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On The First Day Of Tenth Grade, Best Friends Maddie Mad Maddie , Angela SnowAngel , And Zoe Zoegirl Vow Not To Let School Stupidness Get Them Down Or Split Them Apart But As The Weeks Pass And The Instant Messages Accumulate, It S Clear That Tenth Grade Will Be A Roller Coaster Ride Of Boy Temptation, Math Torture, Donut Emergenices, And Queen Bee EncountersThen A Jerky Boy Sends Peppy Angela Into The Dumps, Tough Maddie Makes A Mistake That Has The Whole School Talking, And Good Girl Zoe Gets In Over Her Head With A Flirty Teacher Will The Winsome Threesome Make It Through The Year

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    holy f ck i h8 this book shakes walker and geriatric meds at sky this book is like when you find someone s diary at work not a co worker s diary that would make you a jerk and you idly flip through it until you remember that most people are fucking boring and their innermost secrets are totally dull and most likely misspelled.people like virginia woolf or anais nin can have their diaries published because they are either very intelligent and insightful or super sexy these girls are just, these aren t diaries, but IMs, but the end result is the same the format of this book sets it apart as unique , but it doesn t change the fact that these characters are utterly trivial and a book that is only IM s of teenage girls, with no interior monologues or action sequences or descriptive passages is like a trap than a novel it is just all teen dialogue vapid, vapid teen dialogue my reaction to this book is probably a result of my extreme old age i do not text i did not have a computer in high school, no gaggle of giggle parties in some chat room in undergrad, i used my computer to write papers and play endless games of apeiron if i wanted to talk to someone, i would walk over to them and use my mouth LGM so, i am most certainly not the target audience for this book but i can t see how young people who spend all day texting and instant messaging would want to read the instant messages of strangers characters in their leisure time and how this blossomed into a series is beyond me i mean, gracious kids these daysa few things rescue this from being a one star book the energy is good it is really fast paced and takes about ten minutes to read the characters have discrete voices even though they each get their own color ink in the book, the reader can tell without that device which character is speaking so cheers on voice also, the parts where two girls are talking about the third one behind her keyboard display device is that the modern day equivalent of talking behind someone s back whatever there is a spot on well intentioned cattiness that i certainly remember from my own high school days cute idea, but i am the wrong audience,like with musicians on the subway I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU MONEY BECAUSE YOU ARE ANNOYING ME and please reconsider that last name srsly.come to my blog

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    Find all of my reviews at 3.5 StarsWhen I first started TTYL I figured what the powers that be thought of as offensive material was the fact that the entire thing was written in text format Any adult content and trust me when I say I m using that term for lack of anything better because really the controversial subject matter was regarding a teacher who might have been a And realizing that wanting to be popular might not end up being all you thought it would be because sometimes you find out this about your new friends It was all delivered in very much a PG rated way The real story here was simply the daily goings on between three besties for the resties told via text You have na ve, sweet little Zoe Snarky Maddie And always has her eye on a new potential crush Angela There s not much else to say Well, except to the people who want to ban books Scootch up real close so I can tell you something This book was about as benign as it could get while still having a bit of real life issues thrown in It was cute and relatable, but definitely not something that would change anyone s life I would put money that most kids who read this will only have a vague recollection of it once they are grown unless they have an eidetic memory Wanting this banned just shows what a giant asshole you are.

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    I picked up this book for a couple of different reasons The first being that the idea of it being written entirely in IM form was somewhat interesting you me, secondly, it is a challenged banned book and was a challenge selection for me With that being said, lets get on to the book.I thought this book was pointless, drawn out, and completely and utterly useless The main characters were nothing special one was boy crazy, one was religion obsessed, and the other was just well crabby Obviously throughout the book each one had their own version of a mini crisis, but even that did not make the book meaningful.I can understand why some schools might have a problem with the book as some of the topics were a little bold for the genre However, overall I feel as though there was no real heart to the book, the IM conversations were random and never really resolved anything properly The ending was just that, and ending Nothing happened, nothing was resolved, and essentially the book was just over I was left flipping through the last few pages scratching my head while I wondered if my copy was missing pages.

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    SnowAngel Heymadmaddie heyzoegirl I am here to you nomadmaddie Yea, we no sed in annoyed voicemadmaddie LOL i am just kidding grl SnowAngel Hey, this year was one wild ride huh zoegirl yea, with maddie partying so much and taking off her shirt and all..madmaddie yea, and zoey ALMOST going all the way with the way with Mr H yummmmmmmadmaddie luckly, i was there to save you Just think, and in a hot tub to.SnowAngel Enough Enough Gosh grls SnowAngel You guys act like the whole world revolves around you Besides, what about me and perfect little bus boy. madmaddie Face it Angela, he was not worth it zoegirl Yea, cheer up sides, i never thought that he was that cute..SnowAngel WHAT madmaddie hehemadmaddie as much as I like to here you guys bicker, you have to remember where this god Zoey and I last time.zoegirl Yea, she had really mean messages.madmaddie I meant the hot tub, but okSnowAngel Girls, Girls SnowAngel Lets talk about this at my house.madmaddie MOVIE NITEEEE zoegirl YEY zoegirl I am going to bring my favorite P.J s madmaddie and maybe you can bring Mr H to.zoegirl and maybe you can bring jennaSnowAngel AND MAYBE YOU TO CAN GET YOUR BUTS OVER HERE madmaddie right cya in 5 mins madmaddie is offline zoegirl Give me 10 zoegirl is offline SnowAngel is offline

