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She S A Brainiac Trapped In The Body Of An AirheadTeenagers Emerson Watts And Nikki Howard Have Nothing In Common Em S A Tomboy Braniac Who Couldn T Care Less About Her Looks Nikki S A Stunning Supermodel The World S Most Famous Airhead But A Freak Accident Causes The Girls Lives To Collide In The Most Extraordinary Way And Suddenly Em Knows About Nikki S Life Than The Paparazzi Ever Has

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    Em Watts is not herself Literally.She never wanted to go to the grand opening of the new Stark Megastore store That was her sister Frida s idea But that day changed her life In an attempt to save her sister Frida from certain harm, Em tries to push Frida out of the way, getting crushed by a falling television screen in the process.When Em wakes up in the hospital, she has no idea what happened She can only recall bits of what happened that day, such as a certain gorgeous British singer and songwriter, Gabriel Luna, who sneaks into the hospital to give her flowers But that s not the only strange thing that happens Her voice sounds funny, and soon her supposed best friend and celebutante Lulu Collins and her supposed boyfriend Brandon Stark kidnap her from the hospital and take her back to her supposed penthouse apartment And Em has no idea why she s being whisked off by famous people that s she s only heard of from skimming her sister Frida s magazines Until, of course, she finds out that she s stuck in supermodel Nikki Howard s body.Airhead could possibly be Meg Cabot s best novel yet I have to admit that I have never been a completely devoted fan of Meg Cabot s works with the exception of Avalon High , but Airhead was quick to become one of my favorites Cabot proves herself to be a versatile and extremely ingenious writer I do not understand where these crazy ideas come from, but I m glad they do, because Airhead was simply an amazing book.I don t want to give away anything too crucial to the plot, so I ll only say that Meg Cabot does an amazing job of combining the modeling world with that of advanced science It is very amusing to watch Em s character as she navigates in and adjusts to her new life Em is laugh out loud funny, and at the same time, she comes off as very intelligent I really cannot find any faults with this novel It has both hilarious and meaningful moments, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.I recommend this novel first to all Meg Cabot fans you will not be disappointed And even if you don t usually like Meg Cabot s other novels, you ll be sure to enjoy Airhead, because it is an incredible read that left me wanting I highly suggest you run out immediately to buy this book before it gets sold out, and I know I certainly can t wait for the continuation of this awesome series.reposted from

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    I am NOT happy with this book First off, it s part one of a series so the story is incomplete Second of all, I didn t realize what I was getting in for when I picked it up Nowhere in the blurb on the inside front cover did it tell me that we were talking about a brain transplant A boring teenager dies and has her living brain transplanted into the body of a brain dead teenage supermodel Horrid concept for a book It was written okay, but the premise of the book is just way too out there And it upsets me when you read 340 pages only to not know how the story ends For those wanting to continue reading the saga find Being Nikki NOTE As much as it ticked me off to find out that it was to be continued. I m going to read the next book from the library simply because by now I want to find out what happens If I d known it was a series to begin with, I may not have read it EDITED I downgraded my 2 star rating to 1 star This series still ticks me off and is probably the worst series this author has written I hated the second book even than the first and have never had any desire to read the third book to find out how it all ends because it s THAT BAD

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    Okay, so I was having the absolute best time reading my ARC copy of this newest Meg Cabot that doesn t come out until June I was loving it The smart tomboy s brain gets transplanted into a supermodel s body and chaos ensues What s not to love But then, everything started coming together way too easily and things that should have taken a long time to explain or dawn on the characters were blithely wrapped up in just a couple of paragraphs and I was hurtling towards the end of the book with no clear ending that I could see Oh Sequel With hundreds of pages of set up and then a quick and dirty finale, can I say that I am now totally disgusted Meg Cabot does not usually do this I find that her teen books usually hold up on their own really well So, I would like to vent my frustrations and downgrade the book from 5 to 3 stars based on the last third of the novel Bummer, you guys

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    Airhead lives up to its name because this is some pretty serious Young Adult fluff Which is not always a bad thing, but in this case it s just not great I m definitely too old for most Meg Cabot novels, but at best this deserves three stars I ve given it two because I just expect from fluff give me cotton candy, not the insides of a mouldy, old pillow The protagonist is not great but not awful Emerson Watts is your typical run of the mill YA female lead that doesn t quite fit in The plotline is somewhat interesting and original A bit dark, actually Imagine a teenager dying from an aneurysm in a light hearted YA novel The writing is pretty decent for the genre , and there are a couple of standout, mildly entertaining supporting characters why is it so hard to create an interesting protagonist though This book, however, was always going to be part of a trilogy, which is the worst way to write a novel, if you ask me If, at its inception, you re already thinking about continuing the story in two or books, the first one will undoubtedly turn out weaker than you meant it to Unless of course you re actually planning to develop a much larger, complex over arching story line Well written series have a distinct beginning, middle, and end to each installment Airhead, does not It suffers from an incredibly long lead up and then comes to an abrupt halt just as things start to get going This is perhaps largely why I have chosen to bestow two stars upon Airhead when normally I would have given something like this three Ultimately I m not intrigued enough to pick up the sequel, and so for me Airhead just falls flat.

