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[ Audible ] Tea Time for the Traditionally BuiltAuthor Alexander McCall Smith –

The Latest Installment Of This Universally Beloved And Best Selling Series Finds Precious Ramotswe In Personal Need Of Her Own Formidable Detection Talents Mma Ramotswe S Ever Ready Tiny White Van Has Recently Developed A Rather Disturbing Noise Of Course, Mr JLB Matekoni Her Estimable Husband And One Of Botswana S Most Talented Mechanics Is The Man To Turn To For Help But Precious Suspects He Might Simply Condemn The Van And Replace It With Something Modern Can She Find A Way To Save Her Old Friend In The Meantime, Mma Makutsi Discovers That Her Old Rival Violet Sephotho, Who Could Not Have Gotten Than Fifty Percent On Her Typing Final At The Botswana Secretarial College, Has Set Her Sights On None Other Than Mma Makutsi S Fiance, Phuti Radiphuti Can Mma Ramotswe S Intuition Save The Day Finally, The Proprietor Of A Local Football Team Has Enlisted The No Ladies Detective Agency To Help Explain Its Dreadful Losing Streak The Owner Of The Team Is Convinced He Has A Traitor In His Midst But How Is Mma Ramotswe, Who Has Never Seen A Football Match In Her Life, Going To Discern Who Is Throwing The Game Help, It Turns Out, May Come From An Unexpected Quarter There Are Few Mysteries That Can T Be Solved And Fewer Problems That Can T Be Fixed When The Irrepressible Precious Ramotswe Puts Her Mind To Them A Good Cup Of Red Bush Tea Might Be The Best Solution Of All The 10th in the series, if you are reading this you are already a fan Smith maintains the same delightful level offered in the prior nine The central mystery here concerns a soccer team and whether or not someone is throwing games Mma Makutsi faces a personal challenge as an old rival attempts to insinuate herself between Makutsi and her fianc e Mma Rawotswe must come to grips with the likely demise of her beloved van Along the way we meet of the fascinating characters that populate Smith s Botswana and paint a loving portrait of that nation If the other books in the series were not your cup of bush tea, pass, but if you enjoyed what came before settle in with another cup and enjoy.It does not hurt that the wonderful HBO production of these stories has given us a few wonderfully cast faces to keep in mind as we read Just in case you are new to the series I would stop, go back and read The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency It makes a difference seeing the characters develop over the volumes. 4.5 starsI love this series, and am a huge fan of McCall Smith Though the events take place in a detective agency, this series is as far away from murder and hard crime as any detective book can be.Mma Ramotswe and her assistant, Mma Makutsi, form an unlikely pair of female detectives, who specialise in solving peculiar mysteries.This time, Molofololo, the football tycoon engages the team to find out why his team is losing out every time, even to weak rivals He suspects a mole in the team , and it is Precious Ramotswe s job to find out the culprit Though not even remotely a football fan, she is forced to learn the ABC of football with the help of her young son, Puso and is soon interviewing the players with the help of Makutsi But when the solution is reached at, it is quite a simple and astonishing one.In between I got a glimpse of Botswana life, and Precious Ramotswe s day to day affairs, and I could also peek into the garage owned by her husband, Mr JLB Matekoni.The best thing about this book and the whole series is the subtle humor and the simple language.How I adore such books Would have given full 5 stars, but for the silly solution to the mystery. I really enjoy this series of books I like the descriptions, the slow pace, the thoughtfulness, etc And the stories are always interesting There were lots of quotes I found interesting as wellIn thinking about her childhood, Mma Ramotswe pondered arithmetic, with its puzzling multiplication tables that needed to be learned by heart when there was so much else that the heart had to learn pg 4 As Mma Ramotswe looked up at her acacia tree and thought about how there could be a snake in the tree, she decided that the best way to deal with them was not to deal with themIf we left snakes alone, then they kept away from us It was only when we intruded on their world that they bit us, and who could blame them for that It was the same with life in general, thought Mma Ramotswe If we worried away at troublesome issues, we often only ended up making things worse It was far better to let things sort themselves out pg 18 This reminds me of advice from Dale Carnegie s book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living To paraphrase, he stated that if we could do something about a problem that was bothering us, then we should do something If there was nothing we could do, then we should figure out what would be the worst possible thing that might happen, reconcile ourselves to it and then quit worrying Chances were that whatever happened wouldn t be as bad as it could have been.When Fanwell talks to Mma Ramotswe about her van, which is on its last legs, he asks her if she has spoken to her husband about it He says there is nothing her husband can not fix She sighs and thinks to herself that he was right to say that there was nothing that Mr J.L.B Matekoni could not fix, but that was not the same thing as saying that there was nothing that he would not fix pg 59 I had to laugh at that My mother was very