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His powers—InhumanHis passion—Beyond immortal All her life Ashlyn Darrow has been tormented by voices from the past To end the nightmare she has come to Budapest seeking help from men rud to have supernatural abilities not knowing she'll be swept into the arms of Maddox their most dangerous member—a man trapped in a hell of his own Neither can resist the instant hunger than calms their torments and ignites an irresistible passion But every heated touch and burning kiss will edge them closer to destruction—and a soul shattering test of loveThough they carry an eternal curse the Lords of the Underworld are irresistibly seductive—and unimaginably powerful Don’t miss this incredible new paranormal series from Gena Showalter

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    I wanted to love this one so much but jeez Gena why are you making this so hard? To channel my upcoming rant I will focus only on the Plot the Complete Idiocy the Insta Insta Love the Nipples and how Promiscuity is just Rape The Plot aka started from the bottom now we herestill at the bottom The premise to this novel was amazing Pandora's box was opened by jealous warriors and as punishment their spirits were fused with one of the sinful demons released Their plan to prove their power had failed for the box had gone missing in the fray leaving the warriors unable to recapture a single evil spirit I mean yeah the ancient warriors were idiots oh let's open the box to show how good we are at catching the eviltotally not going to backfireBut hey I'm buying what you're sellingwelluntil we got a bit further into this one “If the box ever resurfaced the demons would be sucked back inside That’s good right?” He shook his head “For the world perhaps but not for me Without the demon I will die” So you're telling meyou could literally end world violencepaindeathwhatever? Now I'm as selfish as the next personbut surely after centuries of living you could find it in your heart to save the world? No? Ohhh it's cause the hot immortals haven't found lovenow that makes sense The Complete Idiocy aka dumb idea Sign Me Up There is to ruining the plot than a few plot holes and let's just say everyone in this book hmm how do I put this delicately they were not the sharpest crayon in the crayola boxAka the main characters were all a bunch of idiots How dumb? you ask Ashlyn the blushing virginTM spent much of the book horrified that her first time would be when she was wearing her non sexy plain white cotton underwearbra And to that I say GURL get your priorities straight You were sweating and vomiting like crazy for the last two days heck you even had CPR in those Why in the world are you upset by the non sexy ness rather than the smell? Stains? HOW DO YOUR WHITES STAY SO WHITE?And to top it all the ageless demon warriors these were constantly astounded by modern marvelslike the magic pills Tylenol that cured the alcohol poisoning I just want to point out that they had access to the modern world which they used to buy security cameras and pornHonestly Maybe I'm being a tad bit judgmentalbut really? They couldn't do anything better with their time? Insta Insta Love aka we made eye contact? It's motherfcking destiny Was thatdesire flickering in his icy violet irises completely obliterating that must kill glaze? Well Ashyln my first instinct would be to run but perhaps Maddox possessed by the Violence demon isn't so bad I mean first impressions should never be Her skin was smooth and supple like cinnamon dipped in a honey pot then churned into lickable cream Ohhhwow Would you look at that Maddox went from serial killer to Michelin chef Well Ashlyn here's a little heart to heart to me it looks like the super hot demon possessed immortal warrior wants to kill you AND fck youthat doesn't sound like a great combination Let's just leave this She gasped and moaned on fire burning deliciously My life was worth living for this alone—for this man for his touch Never mind it's been two seconds They're eternally in love The Nipples aka OHMYGOD WHAT HAPPENED TO EVERYONE'S NIPPLES Her nipples were as hard as rocks Droplets slid down her skin chilling Oh Dear God somebody please turn up the castle thermostat cause I don't know how much I can take If there anything I've learned from this novel it's that black is not the new blacknipple erections are Her nipples hardened with the thought of muscled Maddox in nothing but a pair of those briefs Anddare I say it nipples have become sentient? He reached out with a shaky hand and traced the plain cotton that shielded her nipples Though already hard they strained toward him And is it just me or does everyone's nips seem a bitviolent? His chest flattened against her breasts her nipples so hard they stabbed at his skin Honestly everyone's nips were dang vigorous and stiff and straining that I just pictured the characters walking around like this Promiscuity is Just Rape aka am I really the only one who picked up on this? Possessed as he was by Promiscuity Paris could not bed the same woman twice and so he seduced a new one—or two or three—every day Did I mention that the immortal demon warriors live in a remote castle on a mountainside near a small village? Seems