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{eBook} Preserving the World's Great Cities: The Destruction and Renewal of the Historic MetropolisAuthor Anthony Max Tung –

Very interesting and carefully executed look at the rise, fall, and resurrection of the worlds cities The parts I found most interesting are the eternal tensions between economic growth and displacement, especially when it comes to cities still dealing with the legacies of imperialism Super fascinating. Preserving the World s Great Cities is a remarkable overview of how the architectural patrimony of cities is shaped Tung weaves history and social analysis to examine what people preserve, or, perhaps often, do not preserve A book of this scope necessitates broad strokes, but Tung s analysis is consistently pointed and revealing. When I first showed this book to my Dad, he asked if Delhi or Lahore were covered in the book Surprised, I promptly went through the index to find they weren t My Dad expressed his surprise which is when I started reading the book, a few weeks ago In between reading about history of Bombay as the premier British colonial administrative city, I was constantly looking for comparison between any other cities mentioned in this book Sure enough, architecture and heritage preservation of cities don t just exist without their cultural and social histories This is a great resource book I immensely loved reading the historical and anthropological details I could sense the painstaking research done by the author Here in India, we don t have such a book that documents conservation of our ancient cities I am inspired and wish to write one now after reading Mr Tung s massive documentation. Each chapter focuses on a city or pair of cities, such as Moscow Bejing It starts with a concise historical background of the city, and weaves the architectural discussion into the history Major changes are described up to the present day.Tung makes a well reasoned plea for historical preservation, and grapples with difficult questions such as the competition between preservation and livability A remarkable book for anyone interested in the history of cities, or architecture, or any of the cities covered in the book. my bible Anthony M Tung has done something for which I don t think he received credit or reviews He has incisively summarized the ways in which the 19th 20th Centuries slammed into centuries of urban history He shows the destruction, loss, and upheaval Each city he considers is represented a capsule history It s the best thing that I ve read about preservation around the world. Both Epic And Intimate, This Is The Story Of The Fight To Save The World S Architectural And Cultural Heritage As It Is Embodied In The Extraordinary Buildings And Urban Spaces Of The Great Cities Of Asia, The Americas, And Europe Never Before Have The Complexities And Dramas Of Urban Preservation Been As Keenly Documented As In Preserving The World S Great Cities In Researching This Important Work, Anthony Tung Traveled Throughout The World To Visit Remarkable Buildings And Districts In China, Italy, Greece, The US Japan, And Elsewhere Everywhere He Found Both The Devastating Legacy Of War, Economics, And Indifference And The Accomplishments Of People Who Have Worked And Sometimes Risked Their Lives To Preserve And Renew The Most Meaningful Urban Expressions Of The Human SpiritFrom Singapore S Blind Rush To Become The Most Modern City Of The East To Warsaw S Poignant And Heroic Effort To Resurrect Itself From The Nazis Systematic Campaign Of Physical And Cultural Obliteration, From New York And Rome To Kyoto And Cairo, We See The City As An Expression Of The Best And Worst Within Us This Is Essential Reading For Fans Of Jane Jacobs And Witold Rybczynski And Everyone Who Is Concerned About Urban Preservation From The Hardcover Edition