impressed with my husband, Bart, and used to say that there was nothing that Bart couldn t do if he set his mind to it I often repeat this, but add emphasis to the set his mind to it part which, to me, is the crux of the matter Another thought, not unlike the earlier one I mentioned about the snakes, was when Mma Ramotswe was walking and thought the blister had stopped troubling her it had burst, she thought, and walking was comfortable again If only all our troubles were like that and perhaps they were Perhaps the trick was to do what was necessary to deal with them, to put a plaster on them and then forget that they were there pg 61 And on a similar note When there is nothing you can do to stop the march of adverse events, then the best thing, she felt, was to get on with life and not to worry pg 99 And some quotes on a variety of topics Everyone needs a hobby, said Mma Ramotswe Particularly men They need hobbies because they do not have enough to do We women always have too much to do and do not have to spend our time watching football or playing withcollecting model aeroplanes pg 76 She knew it was not always easy for women in such places, where the easy companionship of the village had been replaced by the comparative anonymity of the town Such a woman might spend much of the day without any contact with other women an unnatural state of affairs We are born to talk to other people, she thought we are born to be sociable and to sit together with others in the shade of an acacia tree and talk about things that happened the day before We were not born to sit in kitchens by ourselves, with no body to chat to pg 127 A middle aged couple, visitors wearing large floppy hats, sat at a table poring over a tourist guide Mma Makutsi smiled so many people read these guides when they might have been looking around them and seeing the place they were reading about It was the same with cameras visitors spent so much time peering through the viewfinders of their cameras that they never looked at the country they were photographing pg 165 Reminds me of when Michael and I went to Sea World and he video taped the killer whale show, but to one extent missed seeing it except through the tiny black and white viewfinder.And a funny one Mma Makutsi is worried about losing her fiancee to another woman and asks What if she succeeds in making him fonder of her What then He is a good man, but even a good man can fall for a glamorous woman That is well known Mma Ramotswe responds That is very well knownLook at Adam Look how he fell for Eve Just because she had no clothes on, he fell for her, said Mma Makutsi That sometimes helps, said Mma Ramotswe They both laughed Once again, Alexander McCall Smith has written another wonderful detective book about the Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi McCall has such a wonderful sense of people and how they think In simple words, he delves into their innermost reflective thoughts As he describes in detail what people are thinking about, I find myself connecting to similar thoughts I used to have when I was younger and innocent, and had free time to reflect upon the goodness of people and the world Mma Ramotswe glanced in her rear view mirrorGoodnight, Mma I am grateful to you I am grateful to you for being my assistant and having all those peculiar ideas and insisting on them I am grateful to you for being who you are for standing up for ladies with large glasses and a bad skin and for everybody else who has had to battle to get where they have got And most of all I am grateful to you for being my friend, Mma I am grateful to you for that That is the best thing that anybody can be to anybody else a friend Mr J.L.B Matekoni was thoughtful when his son was rather upset that a better football team had lost There would have to be a lesson about sportsmanship, and about enjoying a game, no matter what the outcome It was sometimes a hard lesson to be learned, and some people never learned it, but it was needed He looked at Puso and tried to remember what it was like to be that age You wanted things so much that was it you wanted things so much that you ached And sometimes you believed that you could make the things you yearned for happen, just by willing them He had done that himself he remembered it vividly, when as a boy he had lost a favorite uncle and he had walked out into the bush and looked up at the sky and addressed God directly Please make him not be dead Please make him not be dead And when he had got home, he had half expected that his act of willing would have somehow worked and his uncle would have miraculously recovered But of course there was still the sound of keening women and the black armbands and all the other signs that it had not worked the world is the world in spite of all our wishes to the contrary Keep writing, Alexander McCall Smith I am your sister There was no simpler or effective way of expressing a whole philosophy of life Human hurt was like lightning it did not choose its targets, but struck, with rough equality and little regard to position, achievement, or moral desert There is plenty of work for love to do It did not really matter what the relationship was a home was a home whoever lived in it, it was the same family no matter how attenuated the links of blood and lineage Until you hear the whole story, until you dig deeper, and listen, she thought, you know only a tiny part of the goodness of the human heart When we dismiss or deny the hopes of others, she thought, we forget that