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Hardwired Features High Tech Thrills And Unforgettable Heroes In The Great Tradition Of William Gibson S Neuromancer According To Locus, Hardwired Is Walter Jon Williams S Best Book To DateEx Fighter Pilot Cowboy, Hardwired Via Skull Sockets Directly To His Lethal Electronic Hardware, Teams Up With Sarah, An Equally Cyborized Gun For Hire, To Make A Last Stab At Independence From The Rapacious Orbitals

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    Struggling to slap a rating on this novel really crystallized for me the problem with the current star rating system It s not a bad book It was moderately entertaining and had some excellent moments of action, story and character interaction It doesn t deserve the stigma that is associated with the 2 star rating However, I also didn t like it enough to bestow the 3rd star and thus proclaim to the world that all should read this Tis a quandary.Thus, I figured I could either round up to 3 stars and spend the review hating on all the things I didn t enjoy or basically hating on the story, or I could stick with 2 stars and try to be balanced in my assessment In the end, balance won PLOT SUMMARY Written in 1986, this early cyberpunk story takes place in a world that has become clich for these kinds of novels mean, faceless mega corporations now run the planet from orbital satellites artificial intelligence is a reality bio mechanical implants and enhancements are the norm guns and ammo are ubiquitous and data piracy vs data safeguarding is the way of life If the above does not sound familiar, than you have not done enough cyberpunking Our story centers on Cowboy, a cybernetically enhanced ex fighter pilot who now acts as a smuggler in a now balkanized United States Cowboy spends his time scratching out a living helping to break the power grip of the corporate controlled orbitals Cowboy eventually teams up with Sarah, a street wise bodyguard assassin Together, with an eclectic band of misfits and talented ruffians, they go about trying to bring a world of pain to the whoreporations running the show Um not exactly ground breaking as far as plots go Let me say that despite the well worn premise which, admittedly, was not as well worn at the time it was written , the writing was solid and there were some interesting moments of genuine fun Unfortunately, I never really got connected to the plot and when you are reading a high octane, action orientated, punked thriller like this and you find you attention wondering fairly consistently, than I think it s a pretty bad sign I eventually had to call Houston informing them of my problem That said, Walter Jon Williams has writing chops and this book is not bad I will probably give the next book in the series at some point With Williams at the helm, this series has the potential to be entertaining This one just, for whatever reason, didn t resonate with me To sum up, okay but not great 2.5 stars

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    I don t know why I never got around to reading this back when I used to see it all the time in the bookstores, even knowing that I was such a cyberpunk fan and the whole field was blowing up left and right Maybe it was all the hardware and the focus on guns and metal that turned me off I didn t really care about this kind of punk so much as I cared for the cyber.Granted, back in those days, I might have picked it up, read the blurb, maybe a few random dozen pages, and concluded that it was too cowboy ee for me to care and I never would have begun anyway.But today, I have a slightly refined sensibility I still don t care for westerns that much, but at least I ve picked up the classics and seen that they were, in fact, good I m a fan of Clint Eastwood So while I m still not a huge fan of the genre, I can at least appreciate what it does very well, and in some cases, much better than any other type of fiction The main characters are Cowboy yeah, that s what he goes by, and Sarah, and both of them are very well rounded and interesting characters, full of subtle and not so subtle flaws and merits, detailed and fleshy histories, and an eventual love story that is neither gushy, idiotic, or verbose It was built on quiet respect and blooming friendship It was almost completely unlike what I was beginning to suspect the novel would wind up being.Oh no, though, you say, what happened to the cyberpunk aspects Was there lots of computer y stuff and explosions Why, hell yes, I say Dogfights in the sky A battle against the orbitals, lots of scary smuggling runs, but importantly, a heroic message about getting out from under the short sighted concerns of the crazy, sick, and bodyless brains in crystal The worldbuilding is than solid, filled with past and lost wars, body sculpting professions, and cocaine rockets This did come out in 1987, after all, and it both shows and shows itself off well Was I expecting it to be a bit of a knock off of Neuromancer, riding the wave of such a fantastic book Well, yeah, I guess I was How did it stand up Great, if you like hardware and aerial battles that would make rather pedestrian space operas hang their heads in shame I actually got into the battles, and I ve never been one to particularly like military fiction.I was very impressed not only by the execution of this novel, which never felt much like a knock off, but because I really got into both the main characters They weren t flashy or snarky They weren t bigger than life like Holden in the Expanse or unreliable but still awesome like Kvothe in Name of the Wind.Cowboy and Sarah felt like real people with real problems in a real world doing their real goddamned best in a really shitty situation.I honestly liked this book a lot, even if it isn t my normal cup of tea Why isn t this author sitting on laurels

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    Although I read Gibson s

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    You know the bit in Species where Natasha Henstridge sticks her tongue down Anthony Guidera s throat and out through the back of his head It won the 1996 MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, admittedly against a fairly weak field Ace Ventura When Nature Calls was a nominee But all the same.Anyway, what I wanted to say was if you liked that scene, then you ll probably like Hardwired too Just my little tip for the day.

