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A man controlled by his desires Infamous for his wild sensual needs Lazarus Huntington Lord Caire is searching for a savage killer in St Giles London's most notorious slum Widowed Temperance Dews knows St Giles like the back of her hand she's spent a lifetime caring for its inhabitants at the foundling home her family established Now that home is at risk A woman haunted by her past Caire makes a simple offer in return for Temperance's help navigating the perilous alleys of St Giles he will introduce her to London's high society so that she can find a benefactor for the home But Temperance may not be the innocent she seems and what begins as cold calculation soon falls prey to a passion that neither can control one that may well destroy them both A bargain neither could refuse

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    I'll probably never win another book through Goodreads' First Reads again with this review What an anachronistic ungrammatical unfinished book that was The book opens with the widow Temperance Dews wending her way through the dank and dangerous streets of St Giles clutching a loaded pistol She’s on her way back to the foundling home she runs with her younger brother returning with her maidservant and an infant they pried from the arms of a dead young mother Along the way she overhears a scuffle in an alley and ends up fleeing from a frightening man with long white hair and a voluminous black cloak who she saw standing over an inert bleeding man Not long after returning home however she discovers that the frightening man has let himself into her sitting room and has a proposition for her that she can’t turn downLazarus Huntington Lord Caire is searching St Giles for a brutal murderer and he needs help navigating the streets and the people of the dangerous slum Seeing how easily Temperance moves around the area and knowing that the home is in dire financial straits he offers her money in exchange for her guidance around the slum She accepts but with the caveat that he also introduce her to polite society so she may find a new patron for the homeWhen a book begins with a contrivance it’s a bad sign Why oh why would a scandalous peer of the realm contract the services of a respectable woman as a guide to a slum in 1737? A woman? 60 years before Mary Wollstonecraft and her A Vindication of the Rights of Woman I’m to believe a powerful man sees a lower class woman as some sort of valuable helper?Ok but this is Romancelandia you say suspend your disbelief you crone Fine I’ll ignore that absurdity But must I also ignore the piano at the musicale many years before composers wrote for the pianoforte much less the piano? Or how we never find out exactly what Caire’s title is? And all the anachronistic language? Why bother writing in a uniue time period the early Georgian era if you’re going to go all wallpaper on me? Wouldn’t it be easier to just go with the familiar Regency period if you don’t want to set a scene? Constantly substituting “of the clock” for “o’clock” does not compensate for the modern tone uite the opposite it grated on me Set against a voice that could as easily have been telling a contemporary tale it just glared at me like a LARPer at the mall So with the time period a silly theatrical setting I would hope there’s a strong plot to make it all worthwhile Unfortunately I found the book alternately boring absurd untidy and confusing Really if I hadn’t won a copy and felt duty bound to finish and review it I’d have uit the book at page 100 The suspense plot is poorly done with no clues or red herrings for the reader to use to play along giving its resolution a shoulder shrugging “Oh that person” emotional impact The hero’s motivation for undertaking the sleuthing is never resolved just hinted at enough to raise unanswered uestions The side plot involving Temperance’s sister Silence adds nothing to this story but seuel bait I don’t read romance to read about unresolved marital strife The Ghost of St Giles bit was freaking ridiculous When Caire was ever fighting off hooligans back to back with a caped man in a harleuin mask with a long sword in one hand and a short sword in the other I started to wonder if Hoyt had switched publishers and was now with Marvel Comics There was so much going on that I never found myself invested in any of itI didn’t find much to like about the romance either To begin with I didn’t like either of the characters Caire says terrible insulting things to Temperance mocking her and her dead husband because it amuses him to hurt her He never makes amends apologizes or grovels for it either In fact it’s Temperance who has to beg him to forgive her at the end Not that she was much likeable herself being at times sanctimonious and others mindblowingly selfish A breaking point came for me when her brother was sick she just found out the home was again out of money and a baby was dying and she leaves the home unsupervised as she heads to Caire’s for some punishing rough sex How could I respect someone so selfish?Slight SpoilerThe bulk of their attraction was lust rather than any sort of nuanced emotional connection Throughout the first third of the book a big to do is made of Caire’s “unnatural desires” all the secondary characters obliuely referring to them but not offering any details As it turns out Caire who finds other people touching him to be mentally and physically painful and bonus points for having the characters discuss mental pain 150 years before the birth of psychology likes to tie women up during sex Temperance apparently likes to be tied up and manhandled Match made in heavenexcept Hoyt couldn’t commit to it She tones down the bondage having them grow out of it as a result of Twue Love and ascribes its appeal to all sorts of psychological shortcomings Now she decides to adhere to outdated medical info nice She has the characters freak out about bloodletting which was definitely SOP then but embrace the well debunked idea that bondage is an unhealthy behavior one grows out of FFS girl can we get some consistency please?And moving onAdded to the scatterbrained plot unlikeable characters and unbelievable romance is some rather distracting writing I admit to being a bit of a grammar pedant but misusing reflexive pronouns in a published novel is just sloppy Myself herself and yourself are not fancier ways of saying “me” “her” or “you” It’s not okay when work email says “Please send all further inuiries to either Bill or myself” so it’s definitely not okay in something I pay for See previous comment on “of the clock” for not making the voice sound like authentic 18th centuryI didn’t like the book but I didn’t hate it either so I give it two stars Shamelessly setting seuel bait anachronism than a SCA event and a limp story just left me unsatisfied After having enjoyed so many of her previous books I’m left to conclude that either she’s changed or I have In any case I’m reluctant to continue the series DisappointingAlso the hero had long white hair Long white hair Sephiroth Too weird

