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This was great It could easily make its way to the big screen If you re anything like me and think there s a lack of American football fiction, then look no further Great character development, great world, interesting racial abuse flying back and forwards Nicely written You do have to have an understanding of American football to understand this, so don t just jump in if you don t know the rules, you will get lost I will be reading the rest of the series very soon Set In A Lethal Pro Football League Years In The Future, THE ROOKIE Is A Story That Combines The Intense Gridiron Action Of Any Given Sunday With The Space Opera Style Of Star Wars And The Criminal Underworld Of The Godfather Aliens And Humans Alike Play Positions Based On Physiology, Creating Receivers That Jump Feet Into The Air, Linemen That Bench Press , Pounds, And Linebackers That Literally Want To Eat You Organized Crime Runs Every Franchise, Games Are Fixed And Rival Players Are Assassinated Follow The Story Of Quentin Barnes, A Year Old Quarterback Prodigy That Has Been Raised All His Life To Hate, And Kill, Those Aliens Quentin Must Deal With His Racism And Learn To Lead, Or He Ll Wind Up Just Another Stat In The Column Marked Killed On The Field Football pulls the galaxy together.Fast paced, light and mostly fun Although the xenophobic racist storylines were repetitive, and a little ham fisted and tiring, but overall the book was fine.I m usually not a fan of non humanoid aliens It just seems so cheesy, boring, and uninteresting to me What makes this different is that each aliens physiology exactly matches the needs of a position in American football.I m also a little unsure how someone not familiar with the in s and out s of American football will enjoy this book, as even for me, I sometimes skimmed some of the game scenes, and stats too many unimportant names to keep track of Audiobook This was something of a guilty pleasure I love American football Gridiron as we call it in Australia and I love science fiction so a combination of the 2 sounded awesome.I immediately identified this story as aimed at young adults because the main character Quentin is written as such an unlikeable dumb arse, a self centred a hole all the way through the book.It is a little concerning then that if this IS for young adults the language was quite strong and sexually violent Quentin immediately resorts to violence whenever anything goes against him He doesn t grow out of this or learn very much, since in the final stage of the book he is still resorting to threats and violence against everyone and anyone so I m not sure what kind of message the author was trying to send to teens struggling with anger and too much testosterone.I liked the way religion was a dividing factor in the galactic football league just like it is in NFL locker rooms but the racism storyline was a bit ham handed The different alien species were interesting and well defined, the alien characters were fun and the football part was well written and performed.My only quibble with the football part was the solution to the running back problem where no one had ever heard of the single back formation There was some really funny stuff such as the colour commentator who can t help but say something inappropriate every time he opens his mouth Author Scott Sigler narrates and does the main voices very well lending character to Pine and Tweedy with his performance When Quentin barks out plays in the huddle it sounds completely authentic However I feel the production company that did the sound effects, editing and alien voices was TERRIBLE The editor was too lazy to edit out gaps or even up the spacing when alien voices were used, which jarred me out of the story It would have been much better for Sigler to give us an approximation of an alien voice then use digital effects but have the lines either jammed in or with lengthy pauses Everyone who was not Scott Sigler sound like non actors on the level of a next door neighbour being brought in to read their parts with only one take At one point someone stumbles over their line and it s not edited out This was a shame because the galactic radio segments could have been really funny with care taken in casting and producing the segments While there was plenty that annoyed me, overall there was enough to like to make me want to continue with the series and hope the audio problems are ironed out as it goes along I have mentioned a lot of negatives in this review but it was also a lot of fun and Sigler did a good job of changing up the formula from the typical sports story. The story of 19 year old prodigy quarterback Quentin Barnes and his struggles to make it in the Galactic Football League Raised in a religion that believes every non human species is the spawn of Satan literally , our plucky 7 foot, 360 pound hero football players have gotten REALLY big by 2682 has to adjust to playing with and against aliens with 25 foot vertical leaps, 2.8 times in the 40 and 700 pounds of bulk Luckily, not all at once Oh, and the teams are used as smuggling vehicles for organized crime.This sounds utterly ridiculous, but it isn t Anyone that knows me knows that I can not stand fiction that does sports badly The second biggest flaw in the Harry Potter books, behind JKR desperately needing an editor that would point out the times she wrote 200 pages in which nothing happened, is Quidditch The rules don t make any sense and the charity book that she wrote about the history of the sport is so embarrassingly bad that I would have returned it I ve never returned a book unless I got two copies if the proceeds hadn t been going to charity.I understand that not everyone loves sports, or knows as much about sports as I do That s been my job for the last 22 years But if you don t understand them, don t write about them You wouldn t put chemistry scenes in a book if you didn t know anything about chemistry, and you wouldn t put graphic sex scenes in a novel if you were a virgin Write what you know.Scott Sigler knows football.He had to advance the sport 700 years into the future, add alien races with superhuman abilities, and keep the whole thing balanced enough that the game can have the same rules and the same outcomes That s not easy the players with the 25 foot vertical leaps alone change the sport