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From The Best Selling Author Of The Dog Stars, The Story Of Two College Friends On A Wilderness Canoe Trip A Gripping Novel Of A Friendship Tested By Fire, White Water, And ViolenceWynn And Jack Have Been Best Friends Since Freshman Orientation, Bonded By Their Shared Love Of Mountains, Books, And Fishing Wynn Is A Gentle Giant, A Vermont Kid Never Happier Than When His Feet Are In The Water Jack Is Rugged, Raised On A Ranch In Colorado Where Sleeping Under The Stars And Cooking On A Fire Came As Naturally To Him As Breathing When They Decide To Canoe The Maskwa River In Northern Canada, They Anticipate Long Days Of Leisurely Paddling And Picking Blueberries, And Nights Of Stargazing And Reading Paperback Westerns But A Wildfire Making Its Way Across The Forest Adds Unexpected Urgency To The Journey When They Hear A Man And Woman Arguing On The Fog Shrouded Riverbank And Decide To Warn Them About The Fire, Their Search For The Pair Turns Up Nothing And No One But The Next Day A Man Appears On The River, Paddling Alone Is This The Man They Heard And, If He Is, Where Is The Woman From This Charged Beginning, Master Storyteller Peter Heller Unspools A Headlong, Heart Pounding Tale Of Desperate Wilderness Survival

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    Holy F ity f ck 2 days and I couldn t put this one down.This story moves as fast as the white water rapids these 2 pals are portaging through Intense.Jack and Wynn are trekking through the Maskwa river in Northern Canada an enjoyable journey that turns into one of survival They encounter a forest fire, in which they are pacing themselves to the village they need to get to, Which is a 10 day trek at best and the flames are only 20 miles away Then they encounter a man who claims his wife has gone missing who Jack Wynn turn back to look for Two other chaps are loaded to the gills and prove to be untrustworthy along this river.Heller does a masterful job at painting a picture of a Wilderness landscape and fishing and draws out an ultimate deep friendship.5 Heller, I read The Painter back in 2014 Please do not take another 5 years to get your next one published

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    A little too slow building and descriptive for me There is some intense, suspenseful moments, but the detailed and somewhat repetitiveness stalled the flow of the story He even describes how fast they paddled the canoe 3mph , the various species of birds singing and the brand of sleeping bag they slept in I know this would be a plus for many, but I was ready for something to happen.This one was a favorite of many of my GR friends I like to try new to me authors and I have been hearing great things about Peter Heller.I did finish it and wanted to see how the mystery resolved, but I felt like I d been on a very long river ride Lots of five star reviews for this one, so probably a case of its me.This was a library check out for 2019.

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    Wynn and Jack meet at orientation, both sharing a love of literature, they become fast friends Wynn comes from Vermont, loves the water, Jack, raised on a ranch in Colorado Both boys have a keen sense of adventure and in the summer they decide to take a leisurely canoe trip down the Maskwa River in Canada They are than well provisioned, and the first part of their trip goes smoothly indeed.In this first part of the book the reader is treated to superb descriptions of scenery The descriptions are so visceral that I felt as if I was canoeing along, the book and the trip just flowing seamlessly along The pacing slow But then Jack smells smoke and the book takes a urgent turn Then something unexpected happens that puts the boys in even danger Now they are many days away from any village, and they haven t a sat phone As the boys urgency increases do does the book The pace picks up, and I just didn t want to put this down During our journey down the river I had come to know these boys, their strengths snd weaknesses very well I wanted them to survive the danger, survive the trip Yet, things keep getting in the way, and by then though these boys will be heroes, their will also be s great sadness I admire Heller, his range of subject matter, his tightness send believability of plot This book about friendship, starvation and survival has been done before, but not as well, and not with these two very special characters I can t wait to see what he does next But, whatever he does I m in for the next adventure.ARC from Edelweiss and Knopf publishing.