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    Well That Was Yummy GoodI had no idea was walking into an erotic slightly gory good deeds type of book but I certainly did Temperance Dews widower and her brother Winter Makepeace his name is freaking Winter my favorite time of the year run the Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children They both took it over after their father died but now they are in dire straits as one of their benefactors died and didn't leave them any money in his will Poor Winter is working himself to the bone trying to make ends meet he's a school teacher as well He has some other stuff that keeps him busy but that is for another book They live in a very bad part of London St Giles People are murdered here all of the time Temperance and her maid servant Nell Jones witnessed a dead body on their way home from saving a baby in the middle of the night You shouldn't be out at night in St Giles but they had to get the baby There are all sorts of bandits drunks killers ghosts you name it running around at night so it's best to stay inside Lord Caire or Lazarus Huntington comes to see Temperance He wants to pay money for her to help him try to find out how murdered his mistress Why did he pick Temperance? Read the book Temperance has to take Lord Caire up on his offer because they need money badly He is also willing to help Temperance find a permanent donor to the home for her help as well But Lord Caire is not the type of man you bring home to the family Yes he's rich but he also sleeps around with all kinds of women and this is not good for the sweet Temperance to be around And yes he does get all nasty talking to her and making her crazy but it works out once Lord Caire finds he is starting to FEEL again He hasn't felt anything since he lost his sister as a child Temperance and Caire have some very um passionate moments Yes you will get all hot and bothered They also go through some tough times and death but they do eventually find out who the killer is and get that taken care of Temperance has two other brothers named Concord he took over the brewery when dad died and Asa She has two sisters named Verity and Silence They weren't in the book too much only Silence played a good part in it and I look forward to reading about her in one of the other books I felt sorry for what Silence went through with her husband People suck is all I can say There were a few different characters in the book that I loved and hated and they are going to be in some of the other books I hope to read soon Over all I enjoyed this book I would like to thank Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewI have since went to thrift books online and got the next three books in the series and I have the next three after that on my list as they are cheap Yay MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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    5 stars – Historical RomanceWow This is the first book I’ve read by popular author Elizabeth Hoyt and I certainly understand now why she’s so highly rated Wicked Intentions the first book in her new Maiden Lane series is a dark gritty eerie emotional uniue and erotic murder mystery and romance with a bold honest social commentary of class differences poverty and the rough violent world of St Giles in London The main characters widowed child foundling home caregiver Temperance Dews and mysterious Lazarus Huntingon Lord Caire who’s famous for his deviant sexual proclivities and disdain of the aristocracy were fascinating Their chemistry and connection was beguiling believable and sensual and I simply couldn’t get enough of them together And the sex scenes? HOLY cow I had to turn down my AC But what was even compelling about the love scenes was how integral they were to the characters emotional growth and the way they were weaved so perfectly within the foundation of the story There were several interesting secondary characters as well so there seems to be intriguing possibilities for future books in the series Just who is the Ghost of St Giles? Will we see of Charming Mickey? What does the future hold for Silence and William or possibly even Silence and Charming Mickey perhaps? I for one can’t wait to find out I just wish I didn’t have to wait until Feb’2011 for Notorious Pleasures to come out 5 stars