like an awfully poor location when you literally have to fck or dieIf Paris is really fcking 365 different women a yearin a hundred short years he would've banged his way through over 36000 of the small mountainside villagersMaybe it's just me but it seems like the ratio of supply to demand is a bitoff What are the odds that the remote mountainside village had that many young yet not illegally young single and available women? It doesn't Just let that sink inNow here's the thing that really amped up my uneaseParis would get these women essentially high and addicted to sex with him Paris would seduce her Strip her and taste her She would not be able to resist; no woman could I don't know about you but to me if there's no ability to say no it's seems pretty clear cut to me This is rapeI don't care if she wants it in the moment or is left with a happy memory If the woman met Paris without all his pheromones and promiscuity demon ness I highly doubt that he'd have a 100% fck rate Just cause the drug isn't administered orally doesn't mean it's not rapeAnd yet all of his friends and side characters are strangely cool with this casual rapist in their midst Some even go so far as to pick up sloppy seconds They were always drunk with sexual arousal a conseuence of welcoming Promiscuity so they rarely cared who finally slid between their legs And to that I ask how would your interpretation change if Paris looked old? Ugly? Obese? If a 400lb 60 year old man oozing sores with rotted teeth forced women to crave sex with him otherwise he'd diewouldn't you first instinct be Fck it Let the rapist die But don't worry it's cool Cause the author makes sure everyone knows that Paris is one hot guy Can't be a rapist if you're hot right? Overall This is my first foray into Gena's sexy novelsand wow Not ImpressedAnd this one honestly started with four starsbut the I read the worst it gotI'm so done with this series I don't think I could stomach another one Which probably means I will read book 2 in a couple of monthscuriosity and the cat and allYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    My Problem that I Know Will Not Actual Bother Everyone Okay the main ‘hero’ is an immortal warrior who is partially controlled by demon of Violence Yes Violence which the heroine Ashlyn is dating He spends the first 50 pages give or take chanting kill murder slice hurt killkillkill to himself He acknowledges that while he tries to fight the demon he does fail on a nearly nightly bases Now I’m aware that in this genre love conuers all and that relationships and people in romance novels are not expected to be 100% realistic I know this But If your best friend Sally comes to you and says that she met this really great guy who is loving and caring and good to her but he tells her that he holds the demon of Violence in his body not joking you would think one of three things 1 He is crazy 2 He has a demon of Violence in his body or 3 this is a lovely metaphor of his behavior after three beers In any case wouldn’t you tell Sally to run not walk to the nearest exit? I had a really hard time overlooking the mass murder aspect of their relationship My badThe Other Problems with the BookThe Heros The hero and his friends are the ultimate ‘bad boys’ They are immortal warriors each containing a demon Maddox the warrior of this book has the demon of Violence and is only partly in control of it And why does he have this demon? Because he and his friends were so pissed off that the job of guarding the box of demons was given to Pandora a girl that they stole the box and opened it and so released Violence Wrath Death Disease Disaster Pain Misery Lies Secrets Doubt and Promiscuity into the world Yeah Very heroic Maddox also has the distinction of being the one who killed Pandora while he was Violence The Villains So when demons were first placed in these immortal warriors the demons pretty much wrecked havoc slaying and killing the population for many many many years until the warriors figured how to imperfectly control them In the mean time those pesky human who were being butchered trained up fighters to kill the demonswarriors Yes we’re the bad guysThe Mythology I think the author could have picked better demons For example Violence and Wrath Both guys are all about the killing Violence has whole mindless rage going on while Wrath kills people according to their crime rapists have their penis removed etc Shouldn’t Wrath be Hammurabi or Vengeance? Or is that not evil enough? Because I don’t think Promiscuity Lies or Secrets are that evil either I mean Secrets? Really?Pandora's Box So the bad guys the humans learned that if they can find Pandora’s box and hold it next to the demon ridden immortal warriors the demons will be sucked back into the box The side effect will be the death of the warriors but as Maddox spent some time complaining that there’s no way to kill himself because he just heals back that shouldn’t be a problem right? Wrong Needless to say the immortal warriors are not so keen to die when it comes down to it Now if I hosted let’s say Misery we can all agree that misery is bad and have done things in the past thousand years that make the rest of the world miserable I would say ‘sucks to be me’ and