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Billionaire Rafael Rocchi always has a woman in his bed but never in his heart Now he needs a suitable wifeWhen he meets Cristina she is an ideal candidate her plain Jane looks mean she won't be tempted to stray and she's a virgin Cristina is devastated to learn that Rafael's proposal was one of convenience But whilst Rafael makes it clear their marriage isn't based on love he intends for it to be authentic in every other respect

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    425 rom com starsA Simple but charmingly written ‘opposites attract’ story and if you enjoy a devious and patronising ratfink getting his suitable comeuppance from a sweet and unassuming girl then this is definitely the book for youSo the H is a competitive and supremely arrogant businessman clearly not lacking in confidence or female company He liked them tall blonde obliging and most important of all temporaryWhile the h’s a sweet and trusting virgin with an open sunny personality – but not the ditsy dazzling variety Rather she is like a gentle ray of sunshine and is believably sweet and adorable She owns a flower shop and dreams to landscape and coach a girl’s football team Like she says she loves to dream Don't you?They meet on the road when her car breaks down on way to his mother’s place where they both were invited to a party The H’s not impressed little over five three Short and dumpy from the looks of it Which did nothing for his diminishing patience levels Had she been willowy and beautiful his charm gene might have automatically been kick started As it was he looked down at her with a frown of displeasureHe unwillingly offers her a lift and she chatters on good naturedly not to mention a vibrant ability to overlook the fact that he clearly didn’t feel inclined to spend the rest of the short trip chatting to her A change of dress and voila the little round ball turns voluptuous He had some nebulous thoughts of settling down and now egged on by his matchmaking mother he realizes that the h is perfect Sweet natured naive and from the right background She would never demand anything and would never see him as a bank balance in need of depletingSo he sets on a cold blooded campaignseduction He would court her the good old fashioned way Marriage as a business proposition would not be her style and he wouldn’t blame her But it certainly would work for him Love was a complication and after years of unforeseen complications in his dealings with women he was ready to concede that what he needed was a marriage of convenienceBut it’s novel experience Are you flirting with me?’‘I beg your pardon?’‘Are you flirting with me?’Rafael taken aback by the directness of the uestion was stumped for words ‘What if I were?’ He finally answered her uestion with one of his own‘I would ask you why’This was not a conversation Rafael had ever conducted with a woman beforeAaand the poor h is predictably reeled in Having no experience on which to fall back Cristina contented herself with some pleasurable fantasies in which Rafael played the starring roleWhen he emerged dressed they had already had two children and a couple of dogsBut the scales fall off her eyes when his mother lets out something about her efforts bearing fruit and when confronted the H owns up but doesn’t see the problem He was the man who had a stone for a heart even if he did manage to give a very good impression of a living breathing normal human The h breaks off the engagement to the H’s incredulity but then he shrugs and walks away Six weeks later he’s dating but bored and wonders if the h’s out looking for her perfect manor maybe she needs help Feeling benevolent he invites her to a party a party he’s just beginning to plan Rafael drawled ‘You’re not scared of seeing me are you?’‘Don’t be silly’‘Good I’ll see you then And Cristina ?’‘What’‘Feel free to bring a date’Of course she goesand of course the ow is there as well But things don’t go as the H had planned in his magnanimity This is not a hugely angsty story but has a charming tone and is a fun read The ending could have been better and of an upturn But I enjoyed how the H a true blue jerk is gradually but completely blindsided by love from the most unexpected uarters

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    Cute story with a voluptuous heroine who develops a spineRafael realizes it's time to get married in part to please his Italian mama He meets Cristina who is not like the usual toothpicks he dates For one she has a personality and two she has an appetite Most importantly she's mama approved and comes from a nice family and adores Rafael All nice touches for a man in need of a suitable wife The two end up in an affair and shortly after are engaged Cristina is a little disappointed in a rather lackluster proposal but hey he's just not an emotive kind of guy Inadvertently the h finds out he only proposed because she's suitable Well that and the fact Rafael can not keep his hands off of her She breaks off the engagementThis is when it gets fun as Rafael arrogant asshat that he is can not accept that his lovely presence is not enough for Cristina Who needs love when you have Rafael Under the guise of checking on her Rafael proceeds to engage in Cristina's life The h does a good job protecting herself to a point but Rafael hurts her one last time Our H actually chases down out little heroine only to find out that she has developed a spine of steel Groveling ensues HEA

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    Adorable courtship story between a virgin heroine of the same social status as the workaholic cynical hero Hero's mother wants him to settle down and find a suitable wife Hero realizes after a weekend party and a long drive to London that the perfectly pleasant heroine might just be the oneHe seduces her over the course of a few months and then they are engaged All is well until the hero's mother mentions how suitable the heroine is for the hero and the heroine begins to realize the hero might not be as besotted with her as she is with himThey break up for six weeks and the hero tries to move on with an OW No sex Heroine wallows and then finally gets angry when the hero invites her to a party because he wants to make sure she's all right Hero is so clueless about how he feels LOL Heroine doesn't make it easy for him at the end and he does grovel along with shaking hands but some might find it too short The fun of this story is how well matched the Hh are Some details to help me remember this oneHh meet when heroine is blocking the road looking for her contact on her way to the hero's mother's partyHh are Italian living in London Heroine's parents own a chain of high end jewelry stores Heroine has a flower shop wants to design gardens and coaches girls' football soccerHeroine is curvy and hero loves her boobs

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    I wanted to slap H than once And the sad thing is h felt sorry for the single time she slapped him I only felt it could have been a little harder so you understand he is a complete jerk And h has been obedient too obedient for my tastes even after their breakup she let him rule her life I just hated the H and not enough grovelling he got off the hook too easily Its sad It could have been so much better with just little grovelling

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    35 starsI don't like when the H was married previously but at least she was awful and wasn't fond of his trying to move onVintage and StMargarets saved me the trouble to get deeper into this so I'll move on to the next review to write

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    Not enough grovelling to cover the second last chapter aloneHero was like a bad pimple Was a whore himself And slut shamed heroineJust not enough grovellingWould have been 3 stars if heroine put him through wringer for a whole chapter when he came crawling backSimple stupidity inflicted injuries were not enough

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    He made me jerk tears when he was jealous and cold and slutshaming h love it sigh

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    This was a decent read but I felt the hero could have tempered himself than he did For me the story moved a bit slowly and they spent too much time apart

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    This was a nice read The h was so sweet and inocentits like she was borrowed from the pages of a fairy tale but the girl was a spine yes sirThe H was the typical H in this kind of stories so no surprise here A for him was that at the end the grovelled

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    sweet heroine but sadly it didn't hold my interest