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This light hearted witty Regency romance is sure to tug at your heart this winter season  Don't miss the latest Heart of a Duke installment Never trust a gentleman Once before Lady Alice Winterbourne trusted her heart to an honorable respectable man only to be jilted in the scandal of the Season Longing for an escape from all the whispers and humiliation Alice eagerly accepts an invitation to her friend’s house party In the country she hopes to find some peace from the embarrassment left in London Unfortunately she finds her former betrothed and his new bride in attendance Never love a lady Lord Rhys Brookfield has no interest in marriage Ever He’s worked uite hard at building both his fortune and his reputation as a rogue—and intends to enjoy all that they can offer him That is if his match making mother will stop pairing him with prospective brides When Rhys and Alice meet sparks flare But with every new encounter their first impressions of one another are challenged and an unlikely friendship is forged Desperate Rhys proposes a pretend courtship one meant to spite Alice’s former betrothed and prevent any matchmaking attempts toward Rhys What neither expects is that a pretense can become so much Or that a burning passion can heal and hurt

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    I started reading HR with Christi Caldwell books and loved them Not really sure what has happened Have I become discerning? Harder to please? Even demanding? Hush GR friends the uestions are rhetoricalI really struggled to feel this one There were mistakes in the language the heroine just kept doing silly things view spoiler like going out at night in the freezing snow to hide in the bushes and spy on the arrival of her former betrothed and his new wife the man who had jilted her hide spoiler

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    Alice and RhysAnother Christi Caldwell couple with whom to fall in love We watched Lady Alice Winterbourne fall arse over teakettle in love with Mr Henry Pratt in TO REDEEM A RAKE but alas it was only puppy love Henry's betrayal shook her to her very foundation Rhys Brookfield has lived his life as the carefree spare to the heir and later heir presumptive to his brother the beloved Miles Brookfield Maruess of Guildford His hidden heartbreak has been disguised by roguish smiles and actions over the years The antagonist of this piece reappears from TO WOO A WIDOW the now Dowager Marchioness of Guildford is once again the matchmaking mama from hell Why she is still allowed to play a part in their lives is beyond me The dower house is designed for ones such as she This cold hearted woman is just detestable in my book Who treats adorable little children with disdain? Callous old interfering controlling wretch A pox on your houseRhys is such a wonderful hero He had many layers Society may have tarred and feathered him with the scoundrel label but there was so much to him than that bit of fiction His true nature is revealed in his interactions with his siblings his nieces and of course with Alice He was truly the hero she needed Alice our beloved little sister to a rake may have been knocked down by her first foray in the lists of love but she is not out for the count She wears her heart on her sleeve and in her eyes Try as she might she can't help herself Faith and Violet Such adorable little moppets to love them Rhys' relationship with them was so tender and caring I love precocious little children in my stories Be still my beating heart Daniel and Daphne have a little heir Master Alex with the luscious curls Was that an Easter egg I spied regarding Lettie? Hmmm I wonder Home Officematchmaking mamaa certain despicable rake maybe could be possibly in her future Inuiring minds want to know but will wait patiently I recommend this short read to any who enjoy a house party romance with pretend wooing that becomes real without the knowledge or awareness of its participants You will like it

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    To Tempt A Scoundrel story has bits and pieces of other books in The Heart of a Duke series If you have read a few books by Christi Caldwell you will recognize the same plot line in this story as in her other stories in this series Don't waste you time Christi Caldwell didn't waste her time in putting out a decent story If she has run out of idea's just don't write a books

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    Black sheep disgraceful second son and neglectful brother Rhys Brookfield has now become the target of his cold meddling Momma’s matchmaking efforts The only problem he has no interest in marriage Summoned to a family gathering puts Rhys in love’s crosshairs much to the dismay of his motherBrokenhearted Alice Winterbourne accepts her friend’s invitation to escape London and THE SCANDAL Praying for much needed time to recover her broken heart Alice will uickly realize it’s not to be However rescue comes in an unexpected form and makes Alice realize she really isn’t as brokenhearted as she though A realization that may be what truly breaks her heartTo Tempt a Scoundrel has all the ingredients that makes Christi Caldwell’s stories worth 5 stars and 5 hankies A definite must read

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    Another beautiful love story from Christ Caldwell This one concerns Alice Winterbourne the sister of my favourite ever Caldwell hero the Earl of Montfort and Rhys Brookfield younger brother of Miles the Maruess of Guildford Like all HOAD books it can and does stand alone but it’s so much sweeter when you’ve followed the character development over several books This one is set at Christmas and the Christmas backdrop lends itself to some very sweet moments both between the couple and their families It’s a lighter read than some of the others in the series; although you still run the full spectrum of emotion during the read most of my tears this time were happy ones Another 5 book

