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She’s out to save the town from a real life Scrooge The small town of Miller’s Point is known across the country for their annual Dickensian Christmas festival When the festival is threatened by Clark Woodward a miserly big city businessman Kate Buckner steps up to save her hometown their traditions and her favorite holiday But along the way she realizes that the man she’s trying to protect her town from might need some rescuing of his own With a lot of heart and a little Christmas magic Kate is convinced she can teach Clark to love her favorite holiday But can such different people learn to open up and love each other?

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    Kate Buckner lives and breathes Christmas so it’s a good thing she lives in Miller’s Point Texas Each year the tiny town hosts a massive Dickensian Christmas festival culminating in a town wide recreation of A Christmas Carol This year though there’s one problem Clark Woodward the new CEO of Woodward Enterprises has no taste for Christmas and as the primary source of the festival’s funding calls for its immediate cancellation However Kate’s not about to watch her town’s spirit be destroyed without showing Clark the beauty of the holidayThis book is bursting with Christmas cheer and really highlights everything that can be great about the season Author Alys Murray has crafted Kate Buckner as a bursting with optimism heroine whose world is dominated by Christmas This could easily slam the novel firmly into sappy and melodramatic but Murray manages to drive wonderful realism into the story Kate Buckner is fighting for her home something so easily relatable and it’s completely believable how far she’s willing to go to make Clark change his mindAnd Clark is the perfect foil He’s easy to dislike After all he’s uite literally painted a Scrooge attempting to cancel Christmas But it’s also apparent that he’s much deeper than what’s on the surfaceA Christmas Carol plays heavily into the plot but Alys Murray hasn’t created just a rehash of the classic tropes The supernatural elements have been replaced by emphasis on romance but the classic ideas of a second chance and finding the best in people are all present with an updated twist It’s all aided nicely with a uick pace fun dialogue a great cast of characters and unapologetic sentimentality If you’re looking for a great holiday read I cannot recommend this book enoughNote I received a free ARC of this book through NetGalleyReview also posted at

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    This is a light fluffy read where love happens in a day where transformation of the heart occurs over a few hours and the whole town becomes  Dickensian overnight Kate is the employee of the Christmas company and the entire town of Miller's Point celebrates Christmas enacting Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol And enter scrooge Clark who wants to shut the company and save his dollars Kate then goes about to make him believe in the magic and hope of Christmas and fall in love with itThe book by Alys Murray has all the parts which complete a Christmas book there was hope joy love falling in river being saved by the hero making cookies dressing the tree mistletoe and the town celebrating a 1800s style Christmas It was a good story with Christmas causing the main characters to fall in love But where I fell in love with the story was when the entire town comes together to sing the carols and especially Silent Night The whole scene was magical to imagine I had tears coursing down my cheeks There is something ethereal about that scene which causes my emotions to overflow as tears even now when I think about it THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS

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    I received a complimentary copy of this e book ARC from the author Hallmark Publishing and Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewKate Buckner wants to make this year's Christmas Dickens of a Christmas Festival in her hometown of Miller's Point Texas to be the best it can be When a snobbish young man named Clark Woodward who is the new CEO of the Woodward firm stops by their town to announce that the Christmas company is no Kate is crushed Refusing to give up she is determined to save her town and the Christmas Company from going away by showing this Scrooge the true meaning of Christmas Will she succeed? Read on and find out for yourselfThis was a pretty good and heart warming Christmas story If you enjoy Christmas stories definitely check this book out when it officially hits bookstores and wherever books are sold on October 16th

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    The Christmas Company was such a delight to read A fresh idea full of happiness and community Ms Murray crafts likable characters who dance right off the page and into your heart Every reader will wish they could enjoy a sugar cookie with Kate and Clark I hope Hallmark makes this story into a movie it would be a delight to see

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    Miller's Point Texas have to most impressive and well festive Christmas festival Kate Buckner works for it as assistant of operation and have the perfect spirit for the Holidays But when the CEO died he left his nephew in charge and the most Grinchiest of all Clark Woodward decided to shut down the entire festival If Clark Woodward thinks she'll just accept that he ruins Christmas for her Ha Kate is clever than that and the most optimist and tenacious woman in town But he doesn't make things easier for her and might be her biggest challenge yetThe fact I didn't enjoy this book comes down to only one reason the hero He seemed to have trouble with not just Christmas but people in general He acted so rude and jerkish for pratically all book and he judge everything about the people and the festival He was way too much emotionally constipated for my taste I seriously can't understand how the heroine could have that much faith in him But I must say that just for the ballroom scene I'm happy I read this book and I like the underlying message ; that people can do some much damage with their hate but the opposite is also true It's astonishing how good can people do with their kindness and how it can transform a bitter person

