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Listen, Bond, Said Tiffany Case It D Take Than Crabmeat Ravigotte To Get Me Into Bed With A Man In Any Event, Since It S Your Check, I M Going To Have Caviar, And What The English Call Cutlets, And Some Pink Champagne I Don T Often Date A Good Looking Englishman And The Dinner S Going To Live Up To The Occasion Meet Tiffany Case, A Cold, Gorgeous, Devil May Care Blonde The Kind Of Girl You Could Get Into A Lot Of Trouble With If You Wanted She Stands Between James Bond And The Leaders Of A Diamond Smuggling Ring That Stretches From Africa Via London To The States Bond Uses Her To Infiltrate This Gang, But Once In America The Hunter Becomes The Hunted Bond Is In Real Danger Until Help Comes From An Unlikely Quarter, The Ice Maiden Herself

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    A 81% Very Good Notes James Bond fights evil American capitalists, escapes by road, air, rail and sea, and has his profanities bleeped in text.

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    If I were a woman, I might conduct a s ance, and then throttle the spirit of Ian Fleming He s not a bad guy, mind you, but just once, I d like to see a female character give James Bond a run for his money So far I m still waiting for a return on my initial investment And I know this is one investment that probably won t pan out, but I can still hold onto a faint glimmer of false hope.Vesper Lynd did come close, but she ultimately failed when paired next to Bond s wit and charm Tiffany Case, however, pales in comparison But you don t read James Bond to gain profound insights into the female psyche, unless you want to end up several miles in the wrong direction with a broken radiator and a flat tire.I do find it interesting that once again Bond is tortured, and once again the reader completely misses out on the experience Mr Fleming must have decided that he couldn t top the scene in CASINO ROYALE, which brought a whole new meaning to the word punishment, so he decided to not even try Life, though, proves a whole lot interesting and fun and exciting, when you toss a cement wall in the middle of the highway every once in a while.While I enjoyed DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, the main bad dude felt a bit nebulous, almost like an evil presence than an evil person And while the action was present and accounted for, it felt a bit less than full throttle, and the scenes seemed to end much too quickly.I ve enjoyed the Bond study thus far, simply because of his vast influence, and I m happy to continue my journey, but I am thankful there s no test at the end.Cross posted at Robert s Reads

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    Bond slips into the diamond smuggling market and the American mafia Not a bad installment in the Bond series I don t recall ever seeing the movie version, so I can t say if they parallel much or at all, but I can say that Diamonds Are Forever makes for a fine little read.It s not exactly the most exciting spy thriller ever In fact, there were a number of spots through out the book that had me ho humming It seems like Fleming wanted to flex his prose muscles a bit with this one There are some nice descriptions of characters and places, but they do tend to slow down the action a bit Or perhaps there just wasn t all that much action to begin with I guess there was a shoot out and a tense, butt clenching moment during a hot mud bath scene, but that didn t really even involve Bond There are also some racial issues with Diamonds I was listening to this on audiobook and during a moment when I wasn t paying the closest of attention, I thought I heard a distressingly racist passage Racist dialogue is one thing, but when the writer includes it in the narrative it s an entirely different thing I don t know, I could be wrong I didn t bother going back to verify Maybe I should have, but ya know, I just didn t feel like wallowing in that kind of mire If I were black, I d probably just stay away from the Bond series all together For example, I know negro was once acceptable, but its usage comes from an error of an era that ought never to have happened and one that needs to be burned, buried and put in the past forever.

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    James Bond meets the Godfather.Ian Fleming s fourth Bond novel, first published in 1956, explores American crime, especially in the west and around Las Vegas I thought of Lee Strasberg s soliloquy in Francis Ford Coppola s 1974 The Godfather II when he described Moe Green and the formation of Vegas Similar to his excellent sports writing in Goldfinger, Fleming here shows a talent in describing horse racing and the gambling that surrounds the sport As in most all Bond novels there is also a fair amount of gambling going on throughout the book.007 is sent to investigate an international diamond smuggling operation that begins in South Africa and leads our hero to the American shores Coincidentally, the time line here would have been about the same time as the Godfather films.Bond girl This time around is a troubled criminal with a past, but a heart of gold Kind of a template for the love interest from Fleming s desk.As always, good fun.

