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{Free Best} Historic Preservation: An Introduction to Its History, Principles, and PracticeAuthor Norman Tyler –

This book provides a very solid overview of the historic preservation movement in American It has chapters on architectural styles, the foundation and history of preservation, the legal process of listing sites, the Register of Historic Sites, the differences between historic districts, landmarks, and areas, and preservation economics and planning The book covers the long term issues typically associated with preserving historic buildings and it also highlights the uphill battle that has been fought by preservationists through the years It is full of sketches and images of important historic sites and to show differences in architectural styles The complex topics of restoration, renovation, and conservation are explained in detail A great introduction to an important topic. More a smattering than a survey of this weird subject I liked the pictures.I was supposed to read this for a course at the University of Arizona I ended up getting it at the Cleveland State bookstore seven months later and reading it fifteen months after that. This was the guiding text for a class called Preserving the Past Planning for the Future Historic Preservation and Local History I have no complaints with this book It is a concise approach to a handbook for preservationists, and while many of the important aspects of preservation particularly specific techniques or laws can be quite dry, the book balances these sections with very interesting and specific case studies in order to illustrate a particular concept I m definitely keeping this book handy in the future I also can t help but drive through town and identify which houses are Richardsonian Romanesque and the like. This book says that it is an introduction but is much too daunting to be something for a non professional or non historic preservation student Let me reassessit is probably a great book for students that are guided by an instructor. Very good introduction to the field and some of the major relevant topics Good both for people with or getting a background in preservation, and those simply interested in the field whether for practical reasons or from curiosity. I liked the ease of this book It was informative, but not too dense Great for people just starting out with Historic Preservation Sometimes the language in the work was a bit flamboyant, but overall it was enjoyable. This is a great resource that covers a lot of components of the history and practice of historic preservation. An interesting read It was a textbook for a class in historic preservation The book gives a nice overview of the topic from many angles T He Best Published Overview Of Historic Preservation I Use It As A Course Text Lauren Sickels Taves, Architectural Conservator, Henry Ford Museum Greenfield VillageHistoric Preservation Provides A Thorough Overview Of The Theory, Technique, And Procedure For Preserving Our Architectural Heritage The Perfect Introduction For Architecture Students, Local Officials, Community Leaders, And The Interested Layperson, It Covers Preservation Philosophy, The History Of The Movement, The Role Of National, State, And Local Government, The Designation And Documentation Of Historic Structures, Establishing A Historic District, Architectural Styles, Sensitive Architectural Design And Planning, Preservation Technology, And The Economics Of Building Rehabilitation Clear overview Detailed coverage of policy and planning An enjoyable and quick read.