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A Timeless Tale From The First Name In Romantic Comedy Jennifer Crusie OBJECTIVE Find ManMust Be Rich, Handsome, And SuccessfulKate Svenson Is Attractive, Successful, A Brilliant Businesswoman And Miserable After Three Failed Engagements, She Realises It S Time For A PLANand Organised, Detailed Agenda With A Clear Goal Finding Mr RightThe Cabins Resort Is Ripe With Eligible Bachelors, All Rich, Distinguished And Ambitious Just Her Type And They Re Dropping Like Flies Around Herat Least, That S How Jake Templeton Views The Situation After He S Stuck Pulling Her Latest Reject Out Of The Swimming Pool, Jake S Convinced This Femme Fatale Is Trouble Especially For HimBut Can A Man Who S Sworn Off Ambition For Good And A Woman Hanging From The Top Of The Corporate Ladder Find Common Ground In The Unpredictable Territory Called The Heart, Where The Word Proposal Takes On A Very Different Meaning

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    Manhunting is a five star read if there ever was one If you re feeling blah and want a good laugh along with a wonderful romance you can t get better than this Kate Svensen is thirty five, gorgeous and has a successful career She s the kind of heroine we all love to hate But wait a minute this is a Crusie heroine after all and not your standard perfectly coifed heroine Not at all Kate may be successful than most of us ever dream of becoming but she s also insecure and than a little bit unhappy Her job bores her, her breasts are starting to droop and she s given up on love after dating a string of losers who only want her for her money Despite this Kate still wants a husband, a compatible husband who is as successful and driven as she is And what better place to find him than at an exclusive golf resort catering to singles But instead of meeting a decent hard working man Kate only finds losers at the resort The trip isn t a total bust however because she does meet Jake and the two strike up an instant friendship Jake is beautiful and they have a ton of fun together But he s also totally unmotivated, admittedly lazy, and just about the slowest moving person Kate has ever come across He s so not what Kate is looking for.Jake had been married to a cold, self centered woman and now wants to settle down with a nice, dumb bimbo who thinks he s the end all be all of her world Definitely not Kate But the two are honest with each other and begin spending a lot of time together because they believe they are safe with each other.All their well laid plans are blown to shreds when love takes over and then the fun really begins Manhunting is a classic Jennifer Crusie tale filled with humorous situations, tons of witty dialogue that is simply about two people who love spending time together The conflict is believable and never feels contrived and the book doesn t get weighed down with subplots There are a few great secondary characters who add to the fun but never take over the spotlight Manhunting is the book to choose if you need a quick pick me up.

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    There are times when I crave a night of romantic comedies Manhunting fulfills this hunger in book form Is it mindless Yes.It is predictable Yup.Is it for everyone Probably not But that s okay For those of you that adore a cute little love story, this is it I don t know if it s because I haven t read any chick lit lately, but I let my emotions rush with Kate the main character I swooned, I hoped for the best and got what I she wanted.I guess I was in that type of mood.

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    This is her first novel There s the cutest note at the front of this book that says it s her first and a favorite as a result I can totally see why Jake is cool enough besides the name, I mean and I really liked how dimensional, I suppose that he was His attachment to Toby s Corner was endearing, even while his lay about lifestyle is mildly off putting His brother, Will, helped that a bit as their relationship and shared insights into Jake actively showed us that he had depth than might appear on the surface.But I really liked Kate She s a hot mess of contradictions, a high profile career woman looking for a man to settle down with without settling down , and that s just for a start I really liked her learning to parse her own interior preferences and emotional landscape, even as she s trying to figure out the men around her.But what sold the book was combining all of that with some truly laugh out loud moments and I don t mean the slapstick though that wasn t out of place, either, really, even though I m not usually a fan Kate and Jake and those around them were witty and in situations that were rife with emotional byplay and that was fertile ground for Crusie to mine for humor.This was a solid four stars, but the humor bumped my entertainment up to a stretched, but valid, five I can t believe this is her first published book.A note about Steamy On the high side of mild with two and a half explicit scenes and a few flirty episodes of varying degrees of sexy.