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    James Bond vs the American Mafia James Bond s beloved M gives him the assignment to destroy a diamond pipeline In going after the diamond smugglers, Bond travels to America and is paired up with a woman working for the diamond smugglers one Tiffany Case He travels to New York City, Saratoga Springs, and then to Las Vegas.The book, as so many Bond books do, focuses heavily on gambling We have copious amounts of, not only card playing, but horse racing in this novel If this bores you, I suggest you skim these pages, Fleming tends to go into excruciating detail.RACISM The book contains slurs regarding Jews, Italians, blacks and gays Not to the extent of CR or LALD, but still, it s noticeable.WOMEN I felt like James Bond was on his best behavior for me regarding his treatment of women in this book I appreciate his efforts to please me.WOMEN SUBSET TIFFANY CASEThe Bond girl is Tiffany Case She breaks Bond s previous three book mold of black hair blue eyed women A 27 year old blonde with grey eyes, Tiffany is running with the wrong crowd She feels a strong attraction to Bond, but tries to fight it, hard Firstly because she thinks he s a criminal he s working undercover to try and infiltrate the mob , and secondly because she was brutally gang raped by Mafia goons at the tender age of 16 Since then, she s shut herself off from all male advances.I was really actually quite shocked at how well Bond deals with this serious obstacle to getting Case into bed After learning her story from his good friend and ex CIA agent Felix Leiter , Bond treads carefully around her and takes things slow He s protective of her in a way I ve never seen him be with a woman before Bond said nothing He looked out the window and cursed his job All he wanted to say to this girl was Listen Come with me I like you Don t be afraid It can t be worse than alone But if she said yes he would have been smart And he didn t want to be smart with this girl It was is job to use her but, whatever the job dictated, there was one way he would never use this particular girl Through the heart Awww James Bond is making me say aw I thought this day would never come Usually I want to lecture and throttle him Here s another one He thought of the lovely face cradled on the open hand below him, innocent and defenseless in sleep, the scorn gone from the level grey eyes and the ironical droop from the corners of the passionate mouth, and Bond knew that he was very near to being in love with her Ooh I was squealing with joy and anticipation watching these two get closer and closer and closer Tiffany herself was very endearing She acts very tough and standoffish and gives James a hard time definitely a difference from most women, who just kneel in front of him and start begging him to have sex with them , but inside she s just scared of men and afraid of letting herself feel something for someone who she believes is on the wrong side of the law in her mind, criminal men are scum like the men who raped her.Here s some Tiffany for you Listen, you Bond person, I m as happy as a cricket I love being here I love being with you And I love this nice dark table where no one can see me holding your hand Don t mind my talk I just can t get over being so happy She always calls him you Bond person, and I found this charming.She s smart, has criminal knowledge, and is one heck of a card player no wonder Bond s enad of her.Bond and Tiffany get to really know each other And then comes the night when she starts dropping hints to him that tonight s the night During this whole chapter I was wracked with anxiety and nerves What was I afraid of That Bond would be a beast to her in bed No, although this was a possibility Bond is a real bastard at times but I was confident he d put it down right for her, especially on their first night together.No, what was really terrifying me was Ian Fleming s penchant for ruining things There s 20% of the book left and I was horrified by the thought that either a she and Bond were on this wonderful romantic date, with her dropping hints right and left that tonight s going to be their first night together in bed, and then Fleming puts them under attack and as a result she dies or she gets too spooked to ever consummate things with Bond or b They would finally have sex, and it would be great, and she would be happy and he would be happy, and they would be in love and then Fleming would have the bad guys find them, and kill the woman or damage her irreparably in some way BECAUSE FLEMING LIKES TO DO STUFF LIKE THAT Well, I won t tell you if it went one of these two ways, OR a completely different way you can read the book and find out But I was on pins and needles.WOMEN SUBSET OTHER WOMENBut, is Bond s stellar treatment of the Bond girl enough to impress me Well, frankly, yes But as an additional bonus, as proof that Bond is trying to be a better hero so that I m happier with him there s a great scene where he defends a little manicurist He s getting