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In The First Hours There Was Nothing, No Fear Or Sadness, Just A Black And Perfect SilenceNando Parrado Was Unconscious For Three Days Before He Woke To Discover That The Plane Carrying His Rugby Team, As Well As Their Family Members And Supporters, To An Exhibition Game In Chile Had Crashed Somewhere Deep In The Andes He Soon Learned That Many Were Dead Or Dying Among Them His Own Mother And Sister Those Who Remained Were Stranded On A Lifeless Glacier At Nearly , Feet Above Sea Level, With No Supplies And No Means Of Summoning Help They Struggled To Endure Freezing Temperatures, Deadly Avalanches, And Then The Devastating News That The Search For Them Had Been Called Off As Time Passed And Nando S Thoughts Turned Increasingly To His Father, Who He Knew Must Be Consumed With Grief, Nando Resolved That He Must Get Home Or Die Trying He Would Challenge The Andes, Even Though He Was Certain The Effort Would Kill Him, Telling Himself That Even If He Failed He Would Die That Much Closer To His Father It Was A Desperate Decision, But It Was Also His Only Chance So Nando, An Ordinary Young Man With No Disposition For Leadership Or Heroism, Led An Expedition Up The Treacherous Slopes Of A Snow Capped Mountain And Across Forty Five Miles Of Frozen Wilderness In An Attempt To Find Help Thirty Years After The Disaster Nando Tells His Story With Remarkable Candor And Depth Of Feeling Miracle In The Andes A First Person Account Of The Crash And Its Aftermath Is Than A Riveting Tale Of True Life Adventure It Is A Revealing Look At Life At The Edge Of Death And A Meditation On The Limitless Redemptive Power Of Love From The Hardcover Edition

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    Why bother reading Nando Parrado s book if you have already read Alive right After all, that book was written right after the event with extensive interviews with the 16 survivors and offers an accurate and detailed account of the events of that tragic crash sight portrayed in the 1993 Ethan Hawke movie Alive WRONG This book is simply amazing Written thirty years after the crash Nando ruminates and expresses his emotions about those awful 72 days There are many interesting points he brings up By all accounts Nando was a shy awkward boy before the crash, but it was HIM out of the 26 survivors which tragically became 16 before the rescue that kept his wits about him and tenaciously climbed over that mountain in street clothes and no gear and got his friends that were starving to death rescued.To this day Nando is very humble, saying he s not a hero, saying he just wanted off that mountain and would rather die trying than stay in that ghoulish crash site infamous for the survivors having to eat the dead Many of the other boys helped the situation or fell apart in various ways but it was Nando that got them out What is the magic temperament and personality of a survivalist when the chips are down and all hope is lost I loved viewing the narrative from his view, which is not the detailed account of events in Alive but Nando s perception of them There are several details that stood out, inspired me, and broke my heart.1 Tending to his sister while she took a week to die after the crash In Alive the other witnesses show Nando being quiet and lying by her In his account he is consumed with anguish at not being able to take away her pain He had always been an over protective big brother, going as far as to drive her home from parties and sitting in the back of movie theaters on her dates to make sure his sister Suzy was safe Most sisters would resent this but Suzy liked it, they were extremely close All he could do was shield her from the cold with his body, and when she died he could hug her tight without fear of hurting her.2 It was fear and love for his Father that gave him the tenacity to keep going over that mountain Knowing his father thought his wife, daughter, and son were all killed Nando wanted to get back to him so his father didn t kill himself.3 From the start he was practical When he awoke from a coma after the crash to find his Mother dead, his best friend dead, and his sister dying a disembodied voice in his head told him Don t cry Crying wastes salt You need salt to live I know that never would have gone through my mind at such a time.4 He visualized going over that mountain every day, staring at it, imagining his path People say visualization helps one reach goals and Nando was obsessed with it If not for the other survivors begging him to stay he would have gone over the mountain earlier and frozen to death, he was so determined It was only after they fashioned a sleeping bag out of he plane insulation that the expedition was possible to be successful.5 A thought that kept going through his mind was I m already dead, so I might as well do this until I drop 6 By all accounts in Alive he picked on, harassed, and bullied fellow survivor Roy Harley, which the other boys didn t get Unlike Canessa and Tin Tin, Nando was not a bully, he was the opposite Even though he was one of the strong he looked out after the weak Roy Harley was a boy that was physically unharmed but would burst into tears a lot and had a bit of a nervous breakdown There were other boys who contributed less, so why did Nando single out Harley Nando says, all these years later, that he saw himself in Roy Harley The expressions on his face mirrored what was he was feeling Nando didn t cry once during the entire ordeal on that mountain Every time Roy did, Nando felt like he would break Nando know if he broke, he would never survive and get off that mountain He says now he is ashamed of how he treated him After an expedition to the broken off plane tail to retrieve batteries Canessa and Tin Tin abandoned Harley in the storm after Harley fell down and wouldn t get up Nando abandoned him too they had to get back to the fuselage or die in the storm Nando couldn t take leaving him to die and went back for him After cursing out his Mother, coaxing, and kicking him Nando got Harley to get up and walk He saved Harley s life twice if you count the final rescue so Harley couldn t hold that much of a grudge against Nando But I think it s to his credit that he feels bad.7 Most of the other survivors felt that God was protecting them and would rescue them and loved them Nando never felt this, even though he had a religious Catholic upbringing It was all too random to him The only reason he was alive and his best friend was dead was because ten minutes before they crashed his friend asked to switch spots so he could have a window seat to look at the mountains His Mom and sister were dead because of seats they chose on the airplane If God was protecting the survivors that does that mean they didn t love the dead He knew such thoughts would only put him in a rage and then demoralize him to the point he couldn t survive, so he put them out of his mind None the less, he always felt God watching him and present with him, even if he was not protecting him.8 He is so inspirational He says everyone in life has their own Andes Sometimes it s illness, death of a loved one, etc We re not expecting it, we can t change it But don t give up.This book had me in tears at least three or four times, and I m not an especially emotional person Everyone should read this book, it s amazing.