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    What a gripping, intense story Wynn and Jack are best friends, they met freshman year of college and bonded over their love of the outdoors and books They are on a wilderness canoe trip in Canada anticipating a grand time of fishing, paddling, stargazing, reading but things go awry when they become aware of a wildfire making its way across the forest This wildfire is just the start of occurrences that add an urgency to this heart pounding tale.Loved it

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    The River is a very engrossing and beautifully written outdoor adventure friendship tale that knocked my socks off Heller is an absolute master at capturing the fierce beauty and terrible majesty of the natural world His powerful descriptions of nature often took my breath away Here s a passage where he brings a monstrous beast of a forest fire to life Over the trees they could still see the wall of trees through smoke like fog the glow was a fierce and general radiance that pulsed with a redder breathing It was loud Whatever turbines roared were just beyond the trees and now and then they were cut by a sudden whoosh and pop, and then the terrible hissing squeal that Jack knew was a tree s sap, its lifeblood boiling and pressurized and squeezed through the very pores of the wood Jack and Wynn are best friends They have taken summer and fall terms off from Dartmouth University to enjoy some time in the outdoors Jack is the tough and pragmatic son of a Colorado rancher Wynn is big, gentle and kind hearted, a Vermont boy who loves waterways and fishing The young men have bonded over their love of books, poetry and all things outdoors, and have taken many camping trips together They are looking forward to a leisurely canoeing trip on the isolated Maskwa River in northern Canada camping, fishing, living off the land and riding the rapids.Their trip goes sideways almost from the start when Jack and Wynn have a couple of sinister encounters with other campers in the remote north To make matters unsettling, they smell woodsmoke and soon come to realize they are in the direct path of a quickly moving firestorm Will they be able to survive it What a thrill ride of a book, but so much than just a thriller Gripping, powerful and moving, it s the unfolding of Jack and Wynn s friendship that is the beating heart of the story And Heller s writing..that exquisite writing..all of your senses will come to life as you travel the secluded northern river and lakes with Jack and Wynn.I ve said it before and I ll say it again I don t know what magic the Iowa Writer s Workshop has harnessed, but their graduates are some of the most pure and brilliant writers working today Heller is one of those gems.I absolutely loved this book and can t imagine anyone not feeling the same Read it

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    FOUR STARS AUDIOThe River is for you, IF You are the outdoorsy backpacking hiking type Or live vicariously through books You love a modern adventure story with an old timey feel.You adore descriptions of nature.You go gaga over detailed lists of camping supplies NOT kidding You love a very literary writing style in above mentioned subjects So, I kinda meet the above requirements hello I live in Oregon by choice I plunged into this lovely, little, short book and was pleasantly hooked right away I had to take a star off, because the ending was so abrupt and I just didn t like it Also, I have to admit, if I had been reading instead of listening, I might have skimmed a few of those supply lists BUT, The audio was thrilling LOVED it This is a real he man book for men and women who appreciate such things Maybe that doesn t make sense Whatever, you get what I mean

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    The turning of a card that sent a life in one direction or another The slip of a single hoof on stone, the sound of two voices in the midst He believed in it as much as he believed in any other thing, like loyalty or hard work And sometimes the places that happenstance sent you weren t as vague as a direction, sometimes they were as steel cast and unforgiving as a set of rails Life is like that It nudges you down unexpected corridors and sets your feet upon the rocky surfaces of shifting circumstances Wynn and Jack felt the calling that day as they readied their gear for an adventure down rivers and past lakes in northern Canada Best friends since their freshman days at Dartmouth, they built an unshakeable bond even as polar opposites Wynn held fast to family as a Vermonter and saw goodness in spite of it all Jack, the son of a Colorado rancher, knew first hand the cruelty of Nature and focused on the reality of an unfair world.Peter Heller creates this wilderness journey with broad strokes of the lay of the land He surrounds us with full, lush views of the dense trees and wildlife along the Maskwa River His finite descriptors have us, as readers, crouched low within the canoe ourselves We listen to the waves lapping the shore There is a peacefulness about this as we are lulled by the beauty of it all.But then Heller redefines his approach From a widened scope of a panoramic view, he brings the storyline inward and we are privy to the inner workings of both of these young men Their experiential backgrounds will give us pause What visited upon us in the long ago still lurks in the crevices of our soul no matter how we fight to dismiss it It has a pulse and it takes shelter in the dark recesses We ll all nod with the sudden realization of this.The River is not a mystery thriller It is a deepened study of human nature under trying circumstances Wynn and Jack will come upon an intense situation in those woods that will force them to engage completely or turn and run It will give way to the dark night of the soul Does life ever prepare you fully for the split second decisions that hijack your inner peace I will leave you with one thought There is a paragraph on Page 234 that begins Hey, girl Hey It will rip you as it ripped me I had to read it multiple times Sometimes we just have to lean into it all and force ourselves to be embraced by both the good and the bad in life.