a shave but really spying on Mr Evil Guy , and this woman is doing Evil Guy s nails, and accidentally nicks his fingertip Evil Guy flies into a rage, berating the woman and ordering the barber to fire her, then leaving in a huff When he leaves and the barber starts ripping into the sobbing woman, Bond steps in at tells him to shut the fuck up Well, not in those exact words But still I was cheering Yay THE F WORD Speaking of the f word, it s really clear in this novel that James says it twice But both times, in my edition, it s blocked out Here s a sample , said Bond, once Except there s not four little dashes, but one long dash This is the first time I ve come across this, Bond didn t do this use the f word in any previous novels So perhaps Fleming s treating the Bond girls a bit nicer but spicing up Bond s language I don t know.FASCINATING TIDBIT Bond quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson in this novel.IN SUMMARY I really enjoyed this book Not enough to give it five stars, because a racial ethnic slurs, b Bond makes Tiffany cry at one point grrrrr , c Fleming goes into way too much boring detail about cards and horse racing But otherwise, a stellar Bond novel This is really the first time I ve seen Bond in these 4 books be sweet and patient and charming to a woman I know people think Bond Charming Charmer but in the books he s really like Entitled Bastard It was good to see him having to step carefully for once Tiffany was efficient, smart, and she impressed Bond with her tenacity, brains, and skills numerous times I also always like to see Felix Leiter, and he was a key player in this novel I wish there was a bit of both M and Moneypenny sometimes I swear Bond s in love with M than he ever could be with any woman because I adore seeing Bond interact with them, but I ll take what I can get 4 stars.UPDATE 1971 SEAN CONNERY FILM.I almost feel like I should stop watching the films that accompany these books Why Because I feel as if I m unfairly judging people s beloved childhood memories While I have no problem ripping a book to shreds with my wrath, I completely understand how watching a film at a young and impressionable age can make that film very special to you, even though later as an adult you realize it was campy, hastily put together um junk IF YOU LOVE THIS FILM, STOP READING NOW.Okay, for those of you are still with me.THE GOOD Sean Connery is a better Bond than Roger Moore Mr Wint and Mr Kidd, the assassins who also happen to be a gay couple, are great in the film Fun, but also menacing I really enjoyed this they had a lot personality than the same characters did in the book I always like listening to the opening song and watching women dance around with diamonds Cute, cute scene where James Bond meets a little rat in the sewers and has a bit of conversation with him.THE BAD The plot is stupid and farfetched Blofeld s still alive and cloning himself Bond s riding a moon buggy through the desert The whole film is a campy mess Blofeld s even in drag at one point To my intense dismay, Tiffany Case is shallow and a moron A far cry from the strong, intelligent survivor who impresses Bond so much in the book They also develop real feelings for each other in the book, in the movie there s nothing real in their relationship In the movie she s annoying Bond actually treats women better in the book In this film he slaps Tiffany And strangles another woman with her own bikini top as a form of interrogation.A man I know told me that I m not embracing the spirit in which these movies were made and that I m not in the right mindset to watch James Bond films He might be right o.O

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    Rating 3.5 of fiveAgain a reminder that these reviews are for the movies by these titles, NOT Fleming s books I wasn t at all drawn to the book I read, and I ve since sampled a few others, and to me they re repellently dated.So this 1971 outing is based on the 1956 novel, and marks the last canonical film Connery made Never Say Never Again wasn t a Broccoli produced film, and made use of a story not ever precisely made into a novel, soJill St John spends a good deal of time scantily clothed This mildly annoyed me as she tended to drape herself over pieces of furniture I wanted to look at, and her mammary hypertrophy blocked my view of Connery once in a while.The plot is of a ridiculousness expected from a Bond film Bond drives a 1970 Mustang, possibly the lowest styling point that Mustang has ever hit Charles Gray the Criminologist from Rocky Horror Picture Show eats up the scenery as Blofeld, the ongoing villain nemesis so, you know, what s expected of a Bond film viewing experience.Shirley Bassey sings the second most boring theme song after Adele s dreary Skyfall in the canon It amused me, mildly, and the inclusion of two gay killers was pretty hotsy totsy stuff for 1971 So, well, it was Bond so it was better than boring but it lacked something, so I can t give it a good rating Just not enough SOMEthing.

