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The Diagnosis For Poppy Was Death There Was No Hope Until James, Her Best Friend And Secret Love, Appeared In The Hospital But This Was A James She Didn T Know He Offered Poppy Eternal Life Only He Could Open The Door To The Night World They Re Soulmates But Can She Follow Him Into Death And Beyond

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    Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comPoppy North is a typical sixteen year old she gets through school by being smarter than her teachers likes to irritate her straight laced twin brother, Phil listens to New Age and techno music has a secret crush on her best friend, James and wakes up on the first morning of summer vacation before her senior year of high school with nothing paramount on her mind than what she can do with an entire summer spent with James Until the pain in her abdomen, which has steadily been increasing, working its way around to her back, keeping her awake at night, and causing her to lose weight, sends her to the doctor Who then sends her to the hospital for tests Where doctors then inform her that she has pancreatic cancer the kind that will kill you within three weeks to three months Poppy, of course, isn t ready to die Watching the reaction of her family twin brother Phil, her mother, and step father Cliff only brings the truth closer to home Poppy is going to die, there s nothing anyone can do about it, and it s going to be painful Except there is someone who can do something about it James Rasmussen, her best friend from El Camino High School, her secret crush, a boy who now tells her something impossible he s a lamia, a boy who was born a vampire, a member of the Night World, and he can change Poppy into a vampire to avoid certain death Of course Poppy doesn t believe him at first, but then what choice does she have There s always been something different about James, and now she knows exactly what the difference is So she agrees to become a vampire, knowing she ll have to leave her family behind, but knowing it s the only way to avoid certain death What follows is a fast moving, interesting story about Poppy s immersion into becoming a vampire, the toll it takes on her brother, Phil, who finds out what they re doing, and the danger it puts James in Because there are only two rules of the Night World Never let the humans know it exists, and never fall in love with one of them James has broken both of those rules What a great start to the Night World series Towards the end of the book we meet some other interesting characters, which I m guessing will play major roles in future books, so I can t wait to get started on the next read.

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    a story that starts hopeless and end happy.a not so classic vampire love story.

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    I don t know the right way to say it I feel like somebody in a bad horror movie he shrugged, and said without turning I know how this sounds, but Poppy, I m a vampire I rarely read any vampire books now because they all pretty much suck this is my second go into a vampire series, and so far it ain t bad not brilliant but intriguing enough to keep you going, with its mix of ambient mystery and G rated romance so if you re looking for some spicy sauce, you won t find it here you d imagine right, because they re vampires but no I do want to learn about the other creatures, so I m hoping maybe in the next books I m kind of intrigued about Ash.

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    It was an enjoyable trashy paranormal romance Not the best, but it was what I expected.

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    I decided to reread this series a couple years ago, but I didn t make it very far for some reason This series has always been my least favorite of all Smith s work except for her first two fantasy novels, which aren t really my jam , but it made an impact on me as a young teen nonetheless.This book was different than it was in my memory it had been a looooonnngggg time since I d read it For one thing, Poppy and James relationship wasn t as nice and harmless as I d always believed He treats her like a legit child Gross, man However, this book was way sexier than I remembered There are references to exactly what kind of wrestling James likes, and he and Poppy are basically necking all the time I have no idea how this stuff passed over my head when I was younger.Smith s prose is awesome It s so easy to read And she is the BEST YA AUTHOR EVER THE END.Here s a portrait I did of James a million years ago

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    Buddy Read with Deborah I didn t enjoy it that much either.actual rating 2.5 stars This was a fast and entertaining read, but a little too simple and maybe a bit juvenile for me I may have loved it at 14 though and I think it would be a perfect read for young girls around that age.

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    2.5 Stars

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    As an adult I rated this as a 2 star The story had potential and the characters are likable Poppy was well developed and we learned about James as we read the book Phil, Poppy s twin brother acted in many ways that any brother who cared for his sister would act Phil also did some things a sane person would not if the situations were real I feel the mother and step father should have played a bigger role in the story It was like they were there only because Poppy is a teenager and they HAD to be there From a teenager point of view the brother was brave and amazing, maybe a little too involved but acceptable The lack of parents except during important stuff Poppy s diagnosis was acceptable and enjoyable.As an adult I was a little board with the book I was a little than half way into the book and I thought there was not going to be any action with the little amount of pages I have left to read Once the action started, it moved so fast the book was over Questions were left unanswered, one I thought was important to the story What was the dream about From a teenager point of view, the book probably moved quickly and exactly how it should have The end of the book explanation is probably accepted with no questions left over.As someone who reads many vampire stories, it is the typical male vampire female human love story I saw some similarities with this series and newer released vampire series Some examples of this are character similarities vampires going outside during the day and even character names Quinn, Claudine, and Eric I will say Eric might not be anything as it is a common name but it was pretty odd considering the other two names It makes me wonder if the other two authors read this story before writing their own series As a mother, I like is how L.J Smith wrote about Poppy being in love with James but did not make or imply they had a sexual relationship Young teens are faced with enough sexual media that it is nice to have one talk about emotions In my personal opinion James should have been a little aggressive considering he is a vampire and all.

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    4 StarsI would recommend Secret Vampire for any teen girl because in encompasses a wide variety of genres into one book without going too heavily into any of them.Among some of my favorites Outstanding literary work The characters are well developed, interesting The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable The writing is captivating enough to keep you interested until the end and leave you wanting It has a fairly original or uniquely well developed plot The pretense and romance were well balanced and done with properly distributed amounts of hints, behaviors, and chemistry Not so much predictable if at all Overall, loved it, I recommend reading Full Disclosure I participate in reviews with NetGalley, Author Review Requests, Publisher Requests, and Book Tours An e copy was provided to me by NetGalley and or the Author, and or the publishers No payment was received by me in exchange for this review There was not any obligation to write a positive review All opinions expressed here are entirely mine and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, the book s publisher and publicist, or the readers of this review This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    3.5 I rather enjoyed this