, the boy is named Caspian, for heaven s sake

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    Goodreads SummaryA love like no otherWhen Abbey s best friend, Kristen, vanishes at the bridge near Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, everyone else is all too quick to accept that Kristen is deadand rumors fly that her death was no accident Abbey goes through the motions of mourning her best friend, but privately, she refuses to believe that Kristen is really gone Then she meets Caspian, the gorgeous and mysterious boy who shows up out of nowhere at Kristen s funeral and keeps reappearing in Abbey s life Caspian clearly has secrets of his own, but he s the only person who makes Abbey feel normal againbut also special.Just when Abbey starts to feel that she might survive all this, she learns a secret that makes her question everything she thought she knew about her best friend How could Kristen have kept silent about so much And could this secret have led to her death As Abbey struggles to understand Kristen s betrayal, she uncovers a frightening truth that nearly unravels her one that will challenge her emerging love for Caspian, as well as her own sanity My Thoughts Where to begin The Hollow had me at its great cover and back story, I mean mysterious good looking strangers and weird deaths are the stuff of greatness, right Nope, I m afraid I was wrong on that one I really tried my best to get into this read because I hate not finishing a book It makes me feel like I ve given up and I m an optimist so there s always that hope that somewhere along the pages it WILL get better Wrong The romance was not believable for me as I felt the connection between Abbey and Caspian was weird with a capital W and creepy with a disco ball Sparkly Cullen I mean good looking guys are all good and well, but seriously One who randomly appears right where I am in the BASEMENT of my supposed dead friend s house, one he claims he didn t know, and also at the CEMETERY for said friend s funeral It s perfect that he asks her to meet him there the next day, it solidifies his creepster status, but also portrays Abbey as the girl who eagerly rushes off to meet him there She doesn t even know the stud well enough and hurriedly FOLLOWS No No way It was unrealistic and too sudden, so much so that Abbey looked desperate There, I said it The writing at the beginning was good enough, even a little quirky and had me chuckling a bit, but as It went on I just couldn t do it.I get that she lost her best friend and Verday did an excellent job of portraying her loss, but really can t the protagonist be a little interesting I picked up The Haunting and wanted to read that, but from my experience with The Hollow I don t think I ll bother Plus, the image of Caspian s hair was impossible to summon A single black streak across white hair I think I got a headache from just trying to grasp that imageoops, there the snap , crackle , pop of my brain frying goes again Maybe it s just me but this wasn t one to talk about Sorry Verday

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    I loved this book The story is amazing and the writing is wonderful I also have some favourite quotes from this book that I need to find again The story is centred around Abby living in a small town called Sleepy Hollow where her best friend Kristen has been missing for many months I really liked how the writer focused the story around the town and its legend The Sleepy Hollow aswell as the people within the town The story builds up with Abby dealing with Kristen no longer being around and then she meets a boy, Caspian, who she starts to fall in love with Caspian is a confusing character who made Abby and myself frustrated I knew there was something up with this guy and then we finally find out towards the end and my heart went out to both of them It s quite sad The Hollow kind of follows the same storyline as the book Fallen with the whole we never know what s really going on with this guy until the very end plot However, this book is much better executed than Fallen as I never got bored and I liked all the characters The writing in this book, in my opinion, is one of the best I ve ever read for a Young Adult book There are certain quotes which I love especially when describing Abby s pain over the loss of Kristen and her mixed feelings about Caspian Anyway, as you can see, I really enjoyed this book and considering this was a last minute buy in the book shop I m quite pleased with myself for picking such a good book I can t wait to read the sequel, in fact, I already bought it and I ve started reading it D