embrace the box But it gets better because in the book’s reality if I get sucked into the box – all Misery in the whole world would disappear All of it No Misery Even if it wasn’t originally my fault even if I was an innocent bystander if I were hosting Misery and killing the demon and myself I was ridding the world of all Misery for ever and ever I would kind of consider it my duty to let myself be sucked into the box And I am a selfish selfish person Necessary Evil Which leads us to another little uestion of what would happen if only Death and Lies got sucked into the box? I’ll even throw in Disease as well Death Lies and Disease are in the box and out of the world Which means no telling Aunt Jenny you love the fruitcake and the orange sweater she gave you for your birthday Lies help grease the social wheel Just a fact Which leaves us with the problem of Death and age You don’t get eternal youth you just don’t get to die You can still be injured and hurt and age but no Death It’s probably a good thing that the immortal warriors are not going into the boxPlot and Character There are two issues that immediately spring to mind So those horrible nasty humans managed to off one of the immortal warriors several hundreds of years ago which caused the immortal group of warriors to split into two factions One faction wanted to kill the people who were responsible for the warrior’s death burn down the city and the kill the rest of the population The other wanted to kill all the people who were responsible for the warrior’s death and hide themselves away from the world Now Promiscuity suck it up sex positive people it’s a sin needs to sleep with at least at least two women a day and they can’t be the same woman No repeats As a ‘hero’ he decides to hide himself away from the world except for his many many trips a day into town for sex Does this make sense? Shouldn’t he be walking the world getting laid? Even if he strikes out on his own rather than hanging out with either faction sleeping his way through Europe? Based on the first book on average he has a thousand different women a year In an isolated area? Up in the mountains? Does he order them from the internet? My second problem is that when Ashlyn the female lead learns that Maddox is being punish because he murdered Pandora by stabbing her six times in the stomach her response is “We all make mistakes” Well yes yes we do I myself killed someone in a mindless rage just this morning Seriously? Because you could reasonable forgive him You could It was a long time ago he has been punished he really wasn’t himself when he killed her she loves him But I want to see that reasoning I want her to actually think about it Which leaves the minor problems of introducing a literal god in the machine to break the curse having to life bond Ashlyn and Maddox because he is immortal and she’s human and pull out all the stops to convince the reader that the human hunters are the bad guys

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    As the first full length book in this series this book did a good job of making me want Aside from the love story between Maddox and Ashlyn which was fantastic by the way there was a lot of plot and character development No doubt this will serve to make future books entertaining It was a wholly enjoyable readAshlyn and Maddox seemingly meet by chance He thinks that she's bait for hunters She is curious about the house of immortal beings The townspeople speculate are angels and Ashlyn needs a miracleMaddox is cursed along with his friends for opening Pandora's box As punishment the demon Violence lives within him He is in a constant battle with the demon over his body and mind As if that weren't bad enough he must be killed every night as he killed PandoraAshlyn has lived with her own curse of sorts She has heard voices for as long as she can remember Standing in any given location she can hear every conversation that ever took place there She just wants to make the voices be uiet She figures that if anyone could help her it would be an angelWhen Maddox and Ashlyn cross paths they are instantly drawn to one another They may not trust each other but there is no denying the attraction between them Fierce possessive and protective instincts overtake them Of course there is plenty of danger and action to keep things moving along Somebody is still sending the hunters after Maddox and his friends The attacks are getting bolder and dangerous There is also a change in immortal leadership which is wreaking havoc on Maddox and his friends' livesOverall I thought this was a nice entertaining story I really enjoyed the backstory and all of the secondary characters I look forward to reading each of their stories as I get further into this series In many ways this book was reminiscent of the 'Immortals After Dark' series that I finally got around to reading a little while back However that isn't a bad thing since I loved that seriesThe only negative thing I have to say about the audiobook is that it had this really irritating music that played at a few points Mainly the music started during major transitions in the story At one point I thought Ashlyn was finally going to have sex with Maddox and the music started up It was really cheesy and had me laughing like a loon

