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Atomic Robo TPB Volume 1: Atomic Robo & the Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne (Atomic Robo) epub –

In , Nikola Tesla S Career Is In Its Twilight Until He Unveils A Robot With Automatic Intelligence ATOMIC ROBO After Decades Of Dealing With All Manner Of Weirdness, Atomic Robo And The So Called Action Scientists Of Tesladyne Become The Go To Defense Force Against The Unexplained See ROBO Take On Nazis, Giant Ants, Clockwork Mummies, Walking Pyramids, Mars, Cyborgs, And His Nemesis, Baron Von Helsingard, In His First Trade Paperback Graphic Novel This Edition Collects The Hard To Find, Sold Out, Debut Issues Of Atomic Robo , Complete With Cover Gallery, Pin Ups, Concept Sketches, And Bonus Stories

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    It must be really tough to be a comic book writer graphic novelist in this day and age First, there s the proliferation of comics on the internet, which draws an attention deficit society away from hard copy books in general, let alone graphic novels Second, and intimately tied to the first, is the sheer volume of self published graphic novels in hard copy form, I mean , which makes it easier for your work to get lost in the crowd And while there is a lot of dross out there, there is a lot of great material out there, both in the self published vein and coming from traditional publishers Some recent examples of such stellar work in the latter realm are The Manhattan Projects, Prophet, and the Fatale series That s some stiff competition and a not very friendly environment in which to find oneself as a graphic novelist.But you can t blame people for trying Heck, if I had half the artistic talent of Scott Wegener or the connections with artists enjoyed by Brian Clevinger, I d take a shot at it myself I love the graphic novel form, and I m a decent enough writer Alas, I am not a great artist Not even a good artist.Wegener is a good artist Behind the front cover, his work is a little sparse and uncluttered for my tastes I like details and a bit of organic roughness or a sense of aging and decay, if you will, a la Moebius or Farel Dalrymple, so the artwork in Atomic Robo Volume One was adequate to the task, but not stunning.Clevinger is a good writer, too The narrative stream in this work takes several bends, in the form of flashbacks, each of which adds to the cumulative knowledge about the main character, Robo But it s in the character of Robo that I find my greatest disappointment The premise is very cool, a robotic man, built by Nikol Tesla in 1923, is brought up by scientists who train him to defend the world from psychotic ne er do wells like the pseudo Nazi Lord Helsingard We watch Robo in a series of flashbacks as he fights giant ants, dogfights with a Japanese fighter during World War 2, lands on Mars and infiltrates one of the pyramids of Giza, which is moving toward Luxor, causing destruction with a Deathray as it crawls across the desert Robo, despite being somewhat vulnerable to major explosions but only somewhat , succeeds in everything he does, and does so with a snarky attitude that well, that s been played a hundred times before in the graphic novel genre In some ways, he s like a robotic Hellboy, but without the vulnerability that Hellboy shows, from time to time And Robo s compatriots seem just as cocky So cocky, in fact, that they lack humanity.So, while I enjoyed Atomic Robo Volume One, I feel that it lacks depth Perhaps Clevinger and Wegener hit another gear with some of the later books I know that Robo has a fairly loyal following out there But I can t be counted among them yet.

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    Atomic Robo is a robot that fights baddies and makes jokes and stuff He fights the Nazis in the 1930s and 40s he fights giant monster ants he fights bizarrely anachronistic mechanised pyramids in Egypt he goes to Mars for some reason and he fights a brain in a jar on a giant robot body And that s it Here s the thing I m a big Hellboy fan and for that reason I couldn t enjoy Atomic Robo it s WAY too similar Robo punches and shoots stuff, he fights Nazis, he fights monsters, he has a mysterious past, he quips he IS Hellboy but with a different design He s got buddies who help him out in the present with problems just like the BPRD I mean, come on, evil brains in jars has Mike Mignola written all over it There are a couple of tender moments, like when he s remembering an old soldier buddy who s passed away Robo doesn t age of course so he ll always lose his friends in the end Robo s design is pretty good too, those big eyes are unexpectedly expressive for a largely featureless face But mostly it was the comparisons to Hellboy that created this massive rift between me and this book It was way, way, way, waaaaay, WAY too much like a Hellboy ripoff for me to enjoy Maybe in later volumes Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener make some changes to the character and his world to make Robo distinctive but I m not interested enough to find out Why read Atomic Robo when the far exciting and original Hellboy BPRD is out there I don t know and that s why I d recommend those books instead of this.

