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Olympic Kickboxer Harris Greene S Career Has Just Self Destructed, And Both His Manager And His Fiance, Gaby, Have Dumped Him While Looking For Gaby, He Interrupts A Bizarre Trio As They Are Kidnapping Her, And He Is Hurled Into Another, Very Weird, Universe His Only Hope Is Doc Sidhe, This Art Deco Universe S Greatest Champion Of Justice

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    My old review for this didn t thrill me so here s the one I wrote as Dangerous Dan for s no secret that the pulps get Dangerous Dan as hot and bothered as a hillbilly with a jug of moonshine and two eager cousins, and a twist on an old favorite puts a little extra spring in his step Doc Sidhe is no exception.Doc Sidhe pronounced She, the Irish word for Faerie has the classic elements of Doc Savage but with twists and the twists are all things Dangerous Dan likes in his fiction Slacker screw up as one of the protagonists Check Parallel worlds Check Writing that s descriptive without being overly wordy Check Fantasy story that isn t a Tolkien rehash Check Couple this with tons of action and a character modelled after Doc Savage but stripped of the things that annoy me about the original Doc Savage tales and we have a winner on our hands The plot is pretty straightforward Harris Greene, a down on his luck kick boxer and the aforementioned slacker, sees some guys trying to abduct his recently ex girlfriend and intervenes, following them into an alternate world resembling 1930 s Earth, but with magic instead of technology Dwarves, elves, and assorted Fae abound Doc Sidhe, leader of the Sidhe Foundation, is a powerful wizard and warrior, and leads a crew resembling Doc Savage s crew It turns out Harris s girlfriend s kidnapping is part of a plot cooked up by Doc s arch nemesis who wants to rule both worlds Excited yet The author of Doc Sidhe is Aaron Allston, a trusted name in gaming circles Allston has written assorted supplements for various RPGs, as well as novels set in the Star Wars universe How does his writing stack up to Kenneth Robeson s, you ask It s better There, I said it Allston s writing surprised the hell out of Dangerous Dan It s descriptive without being overly wordy and suits the action perfectly It s not as predictable as you d think, either Some of Doc s crew die, unlike Doc Savage s crew The ending is satisfying and there s also a sequel, Sidhe Devil, and rumors of a second sequel abound.Dangerous Dan gave Doc Sidhe an easy 4.25 out of five If you don t believe Dangerous Dan, as if he d ever lie to you, go check out the publisher s website, where you can read the entire novel FOR FREE Don t say Dangerous Dan never did you any favors Doc Sidhe at Baen That s it for Dangerous Dan Until next time, keep your gun oiled and your lies simple enough that you can remember them later.

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    Okay, it might not be the best written book I ve ever read, but it was a hell of a lot of fun, and exactly what I wanted needed to read at the moment Your fairly standard two twinned worlds story, with a twist one world belongs to the fair folk, the traditional fae, and one is ours, and the fair world lags behind activiities in the grim world by a few decades Which means that, yes, this is a semi steampunk 1930s ish noir esque romp through an alternate pulp inspired world It s Dick Tracy come to life, in all its technicolour glory, plus magic and fae and redcaps and two way televisions and golems It is exactly as awesome as that sounds.The grimworld characters we re supposed to care about are actually quite dull and one dimensional, although the author gives us just enough of a taste of the nuance of his fairworld characters and their backgrounds that we know he s capable of doing much better Honestly, I didn t care a whit about Harris, Gaby, their relationship, etc I loved the fairworlders, and especially the mysterious ones the capable and affable Alastair, the elusive Noriko and wanted to explore their personalities and exploits Doc was interesting, although the setup with his arch enemy was pretty predictable, and the arch enemy himself and his compatriots would ve been interesting to explore in depth.The action scenes were slam bang, and there was actually a REASON for the main character to be so good at kicking butt, which was nice for a change Really, though, the attraction of this book is CLASSIC PULP FAERIES Read it for that It s worth it.

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    One of my biggest complaints about the fantasy genre is the lack of thinking outside the box Dwarves live underground and mine for gold Elves are reedy forest dwellers Technological innovation is unheard of except as quaint affectations.Doc Sidhe changes all that Take 1930s New York City, add in a blend of magic called devisement , golems, gangsters, and a scientist mage adventurer with a team of bizarre experts and you have what I can only call a pulp fantasy If you ever read Doc Savage stories, or liked the Indiana Jones movies, you ll enjoy Doc Sidhe.