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    I d known about this book for months before it ever came out I m even on Verday s mailing list The premise sounded cool and the cover looks awesome But it is true what they say, you can t judge a book by it s cover The story was boring and rather dumb so let me save you from five hundred pages of tedious description and boring day to day activities SPOiLERS FOLLOW There are three main parts to the story s plot.1 Abby s best friend Kristen disappears A few months later her body if found in the river It s supposedly a big mystery why she was even at river at night and how she fell in So Abby s going to find out About half way through the book she finds a secret journal Kristen kept that talks about a secret boyfriend, D., that she never told Abby about Abby feels very betrayed And that s about all on the mystery aspect of the plot We find nothing else out about Kristen or why she was at the river or who D is Abby doesn t even try to find out And seriously, who would just put the first initial of a person s name in their journal anyone unless the whole entry was short hand, i don t think so.2 Abby meets a boy named Caspian at Abby s funeral He s kind of creepy in my opinion since he s just kind of there and doesn t answer her questions And he has skunk hair But to Abby, he is Hotte her word, not mine Which is pretty much the only thing I could figure she sees in him Anyway, they meet up a lot here and there, mostly at the graveyard or river Abby spends a lot of the time wondering what is going on with him, as was I because nothing was going on Their romance really fell flat for me Then at the very end, we find out that Caspian is dead He died two years before in a car accident.3 I m sure that the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is supposed to be an important part of the story, but besides visiting Irving s grave a whole lot and Abby loving the story so very much, there really wasn t much going on Abby meets an old couple in the graveyard and she really likes them but then at the end she finds out that they are the Headless Horseman and Katrina Irving kindly changed the end of his written story to protect them But really, that s all we find out Nothing else Like the Headless Horseman was already dead by the time he fell in love with Katrina, so how is that working for them They re both old now And both dead i think.So all of these three plots are really sparse in the FIVE HUNDRED PAGE book The bulk of the book is about nothing What Abby ate, how she does her hair, trying to figure out what to wear to meet Caspian, walking by the river, visiting the graveyard, who she talked to at school over and over and over and over and over again All of which had nothing to do with the almost non existent plot And she makes perfume and gets a job All of which have nothing to do with the plot And made the book so extremely BORING And then there is Ben i am very confused about why he has so many pages in the book Is this supposed to set up a love triangle for the next book Because I felt like all 500 pages was a set up for the next book since NOTHING HAPPENED I want Abby to get a backbone and be the heroine in her own story To define her relationship with Caspian after a month, not after seven months and only after she finds out he s dead I want her to care that her friend had a secret boyfriend that she fought with a lot and who made her promise not to tell anyone about their relationship Who is he and what did he have to do with Kristen s death Take an active roll in finding out, gosh darn it I wanted her to talk to the old couple in the graveyard and find out what is going on, not run away to her aunt s.I wanted her to take a stand on something, ANYTHING, instead of drift through days having meaningless arguments with her mother about the prom and having nightmares that had no purpose in furthering the plot.So I didn t like this book Which I am so sad about because I really wanted to like it I read all FIVE HUNDRED PAGES even though I was bored after the first fifteen because I wanted to have something happen that would redeem the book for me Nothing ever did It just got worse

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    I must admit I ve been dying to read this book since last year when word leaked out In some areas The Hollow impressed me but in others, it fell short.First off judging from the summary you can presume that the story will heavily revolve on the death of Kristen or some feature of her correct Sadly it was about 10% Kristen and 75% Caspian swooning, 5% Sleepy Hollow legend, and 10% daily life activity Just chapters after the funeral with Kristen, Abbey somewhat falls in love with Caspian I was a bit shocked and miffed at this development Even so when Kristen is practically dismissed for the next couple of chapters while Abbey continues to swoon over Caspian Verday though manages to deal with Abbey s grief in the middle of novel of Kristen while inserting several flashbacks of their friendships throughout some chapters We then get a peak of Kristen s secret diary and a mystery D whom Kristen falls in love with We dealt with that for about a chapter then nothing until seemingly the last few chapters only about a line or two It s all very much frustrating.I enjoyed the little tidbits of how Abby creates perfumes, the fact that the author talked about the Legend of Sleepy Hollow for readers who may have never heard of it, and the many twists The old couples Yup Caspian Yup Abbey running away when nothing makes sense Definitely yes Seriously I m tired of people poking their noses into things that you shouldn t You know those scary movies where you re screaming at the screen No You stupid idiot, run Don t open that door From that moment on I gained respect for Abbey too bad it was like the last chapter when it happened.And finally Caspian I liked him in the very beginning with his weird, funky do very pale yellow with a jet black streak but then he plummeted on my like scale when he confessed to Abbey that he never loved her Wow You suck Can t believe you led her on for 24 chapters just to shoot her down He started out promising kind, sweet, a bit secretive for my taste, and edgy The twist in the end I should have expected.The secrets and mysteries of The Hollow are never fully answered It just builds and builds, up until the point where I m frighten that Verday may not be able to answer them allor at least to the expectation that the readers may want Overall A many missing holes.

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    This book was good, however in the end the reader is told that Caspian is a ghost.