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    I love Atomic Robo I fell in love with it after the first one I read, on Free Comic Book Day, in which there is a evil mad scientist velociraptor running through the corridors as walls are being torn down around him yelling DO NOT BLAME ME IT IS NOT MY FAULT Grammar as presented, which for some reason makes it even funnier Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

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    Just discovered Atomic Robo over the weekend and have already plowed through 4 volumes The premise is similar to Hellboy with science gone wrong instead of the supernatural The stories are fun, witty, action packed and often have a pulp feel I love that Atomic Robo is rivals with Stephen Hawking The art is quite good, reminiscent of a Michael Avon Oeming or Ryan Ottley This volume consists of a bunch of single issue adventures jumping around through the 80 years of Atomic Robo s past.

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    Hah Very much

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    This was my first Atomic Robo comic, and I must say i m impressed.This was really good fun He s like an Indiana Jones inside a Robot and acts in a similar fashion to Hellboy in some ways, but always to do with science instead of the supernatural.Good fun, I might read a few of these to see if there is of a storyline as this was just lots of shorts stories like Hellboy.

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    He a robot and a super hero and a wise ass Pure fun.

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    Quite fun It is Hellboy, but of a tech focus than folklore And comedy A lot comedy Makes me think of The Amazing Screw On Head actually.

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    The creators are clearly fans of Mike Mignola, and so fans of Mignola will feel a familiar structure and natural fondness for the style, material and pacing.With that said, Hellboy could practically step in for Atomic Robo think Hellboy and BPRD, but remove the paranormal feel and replace with a hard feeling science tech With that said, I love Hellboy, so that certainly wasn t a dealbreaker Unfortunately Atomic Robo has a few drawbacks, which were enough for me not to pick up the second TPB.Positives 1 It s fun, well written and often clever 2 It s light which is tough to find in a modern adventure comic 3 It s well drawn enough to enjoy, though I think the line work is iffy and the paneling is boring I did enjoy the B stories in the back, and their art almost than the general volume.Drawbacks 1 So Hellboy you know exactly what s going to happen, particularly in villain choices and dialogue style.2 Very little to no character development for anyone is developed in the 1st volume You don t get to know any of the sidekick or companion group characters, and honestly, beyond a quick wit and a Captain America esque sadness at his age in a modern era, you get to know very little about Robo either As a result I felt virtually no connection to any of the characters and couldn t have cared less what happened to them 3 Robo is indestructible 100%, thus far , so the battles are a bit anti climatic Especially since he s still just a smash fighter, and isn t using any particularly awesome science or techy solutions to problems Overall verdit is Okay Mostly likely to be enjoyed by fans of Axe Cop, Chew, Hellboy, Fables..

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    This is a bonkers graphic novel in which we see the Tesla made robot Atomic Robo and his fightin without a g apparently scientists as they take on all sorts of weird threats across the world from Nazis to giant ants to moving pyramids When I said bonkers I meant bonkers Clevinger and Wegener have successfully created a great comic book which isn t dark, an unusual feat these days In many ways it fits all the traditional comic book ideals lots of action, lots of impossible things that could only happen in a comic book and lots of humour it is really funny So why didn t I give this five stars Well that lies in the fact I struggled to work out what was going on half the time This was partly because there are lots of panels with no speech and just action where it is not clear what is going on and partly because it constantly has long flashbacks to Robo s other adventures I liked these other adventures, in fact some of them were the best bit, but having them scattered amongst the main plot line is not the way forward I ve seen a few later volumes and from what I gather they don t tend to jump around so much so perhaps this is something they sorted out Atomic Robo is great fun and an excellent series but I fear this first volume doesn t show of the bets of the robot and his adventures.