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    5 starsReading the blurb it's a pretend engagement It's been done before But this was very well done with a lot of depth and humour to the conversations and surprisingly the pretend engagement wasn't proposed until the last 5 6 chapters Their interactions came about very naturally I love how her hero made her find her joy and I love that he is a scholarly rogue who loves to readIt made me smile and of course tugged at my heart strings I am not sure how I missed this author's work before but I am definitely going through to try of her workHowever I really love epilogues and I would have loved one here At a GlanceHEA view spoilerYes hide spoiler

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    The only thing that stuck with me was the three minutes of Daniel and Daphne plus their son Give me of them please Alice and Rhys' story was cute but overly predictable and didn't have the same emotional pull that previous books did Perhaps I'd come to expect because Daniel and Daphne's is one of my favorites by CC Sidenote How awesome would it be to get some kind of second epilogues for this series? Considering how CC rushes endings and doesn't sometimes give one epilogue some extra's would be very much loved

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    The 15th installment of this super super series is a sweet simple and perfect love story of Rhys and Alice The Heart of the Duke is one series by Christi Caldwell which she has perfected Each book from one to fifteen is perfection Not one will you be able to put down or skim over I promiseTo Tempt a Scoundrel is the story of confirmed rake and bachelor Lord Rhys Brookfield younger brother to Miles who is all but a stranger to the reader or the series Lady Alice Winterbourne on the other hand is known and loved by all the ‘Caldworld’ followers She is the sister of Daniel Winterbourne who made a place in our hearts in his story and now again in her own as the jilted cynical ‘scandalous’ heroine trying to smile read grimace her way out of the sympathy she faces everywhereOur lovers find themselves at a Christmas house party against marriage with no smiles fun or joy and running away from past and future betrotheds I say it again that Christmas Christi Caldwell is a recipe for a perfect love story Like her earlier books that have been based on the holiday season this one too does not disappoint Between snowball fights and ice skating and a pretend courtship our lovers find happiness a reason to smile and Christmas cheer in the blizzardGlimpses of past loved characters is a given and a much loved feature of all Christi’s book and here too we meet past heros and heroines much in love and much married It’s like the epilogues of their own books continues with other newer books Not only do we meet them again in different surroundings we meet the second generation who then grow up to be protagonists in their own books It’s as if we are watching this whole family saga unfolding and are a part of it ourselvesRhys is the sweetest ‘rake’ you could ever meet His love for his nieces and his bonding with his siblings just endear him to you with every written page and by the end of the book your fickle heart will add him to you already long list of ‘swoonworthy’ heroes that are in Christi’s earlier books From Michael Knightly to the fifteenth one Rhys Brookfield you just gotta have them allAlice has always been one of those spirited heroines that Christi excels with Even when she was not the heroine of a book she was noteworthy and all the readers clamoured for her story And the one she got was finally such a beautiful one so much better than what would have been with ‘Pup Pratt’ She stood up to her brother and she stood up to Henry Pratt when the time came That scene on the terrace where she ticks him off is unuestionable one of my favourites It was uintessentially AliceChristmas stories always leave one with a feeling of cheer and this one does the same and The way both Rhys and Alice ‘heal’ each other and become the reason for each finding laughter and love is beautifully written This has to be the fifteenth shot that Christi as perfectly lobbed out of the stadium#respect for a perfect series and that are to follow

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    Regular Christi readers have been in love with Alice and anxiously awaiting her story for what seems like ages Rhys we knew by reputation only but we have been swooning over his elder brother “Good guy Miles” since his debut in “To Woo a Widow” last year We all knew his bad boy younger brother would be something amazing Let me tell you we were rightChristi has a way of writing characters that you can’t help but love Alice has so much spark and independence She’s a heroine you will truly fall in love with right alongside her hero As for that gentleman no one could resist the charms of a rouge who has snowball fights with his nieces No oneThis story is splendid I laughed I shrieked in outrage I sighed in contentment to say it moved me would be insufficient Christi’s winter romances are always deliciously warm in all the best ways These two sizzled and sparked from the very first page It just got better Witty banter cameos by old friends adorable antics of little girls a scholarly and a pair of lovers determined to live life to the fullest society be damned are just a few of the many many things that make this story so marvelousIf you are looking for a splendid story to slip into I highly recommend giving Rhys and Alice a chance to pull you into their world

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    This author is amazing Did I say that all her books hold me spellbound? To Tempt a Scoundrel was no exception Scandal intrigue heartwarming this story has a little of it all Two seemingly broken hearts are fated to meet Lady Alice Winterbourne had been jilted and just wants to get away from all the pity and gossip Going to a house party of her friend's she hopes to find some peace and time to let her heart heal But as things often turn out she finds her former betrothed and his new bride at the same gathering Lord Rhys Brookfield yes Rhys is one of my favorite names is being pushed by his mother to find a bride and put his rougish ways behind him As Rhys and Alice meet there seems to defiantly be an attraction As they talk a plan forms to help them both Pretend to be courting so his mother will leave him be and Alice can maintain her dignity But can a pretense survive when true feelings emerge? You will be delighted in this story and so sad when you turn the last page But be assured Christi will have another marvelous story to be read soon