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If your looking for a good book to read on the beach or vacation, this one will easily fill that need.You are hooked from the beginning You will find adventure, romance, the supernatural world of dragons, vampires, sirens and You can tell the author has done her research on her characters and creatures as we know them I read the book in less than two days I didn t want to put it down It s a page turner This young author s writing style reminded me of reading a Jame Patterson novel.I never felt like it slowed down Quite the contrary It was one adventure after the other I am left now wanting What will happen to Sadie Can t wait for the sequel Excellent read and I highly recommend this book especially if you love fantasies I loved this book so much It was so well written The characters were complex and intriguing The storyline flowed beautifully I couldn t put it down This epic love story between Peter and Sadie has become my favorite ship of all time The romance was incredible, and yet there was so much to the story than just two people falling in love This author has created a vivid and elaborate world, with both new and familiar creatures, yet always managed to give her own unique twist to them I loved her dragons I have never seen dragons used in this way, human than animal, and it was a great change The storyline was believable and ended in a way that left me wanting , without being a cliffhanger I cannot wait for the next book in this series Nearly A Decade Ago, The Supernatural Creatures Hidden In The Shadows Conquered The World With Unspeakable Power The Mass Takeover Became Known As The Great Fall Of Civilization And The Most Devastating Event In Recorded History Year Old Sadie Carlisle Has Never Seen Past The Walls Of Section After A City Siege Forces Sadie Into A Fight For Survival, An Unlikely Ally Turns Her Life Into A Thrilling And Terrifying Whirlwind Peter Is The Ultimate Drug Exciting, Addictive, And Highly Dangerous The War Raging Between Dark Creatures Threatens Everything They Ve Discovered In One Another Loyalties Are Tested, And The Fate Of Humanity Rests In The Balance How Far Would You Go For The One You Love Most Okay, so I just finished reading it about 3 minutes ago and in all honesty I ve read a ton of books I was expecting some everyday run of the mill book to read in a waiting room I expected nothing and this book gave me everything I want in a freaking book It was awesome I don t have enough adjectives to describe how incredibly, phenomenally, amazing it was and is I can t wait for the damn sequel. Simply amazing I loved it Well written and highly addictive Trust me when I say this I do not enjoy giving bad reviews and when a book has a ton of shortcomings like this one does, I definitely try to find the good as well And I should get props because even through all the bad, I read through it all First of all, I was intrigued by this sort of X Men concept that creatures such as dragons, sirens, pixies, werewolves, vampires, etc had come out of the shadows and had even taken over the world Seriously, I think that is a cool concept but I think it could have been handled better And I thought the cover was beautiful I think The Crimson Throne would have benefited from a third person omniscient point of view or even various points of views because hearing it all from Sadie s perspective reminded me of Bella s from Twilight Now, I think this book may be a couple pegs above Twilight but there is the similarity of a lot of telling instead of showing going on I would argue that Sadie is not as helpless of a heroine as Bella was but still, for someone who is supposedly known for fighting back, she took a lot of B.S from her foster parents and stayed in an unsafe situation longer than she should have Peter, her dragon love interest, even asks her about her living situation before he returns her back to Section 18 and she tells him that they treat her well enough They aren t abusive, rather neglectful and not necessarily warm Say what Girl, that statement totally disagrees with this one He s smack and dude, it should say smacked but believe it or not, it s written that way in the book because this book has a a ton of typos me around from time to time Usually only a slap to get my attention or make his point Randy had never gone after me like this before Lack of consistency in Sadie s point of view Not to mention, the foster mother belittles her emotionally and the situation escalates to her foster father threatening, neigh promising, to rape her Seriously If Sadie is apparently brave and resourceful as she is made out to be in the book, she wouldn t have stayed for as long as she did and waited until her dragon boyfriend came and insisted she live with him I understand this was probably done for storytelling purposes, but I don t think that s good enough of a reason The romance still could have continued to grow if she was living with her best friend or even if she was living as a bum in a Section 18 park She even says towards the beginning, There was no one in Section 18 missing me Come again How do you explain the supposed best friend named Meredith who works with Sadie at the library, who she even wants to keep in contact with