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    Death is forever But so are diamonds Fleming who got the idea for the title from a diamond ad Okay, now, in Fleming s fourth book, we see the Bond we know from the films begin to emerge and The debonair, dashing Sean Connery guy, though in the book he is remains a little complex, though no the brooding existentialist he was on occasion in the first three books In Diamonds we are back in the U S., where the sophisticated Brit Fleming Bond continues his snobbish disdain for American culture, especially the vulgar Vegas It s not in 1956 yet the harsh level of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson, though it is tempting to compare it to other critical Brit authored road trips through the American landscape such as Alan Moore s Swamp Thing, Garth Ennis s Preacher, or Neil Gaiman s American Gods Fleming s spy caper version of the horror road trip is on the whole a lot glamorous than any of the above books, taking us from London to Sarasota Springs to Vegas before heading back to London Our story is not social commentary, of course, as we go to horse races fixed by the mob, play cards, and eat superb meals with martinis and drive fast cars with glamorous girls And of course, there are diamonds To listen as you read this overlong review, one of my favorite covers of Diamonds are a Girl s Best Friend, by T Bone Burnett let s rock s story is inspired by a newspaper expose of the diamond smugglers in Sierra Leone, so the foundation of the story is Blood Diamonds, really, tied to American greed and mob corruption Diamonds are Forever is basically a diamond smuggling investigation that leads James to an extortion plot While it features all these action events all through it, and romance, it actually is a little slow in places, though when it comes to the end, he again writes really good action sequences As he says, Six corpses to love Game, set, match There s great characters in the book, but none memorable than Tiffany Case, the Bond Girl of this particular caper Tiffany is really adept at many spy related things, and of course is also beautiful, so she is a challenge to Bond the usual challenge, though given his looks it is never a real challenge in any of the books , who also wants to use his relationship to her to infiltrate her gang Early on, she is seen reclining half naked on a couch, an image that makes it into the Sean Connery 1971 film version, or probably MANY Bond films, now that I think of it , but she refuses to be patronized or reduced to JUST her physical beauty she tells Bond, Don t call me a little girl I can take care of myself and likely do many things better than you As she finally agrees to dinner with Bond, she insists, I m not going to bed with you, so you can just save your money Bond smiles You know what this means And then three drinks later but then he actually does fall for her and learns about her complicated past, and comes to respect her as both professional and loving partner.As it turns out Tiffany Case is a particular challenge for Bond because she hates men, since being gang raped as a teenager For Fleming, widely loved and sometimes derided for his sexy Bond Girls, this detail reveals a kind of turn to sensitivity about women not seen in the early books It deepens and complicates her character, and Bond is sensitive to this issue as he learns of this early shaping horrific event, and begins to fall in love with her Coupled with her general expertise in all things spy, she becomes a pretty strong female heroine The plot, well, it s a kind of a madcap caper, sort of a Fleming spy homage to American noir writers like Dashiell Hammett, whose Nick and Nora screwball patter gets honored sometimes through the talk between Bond and Case.1971 film with Sean O Connery trailer I am, because I am reading some books, interested in Fleming Bond racism Well, it s again, a 1956 white man s spy novel But it s almost as if he were attempting to respond to criticism by me of his depiction of African Americans in Harlem in Live and Let Die In Diamonds are Forever Fleming s narrator claims, Bond always had affection for Negroes Huh Since when This he says before a southern black man gives him a mud bath without any conversation between them And then Bond s American pal Leiter makes a joke that feels like it could have come from Jim Thompson or James Ellroy, reflecting the racism of the period People are so damn sensitive about colour around here that you can t even ask a barman for a jigger of rum You have to ask for a jegro Fleming here channeling his good ol boy, or just capturing southern patois in the manner of any novelist But I still on the whole liked it quite a bit, because of Tiffany and the best of the action, maybe 3.5 in spite of and in places because of its datedness, though in my view Fleming is no Hammett or Thompson Gonna see the movie again.