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    Oh a silver haired hero? My oh my As he joins my book boyfriend list Caire only has a couple of competitors Jem from Infernal Devices and Rowan from the Throne of Glass seriesSo we have the hottie Caire who is a rich tortured soul with unusual tastes in the bedroom Familiar? Maybe but Christian Grey was written AFTER this book so you tell me who the copycat ismen they just don't get it Am I right?So ye old Christian Grey has a mistress who was murdered and he wants to find her killer He enlists the help of a local woman who runs an orphanage in the slums Her name is Temperance Truly I would have had a real problem with my parents if they gave me that name but I think it wasn't that uncommon back in the day My ye old name would be Jilly Goodwife Yeah it's a joke Ask my husbandTemperance needs to find a rich orphanage sugar daddy to keep the kids in gruel and ragged clothes Caire the pervert is willing to take her around to all of the rich folk parties if she helps him He's also willing to introduce her to his ye old red room of pain All joking aside this book was awesome The characters were smart and interesting The storyline was really great The side characters especially Temperance's family made me want from them There was a little side story going on about Temperance's sister that I am totally intrigued by I want from the piratemobster dude for sure On the whole it was thoroughly entertaining and original Loved it

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    I don't know what took me so long to get around to reading this book I'm mentally kicking myself nowMy first read by Elizabeth Hoyt Wicked Intentions totally took me by surprise and utterly exceeded my expectations I really did enjoy it Thank you my lovely friend Monty Cupcake ☠ ueen of Bloodshed ☠ for recommending this book to meI’ve rarely found Historical Romance novel with such intensity like this one The story itself was great filled with heat darkness drama and excitement I was intrigued not only by the plot but also by the charactersLazarus Huntington Lord Caire was a complex character He had the perfect mixture of a bad boy and a decent man He had a peculiar problem in that he hated being touched by everyone because all touch gave him pain He could not feel a single emotion and never loved anyone Until he met Temperance he was uncontrollably drawn to herTemperance Dews had a reputation as a prim widow She helped her brother Winter run the Foundling Home After an unexpected death of the generous patron the home had been left floundering and now both Temperance and her brother were in desperate situations She had only two weeks to find the new patrons before her landlord would have this place forcibly vacatedOut of nowhere Lazarus came to her house and made a proposition to her He wanted to hire her as a guide to St Giles in order to find someone She accepted his offer on one condition that he had to introduce her to the wealthy and titled people of London so that she could have opportunities of finding the new donorsThe they ventured out in the night the they were in danger Even though he knew it wasn’t safe for her to go out each night with him he couldn’t resist the urge to get closer to her As they spent time together they found that it was difficult to fight their feelings toward each other But Temperance had her own secret a sin she had tried to hide Could it possible for them to have a future together? you draw me Because you are kind but not soft Because when you touch me the pain is bittersweet Because you cradle a desperate secret to your bosom like a viper in your arms and don't let go of it even as it gnaws upon your very flesh I want to pry that viper from your arms To suckle upon your torn and bloody flesh To take your pain within myself and make it mine I fell in love with Lazarus my anti hero He was dangerous yet vulnerable and that totally melted my heartI loved the romance in this book and I loved the way Lazarus and Temperance built up their relationship from complete strangers to lovers They were meant for each other He made her whole again after years of guilt and suffering while she healed him freed him from the pain of being touched I am not the man you would've chosen on your own I thinkShe laid a palm on his cheek Why do you say that?His eyes snapped open and he suddenly rolled to bring her beneath him Because I am selfish and vain and venal nothing in fact like you or the men in your family Don't think I'm unaware of that fact I don't deserve you Temperance but it doesn't matter You have told me you love me and I'll not let you change your mind now or ever What makes you think I didn't choose you?His dark brows snapped together What?She threaded her fingers through his glorious silver hair You are exactly what I want exactly what I need You are honest and strong and fearless and you make me fearless too You don't let me hide behind excuses and prevarication; you make me face myself and you as well I love you Lazarus I love you I loved everything about this book This was a memorable atmospheric and compelling read I enjoyed every page of it from the beginning to the end Absolutely loved itHighly recommended