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    sigh What can I say? The Darkest Night wasn't very dark I wanted to like this book because it came so highly recommended from friends but I've read Showalter's writing before and I was skepticalWell my first impression was unfortunately right Showalter's writing style is still very light and sugary only it's even out of place in such a dark setting ie constant violenceHer heroes are supposed to be Greek immortals exalted and admired guardians of the gods until their hubris leads the immortals to uarrel with Zeus co In their pride the immortals open Pandora's forbidden Box They loose the worst demons on mankind Violence Disease Pain Misery everything that plagues the world As punishment the immortals are forced to house these demons and their terrible desires in their own bodies It's many years until they learn to control these demons and in the meantime the carnage they inflict on the world is terribleThis sounds like the formula for a wonderfully dramatic angst ridden read but there was no drama Main character Maddox mentions many times that he hates what he is keeper of a malicious demon I'm convinced he feels angst but we rarely ever see examples of the terror he houses inside him I see little evidence for his guilt his great dilemma besides a few fistfights with his bros the one point of depth in the novel Why is it so terrible? It's only at the end that someone a villain shows evidence of the terrors inflicted by these men and it's never explained or even verified that the horrors were actually committed by them His demon sees little development and the protagonist hardly sees He is never really developed beyond the loathing he has for his demon and his sin aside from a note on woodcarving and after he meets Ashlyn he becomes subintelligent It's love at first sight and he must protect her because she's his There wasn't much else to explain his sudden overwhelming need for this woman It was very much like reading The Life and Times of the Caveman at points He's literally had centuries with no company other than his own and five other private men At least Ward's men had their hobbies I really wish he would have had some interests or some intelligent clever or any observations at all to make other than his inexplicable attachment to the heroine who also mysteriously falls in love with him though he has no apparent attraction for her other than that he solves that little problem of the voices in her head Oh and his muscles Showalter wants to make sure we're aware that these heroes have muscles numerous times They're all very muscley cavemenBut to their credit the other men seemed to have personality than Maddox Promiscuity and his charm Death and his considered calm intelligence Aeron and his austerity Disease and his humor I'm not really sure about Pain I do hope they don't become simple like Maddox does when they find their women The existence of these men is never really explained however They're immortal guards but since the story's origins have some basis in Greek myth I expected to be able identify them as demi gods or some other familiar staple of Greek legend but they're never really identified A lot in this book is unexplained actually such as how the most feared demons in the Underworld can apparently be tamed by women The book really could have benefited with some detail some development of the Hunters the Lords even the world where angels apparently also exist The bedroom scenes were a little saccharine for me but some readers will enjoy them I found it a little strange that the dialogue was abbreviated in every scene however Love you So good Need you They never managed a full sentence between them and this style does get annoying when used in every single sex scene The plot was good at leastSo in essence this is still Showalter still sugary Harleuin romance with paranormal trappings Don't look for another JR Ward here but if you're due for a uick romance give it a try

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    Every night death came slowly painfully and every morning Maddox awoke in bed knowing he'd have to die again later That was his greatest curse and his eternal punishment This book is a great intro into the Lords of the Underworld series and I admit I am completely hooked I will not stop until I read them allBefore I tell you about the story you have to know a few facts about the Lords all of these facts will be explained in the first 10 pages of the book so I won't be giving any spoilersThis is based on Greek mythology and Pandora's box is what triggered the events that led the Lords to this situationFor punishment each one of them holds a different demon inside them and they can't be separated from the demon because that would mean death to the hostThat's the most basic that you need to know for just read the book Anyway the storyMaddox leaves the castle looking for their enemies the Hunters and he comes upon a woman who is not behaving very sane LOL she begs him to take her with him and he complies Ashlyn is looking for a cure to her special ability and thinks the strange men who are famous in legends could help herShe doesn't know everyone would see her