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[PDF / Epub] ✅ The Shortest Day Author Susan Cooper –

A beautifully illustrated book about the winter solstice The Shortest Day by Susan Cooper illustrated by Carson Ellis 2019 Striking art accompanies the words of a simple poem that Cooper wrote in 1974 for use during Winter Solstice celebrations Simple words make this accessible for young kids Terrific if you too are celebrating the solstices and equinoxes and cross quarter days with the kids in your home or classroom Preschool Adult In This Seasonal Treasure, Newbery Medalist Susan Cooper S Beloved Poem Heralds The Winter Solstice, Illuminated By Caldecott Honoree Carson Ellis S Strikingly Resonant Illustrations So The Shortest Day Came,and The Year DiedAs The Sun Set On The Shortest Day Of The Year, Early People Would Gather To Prepare For The Long Night Ahead They Built Fires And Lit Candles They Played Music, Bringing Their Own Light To The Darkness, While Wondering If The Sun Would Ever Rise Again Written For A Theatrical Production That Has Become A Ritual In Itself, Susan Cooper S Poem The Shortest Day Captures The Magic Behind The Returning Of The Light, The Yearning For Traditions That Connect Us With Generations That Have Gone Before And The Hope For Peace That We Carry Into The Future Richly Illustrated By Carson Ellis With A Universality That Spans The Centuries, This Beautiful Book Evokes The Joy And Community Found In The Ongoing Mystery Of Life When We Celebrate Light, Thankfulness, And Festivity At A Time Of Rebirth Welcome Yule This book, in its entirety, is beautiful, peaceful, and perfect The verse gives me chills Every time Read it aloud You ll see what I mean Dive deeply into the quiet, dark watercolor illustrations You ll feel the same sense of peace and connection to all of the people throughout time who honor the sun and its centrality to life You ll feel a kinship There are very few picture books for kids about the Winter Solstice There are so many people who celebrate this holiday, this turning point in the year, who are looking for the perfect book to explain to their kids and themselves the long history of our winter rituals in the North. Softly coloured illustrations fill the pages of this book as the shortest day is celebrated long ago and today It reminds us of the uniqueness of the winter season. A beautiful poem and illustrations for the upcoming winter days ahead A must read for those who enjoy a deep, traditional children s book. I have always loved the poem and this picture book does it justice An essential add to holiday collections and a perfect gift Highly recommended for ages 4 6 and adults. A stunningly beautiful and atmospheric picture book that will make any reader excited to celebrate the winter solstice A recognition and celebration of our ages old marking of the winter solstice and welcoming of the returning light Beautiful poetry by Cooper and stunning illustrations by Ellis. Aaargh, This book is so close to being great and after one read I had decided it was five stars and a top place on our school s Book Fest Top Picks 2019 And then I read it againand while still very good, it fatally does not deliver on its promise The Shortest Day is for everyone It is fine to have a Christmas book, fine to have a book that speaks about any single history, both those books could be excellent What is not ok is to have a book that purports to speak to all but reveals a profound bias.The handsome opening images show neolithic peoples, focusing on northern cultures, but then we move on to identifiable cultural representations and all of them are Nordic On re reading I kept looking for one spread that would include one of the many Asian cultures that has traditions around light Lots of South American cultures also do, but even hewing to a northern latitude theme there were plenty of examples that could have been pictured if this book were really for everyone China, Korea, parts of India and Japan There are multiple mis steps in the author s note at the end While she inclusively mentions Chanukah and Diwali and there are brown faces and a menorah included in the modern illustrations of holiday celebration there rest of the text is very Christmas heavy and ends with the unforgivable line When your family and friends celebrate Christmas in their own way, maybe you could astonish them all by standing up and reciting The Shortest Day I do not understand how this almost excellent book could have gotten through the editorial process with out someone mentioning Carson add an Asian celebration, Susan add a sentence to the Christmas origin story of the poem to talk about how it connects to a universal celebratory impulse and do not end your book for everyone with the explicit assumption that everyone celebrates Christmas Aaaargh For inclusive shortest day nonfiction check out The Shortest Day by Pfeffer, Celebrations of Light by Luenn, and The Winter Solstice by Jackson.