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    199 on US Kindle January 30 2019 “Because” he murmured “you draw me Because you are kind but not soft Because when you touch me the pain is bittersweet Because you cradle a desperate secret to your bosom like a viper in your arms and don’t let go of it even as it gnaws upon your very flesh I want to pry that viper from your arms To suckle upon your torn and bloody flesh To take your pain within myself and make it mine”This was an enjoyable historical romance I read Duke of Sin first and gave it five stars So I was eager to dive in to the first book in the series I hate summarizing books and am horrible at it but this one is about a widower who helps run a home for orphans with her brother She meets Lord Caire who is attractive but cold and blunt He also suffers from a mental affliction in which he feels pain at any physical contact with another human They make a deal where he will help her find a patron for the home and she will help him investigate a murder in the poor crime ridden neighborhood where the home is locatedI would have given this four stars easy but it started to feel entirely too long to me Temperance's angst over sex and her severe hangups over desire basically viewing it as a sin and Un Christianly was annoying I didn't really like her as much as I liked CaireLazarus She was too uptight and not very likeable I am not a fan of characters who punish themselves needlessly I think that sort of fun uptight character was better captured in Bridget from Duke of Sin There are several other characters introduced and obvious setups occurring for future books that I found intriguing I will definitely be continuing the series Overall a very well written book and worth reading I would still recommend Thank you to Netgalley and publisher for a digital copy of this to read and review

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    “you draw me Because you are kind but not soft Because when you touch me the pain is bittersweetBecause you cradle a desperate secret to your bosom like a viper in your arms and don’t let go of it even as it gnaws upon your very flesh I want to pry that viper from your arms To suckle upon your torn and bloody flesh To take your pain within myself and make it mine” I put off starting this series for so long that I almost forgot about it Until this afternoon when I decided to give the first book a bash and didn't look back This story consumed me Lazarus and by the way that name but Lazarus' character was the epitome of every bad boy I've ever loved but also uite different too Did I mention how this book practically sizzled with sensuality really this was one hot readThe book starts off slowly and as the reader I was pretty unassuming Yes there's the beloved mystery as well as the romance but I had no idea that the story would turnout the way it did Let alone the fact that apart from the main story the author wove 2 other stories into Lazarus and Temperance's book and while I'm really intrigued by Hero's story in I'm salivating for Silence's But as you may well know I'm pretty anal about reading books in orderNow back to this particular story Temperance along with her brother Winter run a home for orphans and foundlings they're barely scraping by and are in danger of losing their premises Until Lazarus follows Temperance home and propositions her A delicate agreement is formed in exchange for showing him around St Giles Lazarus will introduce Temperance to the most influential members of society and hopefully find a new patron for her little homeAt first it seems as if these characters are complete opposites but as the story progresses you realise they have in common I'll stop trying to explain myself but this story was both extremely exciting angsty and sensual All in all this is another read that I would strongly recommend He wanted to heal the hurt and then hurt her again just to make it better It was impossible to keep thoughts of her gentleness her wit and her acerbity from his mind

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    What an exciting story I loved Ms Hoyt's Princes Trilogy but for whatever reason kept putting off reading the Maiden Lane series til book 1 appeared on Netgalleyand now I'm hooked I love this world she's created at times harsh and shadowed by the stark contrasts of the haves and have nots and the amazing characters who live there I was kept guessing right to the end who the killer was in this tragic murder mystery Great plot complex people and definitely not your typical 'tales of the ton' historical romance by any stretch of the imagination I'm so very glad I read this book and as I said I'm hooked My thanks to Grand Central and Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this story

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    Holy He what took me so longFirst of all this book is not for the weak in the knees when it comes to uh shall we say knocking boots in its various forms This book well it goes where you do NOT expect it to go There enough about that Ok one thing HOT Done Apparently my catnip involves seriously tortured heroes I never thought it did In fact most of em get on my last nerve I may need to further examine this but heroes like those created and tortured by the likes of Kerrigan Byrne and Laura Kinsale are apparently the IT for me Lazarus? Did he break my heart? No Did he intrigue me? Yes Incredibly so I cannot get enough of him This book needs to not be over understand?Temperance? So perfect in her imperfection I adored her She's a fallen one Bless those that fall right? Anyhooo I have read two previous books in the Maiden Lane series and they were both four stars I mean they were good but they were NOT this good They seemed to be your typical historical romance fair Enjoyed put em down moved on This one I will end up thinking about It won't go away I have no expectations for the rest of the series since the other two Darling Beast and Dearest Rogue we just good This may be Ms Hoyt's Magnum Opus for this series Who knows Either way dude this was one hell of a book