as the enemy's Bait and that leads to some very tricky situations And so the uestion remains will Maddox be able to kill her when the others order it if it is confirmed she is Bait of will their love transcend everything and omg I am puking now I just can't write the sweet stuff well you know what I mean And you probably know the answer to it too She has a special ability that's she's trying to get rid of and the Lords are her only optionShe didn't plan to be held captive in their castle and accused of being Bait but oh well life is like that The only thing that helps is having Maddox around because he is the only one she trusts and it doesn't take long to figure out they have some crazy chemistry between them Ashlyn was a good character didn't love her but didn't hate her wither she was just OK to me BUT I did love what she did in the end that was amazing Possessed by the demon of Violence Maddox has a short fuse on his temper plus the gods cursed him with an additional curse which is pretty terrible so yeah poor Maddox is having a tough time through all these thousands of years of punishmentWith Ashlyn it's the first time man and demon actually agree on something and he doesn't want to let her go He is uber protective of her and I loved that about him The additional curse is just terrible and I felt bad for him I mean really the gods are just too cruelAnyway he was a pretty good character He wasn't uite sure what he wanted to do with her He knew what he should do—and what he couldn't Both mattered little just then Because than anything he knew that he didn't want to share Take off your clothes His voice was huskier than he'd intendedShe blinked up at him her lashes casting shadows over her cheeks Wh what?Take off your clothesRight now? she sueakedHis brow furrowed Do you normally shower with them on?No but I normally shower aloneNot today I don't even know what to say AeronI do Fuck Paris Well I liked this one I really did this is actually 35 stars but I rounded to 3 because the writing isn't really polished enough well that's just my lousy opinion but I can't help it anyway some of their lines were too bombastic and dramatic maybe if it was toned down a bitAnd my main reason for 3 stars is that I just didn't buy the insta love here Yes I know it's a PNR and in that universe insta love is something perfectly natural but yeah I don't think someone would fall in love view spoilerwith a man who possessed a demon inside him after only one day I would be just a tad bit scared or I don't know Something If it was at least the second day or something But the first? Dunno hide spoiler

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    Maddox Demon of violenceButterfly upper left shoulder wrapping around to his backHis curse He is stabbed every night only to be brought back to life the next day and then the next night he has to die againAshlyn Darrow She works for the World Institute of ParapsychologySupernatural ability She hears voices about things that they happened in the pastIn ancient time Maddox is the warrior that killed Pandora and then the box that included all the vicious demons disappeared and all the demons possessed the responsible warriors who opened it The demons have been imprinted on the warriors’ bodies with BUTTERRLY tattoos All of them have been cursed for thousands of years to suffer Every night death came slowly painfully and every morning Maddox awoke in bed knowing he’d have to die again later Ashlyn is a very confused girl Totally reliant on the World Institute of Parapsychology and totally tired of hearing voices she is sent to Budapest to meet the “men” who are rud to have supernatural abilities She needs help; the Lords think that she is bait from their worst enemies And maybe she is Before they come to a conclusion lonely Maddox already wants her and already protects her Their age difference does not really matter Ashlyn is twenty four years while Maddox is a few thousands “Why? What’s she to you?”“Mine” was the only answer he had “She’s mine” Lords of the Underworld is one of my favorite PNR series I have already reread most of the books a few times The world building is fascinated Its mythology that tangles mainly ancient Greek myths myths from other countries stories from the bible and the writer’s imagination is excellent I also love the dark humor of the novelsThe Darkest Night introduces the story of Maddox and Ashlyn which will only grow stronger in the next books as well as some details of the stories of the rest of the Lords who are waiting patiently their own book and their own love story and salvation

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    |38 keeper of awesomeness stars|It is so good when things turn out positivelyI was a bit afraid of finding out I didn’t like this series after reading The Darkest Touch but with re reading this first book? I feel like I’m back on itThe Lords of The Underworld series is so addicting and so much fun and with an interesting premise it’s no wonder why how these books have made it this farI find the mix between Greek mythology urban legends and paranormal creatures pretty great and with this compelling characters you just want to learn and about themIn this first story we fall in love with Maddox keeper of the demon of Violence and Ashlyn a young girl working for a paranormal researcher institute with an interesting gift It’s a bit of insta love but like insta lust and it’s a very decent start of a series We also meet Maddox’s brothers in arms Torin Lucien Reyes and Paris who are the keepers of Disease Death Pain and Promiscuity respectively Also we learned about their backstory and their cursesOverall I think this a good paranormal romance book and I will be re reading the rest of the series because why not