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    I saw this audiobook on the shelf of my local library and decided to pick it up knowing that many GR friends had recently rated The River very highly.Adventure and survival stories are always of interest to me Unfortunately, The River did not live up to the others I have read The book is not intense or a thriller, but a slow burn It is of a character study of the 2 young men that are taking a journey down a river in northern Canada The book describes well the challenges they face and the testing of their friendship Heller s portrayal of nature and the wild is enjoyable, but a little overdone Sometimes an audiobook doesn t work and it s better to read rather than listen This wasn t the case with The River The narrator s voice fit this type of book If you are interested in reading this book I would read all the other reviews Many Peter Heller fans loved this novel.3 out of 3 stars

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    The Hook Most readers have a list of favorite authors Peter Heller is one of mine I ve heard him speak a few times, the man and the writer a clash of thought for me I don t quite know how to explain this but if I had only met the man, I m not certain I would have read his books He down plays his core, a man who can cite poetry, appreciate fine art and describe nature with the best, often relying on humor rather than the revealing the attributes I mention In this recent BookPage Interview by Lauren Bufferd you will meet the man that intrigues me The Line In the saying nothing and in the hushed tones of the fire that was a hum of something persistent and barely registered, the twang of a bass guitar string long seconds after the last note was struck The Sinker In the interview above, Peter Heller describes The River as a story about two best friends in a canoe, a fire upwind, two shady dudes, leaving out an arguing couple, possibly husband and wife How do you get from this, an apt description, to the exquisite, taut, tense raging power and beauty that Heller brings to life in The River At its center, The River is a book about survival, but there are many other underlying themes which might be prominent Key to me was the unfolding development of the two main characters, Jack and Wynn, not life long friends, but with a relationship with the strength of a friendship seldom written about men Wynn, the gentle giant, Jack, the slighter of the two in stature, but with great stature, can and do surprise us with their changing roles two men, sometimes boys, who I will not soon forget If you haven t realized it yet, let me say it, loud and clear, I loved The River Thank you Peter Heller.Let me leave you with a poem by W.S Merwin that Wynn loved so much Dusk in WinterThe sun sets in the cold without friendsWithout reproaches after all it has done for usIt goes down believing in nothingWhen it has gone I hear the stream running after itIt has brought its flute it is a long way

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    They loved how the darkness amplified the sounds the gulp of the dipping paddles, the knock of the wood shaft against the gunwale The long desolate cry of a loon The loons especially How they hollowed out the night with longing These two young men who meet during the first days of college on the Dartmouth campus, Jack and Wynn, share a love of nature, fishing, water and the outdoors, camping as well as a shared love of poetry, and books A bond has been formed through these shared loves, but in other ways life has formed them into different people, so that their bond is even stronger Jack is a bit guarded, having experienced a traumatic event as a child, and less trusting and tends to err on the side of caution, whereas Wynn sees people as good, wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise They have begun a relaxing journey, canoeing on Canada s Maskwa River, with plans of camping, fishing and enjoying the outdoors They had been smelling smoke for two days They climb to the top of a knoll, knowing that the view would allow them to see into the distance At first they thought it was the sun, but it was far too late for any lingering sunset and there were no cities in that direction for a thousand miles In the farthest distance, over the trees, was an orange glow they didn t say a word but the silence of it and the way it seemed to breathe scared them to the bone The prevailing wind would push the blaze right to them They make a decision to head back the way they came and warn a couple they d passed on their journey They d avoiding acknowledging them on the way as the couple were involved a heated argument It is the right thing to do they feel to let them know about the danger of the fire It is a decision that will turn out to be one that will haunt them the rest of their days I loved how Heller delivers the pace of this story, alternating between gripping, tension filled moments and lulling us back to calmer, soothing moments filled with Nature s beauty moments of compassion and the goodness of man juxtaposed against the horrors inherent in Nature in this wilderness, as well as the evils man can commit Regardless of whether he is writing about the nature of Nature, or the nature of people, Heller s prose manages to be both powerful and lovely I couldn t put this book down And, after I was done, I immediately started re reading parts and savoring them, wandering back through these pages Many thanks, once again, to the Public Library system, and the many Librarians that manage, organize and keep it running, for the loan of this book