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    Opening Line It was Friday the thirteenth of October We joked about that flying over the Andes on such an unlucky day, but young men make these kinds of jokes so easily This was a fantastic read, absolutely gripping even though I already knew the story pretty well having read Piers Paul Read s Alive The Story of the Andes Survivors and catching the movie on TV a couple times You wouldn t really think there d be much left to tell of the ill fated Uruguayan rugby team s plane crash and their subsequent 72 days spent stranded in the Andes Mountains, but we ve never heard Nando s story before and it s worth hearing He s the one played by Ethan Hawke in the movie who was ultimately responsible for their rescue This book is also interesting as its written 30 years after the event so we get detailed updates from, not just Nando but the other survivors as well Describing their lives since the rescue jobs, marriages, children, problems with drugs etc There are lots of children and that made me smile There are some 30 pages of photographs included here which contain shots of the team before the crash, during their ordeal, during their rescue and in the years after The pictures taken at the crash site are especially haunting because they just look like college boys on vacation until you notice the eyes, gaunt faces and the fact that they re starving Oh and the wreck of the plane in the background Yes, Nando does go into detail about the much published cannibalism and their brutal decision to eat the dead in order to survive Most looked at it as a sort of religious experience, i.e eating the body of Christ to sustain themselves as starvation would be suicide which goes against Catholicism As an essentially non religious person I have to say that I found Nando s interpretations of God particularly interesting How could you not come to an understanding of God and life and love when death had tapped you on the shoulder for such a long time You would have to make peace with it all On that note Nando says he didn t suffer from PTSD or survivor s guilt because he had felt death and was no longer afraid, choosing instead to live, to honor the victims God is love, God is all around us I have to say this book affected me on many levels and Parrado tells his story with such candor and feeling that I scarily joined him right there at the crash site than once One other scene continues to haunt me after everything he s been through when Nando gets back to his father s house, he stops and just looks out the window, realizing that life is still going on, people are still going to work, kids are still playing in yards and he thinks I wouldn t have left much of a hole in the world had I not returned In a first person account, Nando Parrado describes how after being unconscious for 3 days he awakens to discover that the plane carrying his team to a rugby game in Chili has crashed somewhere deep in the Andes He soon discovers that many are dead or dying including his mother and sister Those still alive are stranded on a glacier at nearly 12,000 feet with no supplies or means of contact Struggling to survive takes on a whole new meaning as they face freezing temperatures, deadly avalanches, starvation and finally news that the search has been called off After some 72 days Nando makes the terrifying decision to hike out of the frozen wilderness, leading the expedition in an attempt to find help.378jb5

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    Such a moving and amazing book on survival, loss and triumph of the human spirit This is a personal account written by Nando Parrado of what happened to him and other survivors of the Andes plane crash Nando Parrado was unconscious for three days before he woke to discover that the plane carrying his rugby team, as well as their family members and supporters, to an exhibition game in Chile had crashed somewhere deep in the Andes He soon learned that many were dead or dying among them his own mother and sister Those who remained were stranded on a lifeless glacier at nearly 12,000 feet above sea level, with no supplies and no means of summoning help They struggled to endure freezing temperatures, deadly avalanches, and then the devastating news that the search for them had been called off Mr Parrado and 2 other men walked for 10 days over the Andes Mountains before they say a farmer who summoned help and the survivors were rescued and brought home.