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    5 Lords of the Underworld Stars First read Feb 2014Reread Sept 2019Every night death came slowly painfully and every morning Maddox awoke in bed knowing he’d have to die again later That was his greatest curse and his eternal punishment SPOILERSWhat a great idea for a series 12 Warriors jealous that a woman Pandora got the job of protecting the box known as Pandora's box which housed the 12 Demon lords steals the box and unleashes the Demon lords on the world Now cursed by the Gods the 12 warriors house the evil Demons within themselves The Darkest Night is about Maddox who has the demon Violence in him and Ashlyn getting their HEA“Here goes You’re not the only one possessed by something you can’t control I hear voices When I stand in a spot where a conversation has taken place I can hear every word that was uttered no matter how much time has passed” Ashlyn “You are mine woman and I am yours Until you my life was desolate I existed but I didn't truly live Now I live even in my death” MaddoxI loved Maddox My heart hurt for the suffering he endured every single night since stealing Pandora's box Maddox was rough dark and tortured He still had good inside though He had a protector in him A sweetness in him He was just yummy Ashlyn was completely naive and sheltered Normally that annoys me but it worked with Ashlyn because she didn't come off dumb just not having much life experience Which was understandable with her power and how debilitating it was too her I love how brave Ashlyn was I felt that Maddox and Ashlyn had major chemistry Yes they had insta love but it worked well for them I loved them together “I've traveled all over the world for the Institute but I never dreamed I'd meet someone like you Strong? A chuckle escaped her Yes Handsome? Of course Sharp of wit and skilled with a sword? Absolutely An other chuckle But I mean a man friend guy Oh I don't know what to call you He savored her amusement—and her earnest words Just call me yours That is all I want to be Ashlyn and Maddox Thinking about her again caused his body to harden to ready Uh I'm happy to sit close to you and everything but I had no idea you would like it so much Paris muttered For the first time in hundreds of years Maddox felt a blush creep into his cheek It's not for you Thank the gods was his friends reply Maddox and ParisI loved getting to know the other Lords as well as Maddox and Ashlyn You could tell they were all tortured but had intriguing ualities that really made me want to get to know them better My favorites were Aeron Lucien and Strider I can't wait to get their HEA I loved the friendship between the lords The plot was good I would have liked a bit world building but I know that as the series goes on I will get Anya was a fun character that I hope to see of She had me cracking up laughing I really enjoyed this series and I can't wait to read each book and dive deeper into this world “Aren’t all fairy tales based in fact? You yourself are supposed to be nothing than a myth Pandora’s box is a story parents read to their children at night” she countered “That means life itself is a fairy tale Like the characters we all live and love and search for a happily ever after” Ashlyn

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    Well I finally started the much lauded Lords of the Underworld series I was happy with this book However it does have some issues with it that I felt detracted from it as a stellar read I felt like there was a roughness in some of the writing I have a theory about this I think that the publishers really put a lot of pressure on the paranormal writers to put out a series uickly This takes time away from the authors that they need to polish each book so that it can be at its best I felt like scenes jumped around a lot and some things got left out so I had to go back and reread scenes It also felt like a set up book The mythology was a little vague that I wanted it to be It refers to the Greek gods as The Greeks and the Titans as The Titans Who are they? I wanted to know about them I was left with big uestions unanswered Perhaps this will be revealed as the book progresses I just wanted to see some of this information get integrated into this book There were some things I didn't like about the setup like the Hunters I'm not sure that they are formidable enough enemies Maybe this series will come to show that there is a dangerous menace for the LordsOkay you are probably asking why this is a four star book having said all this? I'll talk about that after I get the issues off my chest Don't get me wrong I love these paranormal series but I wish that as much energy went into the first book so that the