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    The most important thing to know about these James Bond novels is they are almost nothing like the movies Bond is emo, error prone, narcissistic, and almost always grandiose in his thinking about his skills when he is not worried about them very very surprisingly bipolar than what the movies have primed us readers to expect The action events in the books, which are indeed mostly copied or technologically enhanced in the movies, happens over a longer span of time However, some novels are not at all directly copied by the movies even though the titles and some of the action scenes are The action might be included in another movie of another name Bond rarely is rescued in time from undergoing torture, and he has wanted to marry almost every girl who helps him throughout the assignment.I can t help but wonder what anti depressants and Lithium might have done for Bond s career Maybe kill it His psychological presentation in these novels seems like a snakepit of PTSD symptoms while at the same time Bond appears to be a poster boy for one kind of toxic masculinity At least, that is my opinion, formed on our values in these modern times I know other reviewers have written the same observations, too.In Diamonds are Forever , written in 1956, James Bond is explicitly and unapologetically racist against Italian Americans he visits Las Vegas on a smuggling case in this novel He was somewhat taken aback when he was advised by Felix Leiter after arriving in America for an earlier assignment to watch his tongue on certain subjects while in America, such as openly indulging in racial slurs against Black Americans I think he is surprised because he is unaware he is being racist he thinks he is stating the obvious or well known facts In Diamonds are Forever he also is disparaging of what he thinks is a problem for 90% of Americans they are too fat and physically weak Americans huff and puff and find climbing a few stairs too hard in many of these books.Basically, in the four books I have read so far in the James Bond series, he has prejudged negatively and is disgusted by what he feels defines the national character of Germans, French, Americans, Japanese, Italians and China He also subscribes to racial sexual prejudices about women, Black people and Asians So far Added to the list from this novel are obese folk So, I was pleasantly surprised Bond and Leiter apparently are not feeling anything prejudicial against gay people beyond a comment about homosexual gangbangers as being part of a lavender gang We readers meet a couple of bad guys who are gay in this book, Winter and Kidd very competent and scary bad guys Bond seems to be only disgusted by Kidd because of his obesity.To be fair loosely utilizing the definition , when Bond works with someone who is a member of a race, sex, or foreign country he initially feels much contempt towards, he IS willing to work with people he feels are beneath him and the White upper class men of England as an equal without open hostility He treats criminals of a different race or nationality with apparent awareness they are skilled or dangerous despite his prejudices, even realizing sometimes his prejudices lulled him into a mistaken judgement call which nearly costs him his life or failure of his assignment I think Bond s racism and sexism is based on what was normal post war English social class and educational beliefs, alongside an ignorance from a lack of extensive cultural contact outside of his social bubble I think maybe, maybe, Fleming was intentionally focusing the character of Bond on having prejudices I am beginning to wonder about this maybe authorial intentionality based on a subtle undertone pattern I am beginning to suss out after reading four of the books in the series Every time Bond encounters these not English people on these assignments, he appears to grudgingly accept this individual or that person as much competent than he had expected I am beginning to think author Ian Fleming was doing what many authors do introduce and revolve plots around a character which not only does not entirely reflect his views, but is less sophisticated and knowledgeable or exaggerated than what the author thinks It is as if James Bond undergoes a reluctant, slow, inching forward, slight coming of age in each book, noticeably a plot pattern, as I have read the series Bond expresses his distaste for a race or nation in the early chapters, then next, after he deals with competent members of the class race nationality he felt were so subhuman, he is always later humbled by those folks he disparaged, inevitably needing rescue, often by an American Did Fleming do this on purpose, or is it subconscious, because of the outcome of World War II Was Bond than a surface caricature sorely needed by an almost defeated nation after World War II Was Fleming taking his country to the woodshed within a