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    A staggering story.Intense and Incredible When my book club chose this book, I honestly wasn t looking forward to reading it I had read ALIVE and thought I already knew the story, as it had been told in detail Boy, was I blown away What an amazing surprise MIRACLE IN THE ANDES turned out to be Nanado Parrado very skillfully and gently takes you into those mountains with such vivid images and heartbreaking exchanges of dialogue, that you feel the immense cold, your stomach actually churns with their hunger, and your body aches with an emotional empathy The calm camaraderie of these astonishing young men amazes with their awe inspiring courage The reader comes to know and care about every man and woman caught in this horrible nightmare of survival at it s bleakest So many times throughout the novel, just when hope was gaining or plans were coming together to find a way out , a devastating set back would occur As hope was dashed once again, the spirit and love of these stranded survivors would not diminish.and another plan was carefully thought out Everything in their lives was re examined their faith repeatedly tested and the bonds of brotherhood strengthened beyond belief This riveting account is sure to elevate and illuminate faith in the love that shines the light on their miraculous journey.

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    Miracle in the Andes 2006 The author of this book Nando Parrado is one of the sixteen survivors of the crash of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 deep in the Andes in 1972 After the crash, twenty eight survivors battled inhumane conditions high in the mountains to survive and only sixteen made it alive after seventy two days Even though the previous book Alive 1974 detailed the story, Parrado s book, which came out in 2006, is a completely different account of this experience which enables us to understand what it is really like to face death every minute of one s life, and then after surviving the unsurvivable do it all again twice Paying a special tribute to the determination and courage of others, Parrado s very moving and personal book is a must read for everyone so life changing its observations and conclusions can be for a reader Parrado starts his book with a vivid portrayal of his life before the crash, introducing the main characters of his tale his family members, close friends and fellow members of the amateur Uruguayan rugby team Any other account of this would have been boring but not Parrado s With every line he writes, we can feel the emotion he experiences as he describes his love for his mother a passenger of the crashed plane , father, two sisters one Susy also a passenger of the crashed plane , and the love that he feels for each of his team members on the rugby team, including his close friend Panchito Francisco Panchito Abal a passenger on the doomed flight There emerges in our minds a happy and carefree life which Nando lived before the crash when he did not think too much about the future or how lucky he was to draw each breath.What then follows is the disturbing description of the crash which happened as the airplane Fairchild Hiller FH 227 passed over the Andes, one of the most treacherous places on Earth The passengers largely members of the Uruguayan amateur rugby team and their family and friends realised that their aircraft was flying too low and started to express concern, before the accident happened in a fraction of a second A fortunate turn of events meant that the plane landed in a way which was not fatal for some of the passengers, meaning that there were survivors After that, Parrado s account is fascinating as he details how survivors came together to work as one unit to battle unimaginable cold including the lack of sufficient oxygen at the altitude of than 12, 000 feet , thirst and finally hunger there is a fair amount in the book on cannibalism, the most controversial aspect of the story The survivors came up with an ingenious way to produce water from snow as they pinned their hopes on both rescue coming to them soon and on an airplane radio working so they can send a distress message After two months in the mountains, Parrado and Roberto Canessa finally decided to venture beyond their place of crash to seek help a decision that everyone knew was likely than not to result in a failure and death Parrado and Canessa s ten days track is the third miracle after the crash and their two months survival since both did not know precisely where they were going they did not have any mountaineering equipment, warm clothes or skills and were physically and mentally exhausted because of their injuries and prolonged hunger.Nando Parrado is a great narrator we see the group s struggle on the mountain from his point of view as he slowly comes to certain realisations than few people living in our modern society would have come to in their lifetimes When death is so close every day, the meaning of life is suddenly becoming very clear Parrado starts to live each day drawing courage from the love he feels for his father, a practical man who never gave up in extreme situations We learn from his account that a right state of mind is as much important for survival as one s physical condition Parrado sometimes thinks about the beauty of the Andes there was incredible beauty here in the hugeness and power of the mountains, in the windswept snowfields that glowed so perfectly in white and in the astounding beauty of the Andean sky Nando Parrado, 2006 44 However, most of the time, he knows that this still beauty also means there are no humans for miles and miles around, and survivors have to live from breath to breath, from a heartbeat to a heartbeat I began to see life as it must appear to an animal straggling to survive as a simple game of win or lose, life or death, risk and opportunity Nando Parrado, 2006 68.It is probably the sincerity with which Nando Parrado writes his account which is the most admirable thing in the book He admits he is far from perfect and refuses to see himself as a hero He makes it perfectly clear that there were other courageous people with him every step of the way, and like everyone else he felt fear and despair most of the time in the mountains There was no one leading character or one hero in this tale every person in that crashed plane was a hero in his or her own way, especially since each person s circumstances were different and it was often pure chance that decided whether one person lives and another dies and not their level of bravery For example, for Susy, a very seriously injured person who was Parrado s sister, trying to draw a breath and stay alert might have been a heroic achievement in itself in an effort not to give up Equally, Diego Storm s single action of getting Nando on one night closer to warmth after Nando was deemed hopelessly injured was quick thinking that saved a life the mountains showed me there were many forms of bravery, and, for me, even the quietest ones among us showed great courage simply by living from day to day Nando Parrado, 2006 79 , writes Parrado Miracle in the Andes is than one s account of what happened in the Andes after a horrific plane crash in 1972 Parrado pays a special tribute to other people and their actions so they are never forgotten, and, in this way, this is also a story about the bravery of others about people who decided to work together and help each other to survive against all odds The author is clear that his actions were not some heroic feat Rather, he wants everyone to view his account as a tale of immense loss, hopelessness and despair, after which one finds hope and vows never to give up The result is a moving and sincere account which is also very insightful and inspirational.