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    Picked up as part of the Baen Free Library written by someone whom I ve read before in RPG books a fun cover and a fun sounding blurb and a bit of a let down.That is, there s a fun idea here Mixing pulp heroes in the vein of Doc Savage with mostly Irish fairy tales So we have a 1930s style Art Deco New York where so many people are pointy ears.OK, maybe you can see where that premise falls down a bit pointy ears aren t all that interesting and Art Deco is better as a visual style On top of that, the plot here involves crossing over between our world of the 90s and this fairy world, which drains a lot of energy out of the idea of a fairy world When all of Earth s countries and history is repeated in the fairy world with just a name change, the fairy world seems pretty silly When the main POV character and hero is a mopey expert in Tae Kwon Do, it feels almost parodically 90s That this guy, Harris Greene is both an expert fighter and a theater major makes him sound a little bit like nerdbait wish fulfillment interested in artsy things, he can still kick your ass, just like all RPG players and SCA performers secretly can Maybe what really gets me down on this book, besides the fact that the premise seems so thinly explored with this fairy world basically being 1920s 30s with pointy ears , is that the plot and the premise here are so unrelated you could tell a similar story mixing just about any neat o setting with just about any nerd trope It s the Renaissance but with Ninjas and someone has to save the connections between worlds It s the 1930s pulps but with mecha and someone has to It s theAnd it s really fun to come up with those mixes and Doc Savage fairies is really a fun idea But if you re going to do any of that, I d like to see a little exploration of what that premise would really be like and I d like to see some connection between the setting and the plot.Now, some of this might sound like I m complaining that this book doesn t match the blurb cover or that the book doesn t fit what I wanted it to be So, to put it directly for me, this was a bland adventure with some Art Deco decoration I have some ideas about how to un bland ify it, which would mostly involve not using the portal fantasy set up and the save two parallel worlds plot But whether or not my ideas would actually result in a better to me book and I could be wrong about those we re still left with a book where people with pointy ears shoot tommy guns Which is a fun image, but not enough to sustain a novel.

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    Another eBook selection available from the Baen Free Library The premise is simple, parallel worlds, one mechanical and one magical, and a evil genius who threatens both Only our hero, in this case a failed MMA fighter theater major, can save everyone, if he can figure out the magical world he s been transported to and use his mechanical knowledge to surprise defeat the villian.So about now you are probably wondering why I gave this 4 stars if it is so cliche And the answer is, there s a reason this plot became a cliche, it s a good plot It makes for a good book I love rooting for a loser with potential I love watching him win and get the girl in the end Is this a book you could write a term paper on for a literary analysis class Uhh, no But is it a fun read, that would likely make a decent summer action movie Heck, yeah So I gave it four stars It took a little while for me to get into it, but the ending flew along And, it s the book equivalent of comfort food, so while I enjoyed it, I can t give it 5.

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    Harris Greene s life is falling apart he loses both his manager as a kick boxer and his fiancee Gaby when he stumbled on an attempt to kidnap her He rescues her, but is trapped himself when the kidnappers jump to another world.One like 1940s Earth, with a few elements from Irish folklore You can even figure out which countries are which, though they go by different names He falls in with Doc Sidhe and the Sidhe Foundation, doing good in the world They find him interesting and disconcerting, especially when he proves that they speak English it s not some translation sideeffect of the shifting worlds And they look into why the kidnappers were interested in Gaby There s trouble behind that.It involves the magical dangers of owing someone, a eight legged stuffed horse, a wooden airplane, the dangers of iron, airships, inventing blue jeans, and .

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    A story of magic, and mayhem, and alternate worlds Well, only one alternate world, really, but it manages.It gets some points for making a decent magic and steampunk world, loses them for some plot devices that were obviously pulled out of the author s ass to make the story kinda cohesive, then loses some for the fact that many of the plot twists can be seen coming from miles away, but gets them back for nice action scenes, butOverall it s a fairly entertaining romp, with curious characters and pretty backdrops, and while it s probably not worth anywhere near the 15 wants for it, it s a pretty good deal for a buck at a used book store.