after she flees Section 18 barely making it out unscathed by the way because she suspects that Meredith blew the whistle on her and later on without actual proof or confronting her, Sadie is sure it was Meredith who snitched on her , who supposedly knows all about her foster parent woes except the new stuff she conveniently left out until the moment she decided it was finally time to escape with her dragon boyfriend yet has the audacity to belittle them instead of insisting her parents take Sadie in and adopt her, and also tries to dissuade her from fleeing or having a relationship with Peter because she says she will miss her and is concerned about her One moment that friend was encouraging her to live her life, the next she was calling Sadie a drama queen and implying her problems were self inflicted and to an extent they kinda were because homegirl stuck around Choose a side No fence sitters allowed I wouldn t say Peter was an Edward He wasn t possessive like him or limiting to Sadie in any way He actually wanted her to learn how to defend herself I actually really enjoyed him as a character And some could argue that the romance was a bit on the insta love side and they would probably be right I do think the romance escalated quickly They didn t even say I like you to each other first He just couldn t stay away from her and he became her outlet from her terrible home life Besides getting told some of the sad background stories about Belinda, Maria, and Peter, nothing is really revealed about the characters of Bentley, Trenton who I think who had potential to be a beloved character , and the twin dragon brothers We don t really get told their history or get a hint of what role they will play later on like will some of them be romantically involved with Belinda and Maria , because, SPOILER ALERT, the book ends with the hint that this story will be continued And our main villain is as shallow as they come He would have benefited from some depth instead of just being a monster and lusting bloodlusting after Sadie because he s the most evil vampire to have ever existed and Sadie is apparently irresistible Now, I know I have already mentioned the fact that typos were a huge problem here but let me elaborate I understand that writing a novel is a major feat I read a book recently that I absolutely loved and it had a couple typos, but it didn t happen so much that it took away from the quality of the story I am not picky enough as a reader to count and point out all of typos but here are a couple of examples Exhibit A We made a pack to never go alone B You re losing value bodies C strong counters of his back this one actually happened twice D Maria lung down this one was also repeated E His lips crooked You get the idea There are a lot of these and I wish that whoever edited this had caught all of these mistakes before the book was printed And it s not just grammatical mistakes One moment Sadie would be narrating to the reader in past tense and then future tense and it was just confusing I really am sorry to write this review because previous reviews raved about this book and the synopsis got me excited to read it The story was interesting and it had major potential in my opinion, but it didn t hit the mark for me I really wanted to love it buthttp tumblrmdthttps big.assets.huffingthttps hostedimAnd if there is sequel like I think there will be, I do not think I will continue The story is certainly memorable and I think there is potential for all of the characters to grow and get depth but this story did not feel fully formed Had to be honest. Note I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review The Crimson Throne was so good I normally don t read dystopian books, I want an escape when I read so why would I read something that has a world that has already gone to complete shit However there are a few exceptions and this is one of them The Crimson Throne is a supernatural dystopian which, besides the synopsis, is a reason I decided to read it.Every kind of supernatural creature is either in this book or mentioned in this book and I loved it Most books just mention the type of supernatural character because that character appears Christi not only mentions it but does a little explaining without info dumping and she mentions other supernatural characters that s not shown This is a supernatural world after all so why would there only be mention or shown of two or three types.Sadie is the protagonist and I love her Sadie has been through so much and will go through a lot in this book but she is strong not only mentally because the girl is smart but emotionally and she has a great personality She is genuinely a kind person, she cares so much about people and is willing to risk herself to do the right thing She knows when she is doing something that isn t the smartest thing to do but she does it anyway because it was still the right thing to do She considers all her options and thinks over things and not just jump in head first but she isn t boring because she is a take action kind of character who doesn t really take shit Sadie has become a stronger person in the supernatural world.This book is a dystopian with some romance and reader get introduced to Peter Grayson Peter come in pretty early in