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    AMAZING I was somewhat taken by surprise by this book, which is the story of the personal account of the one survivors of the Andes plane crash in 1974 The author was an untested and somewhat spoiled young man in his 20 s when his plane crashed in the mountains and he and his rugby teammates were left for dead Their story was also told in Alive , which is also a great book, but this story is less about the details of the crash and about the author s personal journal out of the mountains and, literally, back to life While his account borders on clique, I found it to be a refreshingly honest account of this momentous event I loved in the end when his father told him, Don t let this be the defining moment of your life Of course in many ways it appears to have been, but I also enjoyed accounts of what the survivors have been up to since the crash I definitely recommend this book for anyone who is looking to be inspired

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    I am probably like a lot of other people who, after reading Alive The Story of the Andes Survivors many years ago, never got the story out of my head I missed this book completely when it came out in 2006 but am so glad a friend lent it to me The only bad thing was that I started reading it while I still had family at the house for the Thanksgiving weekend and I had to pretty much be physically pulled away from the book to interact with everyone Apologies to my sister This book was completely riveting While Alive was written by a journalist soon after the crash who interviewed the survivors, this book was written by one of the actual survivors, Nando Parrado, one of the two who hiked out to get help It is a much powerful book as we experience his inner thoughts during the events It was fascinating to see how he was able to keep himself mentally and emotionally going during the 2.5 months that they had to survive.So often in these kinds of stories we read about the people relying on their faith in God to see them through Those stories don t speak to me personally One of the reasons this book affected me so much was that Parrado did not see the crash as God s plan He could not believe in a God who had just allowed his mother and sister and so many others to die horrible deaths Instead, he took a pragmatic view of things He is honest enough to say that while others were able to come to grips with using the dead bodies as food by viewing it in a spiritual manner, he did not He felt the people were gone and their bodies were simply meat This is not to say that he wasn t as repulsed and horrified as everyone else, but he didn t justify it in his mind in religious terms That resonated much deeply with me.Once the company left, I dove into the book and hardly came up for air until I was done This is a must read for anyone interested in survival stories I would also recommend it for anyone who enjoyed the outstanding book Unbroken A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption.

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    I had always thought that life was the actual thing, the natural thing, and that death was simply the end of living Now, in this lifeless place, I saw with a terrible clarity that death was the constant, death was the base, and life was only a short, fragile dream I was dead already I had been born dead, and what I thought was my life was just a game death let me play as it waited to take me Nando Parrado This is an incredible story of survival, despair, hope, and pain The word Inspiring doesn t do this story justice, there are so many layers of emotion and pain Nando Parrado takes you to the Andes in this beautifully written tragic firsthand account of an unthinkable event You will experience the horror of the crash with him, the fear of death lurking around him, and the intense struggle to breathe now breathe again as long as you are breathing you are alive Highly, highly recommend it to everyone You won t be disappointed.

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    Amazing A first hand account of the famous rugby team crash in the Andes in 1972 If you like what I call the Krakauer genre you ll love this one Very insightful What goes through your mind when you realize you ve survived a crash but the search crews have given up and there is no way out of the mountains How about the thought process behind the decision to eat the frozen flesh of your dead friends This is one of the powerful books I ve read in a while Stark look into the depths of one man s soul Disregard this cheesy review and go check this one out at your library.

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    This was one of the most amazing survival stories I ve ever read What is most incredible is to listen to the author, in his own tone of voice, articulate the philosophy, values and behavior of this airplane accident high in the Andes And then, from a perspective of over 30 years, hear him describe what he has learned and what is important to him Lessons for us all.