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    The Hollow by Jessica VerdayBook one in The Hollow trilogy2 stars originally 5 stars Abbey s best friend, Kristen, has gone missing She s wracked with guilt, confusion, and wonders what happened to her friend It doesn t help that Kristen s parents have decided to bury a coffin without Kristen inside of it At the funeral, Abbey meets a strange boy with white hair and a black steak Her world has been turned upside by the loss of her best friend, but who is this mysterious boy who keeps her company in the cemetery This was one of emo thirteen year old Sarah s favorite books I loved it because of its ambiance and I connected with Abbey s depression and love for the macabre legend of Sleepy Hollow, the cemetery, and moody boys Twenty year old Sarah does not share the same sentiments The ambiance fluctuates between kind of foreboding and overwhelmingly chessy This book wants to be a ghost story but isn t one until the last two chapters I remember loving the big reveal and it was why I loved the book so much when I was younger, but as someone who has read books, this is rushed and poorly plotted It feels almost like Verday remembered that she needed to finish the book someway because by chapter 23 out of 25, Abbey is working on a science fair project and doing a lot of borrowing inconsequential things that don t affect the story at all It s not horrible, but it s underwhelming Verday has promise There were times where I really liked her descriptions of the landscape and her intertwining of the legend of Sleepy Hollow to the town the novel is set in and its relation to the story, but this is 85% about Abbey mooning over Caspian It s boring and clich It is a steaming pile of instalove and angsty teenage moaning about true love not being fair and tragic and yada yada yada.Whimsical Writing Scale 2Abbey is a drag I appreciate that she is a character struggling with depression, but she is very empty I think that s what Verday was going for and she succeeds in that depiction, but people are than their depression and I would have liked characterization I did like that Abbey was passionate about perfume making It s unique and it s been a character trait that I ve remembered for years She is too boy obsessed for me to really care though, so I don t know I couldn t tell at times if she was mourning the loss of a friend or the cold shoulder of her heart throb It was unconvincing.Kick Butt Heroine Scale 2.25Caspian what a name Someone really loves the Chronicles of Narnia and it s appeal to sounding like a goth kid s attempt at rebranding themselves during their teen years I used to think he was so swoon worthy, but I can t tell you one thing about Caspian besides his affinity for classic literature and always showing up when Abbey is really sad and needs him most He is soulless An empty shell of a person and why Abbey lusts after him is beyond me.Swoon Worthy Scale 1The Villain Pretty sure Verday forgot about writing one in There s this mysterious plot about Kristen having two journals and living a double life I suspect it is leading up to a villain for the future, but this novel is boring There s no suspense No terror Just the moonings of a teenage girl.Villain Scale That Ben guy was annoying I think he s supposed to be the Jacob end of the love triangle, but he s weird Who sees a girl that he doesn t know but has forced his friendship upon creepily and ineffectively I may add a girl at a restaurant with family while on a date and ask to sit with these strangers It was the most awkward thing outside of Abbey s pining that I had to endure listening to Also, who is Kristen I keep being told and shown memories of them together, but who was she as a person She wasn t just a friend My friends are people with qualities and I can list all the things I love about them and why I value their friendship while also telling stories about times we hung out, but Abbey seems to only be able to relay memories and not reasons why she loved her friend.Character Scale 2This reread was a bust It proved to me that I really have grown as a reader and my tastes have changed drastically I do plan on checking out the sequel because I ve heard the writing and story improves We shall see.Plotastic Scale 2Cover Thoughts Back in the day, I read that ugly hardcover, but I love the necklace cover It is beautiful 2011 The Hollow is one of my favorite books I loved Abby and Caspian they were such good characters Abby struggles with the death of her best friend and ends up meeting Caspian and falls for him I liked the paranormal twist that was thrown into the mix, especially since it was vampires I love vampire novels, but I like having a mix of other paranormal creatures and this book took the cake for a good jaw dropping shocker.

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    I liked this book Not because the story was in any way symbolic, deep or profound not because the characters were rounded or ever properly explained, not even because the setting convinced me no, it was simply because no matter how hard I tried to pick fault with this book, tried to tell myself it was a bad YA crap out by a lazy author, I couldn t I enjoyed it too much.It was fun, original and kept me entertained for a good six or so hours The pacing was fine, and I liked that it was based upon Washington Irving s classic tale of Sleepy Hollow I change what I previously said on this review, since on analysis, Abbey was an alright heroine She wasn t too flat, and although there was a lot of room for expansion, she has a promising career ahead of her Caspian was unique, captivating and although he has the same kind of minor issues as Abbey, he too has a lot of great potential.But I wasn t totally fooled there were a few times when I sat back and thought all this is stupid With the Headless Horseman and all the crazy twists Butwhen all s said and done, it was fine It was One thing I will say is that when I mention the book being well paced, I mean the book in general The romance was too slow, for one, although the relationship between the main protagonist and her elderly friends did provide light relief, even though the outcome of that friendship is wholly bizarre.Overall, the book was fine That s my verdict Not bad, but nowhere near excellent And I m pretty sure that if I see the sequel on the bookshelves of Cole s, I ll pick it up and spend a few dollars on it.Also I prefer the paperback cover by far The hardcover jacket design is horrible Horrible.