the book so hopeful this isn t to much of a spoiler but I love him so much I had to mention him He is First off he is a dragon, that s right I said dragon A hot as hell dragon that has dual sides of him The strong fierce leader of the group who will do what he as to do a sort of bad boy side and the ultimate good guy who cares about everything and feel things deeply even though he doesn t show it Also his looks with those smoldering gray eyes, I know, I loved him the moment Christi describe him Sadie and Peter are great together, they know each other so well and seem so at peace with one another like that always belong together and I love that.This book doesn t have some of the usual aspects and that shocked me I really wish I could go into detail about what I mean but if I do I will give away spoilers and that is not going to happen I think it s best if you read this book by not knowing too much about what is going on in the story and the way the story goes really anything could happen.The Crimson Throne had everything I love but with a little twist like the girl saves herself There was action, steamy romance, growing relationships, danger, betrayal, multiple supernatural creatures, surprises and so much I loved it so much and with an ending like that I am pretty sure that this is meant to be the first book in a series If it s not then I am going to be crushed because I need of this story.OVERALL 4.5 stars I was asked to read this book by the Author This is her first book I was not sure what I would find in this book I found the writing smooth I was instantly excited by Sadie I love her sharp tongue and that she did not just give in what was happening to her The fighter in her just took over Living most of her life trapped behind wall that were supposed to protect her from the monsters outside the walls A world taken over by the creatures of the dark side A world that was no longer in the hands of Humankind I have to say that I love the way the world was put together The race to see who will claim the throne and there is no doubt that blood will run freely This lays a good foundation of this story and the world it takes place in Can t wait to see what comes of the rest of this wonderful cast of characters I can t wait for a second book and maybe if we are lucky. 4.25 stars If you love monsters and fantasy creatures, you ll love Christi Stallard s The Crimson Throne Vampires, dragons, sirens, pixies, werewolves, ghouls they all live side by side in a world that no longer belongs to humankind, which is a real problem for Sadie Carlisle, the teen heroine who has spent her entire life surrounded by the walls of Section 18 When the city gets raided, Sadie is forced to fight for her very survival.If that sounds at all clich , trust me, it isn t The world Christi Stallard has created is masterful, from its invented history to the setup of day to day life Movie companies and TV networks, take note the reimagining of so many mythical creatures into one seamless, dystopian nightmare makes this universe ripe for acquisition.Yes, some details were left unexplained and there were a few grammatical issues, but that didn t hurt the read At least, not for me When I love a world and an overall plot, I m happy to suspend disbelief and accept the author s premises about the world she has designed I also believe life is too short to focus on the negatives, especially where there s so much artistry to be found The world of The Crimson Throne is rich and intricate, the plot is surprising and entertaining, and the characters won me over I have the feeling this series is only going to get better, and I can t wait to see what happens nextFor NA YA MG reviews, visit our book blog at I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book The story pulled me in right away I felt an immediate connection to Sadie and the issues she was having to deal with at home struck a soft spot with me In fact I really thought all the character development was really good as well as the world development The plot was well paced and kept me interested from the very beginning til the very end And the ending left me ready for the next book hint hint at author I also loved the array of supernatural creatures and the author s interpretation of them Of course no book is perfect and there were a few flaws A few parts seemed kind of repetitive repeating a phrase used not long ago or reiterating something from the previous scene but it was mild and not enough to throw me off the story There are some grammatical issues and typos These could be due to this being the author s first book or a slip up in the editing process, but one way or another they would not keep me from reading other books of hers The story is well able to get you through any minor imperfections in writing style And the story does require a bit of a suspension of disbelief because it is rather fantastic This to me, is not really a problem because who doesn t want a fantastical story There is also instalove It is down as a flaw because it bothers some people It doesn t really bother me and in this book it works well.Overall, 4.5 out of 5 stars and I may very well forgive the repetitive grammar typo part and come back later to bump it up to 5 Fun read Would definitely recommend.