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    4.5 starsAt 35 years of age, Kate Svenson seemed to have it all except a fulfilling personal relationship with.Ta Da a man She needed a good man Someone to love and accept her for who she was Convinced by her BFF, she took the plunge and set off to vacation at The Cabins in Kentucky and find her dream guy The author has fine tuned a formula and MANHUNTING had it all Some insecurity with the H and h Silly antics with stupid goofy moments Crisp dialog that sparkles at select times Wonderful chemistry and enjoyable secondary characters At times, her romances have reminded me of Kristan Higgins stories They contain a like able H h but you still want to throttle them.If you enjoy the opposites attract trope and are willing to ignore some minor datedness it was first published in 1993 MANHUNTING might be something you would enjoy I liked Anyone But You, I enjoyed Bet Me but, by far, this is my favorite Crusie romance.

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    Stretching this to 3 stars Cute, maybe a little too cute Not as good as

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    Chick lit category My first reaction But this one It wasn t so bad Don t get me wrong, it did have those moments where I was all, kicking you to the curb what is with me and kicking these days It s like all I wanna do NOTE read this as part of New Years challenge in the Unapologetic Romance reading group Chick lit category.Setting Time Genre Current or rather like early turn of the century This century though.Series I do not believe it isSexy times Yes But something like a 2 out of 5 so do what you will with that Plan on reading by the author Sure, it s Jennifer Cruise Heroine I forgot her name already and I need to commence to doin my chores so I m moving on She s fine Brave not brave Typical chick lit kinda gal Have a beer with her and move on Hero Heroine was right, he thinks he is some kinda zen cowboy sitting and hardly moving being one with the world Ok, that might work some of the time, son, but get off your arse and do something view spoiler He doesn t Even at the end She comes back to him hide spoiler

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    4.5 This book was so much fun I loved every minute of it The characters all of them were well done, the writing was hilarious without being slap stick, and the dialog was sharp and witty I only wish it was twice as long Crusie is sort of hit and miss with me, I loved Bet Me, and enjoyed Anyone But You However, I didn t care for parts of Fast Women too cynical about marriage and I have attempted and not finished Welcome to Temptation twice After reading Manhunting, I ll definitely be giving of Ms Crusie s books a try, and I might even go back to the highly praised Welcome to Temptation.

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    Lucy McGillicuddy looks for a husband What could go wrong goes wrong for every man who tries to get close to the heroine, finally the hero tries his luck That by itself would have made a good story but Crusie steps it up a pace with angst and true love pushing itself forward Great story

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    This book was a total hoot because it had two characters who practiced self delusion perfectly, the heroine with her corporate life and three engagements she broke off, who wanted to have a companion, someone smart and successful and definitely not like the hero Jake who does nothing, ever since he quit his job as a tax attorney in the city and invested all his money in the resort run by his brother and that is where these two meet.The hero doesn t want to do anything or so he tells himself as he pretends to fish and manages the outside of the resort, he is totally not looking for someone like Kate instead he doesn t want anybody after all his marriage was a disaster with a wife who tried to make him ambitious.Seeing Kate s date was so hilarious, all of them ended up injured in some way, then there was the young engaged Penny I loved seeing Kate come on to her own and felt like laughing so badly when these two on their boat ride tried to tell themselves they felt brotherly towards each other and finally when Kate is working at the bar enjoying feeling sexy, they are hit over their head with their attraction.And that boat drowning sex scene was hilarious as hell I also liked the end quite a bit, these two were totally awesome and the book hilarious.

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    4 stars I really enjoyed this one It s part of my Conquer all Jennifer Crusie s books quest If you needed a little motivation to read this one Here is what I had the surprise to find in it image error