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    This book was disturbing on many levels Not only did it force me to re live the shallow insecurities of teenage girlhood, but I had to endure the shock jock attemtps by the author to reach immature minds where they are I don t think anyone younger than eighth grade should be exposed to the language and sexual content of this book and I think even parents of high school girls should read it and use it as a teaching tool with their young girls On the positive side, I think the writing of this story through instant messages between the girls was a stroke of genius and there were some positive lessons to be learned from the story, but I think the language and childishness of the girls language and behavior cheapened the book s value Yes, you could argue that that s how girl s talk But that doesn t mean we have to condone it by having this on the middle school library shelves Funny how parents are so careful about what their kids are watching on tv or in the theaters, but don t think to check on what they are reading.

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    These books are amazingly addicting I ve probably read each one at least ten times, mostly because they re hilarious, but also because they re my go to books for when I m super stressed and need to read something stupidly good.

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    Didn t think I d like this one as much as I did, but I didso sue me I had wanted to read this book I use that term loosely on this effort for a while now, especially since I recently saw that AOL was shutting down its iconic instant messaging service later this year on December 15th Maybe ttyl brought me back to a simpler time and that s why I liked it I remember being fifteen and being on AIM constantly Situating your buddy list was actually exciting at one point in time, but now all our attention hogging phones have made everything streamlined and we don t really need these archaic platforms to pontificate Shame Anyway, author Lauren Myracle did a fantastic job with making their texts look teen like and authentic besides having the three young ladies utilize several correct comma placements and some choice em dash implementation I HIGHLY doubt that girls in their sopho year of high school would ever be bothered to execute proper punctuation and whatnot I know many authors who don t do any of that stuff correctly, for crying typing out loud That s the only thing that took me out of it whatsoever There should ve been flubs throughout But with all that being typed, this was a fun trip down memory laneto when things were just a little less stressful and were certainly not as technologically advanced as everything is today Rest in peace, AIM We won t exactly miss you, but we will remember you for how groundbreaking you were at the height of your powers One last thing, if Mr H was so cool and hipas Zoe once thought to be the case, why wasn t he hitting on a woman his own age Lame Mad glad he didn t get to taste the cake

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    A story entirely in IMs sounds gimmicky, and maybe it is Okay, yes it is I can t deny some of my enjoyment of this was the entertaining drama But hidden behind the drama is an entertaining coming of age story.The strength of the characters elevates this book to a better space Over the course of the series, these characters develop and get far interesting Zoe is a good girl with hidden depths Maddie is a bad girl with hidden depths And Angela is a ditzy girl with hidden depths These three characters subvert their original character archetypes in a nice way Throughout the books, their friendship dynamics change, but they stay just as connected to each other The shortness of each one is a plus This is a series you can blow through without getting bored and annoyed Yet you still get some enjoyable coming of age drama It s not exactly high literature, but I ended up really enjoying this story.

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    Teenagers, usually pictured as selfish, savage party animals, binge drinking and experiencing pregnancies by the time we are sixteen, seem to be a popular topic in the media The way Lauren Myracle portrays girls of the age of 15 16 is ludicrous and unrealistic Angela Silver, Zoe Barrett, and Maddie Kinnick are three under aged girls in the 10th grade Experiencing a high level of drama, the main characters are subjected to a variety of commotion that most modern teens would not reach until reaching college The novel, TTYL, includes a portion of pedophilia, drinking, cyber bullying, and nudity I would infer that older audiences would admire this book for its level of lifelike scenarios and dialogue However, I have never directly encountered any human being with the intentions of misspelling half of all their words on instant messaging in high school Near the end of the book Maddie s two friends discuss about how a girl named Jana sent pictures of maddie dancing on the table, and she was naked from the waist up 176 after a frat party with alcohol The winsome threesome 2 gossip about their school mates constantly and are subjects to peer pressure and insecurity Although this is a quality that is very realistic with teenagers today, the characters do not show any purposeful quality They seem like very shallow characters and I find it very hard to relate to such falsely developed personalities I personally take offense to the fact that Myracle pictures teenagers of my age as small minded creatures and that she has the nerve to distribute the idea TTYL by Lauren Myracle seemingly expresses what the media feeds to its viewers about stereotypical teenagers, the novel is just as superficial as the character development, and it s crafted with dialogue that is unrealistic and overly exaggerated.

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    Damn you WHY do you plant these things in my head Overall Thoughts

    This was a super fun, easy and cute series Nothing intense of course, there s not much to actually review But if you re looking for something light and funny, this series is great The girls are hilarious and I found myself getting actually invested in their story lines and wondering what was going to happen in their lives next

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