uality is consistent It's really hard when you try to recommend books to people but you have to say But don't give up if you don't care for the first book I hate when that happens because then that person thinks Hmm What's up with her taste in books? Not that I think that mind you But you worry your friend will think thatOkay let's talk about the positives with this book I loved the concept of these warriors who have been cursed by being inhabited by ancient demons that were released from Pandora's Box Yes the Pandora's Box of Greek Mythology Pretty darn awesome premise And the execution is very good so far minus the issues I expressed above The characters were interesting and I wanted to learn about them Each warrior stands out from the other I already feel emotionally engaged with the Lords and I want to see that happy resolution for each of them I think Gena Showalter's imagination is really apparent in the characters she creates and the storylines She's really funny too I like the way the Lords interacted What can I say? I'm a big fan of the group of guys who live together and fight together They're friends most of the time but sometimes they can be antagonistic with each other But at the end of the day they would die for each otherAshlyn was adorable Not just that She was pretty courageous Some might consider her too sweet but I like sweet heroines I thought she was a perfect match for tortured Maddox I like how drawn she was to him from the beginning He made the voices stop but she was very attracted to him and almost was the pursuer in this book Maddox was a good hero You liked him and felt for him I think how he suffered was pretty awful I don't think the dark elements are as dark as they can be in a paranormal romance but I can't uibble about that I know there are darker series that I can read for that And at the end of the day I love the sweetness of Gena Showalter's stories I really want to smile when I finish reading them I loved the end of this book It was so satisfying that I read the last page againThe steam factor is higher than her prior books And she did well with that The love scenes are hot and explosive but they are loving The best combination You want the couple to be together I loved all their scenes together and the way their attraction unfolds There were parts that made me sigh and other parts that made me want to fan myself because the scenes were hotThis is a good book that will give you some enjoyable hours of entertainment and you'll definitely want to keep reading the series And if you're kind of iffy about this one don't give up on this series or the author Grin

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    THE BACK STORY Long ago twelve immortals warriors made by Zeus became jealous of Pandora she was chosen to guard a box Inside that box housed some of the most dangerous demons ever known The Immortals made a horrible mistake of killing Pandora and opening the box As punishment for the evil they have unleashed each warrior was sentenced to carry one of those demons for all eternity They are Violence Pain Death Disease Disaster Misery Doubt Promiscuity Defeat Lies Secrets and Wrath Angry with the Gods the Lords wreaked havoc killing anything and everything allowing their demons to take over They are then banished to Earth A group of humans rose above the bloodshed and called themselves The Hunters Hell bent on punishing the Lords for every wrong that has ever been caused After killing Baden keeper of Distrust they realize that they cannot kill a Lord without unleashing the demon into the world Both sides learn that they need four godly artifacts to find Pandora’s box to entrap the demons again Time is now running out with the Titans have taken the throne the Hunters are growing and one by one the Lords are learning to trust others besides themselves to help win the war Who will find them first Lords Gods Or Hunters Name – MaddoxHair color – Jet black Eyes – Violet – But glow red when angry Demon – Violence Tattoo – left shoulder wrapping around back Things to know – Maddox was the one to kill Pandora as a punishment every night he has to die by Reyes hand and then Lucien takes him to hell to be punished He awakens the next morning to do it all again One of the best fighters out of the Lords Name – Ashlyn DarrowThings to know American orphan who has been brought up by World Institute of Parapyschology aka the government aka The Hunters Has the ability to stand in one spot and hear every conversation that has ever occurred there THE LOVE STORY We are introduced to the Lords that live in their Castle in Budapest Maddox – Violence Lucien – Death Reyes – Pain Aeron – Wrath Torin – Disease Paris PromiscuityAshlyn has heard of the “Angels” that live in the castle on the top of the hill in Budapest She is hoping that they can help her stop hearing the voices in her head When she gets to the woods near the castle she is going half mad with all the voices talking to her when all of a sudden they just stop Confused she looks around and finds a man A man covered in blood She doesn’t care he has made them stop somehow She wants to stay with him and find out Maddox has just killed the first hunters in 100’s of years They were near the castle The girl brought