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[Free Audiobooks] It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers! (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, #2)Author Louise Rennison –

You Don T Have To Be A Teenager To Appreciate The Humorous And Often Self Absorbed Ravings Found In Year Old Georgia Nicolson S Diary, But It Certainly Helps Now Fans Of Angus, Thongs And Full Frontal Snogging Georgia S First Set Of Hilarious Musings On Life Can Get Another Peek Into The Mind Of This Wryly Inquisitive English Lass In The Appealing Sequel On The Bright Side, I M Now The Girlfriend Of A Sex GodAs The Title Implies, Georgia Has Snagged Herself A Sex God In The Form Of Robbie, The Boy Of Her Dreams Now That They Ve Indulged In A Bit Of Full Frontal Snogging, Georgia Turns Her Attention To Advancing The Relationship But Things Quickly Go Wrong When She Learns That Her Father S New Job May Necessitate A Move To New Zealand Crestfallen, Georgia Feels Her Life Might As Well Be Over Then, Miraculously, The Dreaded Move Is Cancelled, And Things Seem To Be Getting Better At Least Until Year Old Robbie Decides To Break Up With Georgia Because He S Bothered By The Difference In Their Ages Borrowing Freely From Her Mum S Closet And Advice Books, Even As She S Steadfastly Discounting Everything Her Mum Says, A Crushed But Determined Georgia Comes Up With A Scheme To Win Robbie Back As Usual, Nothing Goes As Planned, And Life Is Further Complicated By Georgia S Temperamental Cat, Angus Who S Having A Few Amorous Leanings Of His Own , And Her Baby Sister, Libby, Whose Fascination With And Lack Of Control Over Her Bodily Functions Leads To Several Intriguing Mishaps Of Course, There Are Other Disasters, Too A Quick Tan Lotion That Turns Georgia S Legs Orange, A Run In With The Aptly Named Bummer Sisters, And Friends Who Insist On Focusing On Their Own Problems From Time To TimeWho Knew The Angst Of Adolescence Could Be So Much Fun This Georgia S Eye View Of Teenage Life Is Wonderfully Egocentric And Side Splittingly Funny And Despite The Occasional Language Barrier A Glossary Of Terms Is Provided In The Back Of The Book , Georgia S Thoughts And Experiences Will Prove Universally Recognizable To Anyone Who Is, Or Has Ever Been, A TeenagerBeth Amos

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    As seen on The ReadventurerThe only thing I am going to say here is that Dave the Laugh is the best boyfriend ever I have no idea why, for so long, I thought the Sex God Robbie was a good choice for Georgia Dave is a total dream boatand yes, I know I am twice his age.This snippet is for my present and future entertainment 8 35 pmYou can make a sort of nose sling out of pair of knickers panties Like a sort of antigravity device You put a leg hole over each ear and the middley bit supports your nose It s quite comfy I m not saying that it looks very glamorous I m just saying it s comfy.8 40 pmIt s not something I would wear outside of the privacy of my own bedroom.8 45 pmIt s a good view from my windowsill I can see Mr Next Door with his stupid poodles He s all happy now that Angus has gone off poodle baiting in favor of the Burmese sex kitten.8 46 pmOh hello, here comes Mark, my ex, the breast fondler At this rate he will be the one and only fondler I will die unfondled He must be coming home from footie practice I don t know how I could ever have thought about snogging him he wears extremely tragic trousers He is looking up at my window He has seen me He s stopped walking and is looking up at my window Staring at me Well, you know what they say once a boy magnet always a boy magnet I m just going to stare back in a really cool way All right, Mr Big Gob, Mr Dumper I might be the dumpee but you still can t take your eyes away from me though, can you I still fascinate him He s just looking up at me Just staring and staring.Mesmerized by me.8 50 pmOh my god I am still wearing my nose hammock made out of knickers.8 56 pmMark will tell all his mates.

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    I think I liked the second book even than the first one in the series, because Dave the Laugh is my favorite character I love Georgia s confusion as to whether it s important to have a boyfriend who makes you go jelloid or one who makes you laugh.Really enjoying this re read of the series Bring on the next one

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    Picture, if you will, Bridget Jones as a 14 yr old girl She has a crush on the cute musician next door, has a few close girlfriends who help her with her schemes and a quirky family which includes a three year old sister who sometimes terrorizes her Very cute series written in diary form Relaxing, entertaining and makes me thrilled to not only have me out of my teen years, but my kids, too.

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    No proper Review again Dave The Laugh ALL OF MY TEENAGE YEARS Piddly Diddly Department.I love this series.

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    The second instalment Still as witty and easy to flick through as the first They re being good to me distracting me from all the revision I should be doing.

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    Still just as good as the first one

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    This book was every bit as fun as I expected it to be This series is just really cute, funny and light hearted Georgia is simply hilarious and I never tire of her dramatic reactions Her witty diary entries are infectious and I find them impossible to look away from This installment did drag at parts but it was mostly as entertaining and amusing as the first I m certainly looking forward to see what else is in store for Georgia.

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    Ode to Georgiaaptly retitled Dayum, am I glad I accepted Cecile s FR and followed her book rec.Good grief, Thy Schnozzle beaked Fabulosity, elle qui est amies with the really big knickers wearing one Thy powers of hilariosity never disappoint me.Result OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod now PLEASE dump the SG get off with Dave the Laugh, already Bloody sacr blue,I CANNOT BELIEVE that he doesn t make your kneesall jelloid Your fabbity fab fans agree that SG isnot worthy, he is not worthy His douchiosityis making us go BERSERK Horriblement erlack Icould not be happier that I still have eight of the Ace Gang s adventures to read.Let out your Buddhist warrior chant when you resurrounded by les idiots and tell me how the world youOm Om Om in is BONKERS with knobs Never let the wet and weedy one Lindsay defeat you,for she is only jelly of votre maturosity The nob isthat you should have come mon attention much sooner.What is the matter with people parents Oh blimey what a life This ace bit of jibberish and senselessness was brought to you by

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    Funny Adorable Crazy I love Georgia

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    Still, I refuse to be upset I will remain calm beneath my egg and olive oil face mask Hilarious Georgia Nicolson is an icon Although not a lot happens in this book and I preferred the first one , it s really funny and witty Don t take this book too seriously I ve seen a lot of people complaining that Georgia is only focused on her nose and on her boyfriend And Yeah, she is That s the point She s an angsty teenager, kinda mean to her friends, and in love with a Sex God I was laughing reading this book and I mean actually laughing Georgia is a well of golden sassy quotes I can t believe Jas She is dead to me Like in the Bible, when somebody goes off and becomes a prostitute or something She is now the girl who has no name It s me, Jas OhWhat do YOU want I ve just called to see how you are I said, Dead actually, I died a few hours ago Goodbye Also thanks to Holly for recommending this book series