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You Don T Choose The Academy The Academy Chooses You The Last Of The Culling Trials Is Here I Foolishly Thought I D Survived The Worst My Team Is Falling To Pieces Around Me And My Heart Is Shattered For The Losses I Ve Endured But I Can T Stop When I M So Close To The End There Are Too Many People Depending On Me I Foolishly Thought There Wasn T Much I Could Lose Until The Nature Of My Bloodline Comes To Light I M Not What I Thought I Was Not What Anyone Thought I Was But To Tell People The Truth Would Be To Kill Us All To Fail The Trials Will Mean Death, But To Succeed Might Damn Me For Life

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    Book 3 and it is a Harry Potter on an acid trip at the Universal Studio ride.This is the end of The Culling Trial but not Shadowspell Academy, I hope, because while we finally see Wild and the gang bond and each of them grows into their magical ability we still don t have much clue about Wild s parents and other mysterious stuff especially the Sandman and the Shadowkiller.I think these motley crew underdogs are entertaining, love their chemistry and their bonding I just hope the next part will be solid in character development, bits, and clue, politic, and romance, maybe just not another roller coaster ride of kidnap and assassin.too much and it ll get boring, ya know.

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    This was very anticlimactic I feel awful giving it a 2 star rating but that s all it gets.I have been waiting since book one to know about Wild and why she s wanted, why her brother was killed I thought this book would answer those questions but it didn t Instead we are told who had been stealing the kids when that was not even the main plot line initially I thought it was a secondary arc but apparently not So I still don t know who the shadowkiller is, I don t know why he is after her, why her brother was killed It just seems a waste of time stringing us along for three books and still not having everything resolved There is a possibility that there might be another book but quite frankly I am no longer interested.

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    I hope this isn t the end of Wild s story.

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    How Breene and Mayer have managed to keep this series as exciting and fresh as Book 1 I can t work out But they keep on delivering If could use one quote to sum up the whole series it would be And just like that we went from the frying pan into the fire and also Something else was at work here I could feel it Somethingnot right With only 2 house trials left the anti is being upped Wilds internal warning system is going on red alert every single page Everything that can go wrong, will They are facing the toughest houses and it will make or break the crew There is a reason why I m using Potter gifs, the wands are out in full force We even have a he who can t be named thing going on The missing kids, Wild s magic, it s all coming to a head It continues to be clever, exciting, funny and also fast paced But it s anything but over, even when it appear we ve come to the end of this trilogy.

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    Oh man, I guess I m going to be the party pooper.I ve been on this ride of emotions, keeping me in the story and unable to put the book down WHICH is usually how many books I fall into go but, how this story ended has really dampered my mood Why Cause I feel like it didn t tie up anything, if not than anything make questions Like, who is this mysterious shadowkiller How did the fight between her and Rory go WHO does she pick, because lets face it, Rory, Colt and Ethan like her and with her liking them back as well.What happens to her family Do they try to get her siblings to come as well What happens in the school cause I m sure it not just like that after the trials it done.Does she see her friends again and how Cause I feel like she would fight hell and back just to hang out with them.Now from what I understand that this is the last book of the series but if there is going to be another series that answers everything, then this book deserves so much Don t get me wrong, I still love the characters and everything in it, I just feel like it ended way to soon without the ties it much needed.

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    I m on a 4.5 5 cusp something felt like it was missing and ending to quickly There has to be another book to this storyline

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    I ll bump up the star rating if this isn t the last book in the series Because it can t be Not because I loved this series so much that I don t want it to end No, it s because book 3 ends with so many things left unexplained Everyone knows the Wild is Wild AKA not her brother Billy but how do they react They don t Unless you count putting her in a room with Wally Which I don t There was all this fuss about Billy specifically him coming to the academy They sent a letter where they threatened his family if he didn t come and gave him lots of money and a time limit And yet nobody gives the slightest hint that they care about the fact that Billy didn t come to the academy WHAT Then there s Wild and her crew going around, trying to solve these disappearances Where s the higher authority, the people in charge They re supposed to be the ones looking into this not Wild Help police, there s a couple of kids fine, teenagers getting injured and and almost murderered That s how I feel Wally herself says that the Culling Trials are different this year, people are getting injured Well, since there s clearly a society of people with magic, there has to be someone in charge Where s the parents demanding to know why their kids are missing Where, where, where It s all a mess.At this point you can probably see the point I m trying to make So, obviously it s no surprise that it s Wild who finds and saves the missing kids Of course And after when she and her crew are in an epic battle and she actually kills someone What happens You guessed it, nothing There s no investigation or anything because as I said it before there s no one in charge The next day they have their ceremony thing I forgot what s its called where a magaical cauldron sorting hat decides what house they get into Harry Potter, anyone Wild is left alone with Mr Sunshine forgot his name because he says it s better no one knows about her being a chameleon power of all five houses but it s OK for him to know Maybe he s the one in charge who knows Wild tells him that she d rather be chameleon than a null having no magic WHAT THE IS WRONG WITH HER In the first trial she mocks people for actually wanting to be a part of the magic world when it s so dangerous But here she is, five extremely dangerous trials later saying that she wants to a part of it What about her family Her drunk father Her fifteen year old sister who s running the ranch farm whatever they have Wild didn t want to leave her family and with good reason but after nearly dying so many times, she bought into the nulls are losers mindset and now wants to be a part of it.Which is why I m glad that I m done with the series for the moment If the authors write another book, then yeah I ll read it because there s so much left unexplained but for now, I want a break from The Culling Trials.

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    As Wild and her team continue the trials the danger is greater than ever before and the challenge for the House of Night even sees them facing off against supernatural zombies The team is still down one member as Gregory and the other missing students still haven t been found so not only is Wild trying to get her group through the last few trials in one piece but she s also determined to find out who is behind the disappearances.This has been such a fun series to read, lots of fun magic, great characters and plenty of action We finally start getting some answers about Wild s abilities here and we also see Wally coming into her own as she faces off against another necromancer I ve really enjoyed seeing how the team has come together and that they always have each other s backs, even Ethan makes some positive improvements here although I m still not sure he can be completely trusted.The latest instalment has lots of twists and we finally get to see who survives the trials and which houses they get placed in I m really hoping the authors decide to continue the series so we can see how the gang get on inside the Shadowspell Academy.

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    Wild and her group face the final trials for Shadowspell Academy The trials are becoming intense and seem to be geared to killing Wild in particular Wild is also distracted by wanting to find out what happened to the kids that have disappeared Her team rallies behind her to provide support, even Ethan Ok so, I think because the trials were dangerous and intense, I ended up liking this book a little better than the previous three We also get to see Wild solve the mystery about where the missing kids went and to some extent why I say to some extent because I m not sure if I was just distracted or if that part was a little vague I have a lot of questions about the resolution of that particular problem in the plot I m also still scratching my head about the ending This whole time, I thought Wild was just attending the trials to show participation in order to save her younger siblings from a similar fate She had a healthy distrust built up and it was reinforced by everything that happened in the trials so then why was she so happy to be view spoiler going off to her new house in the Academy It seemed a little out of character, especially since she will now be separated from her friends that helped her get through the trials and know her secrets I am assuming that this series is just a precursor to a new series that will focus on what happens at the Academy Perhaps we will get a nice short explanation of what the hell just happened to start us off hide spoiler

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    Pages 186My rating stars 5Read other books from this author in the future yesThe Culling Trials end in this book And I really loved this series and hope there will be a follow up, because I am sure the story just began So since I don t want to spoil anything this is only a short review I got this book today and starting reading it today and finished it in not even half a day I could not put it down.