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For a lot of my life, I ve thought it would be awesome to take the summer off and walk the Appalachian trail But I have to admit, I ve never even walked on part of it, to the best of my knowledge I ve had acquaintances who have done it, and my cousin attempted but had to call it quits because he bought new boots for the adventure, which turned out to be a mistake It just sounds like such an amazing way to see our country.But, as I ve learned and about the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail, from reading both books and articles online, I have begun to think that the PCT is my style friendlier people, fewer horrible mishaps or malicious activities and the trail just seems to be overall friendlier to n00bs.Scott Jurek of course made waves in the running community for being an amazing distance runner, and vocally promoting a fully vegan diet He was in a running slump and decided to tackle the Appalachian Trail speed record, going northbound which is backwards from typical Despite a rough start in which he became seriously injured on something like day 2, he continued to push through the pain, horrible rainy weather, creepy people showing up on the trail uninvited to run with him or harass his wife actually SHE put up with a lot of the creepers at the waiting points than he did on the trail and successfully got the FKT fastest known time Just imagine how fast he could have done it if he d been able to walk properly And yet, it s pretty clear that he s incredibly miserable the entire time By the end of the trail he s mostly on autopilot, sick, lost a lot of weight, and doesn t seem to be 100% aware of what is going on around him Don t get me wrong I totally understand this I feel this way at a much smaller scale when I run a marathon and sometimes even much shorter races when I m not trained properly and yet I still call it fun and I m glad I did it and I ll continue to do it But despite a lot of criticism of books like this for encouraging people to attempt these trails and increasing the amount of foot traffic contributing to the commercialization of natural areas or somesuch , I feel like this book had the opposite effect on me It said uhhh yeah, no, you could not handle this Then again, I would definitely not be attempting any speed record and I do still want to day hike bits and pieces. A fascinating story of Scott Jurek running almost consecutive 2200 miles The journey is filled with ups and downs introspection and retrospection injuries and desperation.I highly recommend this book to anybody who takes any interest in running even of the regular kind, not of the superhuman, ultrarunning variety which Scott does An additional recommendation goes to the audiobook edition which is read by Scott and Jenny themselves The story really comes alive I listened to most of the book while running myself, and several times I laughed out loud when Scott did his Karl Speedgoat Meltzer impression. From The Author Of The Bestseller Eat And Run, A Thrilling New Memoir About His Grueling, Exhilarating, And Immensely Inspiring Day Run To Break The Speed Record For The Appalachian TrailScott Jurek Is One Of The World S Best Known And Most Beloved Ultrarunners Renowned For His Remarkable Endurance And Speed, Accomplished On A Vegan Diet, He S Finished First In Nearly All Of Ultrarunning S Elite Events Over The Course Of His Career But After Two Decades Of Racing, Training, Speaking, And Touring, Jurek Felt An Urgent Need To Discover Something New About Himself He Embarked On A Wholly Unique Challenge, One That Would Force Him To Grow As A Person And As An Athlete Breaking The Speed Record For The Appalachian Trail North Is The Story Of The , Mile Journey That Nearly Shattered HimWhen He Set Out In The Spring Of , Jurek Anticipated Punishing Terrain, Forbidding Weather, And Inevitable Injuries He Would Have To Run Nearly Miles A Day, Every Day, For Almost Seven Weeks He Knew He Would Be Pushing Himself To The Limit, That Comfort And Rest Would Be In Short Supply But He Couldn T Have Imagined The Physical And Emotional Toll The Trip Would Exact, Nor The Rewards It Would OfferWith His Wife, Jenny, Friends, And The Kindness Of Strangers Supporting Him, Jurek Ran, Hiked, And Stumbled His Way North, One White Blaze At A Time A Stunning Narrative Of Perseverance And Personal Transformation, North Is A Portrait Of A Man Stripped Bare On The Most Demanding And Transcendent Effort Of His Life It Will Inspire Runners And Non Runners Alike To Keep Striving For Their Personal Best Scott, thank you for bringing us with you to this adventure and those places Sometimes happy places, but mostly dark places.I loved that the book was written from 2 perspectives Scott s and his wife s who was crewing for him It was interesting not only because it gave 2 perspectives of the event, but also because crewing for such an event comes with its own set of challenges And they both saw the Appalachian Trail from their own perspective.I also loved how true was the book I had an opportunity to see the book s opening presentation by Scott and Jenny and it was clear to me that they don t know how to be fake and that is true also for their writing.However, I would have liked Scott to dive deeper and reveal of his mental struggles and thoughts during the run He started this adventure to deal with his problems mainly, being an aging athlete who also struggles with motivation The book does not fully reveal how he managed that Then again it seemed like his mind was not functioning properly for a big part of the journey Maybe he did not get all of the answers Or maybe there were things he did not want to share that is his right and that is understandable For any other book might have given 4 stars because of this, but this one is just too unique and I am too grateful the author for sharing his experience to do that.Overall, a great book which I highly recommend all runners and outdoorsy persons The cast that appears in the book is also badass.Last side note during the book presentation I asked Scott What was that helped him get through the lowest points Before he answered there was a little hesitation and a look I think I saw his soul in his eyes It felt like just for a second he went back to those lowest points and emotions he had I instantly felt sorry for asking the question and after reading the book I understand what I saw there.By the way, the answer, of course, was other people It will be clear why when you read it. Thanks to Little, Brown for sending me a copy to review The Appalachian Trail is some 2200 miles favorite fun fact from this book that s half the circumferance of Pluto , and this is the story of how Scott Jurek ran the whole darn thing in 46 days breaking the fastest known record That means an average of 50 miles of trail every day, a mentally and physically punishing challenge for even the strongest ultra athlete.I