they, like us, have only one chance in this life We were tiny creatures, really tiny and afraid, trying to hold our place on the little platform that was our earth So while the world about us might seem so solid, so permanent, it was not really We were all at the mercy of chance, no matter how confident we felt, hostages to our own human frailty And that applied not only to people, but countries too That is the best thing that anybody can be to anybody else a friend. .com kindly informed me that this latest in the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series was available in paperback, and I started clicking This is one temptation I don t even try to resist Alexander McCall Smith s books are good for me like a few days vacation.Once it arrived, I tried to read Tea Time for the Traditionally Built as slowly as possible, rationing myself to just a few pages a day Although Smith is a prolific author, his books don t come out every day and like favorite desserts when they re gone they re gone.For those familiar with the series, you might be interested to know that in this volume, readers have a chance to get to know some of the here to fore minor characters including the younger apprentice, the tiny white van, and Mma Makutsi s shoes.For those of you unfamiliar with the series, I recommend the first book in the series, The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency If you like it as much as I did, prepare yourself for a long vacation. I am doing this wrong I ought to read the books in the right order to get the full enjoyment of the character development As it is, I was kicking myself for missing an exciting book no idea which of the previous ones it was, but the scene was referred to in this one with Grace Makutsi and Precious Ramotswe chasing after Violet Sephotho How did I miss that Anyway, this one had Ramotswe and Makutsi grapple with football The owner of a football club, the Kalahari Swoopers, reaches out to the ladies and asks if they could find out why his team is consistently losing He suspects there is a traitor in their midst Mma Ramotswe takes up the case even though neither of the women know anything about the game The conclusion, as usual, is simple and straightforward Meanwhile, Violet Sephotho has her eyes on Phuti Radiphuti and Mma Makutsi is furious about it But between her, Mma Ramotswe and Charlie, they put things right and save poor Phuti from a fate worse than death So much benign sexism here, but I just adore this series I have to let it go Another winner from Botswana Settle down with a hot cup of bush tea and enjoy Third review This is a brilliant series I just love that Mma Ramotswe s tiny white van almost could be a character in many of the books The main case in this novel involves football soccer, which isn t my favorite topic, but happily, the case sits offstage for than half the story There s lots of drama for Mma Makutski involving the main bad guy of the series, Violet Sepotho And yes, the tiny white van plays a major role in this story too If you want a smile and a bit of another culture, you can t go wrong with any book in this series I highly recommend the audiobooks as well most of those are actually imo better than the paper books Lisette Lecat reads men and women equally well, she narrates the entire series, and so she really understands these characters and captures their personalities so well in her reading I can t emphasize enough what a great idea it is to listen to this entire series Second review I m not sure what I can say about any book in this series that I ve not already said If Botswana weren t an extremely hot and dry place, I d want to move there, if the author represents it accurately Civility rules Is everyone kind No, but people treat each other with dignity and civility The world could learn a lot from Mma Ramotswe She feels so real to me Her assistant is a little plucky but I may love her even She makes me laugh I also really enjoyed getting to know Fanwell in this volume The stories are always interesting, but it s the characters and setting that shine in this series You come to know these characters so well, and though they may not all be favorites, there is something to love about every one of them Audiobook listeners will love this series, as each volume is narrated by the magnificent Lisette Lecat She does each voice, male and female, convincingly, and adds another layer of excellence to this series Bravo Long live AMS and Lecat Really looking forward to the 18th volume of this series next month Until then, on to the next First review I just love this series They re all good, filled with wisdom. A fun, feel good book that happens to be number 10 in a fun, feel good series based in Botswana Mma Ramotswe Mma Makutsi never fail to bring a smile to my face I love the culture and ambience of their Botswana AMS writing makes the place come alive through the eyes of natives to the country These books are easy and quick reading.This particular entry focuses on intrigue in a football team soccer to us Americans Also are problems with the tiny white van and Grace s nemesis Violet Sephotho If you are a fan of any of these books and haven t yet had the opportunity to watch the HBO series inspired by it, please do so I highly recommend it It s one of those times I feel that the tv movie version is as good as the book Let me tell you, that doesn t often happen for me In fact I can pretty much count them on one hand The spirit of the books is beautifully maintained in them.