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When normal, average, teenager Emerson Watts finds herself in the body of a supermodel, things suddenly get a lotcomplicated.Oh my god OH MY GOD I LOVED this book I m SO glad I read it The first book in the series was okay But the ending was enough of a cliff hanger to make me want to read book 2 and find out what happened I M SO GLAD I DID D D DIt wasAMAZING It was EXACTLY the kind of book I love I justI don t know what to say This has to be the worst review in history All I m doing is sputtering Literally.I was completely taken aback by the turn the book took towards the end I never saw it coming Meg Cabot it known for her hilarious, flirty, fun books They re typical chick lit But I d be lying if I said she couldn t come up with a killer plot Unbelievable How does she do it HOW Somehow she incorporated something completely serious into the Airhead series And she did it so WELL She is definitely one of my favorite authors And now I have become a die hard fan and am going to end up buying all of her books It s true I will I ll spend all my money and live off canned peas and spam for the rest of my life But I will have to own every single thing she s ever written Of course, I already own a hefty amount, but still PThis book has everything An amazing storyline, hilarious characters, witty dialogue with all sorts of references to pop culture, an amazing dose of romance, and a magnificent cliff hanger ending that makes you extremely thankful you bought book three ahead of time A must read for EVERYONE. At the end of the last book we were questioning whether Christopher finally understood the meaning of the dinosaur stickers Em in Nikki s body left for him At the beginning ofBeing Nikki, we are thrown in the middle of a photo shoot where Em Nikki is bikini clad and sitting on a rock surrounded by shark infested waters What an opener When she returns to home, a stranger awaits her He is none other than Nikki s brother Em had no idea, Lulu had no idea, heck, no one in the world knew Nikki Howard had a brother because Nikki kept her family and her roots a big big secret Lulu had her dial to love sick puppy mode as soon as she laid eyes on Nikki s brother It was funny how far she went to get him to pay her a little attention She was living in her own bubble Em was really cynical in this book She lost her identity half way in the book when she discovered Christopher actually liked her Em keeps referring to herself in third person as the dead girl and even says how she was jealous of the dead girl whom Christopher liked Whaaa Have some respect self respect, girl The addition of Nikki s brother was refreshing because he seemed to be the most normal character Ignoring Em s attitude and narrative, the plot was quite good There was a good mystery that fueled me into finishing the book Nikki s brother sought Nikki Em out to find out about their his mother as Mrs Howard had disappeared without a trace Em enlists the help of Christopher and his computer genius cousin Felix It was through hacking classified information that Christopher discovered the truth about Em s brain procedure.The big revelation that Nikki didn t suffer from a brain aneurysm but purposely murdered by Stark was something I saw coming but nevertheless was impactful, what with Nikki stepping out of the shadows and revealing herself in an average girl s body The cliffhanger was cool I never expected Brandon Stark to have the brains to be manipulative and threaten Em to play along with his game to ensure the safety of her family, the Howards and Christopher Being Nikki was fun and didn t take things too seriously, which made for easy reading. In the second installment the tide has turned for our super model brain transplant heroine Everyone id trying to use her The evil company wants her to shut up and pose pretty so they can sellcrap, every boyfriend wants her body not her mind, her sister wants her fame, and the guy she s always loved wants her to help him bring down the evil company Lots and lots of plot development with the characters growing without losing their personalities Good book, very important to the series Remember to read them in order. MUCH better ending than the previous Airhead book Still a cliffhanger, but one that felt like, you know, I d gotten a complete book out of the situation I actually had a moment of genuine vicarious romantic thrillage towards the end Because I am old and have read too many romances, it s hard to get that thrill any I read romances nowadays for the other reasons one reads romances, but seriously, my own romantic life has been good enough that getting excited over other people s I love you is no longer what it s about.Anyway The Airhead series is about a girl who gets a brain transplant shhhh go with it and has to pose as the person whose body she gets put into And keep her true identity a secret Yes There s enough tension in this wonderfully absurd scenario that not only did I run out and buy the next book, but that my toes curled at one point Such a fun series, in a totally awesome ridiculous way.BTW, if you think the Airhead series premise is too much, that s only because you don t know about Pregnesia. Take all my comments about the previous book in this series, Airhead, and multiply it by two This book contains illogical leaps in reasoning by a supposedly intelligent main character, unbelievable dialogue, extensive harping on dead subjects no pun intended , and idiotic decisions by the main character What is there to like about Em Nikki Not really anything She is nothing like the original Em in the first third of the first book Now she is just a confused and stupid amorphous non entity And she s annoying to boot One of my least favorite things about the storyline is how she decides much too quickly that Christopher is an evil supervillin Give me a break