into a 3D game but I ll be damned if he didn t pull it off without a single blunder If there s a single notable football mistake in there, I didn t catch it, and I tend to catch these things Ask my wife, who has had to suffer through hours of TV dramas with sports episodes He s also a huge Lions fan, although I didn t learn that until I followed him on Twitter I know I m gushing this is an entertaining YA novel, but it isn t the start of the next Foundation series but it is so refreshing to see someone actually put some effort into sports fiction I thought I was going to be doomed to wait for Justine Larbalestier s WNBA novel. While browsing on I came across this book The cover picture looked a little hokie and I almost passed it up until I looked and saw this thing had huge review after review.I read a couple and decided to take a chance with my 4 bucks and let me tell youit was cool Welcome to the Galactic Football League A place were races from all over the galaxy come together and beat the snot out of each other to become league champions.That is the basics of it and I didn t expect than a little entertainment but I was very surprised with this great gem of a find This isn t Shakespeare and it s not supposed to be.What author Scott Sigler offers up is a fast paced story about human rookie quarterback Quentin Barnes coming up from the minor Tier 3 league and his journey to becoming a star in the tier 2 division.It took me a bit to get behind Quentin and his story because the character gets pretty whiny for a bit and is very stuck on himself until he figures out what it takes to be a tier 2 player He s not a tortured character but he brings some baggage and a chip on his shoulder that after a while I found myself yelling, just SUCK IT UP and figure it out fool All the characters in the story are fleshed out just enough to give you a connection but there isn t a lot of meat in characterization save Quentin but the action is where this book truly shines.Sigler writes pretty good football The action flows very well and he really brings you in it You can feel the violence of the gridiron and he does brilliant job of putting you on the field with players Even if you are not a big football fan this book is easy to get into because Sigler explains some of what is going on for those not so schooled on the rules and formations and throws in links to his website that expands on that information if you want to know I ve found a lot of spacey sports stories to be very convoluted in how they present their league structure and how it all works but again Sigler breaks it down to easily understand The GFL works on a 3 tier system with 3 being the low ranks and tier 1 being the big show.The story talks a little about the history that built up to the league beginnings and how all of the races came together to compete but the author lays out a huge timeline of all those events at the end of the book if you really want to know how it all happened All in all The Rookie is a great guy read Not to say the ladies wouldn t like it but it definitely has the feel of classic dude sports flick.If you are looking for a fun and fast action punch get this start to what I hope is a great series of hard, galactic, football competition I am now a die hard Ionath Krakens fan and will be getting my team jersey from Scott Sigler s website very soon. I first read Infected by Mr Sigler, and then hunted down his podcasts, and well I am now one of his junkies Each episode of The Rookie is introduced by Mr Sigler on a road trip to various football homes he does a little tailgate trivia at most every stop About the book It is a football story, with a twist we are in the extreme future, and football is a Galactic enterprise The best teams have multiple different races playing on the teams It started out as ehand I really hated Quentin Barnes the rookie himself , but that changed as he grew I am looking forward to the sequel and plan on trying to meet up with with Sigler at one of his tour stops Fun fun story, and I find myself thinking as I watch My Denver Broncos, that the back up quarterback is really Itsock, and that Mamu Kiloway spelling I am sure is wrong, as I didn t read it, I just listened is on the line It has become part of me.2019 04 24 husband and I are re listening to the series, in preparation for the release of The Gangster coming soon we will see how far we make it before the new one comes out A fun sf sport novel The football American style story meshed really well with a multi alien universe I knew next to nothing about football going into the book, but by the end felt I had had an enjoyable education on the sport Though it doesn t try anything new, putting a sports narrative in an sf context made for a refreshing change Set up for a lot of sequel where oh where did the whole I m a orphan of uncertain origins and where are my parents subplot go to Probably book number 2 which I will probably download when I m in the mood for another fun, quite enjoyably violent book, which delights in poking fun at religious extremists Mr Sigler does a great job reading his own stuff, and the little inserts of fake sports shows is a clever technique to keep the reader up to speed. Gridiron Demolition IF you re a fan of hard hitting football You better hold on to your jockstrap From the mind of Scott Sigler comes a futuristic football story of epic proportions The Rookie grabs you from the start as you willingly come along for a ride that takes you through the struggles of working up the minor ranks to reach the ultimate goal of Tier One Football in the Galactic Football League It s a Tier that many dream of, but where only a few can obtain a place where the players fight to stay alive on and off the field By the time you reach the end you ll find yourself standing in the tunnel ready to take the field with the Krakens OK I loved this book At the beginning, I wanted to kick the main character in the teeth a few times but I understood the reasons why Sigler started Barnes out in a backwater planet full of racism and heavily sheltered ideology I understood it, but I still wanted to shove Barnes head into a toilet and swirly him until he got with the program And then the kid grew up and I warmed up to him and was rooting wincing for him all the way through the final game Well done Now I m off to snag the sequel The Starter.