ve hiked sections of the AT, so I really enjoyed being able to follow his journey through parts of the trail I ve loved At its best, this story gives fascinating insight to what goes into a long distance challenge like this the large team that rotated through to support and keep Scott going, the planning of mileage and logistics, the large amounts of Clif bars consumed Interspersed with Scott s perspective are his wife Jenny s thoughts, which rounded the narrative out nicely.Overall, I wanted Jurek dips into his reasons for taking this on, and I wish he d gone deeper into what it meant to be an aging athlete and where this journey took him emotionally Scott and Jenny include plenty from their personal lives, but it felt like they were toeing the line when it came to really telling the whole story and I completely understand that it s their right to choose what they want to divulge At the same time, I think the book would have been stronger if they had either gone all the way into the personal or just stuck with the athleticism. Imagine running 84 marathons Consecutively That s what running legend Scott Jurek asks you to do in his newest book, North Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail.It comes out April 10, 2018.Warning if you know nothing about Jurek and Appalachian Trail records, then there are spoilers in this review.In 2011, Jennifer Pharr Davis thru hiked the Appalachian Trail in 46 days, 11 hours, and 20 minutes That s an average of 76 km 47 miles per day.North is about how and why Scott Jurek beat that record on July 12, 2015 Scott Jurek finished 3 hours and 12 minutes faster than Davis.Jurek s wife, Jenny Jurek, likes to call her husband Jurker Meanwhile, he likes to call her Jlu pronounced jay loo Jenny supported Scott throughout his race.Other running legends, such as David Horton and Karl Meltzer aka Speedgoat , also encourage Scott in key parts of his attempt.Jurek s literary agent, Richard Pine, pushed Jurek to write another book Jurek doesn t drag his feet when he s running but he sure did when it came to writing this book It s now three years since he set the record it s already ancient history.A year after Jurek s record, Karl Meltzer aka Speedgoat ran the Appalachian Trail southbound in 45 days, 22 hours, and 38 minutes that s 10 hours faster than Jurek He was 48 years old when he pulled that off.Just like Speedgoat helped Jurek set the record, Jurek returned the favor, thereby showing great sportsmanship In 2017, a year after Speedgoat s record, a 26 year old named Joe McConaughy aka Stringbean raised the bar even further by finishing in 45 days, 12 hours and 15 minutes that s 10 hours faster than Meltzer and 20 hours faster than Jurek What s remarkable is that McConaughy wasn t just his 48 mile per day average but that he did it unsupported, unlike Jurek and Meltzer He beat the previous unsupported recorded by nine days.In short, McConaughy has the story most thru hikers want to hear Nearly all thru hikers are unsupported and proud of it Ultra runners are a different species Although Jurek s Appalachian Trail run is old news, it s still a fascinating tale for those who are either into ultra running or thru hiking.Indeed, if you re not into ultra running or thru hiking, you will probably find North boring It s a blow by blow account of his many challenges For those who are familiar with the Appalachian Trail, thru hiking, or ultra running, you ll identify with what he s saying Others will not.Therefore, for the Appalachian Trail fan, thru hiker, or ultra runner, it s 9 10 stars For others, wait for McConaughy s book if it ever comes Or wait until the next speed freak sets a new record.Disclosure The publisher gave me an advanced copy with the hope that I would write an honest review. This is a painful journey literally for the authors and vicariously for the reader For myself although I do wish to take a long trail at some point in my life I definitely do not want to go anywhere close to this fast, but it was a valiant goal and a rather astonishing achievement considering the problems he encountered near the beginning and the toll the trip was taking on his body by the end I understand better now why a woman held the record previous to this attempt.Popsugar 2018 a book by two authors Prepping for Biosirkel 32. Perhaps I m not ultra runner material A new version of an old joke Question So you go to a party, how do you find the vegan ultra runner dude at the party Answer Oh, don t worry He ll find you Scott Jurek s book copy bills him as one of the greatest runners of all time and a PASSIONATE vegan as if there were some other kind While I enjoyed his tale of breaking the Fastest Known Time FKT on the Appalachian Trial, I could not for a minute imagine enjoying his company on the trail Although the book has a nice voice and is well written, Jurek approached this feat as if he was one of the greatest runners of all time, which is to say with insufficient humility, insufficient trail knowledge, and insufficient planning This hubris combined with an illiberal liberal chauvinism against anything southern or rural made Scott an uninviting trail companion from my point of view Anyone who can t get out of their own driveway until 0200 because they can t get their sh t together is off to a bad start The bad start culminated in much unnecessary suffering and physical risk The original plan was to break the FKT by 4 days Jurek risked his life and the lives of his friends while wasting away to nothing and barely beating the mark by 3 hours Jurek gamely treats this struggle as some kind of heroism, but he s lucky he didn t die or seriously injure one of his crew through this folly First responders must regularly place their lives at risk or forever live with the images of unprepared fools whose bodies were plucked from the wilderness Lack of preparation or insufficient respect for the risks of wilderness travel is not entertaining Some of the better portions of the book were written by Scott Jurek s wife, Jenny Late in the book, she observes, Looking back, I could see we were underprepared and naive Uhm, YEAH And given the number of ultra runners and AT through hikers who were their personal friends there was no excuse for it My problem with this book was roughly similar to my dislike for A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, an author I usually adore If one is going to enter a world like the AT or any sport or profession , become a student of that world FIRST Using a lifeline to call a friend after you re already en route and injured is not how this is supposed to work Be hungry But be humble first. A great read I remember tracking Scott when he made this attempt It is a great view behind the curtain to see what inspired the trip You know you are not in the same league when he talks about running through injury and still clocking 30 plus miles a day Fun to get a glimpse inside the mind of an elite athlete.