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    Elizabeth Hoyt is one of THE authors whose works I always look forward to reading from her first novel I’ve been hooked Sadly after her last novel which I found to be a big disappointment I still looked forward to her newest novel and series And after reading Wicked Intentions all thoughts of doubt were uickly forgotten as this book reeled me in and left me wanting In a time of London’s Gin Craze StGiles is the slums where evil walks the street day and night and where few hopes still burn Temperance Dews along with her brother Winter Makepeace run a foundling home for children One night while saving a new born baby Temperance catches a glimpse of a man who has a dark rep for his dark sexual bedsport this same man tracks her down for her help With time running out for Temperance and her brother to pay off the owner of the foundling home or have it shut down Temperance makes a deal to be this man’s Lord Caire’s guide to StGiles and with his help to find someone to keep the foundling home open and running What Temperance and Lord Caire didn’t know was their journey was just about the begin as a murderer is on the lose with killings happing each day and the murderer is just one step closer to the pair Their path would lead them from the dark streets of StGiles to the old scars that still run through their souls and the healing power of love which runs deep in their hearts Temperance Dews has seen sin and has felt it and is willing to go the extra mile to protect the children under her care but at the same time keeps her distance from being hurt and from being the one hurting those around her Temperance was married and widowed at a young age and felt closed in and somewhat helpless immature and innocence to the events around her After one sin one mistake Temperance has punished herself time and again trying to right her sin in taking care of the foundling home giving up hope for love and happiness for herself When Lord Caire walks into her life asking her to be his guide to StGiles as he tracks the murderer whom killed his mistress Temperance feels a deep attraction to him that she fights tooth and nail but when she gives in to her feelings still punishing herself and not facing the bare facts and accepting the true loving person she is EH made another great heroine in Temperance whom was loving and caring but at the same time beating herself up over a sin she made in the past Temperance’s mistake was a big one but at the same time an understandable one Temperance was still a child when she married and needed to grow up make mistakes to become a mature woman whom would accept everything about her and be able to reach out and heal the scars of others Sometime the paths we take are not easy and we sometimes hurt the ones we care about but like Temperance we learn and embrace our mistakes and move on The lesson learned through the love she felt for Lord Caire as he healed her old wounds she healed his The Ice Man Cometh He walks as Lazarus Huntington Lord Caire Well known for his dark bedsport around London Lazarus is in search for the murderer of his mistress While he felt no love for his mistress he felt he owned it to her that because he didn’t feel anything for her that he needed to find her murder something he calls a whim on his part Lazarus on his search sees Temperance many of times and asks for her to be in guide in exchange to help her find someone to help her support her foundling home Lazarus finds Temperance a puzzle he wants to solve and perhaps make his lover but the he comes to see and be around her the he starts to feel emotions long frozen start to burn again Lazarus admits he feels nothing for no one Which it’s shown throughout the book that is false From his good friend StJohn to his Mother and to Temperance Lazarus since he was a child has put a wall of ice around himself sealing off everything from the pain he once felt from losing his love ones to hiding the heart of a true poet The ice around him has caused even the touch of another to cause him great amounts of pain At times it was hard to “warm” up to Lazarus but he just drew you like a moth to the flame You needed to know what caused him such great amounts of pain that even the mere touch of another would feel painful? The layers slowly come off and the pain he felt torn at you Lazarus never felt love and when he did it was taken away from him by force or by death The pain he felt by mere touch caused him to have his dark bedsport Many things slowly add up with Lazarus as they do with Temperance Lazarus has to be shown again that the warmth of love doesn’t have to hurt but can heal with a mere touch As the ice starts to melt around Lazarus you see the sometimes cynical humorous poet that’s been hiding for so long It was a given how much I loved Lazarus Lazarus and Temperance had walls around them and as the accept and heal each others hearts and fall in love the walls start crumbling down around them Wicked Intentions had a much darker tone and feel to it then some of EH’s other books that may have touched upon the darker notes but didn’t really go into the deeper side of things In Wicked Intentions really kept to what was going on in the time with the feeling of unrest and the reflections of the dark slums of StGiles I felt this also added to the dark sensual and sexual emotions plays between Lazarus and Temperance and the sex scenes between them are red hot Unlike other first in the series books your given glimpses of everything and everyone giving you just a taste of what’s the come but always bringing back the focus between the main couple The cast is unusual but really catchy leaving you wondering about them from The Ghost of StGiles whom protects the weak and whom could he be? From The River Pirate King “Charming” Micky O’Connor that is cunning but may have a soft spot after all The characters are wide range making me look forward to of this seriesOverall A excellent start to the new series and after I was done with Wicked Intentions I was left torn with it not wanting it to end be wanting even I look forward to from this series eagerly waiting book 2