subtly satiric series about a personality type that almost destroyed Britain through arrogance and ignorance I am starting to wonder.Perhaps, Fleming also was undergoing a slight evolution of mind despite his upper crust identity as his books became popular in spite of their very White post war English viewpoint Idk Whatever Do I really need to describe the plot of Diamonds are Forever Ok, then Diamonds are being smuggled out of Africa Since an English company owns the African mines, Bond is put on the case by M to find whoever is masterminding the stealing To do this, it means he must follow the mule, or mules, carrying the diamonds secretly through international borders from Africa to England to Las Vegas in America, as it turns out M, Bond s secret service boss, through his contacts discovers who one of the mules is, and Bond inserts himself into the mule s place in London Bond happens to look a lot like the carrier for the diamond smuggling outfit So, undercover, he meets the other carrier as well as card sharp, the gorgeous Tiffany Case, and the nefarious assassins Wint and Kidd, and other members of the Spangler Gang, as he tries to unmask the criminal leader of the gang known only as the mysterious ABC Of course, there is horse racing, and card games, and guns and shootings, car chases, explosions, helicopters, and martial arts, weird criminals with fetishes and ticks, and even an ocean voyage of deadly danger on the Queen Elizabeth.There are continuing characters, so possibly readers should start with Casino Royale But it is possible readers will not abide Bond s mild racism or the old fashioned type of male romance spy thriller Fleming indulged himself in writing It is a little bit like spending time in the company of an old White ex military grandfather But at least he can tell an exciting story Have some tolerance and learn, gentle reader This is what the 1950 s were like This is from what we all have moved on Most of us.

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    So because George Lazenby couldn t make it as James Bond in the previous movie, Sean Connery was back for Diamonds Are Forever, which the trailer behind the link points out a whole lot Hey guys, we made a mistake with that other guy, but look Connery COME BACK Also making a come back with this movie was Shirley Bassey singing the theme song, as she did for Goldfinger The theme songs are nearly as important to me as the films themselves For those of us who pay attention or at least remember to go back to do a little research , Guy Hamilton also directed this one in addition to Goldfinger.Having just finished On Her Majesty s Secret Service yesterday and being pleasantly surprised by how much it didn t actually suck, reading Diamonds Are Forever today was sort of a return to the meh hood of the previous Bond books I ve read.Here s my theory Bond doesn t belong in America Or Fleming doesn t belong in America Someone doesn t belong in America and when Fleming writes Bond in America Things get dirty And not in a good way It s like Bond s racism comes out in full force when he visits the States, full of awkwardness, Paula Deen style Bond had a natural affection for coloured people, but he reflected how lucky England was compared with America where you had to live with the colour problem from your schooldays up He smiled as he remembered something Felix Leiter had said to him on their last assignment together in America Bond had referred to Mr Big, the famous Harlem criminal, as that damned nigger Leiter had picked him up Careful now James, he had said People are so damn sensitive about colour around here that you can t even ask a barman for a jigger of rum You have to ask for a jegro My, my.Something that doesn t come up in the trailer is that Jimmy Dean that s right, the sausage guy had a role in the movie I don t know why that struck me as so funny, but it was Laugh, dammit.Missing from the book are Bambi and Thumper which makes one wonder why they were added to the movie at all But then, oh yeah, that s Hollywood There wasn t enough skin and sex in the book, so let s create these two I remember that scene exceptionally well from my childhood For some reason, that made an impression on me.Also made an impression on me as a young movie viewer were the characters Mr Wint and Mr Kidd, portrayed by two very creepy characters I had blocked them out until seeing them again on the screen now and all of it came flooding back to me These assassins didn t play as large of a part in the book, or at least not to the same degree of creepiness so therefore didn t frighten me as much on reading them.Before anyone gets all upset, the creepiness factor wasn t because the characters are lovers I couldn t give a shit But those actors Are seriously creepy.Dear Mr Fleming Please stop writing Bond in America It just doesn t work Thanks.Next up Live and Let Die thus begins the Sir Roger Moore years.