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    This was a very sweet romance between an unlikely couple a miser who didn't love Christmas and a woman who dedicated her life to spreading Christmas Joy As a reimagining of A Christmas Carol I was drawn to Kate's intense desire to make Clark change his views about Christmas One of my favorite things in Romance especially sweet Romances are the friendships and support from the secondary characters and even the town itself The Christmas Company had an abundance of supportive friends who tried their hardest to understand Kate's need to save the town's Christmas company There were a lot of funny elements and a lot of sobering elements I appreciate the mixture in the two making it realistic for the reader to latch on to the lead character's reasons for their actions Clark was a bit of an enigma I finally understood why he was against the customs and traditions of the town and it was a relief to read how he hoped to win over our dedicated heroine Kate I recommend this book to readers of Sweet Romance Thank you to Hallmark Publishing the author and Netgalley for a copy of this book for an honest review It brought me out of a Romance reading slump

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    This is such a warm story set in a Dickensian atmosphere Where people can change overnight and nothing is imposible Kate loves Christmas and her little town but most of all she loves working for the Christmas Company which perfectly combines this two Until Clark comes around and decides to cancel the entire thing Inspired by her favorite book A Christmas Carol she hopes that with a few kind gestures she can change Clark's opinion about Christmas and the Company Even though I read it after Christmas it still brough that cozy feeling that I love about this holiday I enjoyed it very much The people in this town were really specialI received a free ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Stuck in Texas the little town of Miller’s Point is a company town most people are employed by the Woodward family in ranches and other places there’s just one twist On Christmas the town turns into a slice of Victorian England with decorations reenactments and tourists galore and is special oh so very special to Kate Buckner The town took her into it’s heart and she’s completely full of Christmas spirit and the potential of the season – loving every moment and recognizing that the celebrations for the town also supplements the incomes of those who are living on the edge of survival struggling along throughout the year But when Clark Woodward new CEO arrives and shuts down the celebrations because of their detrimental effect to the bottom line Kate is determined to change this ‘Scrooge’ into a fan of the holiday An intriguing set up and some truly clever moments as Kate uses her knowledge of the townspeople and their investment in the festival dragging Clark around to meet people sharing her delight in the town and it’s spaces she’s determined to find out just why Clark won’t celebrate doesn’t celebrate And while the story roughly follows the sensibilities of the original there was something missing here Kate was far too OTT and Clark was so very repressed and stiff that her initial challenge to get him to ‘admit’ the specialness of Christmas was just not believable for me And sadly the instant connection from someone so unaware of his own emotions and out of touch with anything that doesn’t fit his very narrow visions of the world combined with his rather cold and impolite persona just didn’t work Sure the town loved Kate perhaps for her willingness to cling onto the rather naïve belief that there is sunshine everywhere but it was that they were caring for someone who couldn’t’ look out for herself I found myself skimming freuently the emotional draw that should have had me wondering just what next and the uick near instant about face from Clark was just too pat and too convenient with actual snow falling a caroling town and some rather poor recitations of the Dicken’s text Sadly – this one is a miss for me and I just didn’t find any development of the characters that felt plausible giving me a reason to want I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Review first appeared at I am Indeed

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    A modern retelling of A Christmas Carol set in a christmas obsessed town in Texas with Scrooge recast as a handsome but miserable workaholic I loved this book it contained the right amount of Christmas joy to the way Christmas can cause some people unhappiness grief is still grief whatever time of year it is Kate is a likeable heroine with her optimistic nature trying to see the good in everythingThis book has put me in the mood to watch A Christmas Carol only trouble is which version?I voluntarily agreed to read an advanced copy of this book

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    I love Hallmark books because they guarantee that you will feel goodThis book meets all expectations it's full of lovely characters witty dialogues and a wonderful settings the place where you'd like to liveA great heartwarming Christmas novelHighly recommendeMany thanks to Hallmark and Netgalley for this ARC