Just an illustration of how Cabot preserved the nerdiness of Em without any of the intelligence. This is a wonderful continuation of the Airhead series Stark Enterprises is starting to look even sketchier with what Em finds out about the Nikki situation in this book What I most enjoy out of Cabot books are the characters She has a flair for creating interesting, complex characters and turning stereotypes around I love that she has female characters who are into makeup and fashion who are also smart, capable, and brave It s fun to see characters who view feminine stuff negatively have to re examine their opinions when they re faced with people who love makeup and boots and are smart.We get to seeof Nikki s family in this book, which I really enjoyed it was nice to see her through her brother s eyes and be able to getinformation on what exactly was happening when the TV fell on Em Along with that, it s great that Em is becomingandconfused about how she should approach her life her feelings for her family and people from her previous life are becoming confused, especially since she s wondering if she s putting them in danger by continuing to hang onto them It s an interesting dilemma that she has to go through.This is a typical middle book where mostly things are being set up for the finale while sometimes middle books can drag, Cabot does a great job at revealing some intriguing twists and hinting at future reveals This book does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, so you probably want the third book ready for when you finish.Also posted on Purple People Readers. God, I can t believe I read this entire book The entire time I wanted to shoot myself for ever thinking Meg Cabot was a good writer at any point in my life I miss her funny and really REALLY easy to read books, most of the time, but this was a huge disappointment Maybe this is targeted to a certain age group, maybe I should have just stopped reading, but I really wanted it to get better though the plot itself was terrible.Super repetitive I can t believe he loves me But not really me, the dead me , etc., etc These characters need to grow up. In Book One Airhead Airhead 1 , all around reject and class geek Em Watts died in a freak accident But her brain was still functioning And said brain was transplanted into the body of teen supermodel Nikki Howards body who was also present at the time of the accident Nikki Howards was the brand ambassador and Face of Stark Enterprises the company which conveniently enough, conducted the brain transplant operation Now in Book Two, Em is well and truly entrenched in a supermodel s Size Zero body Life is a dizzying whirl of killer heels, designer togs, amorous boyfriends popping out of the woodwork and fashion shows where she might have to prance about in nothingthan the bare essential bits o clothing And while her brain may belong to a hoodie wearing brainiac, her body and it s reactions are unfortunately and promiscuously all Nikki While she has been forced to keep mum on the whole brain transplant operation, she uncovers a few mysteries that threaten to burst upon secrets, whether Stark wants them to or not Suddenly she discovers an elder brother, a missing mother and a revamped Christopherthe unrequited love of Em s life who seems have gone from mild schoolboy to super villian intent on avenging Em s untimely death Meg Cabot s sequel is fun, well paced and quite the page turner I read this book on the same day that I watched Inception so what with the sub conscious invasions to the brain transplants, you can just imagine the crazy, Burtonesque dreams that I had last night Having read Airhead the first book in the series I couldn t stop myself from wanting to know what happens next and decided to read Being Nikki Surprisingly it wasenjoyable than the previous one, as it did not suffer from the occasional trip down the memory lane which was in abundance in Airhead But still there is one thing I can t help commenting about and that is on the character of Nikki Howard Emmerson Watts She thinks too much Of course it is the writing style followed throughout the book but then why should she be so redundant in her thoughts For example whenever she comes across any boy who is slightly interested in her she goes on a reminiscence of her ex best friend who is the only boy she is interested in and who having no idea about her identity hates her When I first started reading this book I thought thank god this book doesn t start like all the other part of a series books that starts by recounting the events of the previous books but after reading further in to the book I realized a small recounting of events at the beginning was so much better than encountering them in every other chapter in the book Least to say reading through this was extremely tiresome Nevertheless the story was enjoyable and the characters though cliche leaves a lasting impression especially the character of Steven Howard. THINGS AREN T PRETTY FOR EMERSON WATTSEm Was Sure There Couldn T Be Anything Worse Than Being A Brainiac In The Body Of A Teenaged SupermodelBut It Turned Out She Was WrongIt Turns Out She Has A Mother Who S Gone Mysteriously Missing, A Brother Who S Shown Up On Her Doorstep Demanding Answers, A Former Best Friend Who S Intent On Destroying Stark Enterprises, And A British Heartthrob Who S Written A Song About Her That S Topping The ChartsHow Can Em Balance All That With School And Runway Shows Especially When She S Got Ex Boyfriends Crawling Out Of The Woodwork Who Want Than Just A Photo Op, A Sister Who Is Headed To The High School Cheerleading Championships, And A Company She Represents That Seems To Be Turning To The Dark SideNot To Mention Trying To Convince The Love Of Her Life That Models Aren T Really Airheads After All Especially One Model In ParticularBUT THEN, NOBODY SAID IT WAS GOING TO BE EASY BEING NIKKI