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    I had a bad feeling about this book First, I ve yet to really enjoy a cyberpunk novel William Gibson, Neil Stephensonforget about it What is cyberpunk anyway To me, Walter Jon William s HARDWIRED is a strange mashup of corny romance, twangy western, quasi military, and action adventure Picture The Terminator and Sarah Connors suffering through a really hammy 80s script The story is severely hampered by heavy use of third person narrative Page after page of flowery descriptions of sky, grass, sweat, fuel, cows, psychos, hats, wigs, boobs, blood, beer, bugs, guns, mountains, weather ENOUGH ALREADY It s about forward progression of storyline, dummy Oh, and secondon the cover of the mass market PB is a complimentary statement by Roger Zelazny, whom I believe is one of the most overrated SFF authors of all time Cyberpunk Pffft

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    71 out of 100 for 2010Honest and for true, this is the best novel to come out of the Cyberpunk movement every time I read it I pick up on layers the way Williams uses myth, the ethical dilemmas the characters face, the postmodernity of the way much of the novel lives in the cultural referents of film and other Southwestern novels really an amazing novel.The novel has two protagonists, Cowboy, a former fighter pilot, and Sarah, a street smart hired gun who s trying to save her brother who probably isn t worth saving Set in a post Apocalyptic world in which corporations, which have set up shop in orbit, have subdued all the governments of the Earth, the polot of the novel finds Cowboy trying to break the power of the Orbitals and Sarah just trying to stay alive long enough to join them.If you like SF a little bit, you have to read this book.

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    I have a deep personal weakness for 80s cyberpunk, and though I waited many years to finally read this one, it delivers all the chrome and lasers and screaming cybernetic air battles and corporate skullduggery my teenage self could have ever desired A gritty froth of all that was best and brightest in the SF cliches of a quarter century ago.

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    Ideas y escenas que no terminan de casar con fluidez desde la perspectiva global del libro G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta En unos Estados Unidos de Am rica futuristas, en las que el verdadero control pol tico y social recae en las corporaciones con sede en la rbita terrestre, Cowboy es un antiguo piloto de combate que debi redirigir su vida profesional hacia el pilotaje de blindados, mediante conexiones neuronales a la m quina, unos veh culos que normalmente se usan para actividades ilegales relacionadas con el contrabando Sarah alterna su trabajo como chica de compa a con el de guardaespaldas, tiene una relaci n compleja con su hermano y, tras un contrato, se ver en peligro y su destino terminar relacion ndose con el de Cowboy Quiere saber m s del libro, sin spoilers Visite

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    More than anything else, Hardwired has shown me how bad the author wants to be William Gibson To Walter Jon William s credit, who doesn t Hardwired takes place sometime in the distant than not future The Earth is not doing well The oceans have rise, pollution is rampant, and the nations that are left standing have balkanized From low earth orbit, the Orbitals, a group of spaceborne corporations, are calling the shots Governments answer to them as they have the ulitmate in air superiority the ability to drop massive chunks of rock from great heights un cities who don t tow the line.Cowboy and Sarah though have decided they ve had enough Both are wrapped up in the Orbital efforts to control both the legitimate and black markets, screwing both of them in the process The unlikely pair team up with a group of like minded criminals, and together they take on Tempel I.G., the Phartmaceutical company that has begun to slowly take them apart.It s not a bad book, but to be honest I read Neuromancer once before I could actually pull out a pad of paper and a pencil, write down character names from Neuromancer, then draw a line to their Hardwired counterpart Cyberpunk fiction has a tendency to do this Billy and Bruce can t help but have this sort of effect on their sub genre With that said, it s worth a read for the mirrorshade crowd.

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    I am not sure how I managed to miss this gem Hardwired is hard core, old school cyberpunk which means lots of action, some introspection and all kinds of inventive technologies While parts of the novel feel dated and they are the Williams manages to get the reader to invest in both of his protagonists the wily and lethal Sarah and the just as wily and lethal Cowboy Full of victories and setbacks, the action never flags and the heroes suffer betrayals and duplicities from all sides, including each other Particularly intriguing is that the novel is set in the aftermath of a devastating war where orbital habitats have bombed the Earth with meteors The world is starkly drawn and intricate at the same time, believable and unique.A terrific read.