them she didn't know they were following her but he still wants her It’s nearing midnight and he will die then so he takes the girl back to fortress he will have to explain her presence with his friends What transpires is obviously them falling in love Maddox never has been in love before Ashlyn losing her virginity and most importantlystupidly Ashlyn making the ULTIMATE sacrifice for her man SECONDARY STORY While Ashlyn and Maddox are falling madly in love We are told about the war with the Hunters and the other Lords who do not live in the castle and haven’t spoken to these Lords in 1000’s of years Enter – Sabin Doubt Gideon Lies Amun Secrets Strider Defeat Kane Disaster and Cameo The only girl Lord Misery Together they learn about the godly artifacts needed to help free their demons We also meet new character Anya – The minor Goddess of Anarchy Also the Titans have overthrown the Greeks and taken back the throne Now that Cronus is King again he has a task for the Lords Starting with Aeron aka Wrath Cronus has told Aeron that he must kill an innocent family of 4 women He doesn't want to do itCronus tells him if he does not he will be punished as Wrath will take over and eventually cave to the bloodlust The Lords decide to bring the women to the Budapest fortress until they can decide how they are going to stop Aeron from going mad while Wrath takes over and how to defy Cronus One of the women has a shitload of spunk And also has an admirer Reyes MY HONEST OPINION I did really like this story I really did I can TOTALLY understand why people are comparing it to the BDB and IAD and well pretty much every other paranormal romance out there But this series holds its own I mean we all love to read about scary Alpha bad boy tortured heroes who are fucking amazing in bed so that’s why they keep writing about them I do need to say that I have now read the whole series and the writing does get stronger and better as it goes on so please don’t give up At time I found this book could be a bit cheesy and mushy But it was a great introduction into the series Yes there was a lot of people to cover and a lot of mythology to try and remember but I thought it was good As mentioned before I have read the whole series now and when you need to remember something important ie who’s demon belongs to who or about the mythology it is explained again so that you know what you need to – I write these reviews after I read each one and then came back and added things like this I couldn’t wait to start the next book It’s too hard to choose a favorite Lord yet will keep u posted and I really really really like Anya FAV UOTESCHUCKLESCONVO'S “You are mine woman and I am yours Until you my life was desolate I existed but I didn't truly live Now I live even in my death”“Sometimes what we want isn't what we need”“I tried to tell you You said you didn't care remember?A muscle ticked below his eye You should have told me anywayWhile you had barbells within your reach? Please I'm Disease not Stupid”“What's this about?Finally Interest was the only responseIf this is one of your tricks Like the time Torin had ordered hundreds of blow up dolls and placed them throughout the fortress all because Paris had foolishly complained about the lack of female companionship in town The plastic ladies had stared our from every corner their wide eyes and let me suck you mouths taunting everyone who passed themThings like that happened when Torin was bored”“Knock him out Paris''Sure Want me to spew diamonds from my ass while i'm at it?”“I don’t even know what to say” Aeron“I do Fuck” Paris“Once I learned I went online and ordered every romance novel I could find They're fairy tales for grown ups”“I'll take the cemetery Kane said He didn't sound excited Rather he sounded resigned The club might collapse if I go”“Pale hair fell in waves to his shoulders framing a face mortal females considered a sensual feast They didn't know the man was actually a devil in angel's skin They should have though He practically glowed with irreverence and there was an unholy gleam in his green eyes that proclaimed he would laugh in your face while cutting out your heat Or laugh in your face while you cut out his heart”“Who is she why is she still here and when can I see her naked? Paris asked with an eyebrow wiggle”“He would have been handsome—in a serial killer kind of way—if not for those tattoos”“Bomb' Reyes said not bothering to look up'One of ours?' Maddox insisted'Hardly I know better than to blow myself up' Reyes sighed”“Back off asshole I haven't had a woman today so I'm in no mood for this kind of bullshit ”“Aren’t all fairy tales based in fact? You yourself are supposed to be nothing than a mythPandora’s box is a story parents read to their children at night” she countered “That means life itself is afairy tale Like the characters we all live and love and search for a happily ever after”“I've traveled all over the world for the Institute but I never dreamed I'd meet someone like youStrong?A chuckle escaped her YesHandsome?Of courseSharp of wit and skilled with a sword?Absolutely An other chuckle But I mean a man friend guy Oh I don't know what to call youHe savored her amusement—and her earnest words Just call me yours That is all I want to be