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    2nd QUARTERDecember 21, 2008Models Airheads Same thing.By SITI HAJAR MOHD KHAIRI 901 AirheadBy Meg Cabot337 pages2008 New York, NYPoint ScholasticHardcover 16.99ISBN 10 0 545 04052 3 Ages 12 and up Models Airheads Whatever They are perfect, fake and live The Dream all girls drool about to be famous, loaded with cash, and, of course, striking Airhead by Meg Cabot zooms a little into the future and gives insight on how technology is improving What if one day you find that you can be someone you would never expect in a million years, literally From a wallflower to an egocentric from one freak accident It sounds too good to be true doesn t it Emerson Watts finds herself exactly in those designer stilettos She is the protagonist who would be considered a loser beyond repair by the head of the Clique in the series by Lisi Harrison Could that really happen in reality Puh lease It s science fiction stamped all over it Save paper and don t cut down trees for this book These 337 pages are so not worth spending your time one Like, omigod this book was SO last year There s also the all too familiar theme forbidden love Emerson turns out to be a tom boyish character who has run out of time to confess her true feelings for her best friend, Christopher, who she as fallen really hard for She hopes someday that Christopher would notice how she is a girl like any other How could she say that now that she s trapped in a body that s not her own Though, a girl with the name Emerson might come sounding like a guy, no wonder Christopher has not made a move yet Would Emerson really take that risk and jeopardize all those years of friendship It s not like she s alone, there s bound to be many people teenagers who are as scared as she was to have her true feelings out in the open As if it has not been mentioned already in books like Twilight and Romeo Juliet Having a common theme that gets mentioned over and over in popular books would be boring It was so boring I fell asleep reading the book Not to mention how the author makes everything seem longer than it should be There would be a twenty eight page pause that keeps you hanging as the character, poor Emerson, deals with all the problems that sensational super models have to deal with like posing and keeping still for almost two hours in a painful position I m sure readers find model life so interesting that it buries the whole forbidden love situation in the dirt in the mean time NOT Cut to the chase already Models The worst role model to look up to You know them They re skinny and had everything perfectly placed and all done for them Their beauty displayed upon pages and pages of magazines, newspapers, ads and billboards is shown all over the place First of all, stop wasting paper Second, what kind of message would that influence girls all over the world Models are only worth as much as any precious girl living in this world In the way society portrays these skinny ladies, they seem to shine brighter than the average diamond Which is totally Not FAIR It would totally affect girls especially teenage girls who are already vulnerable about their self image Airhead by Meg Cabot is a poorly crafted piece of literature, the whole plot is an avalanche of snow that buries all the good things about the book The most important part of any book is the plot If a reader doesn t like it then what s the point It keeps you captivated at the beginning, keeping you intrigued, feeding you bait Then, a big leap and it cuts you off leaving a flat and lame finale Although it kills me to say this about one of my favorite authors, this outlandish idea should be trapped within the cavernous walls of the author s own spacious brain It should never have been published Save yourselves from further disappointment In addition, an odd and harsh message gets thrown into the air Your grandma would probably say, it s the inside that matters and nothing else You go grandma In the world full of glory, lights, camera and action it s the outside that counts the most.