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    Doc Sidhe is a surprisingly good book about life on Earth 2 , an earth almost like the earth we know Somehow ALlston managed to keep it interesting and avoid it all drifting into absurdity.

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    Ok I thought several years ago that this was a good book I never managed to go beyond half of it and I always had a regret, because it was the first Sidhe who are not assholes fantasy novel I ever read and it looked interesting So I found it again and I said man, I m so glad to read it again I regret this decision You see, when I read it I was in another time, another place when my reading habits for this kind of literature was very, very poor After my second reading, I realised how poor both in setting and in characters this novel was But what made me just be disgusted by this story was Gabrielle I honestly found Gabrielle to be one of the worst female protagonists I had ever read and her relationship with Harris to be extremely unhealthy Twilight levels of unhealthy But what makes me curl was the airship scene That goddam scene That and all the homophobic jokes But that scene in particular Spoiler alert So you see, Pierre has just died and Harry, who was indirectly responsible, is feeling terrible So Gabriella went to his bunk and told him that he should go the grim world to be safe and that when this was over, she would return to because she wanted to continue with the relationship Harry just feel even horrible, because he couldn t go and told her goodbye again Gabrielle smiles and told him in so very few words that it was a test, that if he had gone back to the grim world she would have stayed in the fairy world and never see him again AREYOU FUCKING KIDDING ME You, when the guy was feeling survivor guilt, decided to manipulate his feelings, knowing, KNOWING that the guy who had risked his life dozens of times for you, still loved you, just to see if he was worthy because, as per her words, She needs somebody to challenge her Are you that horrible of a person Yes, he was wrong when he got drunk and decided to go to her apartment to convince to take him back which by the by, was the only reason he managed to save her Even he admits that in mid strife and after that, he never ever pressured you to still love him or be anything than a friend when it was killing him but less than a day had occurred the break up and the guy was seriously not in his head for you He even accepted that you will have another partner and make peace with it AND YOU DECIDED TO MANIPULATE HIM TO SEE IF HE WAS WORTHY OF YOU After all the help, after saving your life over and over again, after helping you reunite with your half soul, your response is I m going to tell you I love you and then stab you again Which by the way, could have ended with him in prison if she never came back if I found you are not a worthy mate Fuck, you Simply fuck you, you manipulate, snivelling, horrible monster And Harry is Oh babe, I m so happy that you take me back That I m now a man worthy of you It sicked me NOW I understand why so many women hate this type of template in the romance novels, why Twilight was so derided and why so many of them are just so exasperated with tv shows and movies It sickens you seeing it It makes you feel horrible No, no, no, no This book is beyond outdated His vision of the world The gender roles The ideas of adventure and romance It s outdated in the same way that racist jokes in the workplace or harmless trolling on the net is outdated.

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    Our world is the Grim World, the alternate world is the Fair world where once our fairy tales came from in this Fair world magic still exist, as do non humans Doctor Desmond MeqqRee runs the Sidhe Foundations, and his friends call him Doc He designs building and bridges, and fights crime with his aides He is the Fair world s Doc Savage in this case he s Doc Sidhe.Harris Greene is a kick boxer, trained in tae kwon do The night he loses his latest fight his manager drops him, then his girlfriend Gaby Donohue dumps him He gets drunk and wants to make up with her when he sees men abducting her, he follows and attacks the men giving Gaby time to escape, and then he finds himself in an alternate world.Gab Donohue is gifted, and Duncan Blackletter wants to study her He needs to take her to the Fair world to do that But then Harris Greene and his new friend, Doc shows up to rescue her again, and she ends up in the Fair world where strangely she feels at home The author even gives credit to Lester Dent and Walter Gibson, two giants of the pulp universe from which he drew his characters for this book The story was a lot of fun, with excitement on every page Although maybe patterned after Doc Savage, Doc Sidhe was much different He s vulnerable, his people kill, and they die in battle something Doc s aides never did But this new universe isn t supposed to be a rip off of Doc Savage and his aides these are great characters in their own right But if you love the Doc Savage adventures, you ll definitely like Doc Sidhe and his adventure in this fast paced yarn Highly recommended.