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    Okay, so Meg Cabot is the Queen of YA literature I have this image of her in my head sat on a throne of books, all of her own of course, because she has written plenty A gaggle of YA authors are sat around her some feeding her little chocolate cupcakes with raspberry icing, some wafting her with giant bamboo leaves Others are just sat around soaking in the glory of her presence, listening to the author who has the best accent regale them with stories the Queen herself has written She also has fabulous shiny big hair and a perfect manicure, JUST like Nikki I know, I know, I have a overactive imagination, what of it So, here s the deal Em is a fantastically amazing nerd Her idea of a fahhhhabulous night in is sitting around either watching documentries with her best friend Christopher, who she is so totes in love with but DAMMIT, why doesn t he realise or seeing what level she can get to on Journeyquest, which is like, only the best video game EVER Frida, her little sister, is turning to the dark side, what with her trying out to be a cheerleader and ACTUALLY knowing what shade of lipgloss suits her Throw in the opening of a large gonna close down all the shops in your area megastore owned by the shady Stark Enterprises, which her parents make her take Frida to, because it just really isnt enough that she s turning into a clone all by herself Add a pop star with a British accent, a supermodel called Nikki Howard and a giant plasma TV that only falls off the wall ONTO EM when activists protesting against Stark Enterprises take over the show..and.BAM Em is no longer Emerson Watts, well, she is.BUT she s only stuck in Nikki Howards body WHAT THE WHAT RIGHT Then crazy hot highjinks ensue, because she has to actually pretend to be Nikki, because Stark Enterprises are blackmailing her mom and dad with the millions of pounds hospital fees and such.Basically, any book that can combine feminisim, make up, hot boys and being supermodely gorgeous is a book that I am all over like white on rice Plus it has, wait for it, a BRAIN TRANSPLANT I know close your mouth and stop drooling I really understood Em s confusion and anger when she woke up in Nikki Howard s body, because even though it would be prettttttty cool to wake up and be super duper gorgeous, I would kind of be annoyed that I had to pretend to actually BE Nikki, because that would be like loosing your own identity and would pretty much blow Plus, the fact that Em has to still honour all of Nikki s modelling contracts because Stark paid for the brain transplant, well, I don t even like having to do my own work let alone someone else s so I get why Em was like HELL NO But when she come around, I liked that she still had her values and integrity and didn t morph into a mean girl.Also, if you like sexytimes then oh boy, OH FREAKING BOY DOES SHE BRING IT I promise, if teenage me was reading this book I probably would have tried to kiss everything that is male and that moved The swoonizzle between Em and Chistopher was sweet and endearing and just FINE thank you very much And the hotness between Em in Nikki s body and well, any guy who decided they wanted some was pretty damn off the hotness scale, because even though Em hasn t really kissed anyone before, Nikki s body is like a one woman kissing machine Like POW In conclusion, this book made me want to be a supermodel HA just kidding Well only a little Like with the other Cabot books i ve read, this has a verrrrrra special place on my bookshelf Because Em, I mean Nikki, is a true literary BFF She can console me when I can t find the perfect shade of lip gloss She can cry with me when the guy I m crushing on doesn t even realise because he is stoooopid as most guys are And most of all, she can make me laugh with her sarcastic comments and general nerd like behavoiur In one word, Love.

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    Whhhhhhyyyyyy do I always get sucked in by Meg Cabot books I loved The Mediator series, and Avalon High, but this one and the last I read Jinx have left me regretting the hours I spent reading them UGHheaddesk, headdesk, headdesk So obviously I didn t like it The plot was interesting enough, teen dies in a freak accident and at the same time a teen supermodel falls dead from a brain anureysm So, what are doctors to do Brain transplant of course yes sarcasm Ok really though that had me intrigued, but it just could have been better I know, I m no author, but guhthis just ended so badly And she honestly goes back to her old school as the supermodel trying to reclaim the love of her life Riiighhhhtttshe s loaded over 300k in her savings and goes back to school Haha, and she s supposed to keep up the contracts of the model or else her parents have to pay 2 million in doctors fees Uh huh I was really miffed at the ending I kept thinking, wow, like this could get any worse, I waited this whole time for this ending Whendun dun dunthe second book comes out in May 09 and the third in 2010 Soof course like the sucker I am I will be reading them I m sure Because I have to know what happensyeah cause I m that big of an idiot.

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    DNF 59%MEHH Well, I said I could strip off my clothes and reveal to you that under my jeans and sweatshirt I m actually wearing a tank top and short shorts, much like Lara Croft from Tomb Raideronly mine are flame retardant and covered in glow in the dark dinosaur stickers No one stirred Not even Christopher, who actually has a thing for Lara Croft I know what you re thinking, I went on Glow in the dark dinosaur stickers are so last year But I think they add a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole ensemble It s true, short shorts are uncomfortable under jeans and hard to get off in the ladies room, but they make the twin thigh holsters in which I hold my high caliber pistols so easy to get to The oven timer dinged Thank you, Em, Mr Greer said, yawning That was very persuasive

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    The beginning of the series can be a bit tough sometimes In this story two girls die at the same time One is a hot model who is brain dead and the other is an average teenager who has a tv crush her Yep, I get the symbolism Anyway, they transplant the teen s brain into the model s body You kinda have to suspend your logic for this one and just enjoy Meg Cabot s writing Of course the message is not exactly healthy for young girls and their self esteem but you kinda have to let the moral message go, too Regular teen one friend who never moves you out of the friendzone and kisses you Super model teen hot boys coming out of the woodwork complete with lots of love and kisses Who has the best life So I m looking forward to the next book I think its setting up for an adventure.

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    Ekkkhhh I m on the last disc, thank goodness I have thoroughly enjoyed some of Meg Cabot s other books, but this one was written as if it were truly for airheads i.e Simple elements in the plot are explained way too much.